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ISI cultivated Taliban to counter Indian action against Pakistan: Musharraf

Updated Feb 13, 2015 05:46pm


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Former military ruler General (retd) Pervez Musharraf. — Photo by AFP
Former military ruler General (retd) Pervez Musharraf. — Photo by AFP

Former military ruler Gen (retd) Pervez Musharraf has called for an end to militant proxies in neighbouring Afghanistan, said a report published on The Guardian.

In the interview, Musharraf admitted that during his tenure as the head of state, Pakistan had tried to undermine the government of former Afghan president Hamid Karzai because Karzai had helped "India stab Pakistan in the back".

However, the former army chief was of the view that the time had come to fully cooperate with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai who he believed was the last hope for peace in the region.

“In President Karzai’s times, yes, indeed, he was damaging Pakistan and therefore we were working against his interest. Obviously we had to protect our own interest,” Musharraf said.

“But now President Ashraf Ghani has come and he is trying to restore balance in Afghanistan. We must totally cooperate with him.”

During his first few months in office, the Afghan president has sought to improve ties with Pakistan. Ghani not only called off a weapons deal with India, but also sent troops to fight against anti-Pakistan militant groups in eastern Afghanistan. The arrival of six Afghan army cadets in Pakistan for training in a sign of increased cooperation was the most welcome development for Musharraf.

Take a look: Afghan army cadets arrive in Pakistan for training

Pakistan first offered to train Afghan forces back in 2010, but then Afghan president Hamid Karzai had dismissed the offer as a non-starter till Pakistan rebuilt confidence by addressing Kabul’s concerns about its involvement with militants. Instead, Karzai sent cadets to India, where the retired army general believes they were “indoctrinated” against Pakistan.

Musharraf made repeated allusions at what is now widely accepted among diplomats and analysts: that the nominal western ally assisted both Nato forces in Afghanistan and the Taliban they were fighting against in a bid to counter the perceived influence of India.

“Pakistan had its own proxies, India had its proxies, which is unhealthy. I do admit this, it is most unhealthy. It is not in favour of Afghanistan, or Pakistan or India. It must stop,” he said.

ISI spies cultivated Taliban, says Musharraf

The former army chief said spies in Pakistan's Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) had given birth to the Taliban after 2001 because the government of Ghani's predecessor had an overwhelming number of non-Pashtuns and officials who were said to favour India.

“Obviously we were looking for some groups to counter this Indian action against Pakistan,” he said. “That is where the intelligence work comes in. Intelligence being in contact with Taliban groups. Definitely they were in contact, and they should be.”

Pakistan's powerful military remains deeply wary of India. The two countries have fought three wars and came close to a fourth in 2001. The Himalayan region of Kashmir has been a bone of contention between India and Pakistan since independence in 1947.

Examine: Musharraf warns of proxy war with India in Afghanistan

Insisting that he does not loathe India, Musharraf, however, expressed his bitterness over what he called western bias towards Pakistan's arch rival.

“India is the greatest democracy, promoter of human rights and democratic culture’? All bullshit,” he said. “There is no human rights. The religion itself is anti-human rights. In the rural areas, if even the shadow of an untouchable goes on a pandit, that man can be killed.”

Undeterred in his stance that India, through its Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), supports terrorists in Balochistan and tribal areas to vanquish Pakistan, the former president said: “The RAW of India, the ISI of Pakistan have always been fighting against each other since our independence. That is how it continued, it continues now also...It must stop, but it can only stop when leaderships on both sides show the will to resolve disputes and stop confrontation in favour of compromise and accommodation.”

I'm very proud of the army: Musharraf

The former army strongman came back to Pakistan in March 2013 after four years of self-imposed exile to run in the May general election, vowing to “save” the country from Taliban violence and economic ruin.

But he was barred from running in the election, and was then put under house arrest and hit with numerous criminal cases — including treason, the first former army chief to face the charge.

Despite the setbacks, he said he has no regrets about returning and says that he has the army to thank. “I’m very proud of my institution. Whatever they are doing to help me, to protect the honour and dignity of their ex-chief, I’m proud of that,” he said.


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Comments (310) Closed

Dwaraka nath Feb 13, 2015 04:25pm

Mushraf saab , why Pakistani govt didn't permission to attend the funeral of Saudi king ?

Moosa Feb 13, 2015 04:28pm

Did the General miss out the role of USA the establishment of Taliban?!!

Tanveer Feb 13, 2015 04:30pm

"Obviously we had to protect our own interest"- So did it really protect pakistan's interest. On the contrary creating this monster moved pakistan years back. Look at the school attack last year! this is the result of taliban. So chicken has come home to roost eh? He blames hinduism as a anti-human rights religion. How can a once president (dictator) of pakistan say someting against another religion. How would we muslim feel when someone says someting like this against our religion? We will go up in arms, burn things etc. Yes, hinduism has its ills. In muslim culture many ills have crept up as well. what about the autocratic saudi regime? their anti-human right acts which are unislamic as well, but to an outsider they consider this a muslim act. Would it be okay for them to say islam is anti-human right? they give example of forcing women to wear burqa, forcing men to sport beard by talibans, beheading as punishment as done with religious sanction. When he talks about india he talks that india is anti-human rights. because hindu is anti-human rights. Well, there are as many muslims in india as in pakistan.

Gautam Feb 13, 2015 04:32pm

If at all India is involved in anti Pakistan activity in Afghanistan why did this man keep quiet for so long. when he was in power he could have shown some proof to the world.

Idiots Feb 13, 2015 04:33pm

Seriously? Your stupid proxy games have cost the lives of millions of innocents.

Karachi Wala Feb 13, 2015 04:33pm

Very rationale thinking by Musharraf. Sometimes, giving up on uniform, does wonders to one's thinking process as there is nothing left to act.

Syed Ganga Din Feb 13, 2015 04:33pm

Why are we listening to this convicted murderer and a coward? Who cares what he has to say?

Saad Feb 13, 2015 04:34pm

It''s just amazing how everyone grows a pair to talk big after their tenure ends. You should have thought this through. You created Taliban, then you bombed Taliban. It would have been easier if you had made your mind up.

Baba Feb 13, 2015 04:35pm

What a mixed up mind this General has. His personal notions against India have brought so much grief to his nation with thousands of lost lives and terrorism at its worst as his legacy. Strangely, he continues to be protected by his army against his own government.

Imran Feb 13, 2015 04:37pm

Time to stop cultivating militias against each other and work together for peace and prosperity of the region.

yasir Feb 13, 2015 04:38pm

Someone should ban his appearances on media, just as zaid zaman Hamid is banned. His useless statements can dent newly created trust with Afghans.

Sarfaraz Abbasi Feb 13, 2015 04:39pm

So, for de-stablizing Afghanistan we created Taliban, who are now sucking us - what sort of 'national interest' did this serve?

Whatisinname Feb 13, 2015 04:39pm

Musharraf is going gray fast! Taliban were there much before 2001 and Peshawar Afghan Refugee's Camp were the breeding ground of taliban, that meant the seekers. It was the utter neglect of the camp born and raised young that was exploited by several villains scavenging the area for their own nefarious interests.

Common Man Feb 13, 2015 04:39pm

Kuch bhi kaho panday ji, a common man of india is in a much better shape than a pakistani, and same goes for the country!

Manjeet kocchar Feb 13, 2015 04:40pm

more skeletons will tumble out of Paks closets in the times to come as is had been increasingly becoming difficult for Pakistan to contain the Frankenstein it had made

maazigar Feb 13, 2015 04:41pm

It's good to hear you saying the truth but of no use now. Your immature decisions contributed enormously to what Pakistan has been through till date.

mazarr Feb 13, 2015 04:42pm

What ever our Armed forces do thats in intrest of motherland,we are proud of them.

otmfifty Feb 13, 2015 04:43pm

I have been told his acts and statements have done more harm to Pakistan than good. Is he really trust worthy? Could some Pakistani shed some light?

rashid Feb 13, 2015 04:43pm

The army does not protect your honour and dignity general sahib, because there is none to protect. You are the man who allowed all these villains to come in from the cold through NRO, just so that you could hang on to power.

