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Iran reacts with fury after Saudis execute Shia cleric

Updated Jan 04, 2016 10:54am


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Smoke rises as Iranian protesters set fire to the Saudi embassy in Tehran. ─ AP
Smoke rises as Iranian protesters set fire to the Saudi embassy in Tehran. ─ AP
People protest in front of the Saudi embassy in Iran during a demonstration. ─ Reuters
People protest in front of the Saudi embassy in Iran during a demonstration. ─ Reuters
Flames and smoke rise from Saudi Arabia's embassy during a demonstration. ─ Reuters
Flames and smoke rise from Saudi Arabia's embassy during a demonstration. ─ Reuters
Firefighters extinguishing the fire at the Saudi Embassy in Tehran after Iranian protesters held a demonstration at the location. ─ Reuters
Firefighters extinguishing the fire at the Saudi Embassy in Tehran after Iranian protesters held a demonstration at the location. ─ Reuters

DUBAI/RIYADH: Iranian protesters stormed the Saudi Embassy in Tehran early on Sunday morning as the country reacted with fury to Saudi Arabia's execution of a prominent Shia cleric.

Demonstrators who had massed at the embassy gates to protest at Nimr al-Nimr's execution broke into the embassy and started fires before being cleared away by the police, Iran's ISNA news agency reported.

Pictures were tweeted that showed parts of the interior on fire and smashed furniture inside one office.

Shortly afterwards, Iran's Foreign Ministry issued a statement calling for calm and urging protesters to respect the diplomatic premises, the Entekhab news website reported.

Iranian authorities say 40 people have been arrested on suspicion of taking part in the attack on the embassy. Iran's semi-official ISNA news agency quoted Tehran prosecutor Abbas Jafari Dowlatabadi announcing the arrests Sunday.

The prosecutor said “investigations to identify other persons involved in this incident are ongoing.”

Iran's Revolutionary Guards promise ‘harsh revenge’

Iran's hardline Revolutionary Guards had promised "harsh revenge" against the Saudi royal dynasty for Saturday's execution of Nimr who is considered a terrorist by Riyadh but hailed in Iran as a champion of the rights of Saudi Arabia's Shia minority.

The Guards compared Saudi Arabia's execution of Nimr to attacks carried out by the militant Islamic State group and said that Saudi Arabia's “medieval act of savagery” in putting Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr to death will lead to the “downfall” of the monarchy.

The comments by the Guards mirror those of Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who also strongly criticised the execution.

Nimr, the most vocal critic of the dynasty among the Shia minority, had come to be seen as a leader of the sect's younger activists.

Although most of the 47 men killed in the kingdom's biggest mass execution for decades were Sunnis convicted of Al Qaeda attacks in Saudi Arabia a decade ago, it was Nimr and three other Shias, all accused of involvement in shooting police, who attracted most attention in the region and beyond.

The move appeared to end any hopes that the appearance of a common enemy in the form of the militant Islamic State (IS) group would produce some rapprochement between the region's leading Sunni and Shia Muslim powers, who back opposing sides in wars currently raging in Syria and Yemen.

The website of Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, carried a picture of a Saudi executioner next to notorious IS executioner 'Jihadi John', with the caption “Any differences?”

Saudi Arabia summoned the Iranian ambassador, only to see its embassy stormed soon afterwards.

Iran reveals true face by supporting terrorism: KSA

Saudi Arabia says that by condemning the execution of an opposition Shia cleric, Iran has “revealed its true face represented in support for terrorism.”

A Foreign Ministry statement carried by the official Saudi Press Agency accuses Tehran of “blind sectarianism” and says that “by its defence of terrorist acts” Iran is a “partner in their crimes in the entire region.”

Iraq also furious

In Iraq prominent religious and political figures demanded that ties with Riyadh be severed, calling into question Saudi attempts to forge a regional alliance against IS, which controls swathes of Iraq and Syria.

Despite the regional focus on Nimr, the executions seemed mostly aimed at discouraging militancy in Saudi Arabia, where dozens have died in the past year in attacks by militants.

The ruling Al Saud family has grown increasingly worried in recent years as Middle East turmoil, especially in Syria and Iraq, has boosted insurgents seeking to bring it down and given room to Iran to spread its influence.

