ISLAMABAD: The Council of Islamic (CII) Ideology declared killing in the name of honour as un-Islamic and against the law of the land, in a statement released on Tuesday.

“There are laws in the country to deal with the obscenity and other moral crimes so one cannot kill other in the name of honour,” said the CII statement.

The Council, however, maintained that being provoked after witnessing a moral sin by a close relative is an element of human nature.

The CII added there is no room for anyone to kill an individual after being provoked by a moral sin, as punishments for the same exist in the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) and the Sharia.

“Every accused should be brought before the court,” the council’s statement said adding it is up to the court to declare an individual as guilty or innocent.

The CII also declared that “extra judicial killing is simply an offense,” and it is the prerogative of the court to excuse an accused’s behaviour in honour killing cases.

“The executive needs to implement laws instead of amending them or making new ones,” added the CII statement.

'Lightly beating wife permissible'

Earlier, the CII proposed a ‘model’ women’s protection bill, which allowed a husband to ‘lightly’ beat his wife 'if needed' and prohibited mixing of the genders in schools, hospitals and offices.

The CII’s proposed bill claimed women will have all the rights given to them under Shariah, prohibited interaction between na-mehrams at recreational spots and offices, and banned ‘dance, music, and sculptures created in the name of art’.

Earlier this year, the Punjab Assembly passed a women’s protection bill, which the CII and religious parties strongly rejected, declaring it ‘unIslamic’.

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government sent a similar bill to the Council for review, which it rejected on the basis of being ‘unIslamic’, and announced it will prepare a ‘model’ bill in response.



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