VK Feb 13, 2015 04:43pm

Dirty politics has bitten Pakistan back. No surprise the same elements whom Pak intelligence created for troubling her neighbour are now her own worst nightmare.

Shame on you Musharraf if still defending your and army tactics. Just because Karzai was more favourable to india, you thought it was right to create trouble in the region endangering public lives on both sides of the border. You could have developed your afghan ties in some other way - developing trade or infrastructure or offering schooling to their kids.

Pakistan, as a nation, has to overcome its obsession with religion and it's hatred to India to be able to start progressing and offering its citizens a peaceful future.

Hoga Feb 13, 2015 04:44pm

You cultivated and now Pakistan is enjoying the fruits, Peshawar School attack, Peshawar Imambarah attack, Shikarpur Mosque attack etc etc. Bravo General Bravo.

SindhiMarhoon Feb 13, 2015 04:44pm

Making two neighbors of the same soil, arch-rivals and blood thirsty for each other under his dominion... what does he trying to prove?

nitin Feb 13, 2015 04:44pm

Sounds like a student caught cheating in an exam who fights back and says 'the one was showing me the answers should also be punished'.

BRIJ Feb 13, 2015 04:46pm

An undertrial's talks donot matter much.

athar Feb 13, 2015 04:48pm

True. our india centric policies has affected our society. After many decades we have come to realise that home grown militancy is real threat to the country. "Fault is not in our stars dear Brutus, but in ourselves."

irene Feb 13, 2015 04:48pm

The Taliban you have cultivated to fight your enemy killed 166 of your own children.

Jason Feb 13, 2015 04:50pm

We know Taliban was your creation and we also know how you were made to pay dearly for your adventurism too.

Burjor Rustomji Feb 13, 2015 04:50pm

Nothing new.

Ali Raza Feb 13, 2015 04:51pm

I love you Musharraf!!

VK Feb 13, 2015 04:51pm

No wonder there is a lack of trust from the whole world towards Pakistan. Even the Muslim nations around the country don't believe on building partnerships with the country. Leave China aside, we all know why they are so friendly to Pak.

Nasir Khan Feb 13, 2015 04:53pm

Musharaf zindabad.

MyTake Feb 13, 2015 04:54pm

Mr. Musharraf don't give illogical reasons. You created a money making machine in pretext of taliban.

sk Feb 13, 2015 04:54pm

Mushrough's statement about Hindu religion being anti-human rights shows his prejudiced mind. He had once said they worship cows and we eat them. He admits to having created Taliban to counter India but forgot to mention the Afghanistan strategic depth desire of his army. If pak army has truly given up their desire to control Afghanistan that is a welcome step.

gaj Feb 13, 2015 04:54pm

This man can only promote hatred. He got his lesson through marginal and sneak but refuses to improve. In any other country such actions mean promoting terrorism!

Sheryar Khan Feb 13, 2015 04:55pm

What a bitter old man. But I understand. When you lose every operation you carry out you end up like mian Musharraf.

crew Feb 13, 2015 04:55pm

I love u Musharraf! Come back to tackle these losers

Abhishek Tomar Feb 13, 2015 04:55pm

The news of bombing just above your news in the dawn is the result of that cultivation

Anon Feb 13, 2015 04:56pm

If USA, Russia and all the other top world powers can use dirty tricks to protect their own interest why cant we.

parmoon Shuja Feb 13, 2015 05:01pm

Not only a patreot to his country, and also loyal to his past.

The best brain in Pakistan for the Future.

Dr.M.M.Khan Feb 13, 2015 05:01pm

Old soldiers never die, they just fade away but Musharraf refuses to do that.

rustum Feb 13, 2015 05:02pm

True patriot of pakistan now nobody cares about him he still has so much potential to take pakistan higher.

shaneeza Feb 13, 2015 05:04pm

General Raheel, is this true?

Harmony Feb 13, 2015 05:04pm

“Pakistan had its own proxies, India had its proxies, which is unhealthy". Sums it up really!

B.K.Mathur Feb 13, 2015 05:06pm

Pakistan Ex president and army chief confirms that Pakistan employs terrorist rather than diplomacy to deal with neighboring countries.. This wrong policy choice by the country is the reason that country is suffering from terrorist activities every day. Wake up Pakistan

Saadat Feb 13, 2015 05:07pm

Harboring monsters in the backyard and only expecting that it will eat your neighbors. Good logic.

indian Feb 13, 2015 05:10pm

How all energy of a councountry can go down the drain and how obe man can continue the tradition of desdestroying the foundations of a councountry can be learnt from this man. Long live musharraf !! Thanx for Kargil!!!

Faraaz Feb 13, 2015 05:11pm

Yes, please put an end to this bloodshed, I am an Afghan and i hate these religious biological robots that are used because they don't have a basic sense of morality and humanity. Lets humanize them or eliminate them together. Otherwise this region will suffer if we don't change our course, lets learn harmony from other humans that we call kafirs, and think we are better then them, lets stop deceiving ourselves. Hate and fear must be eliminated from our culture.

pk Feb 13, 2015 05:11pm

Talibans are mere Mercenaries. They are willing to be sold to their highest bidder. And if there is bid going on obviously India will buy them due to sheer size of its economy. So Pakistan please keep away from this dangerous game.

sachin Feb 13, 2015 05:12pm

we know that

Rahul Feb 13, 2015 05:12pm

Untouchability in India? Which part of history is he talking about? Most of us Hindus live peacefully with our Muslim brothers and that 's why Muslim population in India has always grown since Independence..

a pakistank Feb 13, 2015 05:14pm

He is empty vessel in pakistan and has no future. Who cares about him in pakistan?

lalai Feb 13, 2015 05:15pm

Thanks for coming out of self denial and confirming ISI involvement in Taliban creation. By the way, everybody knows it already.

Haq Feb 13, 2015 05:20pm

Gen (retd) Pervez Musharraf you are awesome, i wish you all the best!

Taimoor Feb 13, 2015 05:20pm

"Pakistan's powerful military remains deeply wary of India."

Not only Pakistani military but the nation as whole, from all walks of life are wary of India. The terrorism in Pakistan which effect our civilians most, majority of them are linked with India.

Shailraj Chauhan Feb 13, 2015 05:21pm

In desperation to get attention of his own Pakistani people... Mush. Is revealing anything & everything. Misguiding own people.

Gaurav Arya Feb 13, 2015 05:22pm

@Haq - He is not awesome. He let the cat out of the bag. Till yesterday, you guys were saying that Taliban is the creation of RAW to spread terror in Pakistan. Now, your "awesome" guy says that its ISI which did the good deed. Make up your minds, guys.

Imran S Feb 13, 2015 05:23pm

While that probably be true what he said though timing of this is a little bit odd

GK Feb 13, 2015 05:27pm

He speaks about Hinduism being anti-human rights and no one bats an eyelid. Imagine if a minister in India had the same about the majority religion of Pakistan. People would have gone crazy.

Rohan Feb 13, 2015 05:30pm

@Anon Because they have the good sense to protect their interest not with their own people, not in their own home and definitely not creating something more powerful than themselves.

haxara Feb 13, 2015 05:30pm

@Abhishek Tomar Afghan Taliban and TTP are different organizations, the former is backed by Pakistan and the latter is backed by Afghan intelligencia, the media tend to conflate the two but in reality Pakistan is at war with TTP who kills Pakistanis whereas Afghan Taliban doesn't.

arindam Feb 13, 2015 05:31pm

@shaneeza i think you are a die hard fan of raheel. your every comment starts with general raheel

Kelly Feb 13, 2015 05:34pm

@Anon no that is the result of your cultivation

Hugh Slaman Feb 13, 2015 05:34pm

He is being misquoted here: the Taliban were already in charge of Afghanistan between 1996 and 2001, so how could the article say that Musharraf believes that the ISI gave birth to them after 2001? The Taliban were not a creation of Pakistan, since Pakistan had always counted in Gulbuddin Hekmatyar as their ally; the Taliban surprised everyone, and Pakistan eventually had to deal with them. Still, it is not right to say Pakistan created them or gave birth to them, and General Musharraf knows this, so this article is unreliable.

Alarmed Feb 13, 2015 05:39pm

@Common Man LOL! lol!