A nuclear deal with Iran backed by Saudi Arabia's biggest ally and protector, the United States (US), has done little to calm nerves in Riyadh.

But Saudi Arabia's Western allies, many of whom supply it with arms, are growing concerned about its new assertiveness in the region and at home.

The US State Department said Nimr's execution "risks exacerbating sectarian tensions at a time when they urgently need to be reduced". The sentiment was echoed almost verbatim by European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini and an official at the German Foreign Ministry.

The State Department also urged the Saudi government to "respect and protect human rights, and to ensure fair and transparent judicial proceedings in all cases", as well as to permit peaceful expression of dissent and work with all community leaders to defuse tensions.

The simultaneous execution of 47 people ─ 45 Saudis, one Egyptian and a man from Chad ─ was the biggest mass execution for security offences in Saudi Arabia since the 1980 killing of 63 insurgent rebels who seized Makkah's Grand Mosque in 1979.

Anti-government protests

The four Shias had been convicted of involvement in shootings and petrol bomb attacks that killed several police during anti-government protests from 2011-13, in which more than 20 members of the minority sect were also shot dead by the authorities.

Family members of the executed Shias have vigorously denied they were involved in attacks and said they were only peaceful protesters against sectarian discrimination.

Human rights groups have consistently attacked the kingdom's judicial process as unfair, pointing to accusations that confessions have been secured under torture and that defendants in court have been denied access to lawyers.

Riyadh denies torture and says its judiciary is independent.

Analysts have speculated that the execution of the four Shias was partly to demonstrate to Saudi Arabia's majority Sunni Muslims that the government did not differentiate between political violence committed by members of the two sects.

The 43 Sunni militants executed on Saturday, including several prominent Al Qaeda leaders and ideologues, were convicted for attacks on Western compounds, government buildings and diplomatic missions that killed hundreds from 2003-06.

"There is huge popular pressure on the government to punish those people," said Mustafa Alani, a security analyst close to the Saudi Interior Ministry. "It included all the leaders of Al Qaeda, all the ones responsible for shedding blood. It sends a message."

Government-appointed clerics have for years denounced Al Qaeda and IS as religious "deviants", while the government has cracked down on militants at home, squeezed their funding streams abroad and stopped them travelling to fight.

Yet critics say the ruling family has not done enough to tackle the sectarian intolerance, hatred of infidels and praise for the principles of violent jihad propagated by Saudi clerics.

After the executions, IS urged its supporters to attack Saudi soldiers and police in revenge, in a message on Telegram, an encrypted messaging service used by the group's backers, the SITE monitoring group reported.


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Comments (92) Closed

divend Jan 03, 2016 11:01am

The government of Pakistan should make every effort to keep us out of this. This is not our fight. And if irresponsible elements resort to violence, they should be dealt with forcefully.

Faisal Jan 03, 2016 11:04am

Mark my words if Pakistan gets into the mess created by Saudia Arabia and Iran, it will ruin our future and present generations.

Truth Jan 03, 2016 11:08am

Saudi Arabia kings have created problems for themselves because this will lead to end of their regime...

Cyrus Jan 03, 2016 11:08am

@Syed Rizvi .... Pakistan wouldn't be the only country to withdraw.

Mahmood Jan 03, 2016 11:11am

This has more trouble in the region written all over it!

naqeeb Jan 03, 2016 11:11am

Only the enemies of Islam will benefit from the Iran-Saudi tussle. Both countries should sit together and solve their differences.

Mehtab Jan 03, 2016 11:13am

Death penality for just demanding basic human rights.......Arrogant Saudis are living in stone age.

Nooruddin Ibrahim Jan 03, 2016 11:24am

@Mehtab You are absolutely correct.

Riaz Jan 03, 2016 11:33am

I urge Muslims of sunni and shia faith to strongly condemn the brutality and terrorism introduced by wahabism or salafism in the name of Islam.

This is to give bad name to the tolerance and peaceful teaching of Islam.

Tariq Jan 03, 2016 11:39am

@Syed Rizvi So the whole country should decide its fate based on one man in the world

awan Jan 03, 2016 11:40am

saudies regime is dreaming nightmare

Jaghuri Jan 03, 2016 11:42am

Ever since this new ruler has come to power he has done what is beyond any common sense. He attacked on Yemen, killing thousands and destroying infrastructures. He was responsible for death of thousands of pilgrim though he did not accept his responsibility. He executed his own citizens under such funny pretexts, violating the most basic human right. God knows better what this little Saddam do next?

