Google announced on Thursday that it would be introducing panoramic imaging for over a dozen historical landmarks in Pakistan, similar to its Street View offered in other countries.

The tech giant announced the launch of the project to highlight and promote Pakistan’s rich cultural heritage.

Google has undertaken the project in collaboration with a number of local non-profit organisations which include the Citizens Archive of Pakistan (CAP), Mohatta Palace Museum, Heritage Foundation Pakistan, and others.

Currently there are a total of six locations listed on the World Heritage List by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO). It is reported that all of these sites will be included in Google’s new project.

Some of the sites that will be included in the panoramic view will include the ruins of Moenjodaro, Rohtas Fort and Shalimar Gardens and Fort.

Ruins of Moenjodaro
Ruins of Moenjodaro

This is not the first attempt by Google to promote Pakistani culture. Earlier in 2012, the tech-giant had signed an agreement with the provincial government of Punjab to capture historical locations and cultural sites.

The current project is more encompassing, as it includes cultural and historical sites from across the country.

Pakistan is blessed with a rich and diverse cultural lineage. The origin of the current Pakistani culture can be traced back to the Indus Valley civilization, which existed around the same time period as the Egyptian and Sumerian civilizations.

The current land mass which constitutes Pakistan has been influenced over the centuries by the arrival of Greek, Aryan, Buddhist, Arab Muslim, Mughal, Hindu and Christian cultures.


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