The common man in India is a very poor untouchable or Muslim who has no job and begs to make a living.

I know I have seen it with my own eyes. Those like my Grandfather who left India have fared far better than those who did not.

Let call a cesspool a cesspool and India is a cesspool!

KHAN Feb 13, 2015 05:40pm

Gen. is A STAR !!!!

sudhakar Feb 13, 2015 05:42pm

Wow! this is a damning evidence of Pakistan's overt assistance in creating and sustaining Taliban. The very same Taliban that has killed hundreds and thousands of people of Afghanistan, India, US, NATO and finally Pakistan itself. How is the world going to react to this damning admission? How are non-radicalized Pakistanis going to handle it? Shame on Mushraff.

Pankaj Sharma Feb 13, 2015 05:45pm

@shaneeza I don't understand why you involve Gen Raheel in everything. Stop running away from responsibility. Terror attack.... Gen Raheel, political instability.... Gen Raheel, Bringing terrorist to judgement.... Gen Raheel, Petrol issue.... Gen Raheel etc. etc etc.. I hope you won't shout Gen Raheel if your bathroom is leaking.

alok kumar Feb 13, 2015 05:46pm

before telling musharraf is patriotic or he is the best think about school attack entire world was weeping think about their parent who lost their hope to protect from india
if innocent kids are the cost of protection then MR musharraf you are the hero

and MR musharraf apart from election stunt remember your defeat in kargil

liaqat Feb 13, 2015 05:46pm

General sb your statement raise the hope of truly patriotism, but unfortunately it never materialize while holding the power of the country, somewhere seems to be compromised on major national issues to stretch the power with the inclusion of all weather corrupt politicians in the system. I really salute General Raheel the last hope of our national integrity who really taking on to eliminate the real threat of terrorism in the conflicting zones of pakistan. The nation is praying for its successful so as to bring complete tranquility in the country.

asad Feb 13, 2015 05:47pm

Haha. Another slap on the face of ISI by one of the biggest ex chiefs of all time. Boy this country needs to set its alignment right and the armed forces need to get their act together instead of starting DHA projects.

Zak Feb 13, 2015 05:49pm

Great man, speaks the truth. That's why Vajpayee , impressed by him, nearly signed a deal to solve Kashmir, but extremist in the government scuttled it, including Advani, who later regretted it. But now Afghan-Pak relations are changing big time. India is out for good.

Sailay Feb 13, 2015 05:50pm

Pakistan's traitor. First he put Dr Qadeer on trial and now ISI. The ex General really likes to give interviews. Maybe he will write another book, 'Why I should have never come back to Pakistan'.

shamain Feb 13, 2015 05:55pm

The article says because karzai stabbed pak in back, isi got in touch with taliban. Karzai came in power in dec 2004. And in 2004 our army was already since beg to ,id year carrying out actions against taliban and drone strikes were allowed. So how isi cultivated taliban and how used for proxies?? Do things make any sense???. I am waiting for musharraf response to this.

Shah Faisal Feb 13, 2015 05:57pm

This is what every pakhtoon has been saying since 2001,but nobody was believing, as they know what happened in their areas.

Adil Mustafa Feb 13, 2015 05:57pm

This General must be brought back to power. He brought Pakistan back on track and God Willing, he will do it again.

Waseem Sarwar Feb 13, 2015 05:58pm

did CIA also accepted that they created Taliban with ISI? I think it's bad for our own society that we promoted these monsters who are now killing us. Everyone knows what India is doing in Afghanistan but Pakistan should have opted for better options to counter that. The only way forward for us is to forget about what others are doing to us and focus on what we are doing to our own people.

Pawan_saini Feb 13, 2015 05:58pm

sartaz aziz and pak army was accusing India now everybody know the truth

SaravananShankar Feb 13, 2015 05:58pm

I thought Musharaf is one of the sensible leaders of Pakistan. His statement about untouchable and pandit is ridiculous. Which age is he living in? Untouchables have more than 50% reservation and there are laws which are strict against any such atrocities. It has become reverse nowadays.

logical Feb 13, 2015 05:59pm

@Anon ...the key word is "top powers"....your country is like a commodity which every one uses on the principal of "pay as go" it usa, China or saudi...

rahul Feb 13, 2015 05:59pm

Btw Dawn Pakistan and India have fought four wars. Including the one in Kargil which Musharraf had started. Who are we kidding???

Nemo the no one Feb 13, 2015 06:00pm

This guy is responsible for present situation of Pakistan. Should be prosecuted.

darr Feb 13, 2015 06:02pm

Blind surgeon with his poor judgmental team "Obviously had to protect our own interest,” produced disastrous self inflicting wounds that later turned into non healing life threatening fistulas. The general and his company should have known, that outsourcing national defense to bunch of fanatical thugs based on euphoric fantasy was not the right and logical policy.

M. Siddique Feb 13, 2015 06:02pm

No doubt Karzai is a thankless individual. Pakistan sheltered him and his family when Indian patron Soviets invaded Afghanistan. And he always supported Indian interests. Well, Pakistan had to do what it must.

Rishabh Feb 13, 2015 06:02pm

So basically your problem was with karzai and not the state of Afghanistan. Similarly , your friendship is with ghani and not the state. This personality cult is the downfall of Pakistan.

M. Siddique Feb 13, 2015 06:06pm

Which Taliban, Musharaf is talking about? Afghan Taliban were in existence since 1990s and were used to counter Indian designs in Afghanistan. If ISI has created TTP then we need to find out which side is ISI on?

Clement Feb 13, 2015 06:07pm

What you are stating now is nothing new General.Everybody knew about this proxies game.What goes around comes around How true that is for you.Look at the mayhem these Taliban are causing in Pakistan.Your country has suffered and is suffering much much more than India.Times have changed now India is on the path to progress and prosperity slowly but surely.Pakistan should shed its old habits and come along on the path to progress,this is the only choice you have.

Manjeet kocchar Feb 13, 2015 06:08pm

@nitin Beautiful analogy

Gautham Feb 13, 2015 06:10pm

The religion itself is anti-human in India? Has he lost mental balance? An 'untouchable' is killed if the shadow falls on a pandit? These types of mindless and heavily prejudiced utterances make clear a senile Musharaff is trying to stay relevant and further poisoning already indoctrinated youth of Pakistan.

Manjeet kocchar Feb 13, 2015 06:10pm

@Syed Ganga Din because he once possessed the rudder of the drifting ship of pakistan

muhammad Feb 13, 2015 06:14pm

@ Moosa No General did forgot that USA established the Taliban he was telling that ISI only used Taliban against the President Karzai

Swarup Feb 13, 2015 06:15pm

Surprised to see lots of comments justifying his statements saying other countries namely India, US etc are following similar policies. Just wanted to ask these guys name one country which is suffering as much as Pakistan because of the policies they have been following all these years.

Balochi Feb 13, 2015 06:16pm

This guy is repenting his own acts. There are tens of thousands of people who lost their lives because of his wrong policies. The question is where is the accountability? How can he be punished for costing Pakistan unimaginable damage? He spoiled the image of Pakistan in front of international community. Indirectly he is responsible for all the lives of those who are killed in tribal areas. He is also responsible for drone strikes..

Clement Feb 13, 2015 06:22pm

You can't keep snakes in your backyard and expect them only to bite your neighbours. Eventually those snakes are going to turn on whoever has them in the backyard," - Hillary Clinton

Manjeet kocchar Feb 13, 2015 06:24pm

@Adil Mustafa It is too good for India

fida sayani USA Feb 13, 2015 06:26pm

Musharaf admits that under his command, the ISI created the Militant group, which as we know are presently responsible for the chaos in Pakistan. Based on the facts spoken from his mouth he should be tried in the military court for terrorism.