Nomi Jan 03, 2016 11:42am

We have had enough of our share , in the so called war on terror. Being a front line state we have let our 50000 people die , & for nothing . Be clear to the Saudis, we are not part of any Saudi / Iran Cold War . Pakistan state should not in any capacity be part of this this mess. Saudis and Irainains should sit and sort out differences. Don't get play to others tune , who would only wish both to fight. Hope our chief is wise enough ....

Arif Jan 03, 2016 11:44am

Now moderate muslims should stand against the barbaric saudi monarchy..

Changez_Khan Jan 03, 2016 11:45am

Saudis do relentless barbaric executions without any trials. Pakistan should stay out of any coalition or defence pact with Saudis.

Justice will prevail Jan 03, 2016 11:50am

@Riaz Appreciate your understanding.

ISTIAQ Jan 03, 2016 11:55am

@Riaz yes

on looker Jan 03, 2016 11:57am

Law of the land must be respected!

yawar Jan 03, 2016 12:00pm

yet we (muslims) claim to follow the most peaceful religion ... but our actions speaks otherwise, we cannot solve issues amicably, always fighting ... what a hypocrisy

AFGHAN Jan 03, 2016 12:01pm

We should not step in the internal affairs of any country. Let Saudis decide about their internal affairs.

Arif Jan 03, 2016 12:01pm

@on looker.Are you sure.. . law of land made by thugs that are imposed on people not selected representatives of people..

Noshad Adil Jan 03, 2016 12:03pm

@on looker law of the lawless cult rulers need to resisted with courage.

Justice will prevail Jan 03, 2016 12:16pm

@on looker Brilliant comment! Brilliant cliche'.

idreesbari Jan 03, 2016 12:40pm

@Mehtab What happened in Iran and in Pakistan ?

anon Jan 03, 2016 12:46pm

@yawar ..a sane comment!

ailly Jan 03, 2016 12:51pm

just yesterday I requested all friends just wait and see Iran's reaction. this is just tip of iceberg. once sanctions are completely removed, then Iran will act like 'no holds barred'.

Saudia has a law in place for long time.... whoever is convicted in drug trafficking, terrorism, religious unrest all will be hanged irrespective of their sect / race and age. so whats wrong here if Saudis executed 47 people out of which 3 were shiites. feeling pity for those who lost lives but also feel pity for the govt of Sauid who were left no other option but execution as last option since this shia cleric was involved in a movement to topple Saudi govt. so be it.

Haider Jan 03, 2016 12:55pm

The executed were saudi nationals..why Iran reacting to it?

Syed Jan 03, 2016 12:58pm

@AFGHAN why we are going to join country in Alliance where no justice, to join zulm more harmful for us

Harsh Jan 03, 2016 12:58pm

India is with iran.

Attique Jan 03, 2016 01:00pm

@Mehtab "just demanding basic human rights" are you joking?

khanm Jan 03, 2016 01:00pm

It is time that Saudi Arabia and Iran to resolve their ideological warfare. utilize the petro dollars on something concrete and fruitful for this reagion. eye for an eye will eventually blind the already blinded nations...Religious/ideological wars are not caused by the fact that there is more than one religion, but by the spirit of intolerance... the spread of which can only be regarded as the total eclipse of human reason....

ailly Jan 03, 2016 01:07pm

@Faisal ............ ok, marked.

Patriot Pakistani Jan 03, 2016 01:15pm

If KSA executes it's bad citizens then so be it. Iran must stop acting stupid and restrain it's citizens from attacking other countries' embassies which they are notoriously known for!!!

wasim Jan 03, 2016 01:25pm

wrongs on both sides..

Mb Jan 03, 2016 01:33pm

Is iran given equal right to whole minority specially bahai,parsi etc.

MA Jan 03, 2016 02:04pm

@moderator Let sophistry be answered in a rational way... Thanks.

irfan Jan 03, 2016 02:41pm

@Arif Read newspapers daily

irfan Jan 03, 2016 02:42pm

@Harsh Yes more than 2 millions Indians work in Saudi Arabia and a few hundred in Iran

Arif Jan 03, 2016 03:09pm

@Irfan... Thanks for advice.. But for you that the local governmental elections held in S. A recently are not election of legislators they are just onlookers to give advice.. The whole power in Saudi system is based on Al Saud clan.. and they are not elected nor representatives of their peoples voice..

Chandra Jan 03, 2016 03:10pm

Can't live peacefully in one galli ,how can u expect a world coalition ?

Abdulla Hussain Jan 03, 2016 03:17pm

I think Iran should remain peaceful & try to make friendship with all Muslim countries. Unnecessarily Iran is creating a hostile situation in the gulf especially in Saudi Arabia & Bahrain. God forbid if any escalation happens in the region only Muslims will further get divided & face miseries. 90% of the Muslim ummah will side with Saudi Arabia.

WAJID Jan 03, 2016 03:46pm

What Iran has to do with the execution o Saudis in Saudi Arabia....... then Iran says KSA interferes in domestic issues of other countries

MA Jan 03, 2016 04:21pm

Such heinous acts by Saudi Arabian regime will create problems for Govt. Of Pakistan to protect its embassies in Pakistan as well. Syed tabish hussain, who attacked saudi consulate in Karachi in 2011 and was killed by agencies, will be iconized and become great hero in the eyes of some emotionaly charged faction of Pakistani society.As saudi royal regime is validating his personal act by commiting such henious crimes.

Abu Mohammed Jan 03, 2016 04:31pm

Saudi, Israel and Turkish common goal to clear all hindrance in the way of world government that's why they need to first deal with Palestinians and Iranians, have already dealt with Akhwan ul Muslimeen

Philosopher (from Japan) Jan 03, 2016 04:34pm

Are we heading toward WW-III.

Abbas naqvi Jan 03, 2016 04:38pm

Saudi Arabia and Iran, two major regional players must mend fences for the larger interest of the Ummah.

Muhammad Jan 03, 2016 04:44pm

Iran is involving many terriorism activities since 1979 and if continued very soon Iranian government will ruin.

Of course Iran will be progressive after Mullahs . I visited Iran recently and people are not happy with Iran Mulllahs govt.

Adeel Jan 03, 2016 05:13pm

@Mb Then in your opinion Shia's are non-mulisms? because you are comparing them with bahai's and parsi's ! moreover, do miniorities have full rights in Pakistan? Qadyani's (who are decleared non-muslims by Pakistan) any Qadyani can elected as parliment member or can head any important position despiste he or she is capable? even they cannot enter in Mecca and Madina because they have been decleared non-muslims......what about christians, hidus rights and situation in Pakistan? What is happening with Shia's in Pakistan?? We need to think before crtitcising others, what we are doing with our minorities ...

AA Jan 03, 2016 05:22pm

This is not about being Shia or Sunni now it is about the tyranny spread by Ale Saud? Who are they to rule this pure land? They should be kicked out of Macca and Madina!

jayagor Jan 03, 2016 05:22pm

A brutal day - a sad day.

ss Jan 03, 2016 05:40pm

Really do not understand why the Persians are getting so worked up about this. Those who have been executed were terrorists and fully deserved to die. Except for a handful, most of those executed are sunnis so there cannot be any charge of sectarian discrimination against the Arabian authorities.

Yaseen Jan 03, 2016 06:23pm

There is a severe rift within Saudi royal family and we will see the current monarchy collapse with in this year. Pakistan should serve the interest of Saudia Arabia and support it's people but not these thugs who are currently ruling Saudi Arabia and taking it in to a total dissater

Arif Jan 03, 2016 06:45pm

@Wajid.. The inhumane beheadings of peaceful political activists and scholars of minority sect in S. Arabia is a human issue not any country's internal issue.. If you call this protest an interference then whole working of U. N is interference in matters of other nations..

zain Jan 03, 2016 06:46pm

Libya,Egypt,Syria,Iraq,Bahrain & Yemen in each country Al Saud are the main culparits who are interferning with there evil polices .Destroying the unity of whole Islamic ummah.

Shaukat Ali Khan Jan 03, 2016 06:49pm

Both Iran and Saudi Arabia must stop promoting sectarianism in the Islamic world.

Shaukat Ali Khan Jan 03, 2016 06:50pm

This is the most happy moment for US; arms sale will flourish.