Khan Ahmed Feb 13, 2015 06:28pm

This fellow is living thousand years back. There is no untouchability in India now and such acts are punishable by law. Indian media is vibrant and will bring such acts immediately. The so called untouchables are ruling India now as higher officials, judges, ministers, police. Now a days, the so called Pandits or Brahmins are the poorest in the society and nobody respects them. A dictator who nurtured terrorists talking about human rights is funny.

saf Feb 13, 2015 06:36pm

Seems to be a lot of confusion here. The Afgan Taliban and the TTP are two totally separate organisations. For god sake do some reading before making assumptions.

umesh g Feb 13, 2015 06:38pm

@Tanveer Well said brother.God bless you

Inqelab Zindabad Feb 13, 2015 06:39pm

Cant wait to see your latest cultivations

Shamsuddin Feb 13, 2015 06:40pm

Musharraf is lying . Taliban were created by ISI much before 2001. Between 1980 and 1989 , ISI created Taliban to wage war against Afghanistan govt wich was backed by Soviet union. Musharraf has the habit of dragging in India ghost to justify his own unjustifiable deeds.

krana Feb 13, 2015 06:40pm

@mazarr and they killed thousand innocent people in ur motherland still u r happy? Forgot peshawar

Inqelab Zindabad Feb 13, 2015 06:41pm

@mazarr then you should not complain about or cry about what taliban does, trust them, its in your nations best interest

syed Feb 13, 2015 06:41pm

Why can't these people keep their mouth shut?? We have never heard statements from respectable head of states or high profile officials about the matters during their tenure in power.

Feroz Feb 13, 2015 06:42pm

Pakistan must thank this Dictator for his support of proxies and the collateral damage they inflicted on the hapless Pakistani citizens, losing over 50,000 lives. Who is he fooling, it was his own proxies, Muslim and Pakistani who were involved in this death dance for which he deftly wants to shift blame on others. Books have been written about this duplicity for which Pakistan's reputation has been run into the ground. Pakistan should put this General on trial because he never had authorization from the Government for any of these illegal activities, resulting in the loss of precious lives, continuing even today.

wiserneighbour Feb 13, 2015 06:45pm

What is really surprising is the mindset of musharaff about Hindus.When daily Shias are massacred in Pakistan and minorities are decimated bringing in laws like blasphemy, he got the audacity to blame a great civilisation. If Hindus are not peace loving in India, do you think that the minorities would have thrived?

Abdul Latif Feb 13, 2015 06:45pm

Tamil Tigers was creation of Rajiv Gandhi as per advice of Gen. Zia ul Haq. So not possible that ISI created Taliban as per advice of RAW.

Harmony Feb 13, 2015 06:48pm

@logical - You seem to know a lot about "pay as go" tariffs. Better keep us informed how it is in your country.

k p rao Feb 13, 2015 06:52pm

@Ali Raza Sir WOW to you. So you like the architect of anarchy heh?

k p rao Feb 13, 2015 06:54pm

@rustum Or lower.

Harmony Feb 13, 2015 06:55pm

@Zak - Yes, Vajpayee had the good sense to resolve the core issue. India is degressing now.

Zain Feb 13, 2015 06:56pm

I like musharaf he has articulated accurately what an average pakistani thinks of India

Ashutosh Feb 13, 2015 07:01pm

How many Dalits has General Musharraf met?? Or how many of the surviving kinsmen of a slaughtered Dalit who apparently has been killed for crossing the path of the Brahmin?? Has he ever heard the names of Mayawati, and Jitan Ram Majhi ?? They are supposed victims of the HINDU religion that is used by the criminal Brahmin to destroy human rights and slaughter Dalits. Remarkable and most learned comments indeed by a great Human Rights activist and champion...

Ijaz Feb 13, 2015 07:03pm

Usual short term military thinking leading due catastrophic consequences in the future. For Ayub/Yahya read Bangladesh; for Zia read the current religious intolerance and mess; for Musharef read TTP.

Anyone who thinks military government is good for the country should dwell on this

iTellYou Feb 13, 2015 07:07pm

Thanks for confirming the problem. Now let's fix it.

CHOWHDHURY Feb 13, 2015 07:08pm

so many good work done from an individual ''Mush'' but after him one thing that we need to think that we r the7th atomic power in the world. so y we feared to talk wid the world leaders?????I DONT GIVE CREDIT TO THE PAKISTAN ARMED FORCES but ll'' preffer to an individual.clap for you form.Mr.President.

Santosh Feb 13, 2015 07:10pm

This is a fact and world knows that Pakistan has created the monsters of Taliban which is now killing Childrens in Pak. I don't this policy will change because anti india is a philosophy of Pakistan.

Datta Feb 13, 2015 07:11pm

@Tanveer his one line observation about the 'religion' shows depth of his knoledge and has as much truth in it as saying Islam supports terrorism. His hatred for India shows through in the venom he spews out aginst the country, its people and its culture.

Tamil indian Feb 13, 2015 07:11pm

u want to be one of the news maker in pak to give sensational news feed every time you got a chance to prove your self as a pakistani. so that u can survive in pak without any trouble but the supreme court will not allow u to succeed your plan so don't bla.. bla..

Prasad Feb 13, 2015 07:11pm

Motor Mouth Musharraf goes again!

With each passing year, he sounds more like a teenager seeking attention in his school rather than ex-president of a country. Before publicly airing such biased and prejudiced views about another religion, he should have at least cared for the credibility of the position he once held.

blogger Feb 13, 2015 07:14pm

Does Musharaf have any feelings for the many Pakistani soldiers who died in the Kargil War and yet could be honoured by Pakistan as the Army could not show the world that it were their own men fighting the war in Kargil.Musharaf must be getting cursed by the kin of these soldiers.

Dastak Feb 13, 2015 07:16pm

This may be a great revelation in Pakistan, but it is considered common knowledge among experts in Washington DC that Taliban was the creation of Pakistan. In fact, this is one reason there appears less willingness to accept Pakistan as the victim of terrorism and more willingness to perceive it has a producer and exporter of terrorism.Hillary Clinton in her recent book says that Pakistan farmed snakes in its backyard to bite its neighbors but the snakes have now comeback to bite them.

Karthik Feb 13, 2015 07:17pm

@Pankaj Sharma chill!! Whoever that is, he/she is just being sarcastic (I hope that is the case!!). Actually, I find it quite funny. Even Saeed Ajmals actions had something to do with General Raheel for him/her :)

Surinder Saini Feb 13, 2015 07:18pm

@Zak your memory is very hazy ! Sharifs were given send off to UAE by this general soon he came to know about the peace talks with Vajpayee, it is the lust for power in Mr. Musharraf that created all sort of problem in the region, now his past is haunting him, no justification is required from him now

Iqbal Feb 13, 2015 07:20pm

So he is in part responsible for Peshawar school attack and all other attacks by Talibal on Pakiatan.

Sumit Chaudhary Feb 13, 2015 07:21pm

"The religion itself is anti-human rights"- Sums it up. I really wonder a head of a state once can have SUCH views, Pathetic. I mean, not for India (which is hardy effected by what this man thinks) but at least for your own people of SAME religion, don't abuse them or their faith. Really guys, and worst part is none of our fellow friends have mentioned this in comment. and above all this comes from an army officer who i believe are trained for 2.5 years about ethics. Anyway, god bless us. I can't even stoop to half of the level this man has, and say something about others religion. :-l

muhammad Feb 13, 2015 07:22pm

@saf TTP and Taliban both are the chips of same block TTP has been supported by Taliban and TTP consider Mullah Omer their leader (Ameer Ul Monineen) and printed his name on their letter head and Taliban and / or Mullah Omer never refuted their claim and / or never distant themselves from the TTP in fact Mullah Fazaullah head of TTP is living in Afghanistan under the security and safety of Taliban

shyam Feb 13, 2015 07:23pm

" Even if a shadow of a dalit falls on a Pandith, the dalit will be killed in India"! People from world over visit India everyday. Thousands Non Indians even live here. Has anyone seen or even heard such Nonsense? Do even Pakistanis believe it?

Satish Kumar Dogra Feb 13, 2015 07:24pm

@Tanveer Appreciate your balanced view. No religion in today's world is a monolith. There are layers and layers in all religions, some good some bad. For a person who speaks with the arrogance of a demi-god, it is kiddish to make such off-the-cuff statements of the type usually exchanged among daily commuters in a train.

Clay Feb 13, 2015 07:27pm

@Whatisinname Absolutely true that Taliban was there from much before 2001 but back then they were just called mujahideens nurtured by pakistan under gen Zia with patronage and funds given by USA to fight USSR.... So Taliban can be said to be born under Zia's rule and became stronger under Muzz's rule... The present day Pak is suffering due to the actions of these past rulers...