Shaukat Ali Khan Jan 03, 2016 06:54pm

Iran must stop treating Shias living in other countries as its citizens. A Saudi Shia is the responsibility of Saudi Arabia. Similarly, an Irani Sunni is the Iranian responsibility. Both countries need to learn that please for the sake of unity of the Muslim Ummah.

Shaukat Ali Khan Jan 03, 2016 06:55pm

Both Iran and Saudi Arabia must stop sponsoring sectarianism in Pakistan too.

Abu Mohammed Jan 03, 2016 07:17pm

This execution was very shocking Through the execution, the kingdom sought to send the Islamic world ?a message in blood with the swords, with beheadings,? and

sophist Jan 03, 2016 07:28pm

There is no doubt that Saudi goverment is supporting ISIS and extremism. Killing a clerk had nothing to do with justice but to provoke Iran.

True Pakistani Jan 03, 2016 07:30pm

The desperation in their recent acts indicate that count down for Saudi Kingdom has already been started. Muslim must foresee the war being imposed on them by worlds big guns and take precautionary measures.

PakCanuck Jan 03, 2016 07:52pm

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is living in stone age. Absolutely no respect for basic human rights. I feel for their ordinary citizens who are at the whim of the numerous royals.

Abu Mohammed Jan 03, 2016 08:19pm

Beheading of Sheikh Nimr is very shocking. Through the execution, the kingdom sought to send the Islamic world ?a message in blood with the swords, with beheadings,? and

SANJEEV AGGARWAL Jan 03, 2016 08:43pm

It is good to see that most pakistanis are seeing the reality of SA and are reacting with maturity and reasoning. It is high time that the monarchy of SA paves way for democracy which it won`t do and the kingdom would be left at mercy of same old monarchy ruling with a iron hand. It would be left on destiny if it gets a good ruler but most probably it is likely to spell doom and create further anarchy and ultimately mutiny by the people as was in other middle eastern countries.

T. M. Reddy Jan 03, 2016 08:49pm

Saddam, Gaddafi etc are right people for right places. If that does not occurred the Islamic countries can't survive. It must be a military man or a must be a kingdom to save Islamic countries. The democracy is not possible with Islamic rulings.

MAlvi Jan 03, 2016 08:52pm

Saudis are executing people for demanding basic rights. It is too much to save their dynasty.

Irfan Jan 03, 2016 09:09pm

Pakistan please stay out of this, it is not our war, its far too long that these two has settled scores on other's lands , let them face each other once and for all

Anwar Saeed. St.Louis, Missouri. USA Jan 03, 2016 09:14pm

Saudi Royal family will pay the price dearly after the execution of Iranian clerics. Pakistani government should stay out from this mess.

Reality Bites Jan 03, 2016 09:19pm

Saudi Arabian royals lead by Salman have taken a turn for the worst. The new king's aggressive policies will bring trouble if not start the downfall of the monarchy.

On the other hand the Iranian clerics and ayatollahs are looking like the good guys compared to the ISIS.

Once again religious beliefs and hatred, the root cause.

AR Jan 03, 2016 09:38pm

@Haider Perhaps it is for you to do some research and enlighten yourself. Ignorance is reflected so prominently in your question.

Abdulla Hussain Jan 03, 2016 10:19pm

It is the duty of Iranian government to keep all type of protest far away from Saudi embassy. i am really surprised how these peoples got into the embassy and caused fire. This is a deplorable act.

Ahmed Jan 03, 2016 10:24pm

It does not matter what side you are supporting in this situation. One thing is for sure, further destruction of Muslim world. These two champions of their strict believe are taking rest of Muslims to more pain and suffering.

Syed Zafar Kazmi U. S. A Jan 03, 2016 10:45pm

@AFGHAN But Saudis are not letting other countries decide their internal affairs through the will of their people; instead they intervene militarily and spread death and destruction among the innocent civilians by their brutal air bombardment. Look how savagely Yemen is being treated for the last almost one year. Besides, Sheikh Nimr was no terrorist charged of any violence. He was just an activist who had raised his voice against brutal discrimination against his Shia community perpetrated by Saudi authorities for many decades. Is this such crime that deserves death penalty?

sarfraz Jan 03, 2016 11:51pm

Was he Iranian national? If so, then Iran has the right to protest.

Haider Jan 04, 2016 12:22am

Iran should set its house in order first.