MJ Feb 13, 2015 07:28pm

That statement about a religon. Tells you tonne about his mindset. There are people who have wrong notions about Islam as well. So whats difference between you and them. A very Disgusting man.

jj Feb 13, 2015 07:29pm

In President Karzai’s times, yes, indeed, he was damaging Pakistan and therefore we were working against his interest. Obviously we had to protect our own interest,” Musharraf said.

So what now. You'll created the evil (Taliban) now handle it, all by your self for your so called interest. Now I believe that India was never involved in anything regarding Pakistan's internal affairs. Muslims destroying Muslims.

Clay Feb 13, 2015 07:29pm

@mazarr Really!!! Is the butchering of 160 innocent school children in the interests of Pak??? You must have a great visionary mind to imagine so wild things.... That is why terrorists thrive in your country...

Jatinder Feb 13, 2015 07:30pm

"The religion itself is anti-human rights"

Mr Mushraf was referring to a Country not an individual.The country he was referring to has more muslims than the country he belongs to. Which religion was he referring to ? If he was referring to the Hindu's , I will advise him to look inwards and reform his own society. Sincerely I had a lot of respect for Mr Musharraf but HE TOO CANNOT OVERCOME PREJUDICE. What can I expect from a layman though I might add that you will find more wisdom with the illitrate.( ON BOTH SIDES)

Dr Khwaja Ajmal Waheed Feb 13, 2015 07:35pm

Musharraf has become a risk by his loose talk. It will provide the required justification to India internationally for propoganda against Pakistan. Indian generals have done much more to destabilise Pakistan but there ex generals do not give such interviews.

BlueEarth Feb 13, 2015 07:35pm

I have only one question for Musharraf who keeps on sprouting his pearls of wisdom. How many wars have you won for your country? Just a no will do.

zack Khan Feb 13, 2015 07:45pm

@Baba what was he suppose to do when India started penetrating in Afghanistan!

yousuf.khan Feb 13, 2015 07:46pm

Pakistan is paying the heavy price for the ill vision of these generals. How East Pakistan was separated? One's vision has created big bay between the communities, One's vision has created Monster's which is now hunting its own people. Still how many avatar's will come to celebrated their own destruction?

riaz khan Feb 13, 2015 07:46pm

Is this guy out of his mind or what ? Its obvious but it does not suit him he took an oath not to reveal secrets but than he violated many of more sacred oaths

Anwar Feb 13, 2015 07:50pm

The madness of President Musharraf.

SaneGuy Feb 13, 2015 07:50pm

Untouchability is no longer an issue in India. Education, affirmative action, legal protection and sanctions have made it possible for the so called SC/ST communities to rise above their socially imposed disabilities to become part of the mainstream. There may be a few pockets of rural areas in North India where untouchability is still practiced but it is no longer a norm. India has moved beyond this scourge because of its democracy and a strong belief in Secularism.

krishan gopal Feb 13, 2015 07:50pm

Can any of my fallow pakistani tell me that General is talking about good taliban or bad taliban... :)

vijay Feb 13, 2015 07:53pm

Musharraf was a strong leader of Pakistan who took a bold stand at the most difficult time. His fatal weakness is his obsession with India. Musharraf did not change his 1970's mindset and still fixated with 1971 war.

He was accusing India for every evil that happened to him and to Pakistan.

During Musharraf time, the world knew India had the best, benign, calm leaders like Vaijpayee & Manmohan singh.

So, Musharraf's case against India was weak.

zafar Feb 13, 2015 07:55pm

@Syed Ganga Din Convicted of what exactly. .?? He's the best leader Pak has had since Qaid e Azam.

muhammad Feb 13, 2015 07:58pm

@SaravananShankar "Untouchables have more than 50% reservation and there are laws which are strict against any such atrocities. It has become reverse nowadays" can laws change the centuries old customs and creeds and above all mentality of common people ?

kahn Feb 13, 2015 07:59pm

Truely, he lacks diplomatic skills.

Mustafa Feb 13, 2015 08:04pm

Taliban were not created in 2001. They captured Kabul in 1996. Hillary Clinton, Benazir Bhutto and general Naseerullah Babar have all admitted openly and repeatedly that they created Taliban shortly after general Zia's death.

Mustafa Feb 13, 2015 08:12pm


" So did it really protect Pakistan's interest."

Hypothetical question, the answer depends on your point of view. I think Afghanistan becoming a Soviet puppet like Tajikistan was would have been lot more detrimental to Pakistan's interest. It would have cut Pakistan off from Central Asia and made India a neighbor of Central Asia and the middle east. India tried that again under Western tutelage, but the West too was defeated in the crucible of history. There is a reason why Afghanistan is called the Graveyard of Empires, and empire wannabees as well.

Paul Feb 13, 2015 08:14pm

Musharaf, has selective memory.

Taliban was there before 2001.

He only says, that suites him.

This person is very dangerous, for both the countries.

Singh Feb 13, 2015 08:15pm

@Gautam they did several time but international politics are funny filled self interest. He wanted to fix all issues with India before BJP lost elections

rik Feb 13, 2015 08:26pm

Oh my God? How on the earth he is justifying these actions. It is same as: my math teacher is going to fail me, let me instead kill him. fellow colleague will get promotion, let me in stead make him disable.

lafanga Feb 13, 2015 08:28pm

Not sure what the general is talking about. I thought Taliban were in Afghanistan way back in 1994 and ruled much of Afghanistan before 911. How can Musharraf say they were created after 2001?

qwerty Feb 13, 2015 08:29pm

and this caused world trade center attack too. congrats pakistan

guest Feb 13, 2015 08:31pm

Same old...same old... rationalizing the terror acts in the name of protecting 'our country'! no mention of terror groups unleashed on the eastern border in the name of seeking freedom for 'our muslim brothers'? one can smell 'hatred' & 'ignorance' miles away for one of the oldest & greatest culture on the planet that even the West now aspires to. Unless people like him and their mindset are completely removed from any decision making process the country is destine to be doomed sooner and not later!

Adil Mustafa Feb 13, 2015 08:34pm

Well, at least we have 1 honest leader who owns up to our mistakes....for that and for many other contributions that he made for Pakistan, he has our respect,

Shahid Khan Feb 13, 2015 08:41pm

Pakistanis, Indians, and innocent afghanis are paying price for less focus on education in Pakistan's military academy. If we are going to make these military officers the future leaders of Pakistan, please give them proper education so that they make better decisions. Cultivating talibans is the most stupid decision I can think of!!

pragmaticpakistani Feb 13, 2015 08:42pm

How irresponsible of you to utter without thinking about the consequences for your country.

Kirpal Feb 13, 2015 08:46pm

Indian Army is highly apolitical, where no cadet is indoctrinated. During training in Military academies, the cadets are given training to fight against the enemy where the word even Pakistan is never mentioned. The enemy can be any x, y or z and cadets are trained to face any enemy. The general's perception is wrong. I am telling the truth as few foreign officers including those from Afghanistan were trained along with me also. Now I am retired from Indian Army which is one of the finest organisation on this earth.

hillol Feb 13, 2015 08:50pm

proxy wars will nvr end. bcoz Musharaf's remarks is welcomed in pak. Its happened only in pak .

rudraiah rajasekhar Feb 13, 2015 08:52pm

@Alarmed I totally agree with you

anil Feb 13, 2015 08:53pm

How can a leader of the country talk like this. Is he encouraging one religion to hate other religion. Then why so much hatred for Shias in your own back yard. Your thoughts are similar to ISIS. I think he is able to breath today just because of USA. Or else with the crimes he committed against humanity, he should have been hanged by this time. Pakistan! Please stop this guy on media. So many innocents are dying everyday. We feel the same pain as you when some common man / kid dies. Sarve jana Sukhino Bhavanthu (May all the people be happy). Please keep this guy from your dialy life.

Robinson - NY Feb 13, 2015 08:54pm

You yourself is your enemy, so true.

Mehdi Feb 13, 2015 08:55pm

You sound like goerge bush jr. i.e. national interest, war, proud soldier etc. Without having a clue about the consequences of your actions. The only difference i see is, bush attacked iraq and afghanistan, you only destroyed your own people and country, sad indeed.

tombraiderkaffir Feb 13, 2015 08:55pm

Pakistan ranks #10 in the global fragile state index.popularly pakistan is known for islamist fundamentalism and sectarian violence while india is known for its rising economy

Humanbeing Feb 13, 2015 09:06pm

He is one of the reasons why Pakistan is in such trouble today.

PCS Feb 13, 2015 09:06pm


This is the only way to achieve peace and prosperity

farida Feb 13, 2015 09:06pm

Can't he keep his mouth shut there are enough problem and we are tired of wiping it and keeps on adding by giving stupid interview

shiv Feb 13, 2015 09:08pm

Its like he was playing a chess game with India but forgot chess was actually invented in India.

dipak Feb 13, 2015 09:09pm

bcos of this man misadventure in kargil and hatration policy towards hindus and hindustan pakistan was isolate,lost credit in internation as india did not cross the line of control. pakistan is suffering bcos of his worst policy, and we are surprise to read his comment. it is upto the people of pakistan to decide for us he is bad man for india as he cheated his own generals and soldiers during kargil war, he did not accept the dead body of his own soldier.

rony Feb 13, 2015 09:11pm

@Sarfaraz Abbasi

taleban was crated to fight russian now this man says it was created for india

what crap

rony Feb 13, 2015 09:13pm


No investments on dam social sectors health as army needs money to match india

guess you support that

George Feb 13, 2015 09:15pm

@Syed Ganga Din the silent majority does care!

shamain Feb 13, 2015 09:15pm

@Kirpal you can write nice comic books. Trust me

Dabang Feb 13, 2015 09:19pm

I am surprised he admitted it. Anyway, I am not shocked. Everyone knows it. Why is Pakistan so obsessed/paranoid with India? No point peeping outside through the window when you house is burning.

Dr I Zia Feb 13, 2015 09:20pm

Dear Dawn, Should i stop reading your newspaper and stop commenting? In the past few days none of my comments on any worthwhile articles have been published! I see so many comments across the border whilst my comment being a Pakistani is always censored and no explanation is given. Why do you take my email with every comment when you dont have slight courtesy to atleast explain why my comments are being blocked since 2 weeks now. I expect atleast a 2 line answer from you guys . My email as always in listed in this comment

Inqelab Zindabad Feb 13, 2015 09:21pm

What a country...If it can be called one.

rony Feb 13, 2015 09:21pm

@zack Khan

india has spent over millions in improving afghanistan infra

what has pakistan done ??

rony Feb 13, 2015 09:22pm


talk against india & praise pak army to get his freedom

utpal kumar basu Feb 13, 2015 09:22pm

the untouchability, in india what musharaf saab said did exist, in 19th century. but it is not in practice now a days.

safar kurd Feb 13, 2015 09:24pm

every child in Pakistan knows who created the Taliban. Musharaf sahb disclose some thing new which no one knows such as widespread presence of sectarian violence which has today created a huge difference between sunni and the shia community was commenced in your early days of government. Would you like to tell us who was behind the sectarian violence in the country India or ???

rony Feb 13, 2015 09:24pm


are you mad - to call him best leader

he admits pak army created taleban when he was in power same taleban has killed hundreds of paksitanis

and you call this killer best leader ??

san Feb 13, 2015 09:27pm

"Truth will emerge". After having done all these, Pakistan must first apologize India, then begin new chapter.

Akram Feb 13, 2015 09:27pm

i cant believe this Pakistani dictator is so dumb. R&AW was created in 1968 after 1965 war. Every person in the establishment knows this. He is himself to be blamed for all that is happening in Pakistan now.

kaliraja t Feb 13, 2015 09:31pm

'In the rural areas, if even the shadow of an untouchable goes on a pandit, that man can be killed.' a man who visited as a guest in India and was treated well in India speaks like this.Is there any sense.

syed Feb 13, 2015 09:33pm

@Gautam he has stated this for years. Catch up on news buddy!

adnan Feb 13, 2015 09:33pm

@Syed Ganga Din murderers and thugs even become Prime Ministers, go and read on the subject of power and politics . this comment is naive.

Yusuf Khan Feb 13, 2015 09:33pm

@Idiots And, that promotion is the sole cause of Peshawar event !!!

Abdullah Feb 13, 2015 09:34pm

Jiyay Musharraf! The real cheetah of Pakistan!

kaliraja t Feb 13, 2015 09:36pm

@Shahid Khan you are correct.

AW Feb 13, 2015 09:37pm

If Musharaf was true to Pakistan, he should have remained a General and should not have hid behind titles of CEO and PRESIDENT. He should have initiated and completed the REFORMS in bureaucracy (civil & military), Judiciary and in the Political system. Just like other Generals who ruled Pakistan, he also became greedy for eternal power. He had the opportunity but he chose to be in the dust bin of history

pak lover Feb 13, 2015 09:37pm

Dear musharaff SAB, first look at to ur own home ( honour killing and masjid blast ) force conversation etc etc and then only say about the native we have nothing human right in Pakistan what a pandit do its not your concern.

imran Feb 13, 2015 09:38pm

@Tanveer TTP & afghan Taliban are two different groups having separate narrative.i'm reasonably sure that musharaf talking abt afg taliban

adnan Feb 13, 2015 09:38pm

@sk he was right . and he was quoting the Great Jinnah whom your and my rulers combined held and still hold in greatest regard and your urban left and right of center population now spits on your earliest leader, while ours revers them. hinduism does worship cows (strange, but we ignore) and we do eat them. live with it, and stop calling names to a man who is loved by indian literati!

Masood Haider Feb 13, 2015 09:40pm

Pakistan's so called policy of 'strategic depth' carried out by successive regimes in an effort to nullify the influence of India in Afghanistan by coddling the Taliban savages was an unmitigated disaster. It is still not clear whether the government and the army has broken loose of this suicidal policy to wit the recent statement of Sartaj Aziz and the perpetual defense of our 'Naraz Brothers' by IK to say nothing of the religious parties whose loyalty to the state of Pakistan is always debatable and whose love for the Taliban and other Jihadists is scarcely a secret. . Until this mindset changes Pakistan will continue to remain embroiled in extremism and blood curdling terrorism.

Javed USA Feb 13, 2015 09:40pm

People who have misplaced sense of security and "national interests" should be put on trial. What did ISI do? generate mass deaths within Pakistan through Taliban? This man is fully protected and lives his life, what about those who paid with their lives? In my opinion he and his likes are Pakistani traitors and should be brought to justice.

Zahid Feb 13, 2015 09:40pm

All what he is uttering is create an aura of importance and appease the army. He is a spent force and irrelevant.

adnan Feb 13, 2015 09:42pm

@Sailay i wish that he does. he made few mistakes, few in number, immense in impact.

Harmony Feb 13, 2015 09:43pm

@Tanveer - "How would we muslim feel when someone says someting like this against our religion". But many Indians do it regularly in their comments!!!

imran Feb 13, 2015 09:46pm

TTP & afghan Taliban are two different groups having separate narrative.i'm reasonably sure that musharaf talking about afghan taliban.One must be cleared about the fact that TTP is fighting RAW's proxy war against PAKIstan.America recently has accepted afghan taliban as an authority to have future role in afghanistan .Here is the bottomline that TTP is not cultivated by ISI but RAW for the sake of indian dirty war against pakistan.

Rashid Sultan Feb 13, 2015 09:46pm

The ex speaks again. Who's listening?

Rajinder Singh Feb 13, 2015 09:51pm

General MUSHAREFF is living in 19th Century if he thinks an untouchable man in India gets killed if his shadow falls on a Pandit. Someone ask him to grow up and see what he has done to PAKISTAN by thinking like this. He supported and created a monster, who is devouring Pakistan.

Neeraj Feb 13, 2015 09:52pm

Yada yada yada! And you don't care about your countrymen!

P Setra Feb 13, 2015 09:57pm

@Tanveer Supporting Taliban was in your interest? You have to be kidding! Even now, when the hens have come home to roost.