Ahmed Haneef Jan 04, 2016 12:28am

@sarfraz ...He was not Iranian but he was like Shaheed Sheikh Yaseen (palestinian top leader) and Shaheed Rsntisi (palestinian Leader)

Roy Jan 04, 2016 12:49am

@Haider "The executed were saudi nationals..why Iran reacting to it?" I think it might be the same reason when Pakistan reacted on the execution of some war criminals in Bangladesh!

Syed Ahmed Jan 04, 2016 03:34am

@on looker

SHAIKH YOUSUF Jan 04, 2016 04:05am

we should send our corrupt leader to Saudi Arabia

Naveed Jan 04, 2016 04:50am

Saudi have full right to defend same as iran.

wasim Jan 04, 2016 04:56am

he was a saudi citizen, so why iranians involved.

Naveed Jan 04, 2016 04:58am

@Faisal . Born in ruins. Lived in ruins & destroyed by ruins don't even dream of future.

Rajan Jan 04, 2016 06:25am

I didn't read all the comments here. I read only the comments of Mehtab, Riaz, Divend, Truth, Faizal, Yawar, and Arif. I completely agree with them.

Harsh Jan 04, 2016 10:24am

As a Hindu Indian, I would like our Muslim brothers of the middle east from Turkey, Iraq, Saudi to Iran to sit together and solve problems than playing this game which destabilizes the region. If middle east becomes peaceful then it will inspire the other regions to solve their issues.

If the relation between India and Pakistan and Afghanistan were like Germany and France then why would anyone be fighting over trivial issues like border?

Ahmed Haneef Jan 04, 2016 01:46pm

@Rajan Agree with Mehtab, Riaz, Divend, Truth, Faizal, Yawar, Abu Mohammed and Arif. I completely agree with them.

Saudi Arabia sees survival in escalating tensions

Trollslayer Jan 04, 2016 02:37pm

Saudi Arabia and other gulf kingdoms need to uphold and guarantee basic human rights for their respective Shia communities. Beheading a prominent scholar exposes KSA's hatred towards Shias and by extension Iran.

As an Afghan Sunni I condemn this barbaric act perpetrated by KSA against its own citizens. I am with my Shia brethren and Iran

Kala Ingrez - کالا انگریز - काला अंग्रेज - কালো ইংরাজি Jan 04, 2016 02:41pm

It is not very hard to decide who should we support and its not Iran for sure. A friendly Iran of the time when Shah ruled is just a distant dream now, and we do not get any special favors from Iran except for bad smuggled oil and other goods affecting the health of the country and the Treasury. Pakistan has to maintain her balance book and if Iran wants Pakistan then Iran can commit herself to Pakistan for the next 50 years and provide the millions forced to return form Arab countries employments in Iran without sectarian prejudice – but that is impossible because Iran of extremists is more prejudice than the Arabs. We should continue our strong relationship and ties with the Middle East but watch our borders with Iran very closely.

Khan Jan 04, 2016 06:15pm

This can lead to an explosive situation for the whole region.and it wont stay limited to the middleeast only,Pakistan should play a positive part by bringing these two rivals to a dialogue process, for once enflamed this sectarian trouble will overflow into our country as well

Ali Jan 04, 2016 09:14pm

The people of Pakistan respect and care for Iran and Saudi Arabia equally as both are brother Muslim countries. Iran should not react with violence, if one Shia was executed when all the rest were Sunnis. Terrorists should be executed, regardless of religion or political affiliation. Just as our government should end good Taliban and bad Taliban nonsense as both are evil. They have harmed Islam with violence and killings, when Islam is a religion of peace and respects Muslims and people of all other religions.

fawad Jan 05, 2016 12:14am

Real winner here is the West .. Sell more weapons & increase Oil prices to boost economy.. keep the region and muslims in general de-stabalized.. Shift world focus away from real issues.

Rashi Jan 05, 2016 01:00am

@Harsh ....remember Saudia has almost 1 million Indians workers

Be Honest Jan 05, 2016 08:54pm

@ailly Every problem has its solution... Hanging is not a solution... A sane person can easily judge in which situation one should be hanged.. Even Sheikh Nimr was not involved in any Bloodshed, Do google his video speeches, he's just asking for basic Shia Rights in Shia Minority country... And just look how he was responded...