Sameer Feb 13, 2015 10:09pm

@Alarmed Ever heard of a man called Azim Premji or Abdul Kalam or watched a Hindi movie (most of our actors are Muslim). I am not giving names of "untouchables", since casteism is no longer practiced in India & hence I cannot tell who is an untouchable and who is not. Also the father of our Constitution (do you have one ?) was an untouchable. I suppose you went to India in a Time Machine setting the date as sometime in 18th century.

Adil Zareef Feb 13, 2015 10:20pm

Stay out of Pakistan are a distrusted and discredited old cannot be permitted to carry on with your double play and strategic games at the expense of our lives.....its a fact you lit the fires in KP, FATA and Baluchistan and genocide of our innocent population.... One day you shall have to be held accountable

Ramesh Feb 13, 2015 10:25pm

One can agree with the general that Hinduism has a lot of sanctified caste divisions in the scriptures. I know because I'm a Hindu. The earliest is the Purusha Shuktam portion of Rig Veda says each caste is from different portions of God (this could be merely poetic license, but it is there) and as recently as 19th century, Kerala upper castes practiced something called "un-seeability" let alone "untouchability"...the great Swami Vivekananda called that state a "mad house of castes". However, Hinduism also has the ability to reform itself unlike many other religions.

Kabir Feb 13, 2015 10:29pm

Being an army chief Mushraf had no confidence in his army?!! Why the army has to trained Taliban instead of recruiting them to army? Please accept your miscalculation about Kargil and it's outcome. That is called a rational mind. No excuses.

Rocky Feb 13, 2015 10:37pm

The problem is not in creating or maintaining proxies against each other. It is in denying it when in power. These denials lasted till the very end of Kargil war.

Surinder Saini Feb 13, 2015 10:56pm

coming up tomorrow in the dawn special another blunder by Musharraf "murder of Akbar Bugti", the lion of Bugti tribe in Balochistan, do not forget to post your comments

vasudhaiva kutumbakm Feb 13, 2015 10:57pm

Confession of the century. Now Mr. Musharaf put some energy to end the menance.

Sandeep Feb 13, 2015 10:58pm

Dawn's version : "The former army chief said spies in Pakistan's Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) had given birth to the Taliban after 2001 because the government of Ghani's predecessor had an overwhelming number of non-Pashtuns and officials who were SAID to favour India. "

Original source: Guardian's version: The former army chief said spies in Pakistan's Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) had given birth to the Taliban after 2001 because the government of Ghani's predecessor had an overwhelming number of non-Pashtuns and officials who were THOUGHT to favour India.

Thought and Said generates different meaning, my dear Dawn. Guardian's report cites Mr. Musharaf saying that they presumed or thought those Pashtuns were favoring India and not necessarily a reality, where u could use the word said.

When using other sources, please do not manipulate as per your convenience and comfort.


pathanoo Feb 13, 2015 10:59pm

WOW!!! Now the man who knows it all and was part of it all has acknowledged, which the world has been saying for over a decade, that ISI created Taliban. And, that Pakistan used proxy fight using these terrorists to destabilize Afghanistan and India. Pakistan has no where to hide with all their hypocritical denials. Give Musharraf credit for having the courage to admit the truth.

Pakhtunkhwa Feb 13, 2015 10:59pm

Dawn, at the end a more relevant question would have been, "Do you think Pakistan are supporting Taliban in Afghanistan?" or better yet "Do you think Pakistan should stop supporting Taliban in Afghanistan?". Time Pakistanis played their role in changing the crazy policies towards Afghanistan which have brought war to Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan and Karachi.

Zahid.USA Feb 13, 2015 11:01pm

Disgusted and sick to stoamch to Learn about this Information. No wonder whole world sees Pakistan a terrorist state. Now ripe the fruit Pakistan Army and ISI.

Parvez Feb 13, 2015 11:02pm

He is proving to be not just an embarrassment.....but possibly a liability as well.

Raj Feb 13, 2015 11:06pm

@Tanveer .. Some times honest people like "who call spade a spade" scare me ...may be its rarely I find people like you..I don't know when this region evolve out of religion and be human beings. My one question to Musharraf will always remains until his death ... He has to answer the families of soldiers who lost on both sides of kargil war.. When his mother is ill he wants to go to see her but he never bother to say even sorry for these soldier families. .. He is responsible for that misadventure. This shows his double standards on life.

Dinesh m. Feb 13, 2015 11:23pm

Mr. Musharraf sounds a frustrated, bitter man. I am sure most thoughtful Pakistanis are hiding behind couch. His admission of helping the US fight Taliban on one hand and shoring them on the hand to create a proxy against India are well known machinations. But his comments on Hindu religion reveals his narrow, vengeant mind.

rkfromny Feb 13, 2015 11:24pm

To whom is he saying this...? And more importantly who listens to what anyone says from this 'country'..??

Pakistani Feb 13, 2015 11:31pm

Should he not be playing golf somewhere?

Pakistani Feb 13, 2015 11:33pm

Most people when they get to his age can figure out when to shut up

Ahmed Feb 13, 2015 11:34pm

Ghani is acting exactly like karzai when he assumed office. I remember Karzai extended all good overtures towards Pakistan when he started in office, but our arrogance made him look other side. I also remember Karzai famous statement , if there is war between India and Pakistan , his country will join Pakistan against India. Ghani also gave same overtures , this time Pakistan took it since it saw the effects of supporting Taliban. I hope the will evolve into a true friendship.

Musharraf showing his immaturity once again with is statements. Ignore him.

Sonny Afridi Feb 13, 2015 11:38pm

India will continue her proxy games. We must keep them out of Afghanistan in the west and support the Kashmiri nationalist struggle in the east.

Aimal Feb 13, 2015 11:48pm

@Shah Faisal Musharaf has said that ISI created the Taliban, which was used to drive the Russians away. This is a well known fact. What is new is that he said now that he used the Taliban to hit back to India and of course Hamid Karzai as well. The article must be read in proper perspectives.

Kalandar Feb 13, 2015 11:50pm

Why we produce more traitors than patriots is hidden in his answer.

shamain Feb 13, 2015 11:54pm

Ok enough guys. Musharraf has trolled everyone very well

Black Sabbath Feb 14, 2015 12:12am

So Mr. Musharraf is the man responsible for nurturing the same guys who have spread like cancer & killing Pakistan. He's also the guy who allowed US military on his soil & allowed drone strikes in his country. He's also the guy who started the isolation & humiliation of Pakistan with the misadventure in Kargil. Great job general!

ShahrukhKhan Feb 14, 2015 12:14am

Pakistan has been exposed today.

abdul Feb 14, 2015 12:15am

So Pakistan created Taliban! final!!!!!

shamain Feb 14, 2015 12:18am

One more thing musharraf said isi and raw have been at loggerheads since independence. Raw was formef in 1967 after humiliation endia faced in 1965 to avenge on pak. So well. And iwill write again in 2004 pak army was carrying out full fledge ops against talibans in sw, fata , so how come on one hand you are killing them on seond using as proxy. And if these proxies turned on us then for whom are they working now?

Fawad Feb 14, 2015 12:23am

So Taliban is not supported by India, as widely believed but works against India. So, I hope no will blame India now for it. While as he says it was created to counter Indian influence, but was India involved in killing people?? i don't think so. But Taliban is , very much so from the beginning.

anony Feb 14, 2015 12:24am

Long live Gen. Musharraf.Proxy wars are initiated by india on multiple fronts against Pakistan. Every country does that and Pakistan is no exception. Growing unprovoked pressure by india has to be countered at all levels else Pakistan's survival will bbe at risk.

Long live Pakistan.

Sam Feb 14, 2015 12:28am

Please with all due respect don't talk about Indian democracy obviously you don't have a clue.../

Dilip Sapana Feb 14, 2015 12:34am

Yet another 'targeted shot' by the most 'prestigious' LOOSE CANNON of Pakistan...!! Carry on, Musharraf sahab...!! I am sure that your country will want many more such in the days ahead...

gupta Feb 14, 2015 12:37am

@anony Pakistan is no exception? Check it with rest of the world what is exception with pakistan

prateek Feb 14, 2015 12:38am

I wish India and Pakistan had focused on constructive measure rather then destructive measure we would have been in a different place today. But our race has no unity and has no concept of unity that's why British ruled over us so easily for centuries.

sid Feb 14, 2015 12:43am

@anony tell tat to parents of those 160 kids...good job creating monsters who kill ur own kids

Zak Feb 14, 2015 01:07am

@Tanveer as you are an Indian hindu, ashamed of come out of the closet, understand this. He is right, caste system was recently termed by UN, as crime against humanity and human rights. Therefore, India cannot be a democracy, where all people are not equal. Get it.

N USA Feb 14, 2015 01:36am

This guy lost his bearings and wants to be in the limelight.

Great Lincoln once said...

"All can be fooled some times, some can be fooled all times...but. All cannot be fooled all times" ... Let me tell you the truth. He was wrong big time. good that he didn't see Pak or Pak leaders.

Mani Feb 14, 2015 01:49am

Whattaguy!! He's got my vote.

rana1 Feb 14, 2015 01:49am

@Dwaraka nath ..........Musharaf is first a pakistani citizen and a patriot and knows the rules of pakistan.

rana1 Feb 14, 2015 02:00am

@Whatisinname ......

...and these refugees acquired pakistan identities and these are the citizens that Asim Bajwa described as some of the terrorists who attacked Peshawar school.

Nitin Feb 14, 2015 03:14am

@Manjeet kocchar thank you ji !!

rkn Feb 14, 2015 03:32am

He should be tried for war crimes under an International tribunal.

Humaid Khan Feb 14, 2015 03:40am

This statement of an admission of creating Taliban from ex-president of Pakistan is not helpful to the country. Why someone is the right frame of mind would make such a statement?

salman Feb 14, 2015 04:58am

What are you talking general sahab.taliban were there since zia' regime

Salman Feb 14, 2015 05:07am

@Tanveer Islam welcomes criticism and can 100% defend itself if people react to that with violence they are wrong to do so and do not understand Islam but how can you defend a cast system?

Salman Feb 14, 2015 05:11am

@yasir are you serious? this is a very well known fact everybody knows it.

Salman Feb 14, 2015 05:19am

@otmfifty just look at the records yourself he has done an excellent job.

reality bites Feb 14, 2015 06:03am

All I remember is that his tenure was the best for Pakistan economy and respect internationally.

Out of most good decisions, very few were bad, towards the last part.

gupta Feb 14, 2015 06:15am

@salman When he needs to spin it that way, he will make that statement as well. He is a good spin master, send him to Australia world cup, not too late.

Black Sabbath Feb 14, 2015 06:19am

I'm very glad to see many Pakistani commenters criticizing Musharraf as much as Indians.

MSAlvi Feb 14, 2015 06:38am

I read most of the comments made on this article. They are mostly against Musharraf. I am amazed by people's ignorance about their own problems.

In my 78 year life time, I saw Musharraf the best ruler of Pakistan. If any economic and other progress was made in Pakistan, it was in Musharraf's time. He was also responsible for women's rights and freedom of news media.

If Musharraf comes back to power (I hope he does), he can solve the country's problem. Briefly, folks, Musharraf is the leader who can represent Pakistan in the world. Can you compare him with any other politicians?

Rahmat Feb 14, 2015 06:40am

@Zak Yes Zak.Relations are good because 6 people are coming to Pakistan for training. Do you realize Pakistani advantage has been neutralized forever by the road that India built highway and provides route for afghan goods to be exported without having to use Pakistan corridor.

adil Feb 14, 2015 06:51am

yeah..surely a well narration of, whats been happening for the strategic reasoning that has led us to this devastating state costing us millions of lives of innocent people, but to protect the interest does not mean to offer your own people for threat and to throw them in unwanted and useless sacrifices.

sadia Feb 14, 2015 08:56am

Well interesting so many indians are interested in ex pak army general statement. Why dont indians read about human rights violation in kashmir before talking about pakistan

KUMAR GAURAV Feb 14, 2015 09:12am

Key person in destablising this region..specially pakistan.

Zak Feb 14, 2015 09:42am

@Paul he is great for both countries. He nearly single handedly resolved kashmir and Vajpayee agree, but cronies scuttled it.

Zak Feb 14, 2015 09:45am

@PCS you are right, because kerjiwal said, let kashmiris decide their own future. Then genuine peace.

P Juneja Feb 14, 2015 09:45am

As is said, sins of parents kill the children. They are just innocent victims

10cc Feb 14, 2015 09:48am

India definitely grabbed the opportunity when it came up after 9/11 to neutralise the Taliban negative influence in Afghanistan. The new Afghani President seems to inspire confidence among Pakistani establishment as his actions are seen neutral without any bias towards India - lets wait & see what the future holds!

prada Feb 14, 2015 09:59am

Proud of army that protects me. Is that something to be proud of. Why do u need army to protect u. Because the justice system was not developed by corrupt leaders.

Indian hindu Feb 14, 2015 10:24am

@sk - he didn't say pak army has stopped the desire, but said they are able to control AF now.

Himanshu Feb 14, 2015 10:58am

Excellent General Saheb !!!!! Finally acceptance from your side that govt. of Pakistan owned Taliban.

Didar Ali Feb 14, 2015 11:06am

Yes this is the ultimate solution, but in order to do we need strong pro poor strong politician which is not the case in this country and army in both countries are part of the problem as you can see.

Human Feb 14, 2015 11:28am

@Tanveer he meant the afghan taliban......

KafirMusafir Feb 14, 2015 11:48am

@Zak :: Looking at Pakistan and its own affairs within Pakistan... it will take years before peace comes to Pakistan... leave the talking of peace and Kashmir and India-Pakistan peace.

Sane Indian Feb 14, 2015 12:39pm

@Zain If this is what an average Pakistani thinks of India and if an average pakistani supports his actions, then mate i am sorry for your coming generations. You will see many more peshawars, your children will live in dark age, blinded by religious extremism, eating grass. While we Indians will progress way beyond your imagination. May allah give you some wisdom.

an indian Feb 14, 2015 12:47pm

I think Ajit Doval was right when he said "You know the trick but know the trick better than you".......

Qasim Feb 14, 2015 02:00pm

@Tanveer - You got it wrong - Musharraf is not debating Islam vs Hinduism - hes simply stating the fact that at its very core India is discriminatory towards people due to their race/religion hence west shall not praise them as the stars of human rights and true democracy

افغان ميهن Feb 14, 2015 04:32pm

@haxara You are naive if you think the Pashtun Taliban of Afghanistan and Pakistan are separate entities. They have realized the duplicity and backstabbing of their erstwhile patrons and are now simply lashing out, it is called the blowback effect.

CC Feb 14, 2015 05:28pm

@Hugh Slaman The Taliban was a creation of the US. Musharaf knows that.

Prasad Feb 14, 2015 06:39pm

Here lies the difference in muslims of Pakistan and Indians (muslims included).

Even after Musharraf criticized Hindu religion: 1. There is no fatwa against him crying Hinduism has been tarnished 2. No protests asking for apologies 3. No brainwashed Hindus going for his blood (like qadri)

Strong religions do not need vetting and protection from mortals...

Muslims in Pakistan should think about this...

Sridhar Feb 14, 2015 06:56pm

I thank Musharraf for telling the truth though he is only 50% right. He is right when he says ISI cultivated Taliban.

Baba De Kamaqlano Feb 14, 2015 09:03pm

Afghanistan and Pakistan should forget about the past as both have shown willingness to improve ties and must make efforts to eliminate terrorism. Peace and stability will definitely bring economic prosperity to the whole region.

shams Feb 14, 2015 09:14pm

I think Pakistan has its own interest and for that our state institutions planing to counter anti-Pakistan elements in Afghanistan. Unfortunatley, Musharaf is always problematic for Pakistan the way he explaining things is against interest of Pakistan.

Baba De Kamaqlano Feb 14, 2015 09:42pm

There should be an end to the proxy wars both in Afghanistan and Pakistan. War is not the solution to our problems and both the countries have suffered great losses. We must make efforts for peace and stability.

Manoj Feb 14, 2015 10:44pm

Gen Mush. is a patriotic Soldier. That is good for Pakistan. But his anti India stance reeks of bias and lack of knowledge of the diversity and beauty of Indian Democracy. Doesnt harm india in any way, however hard he tries to damage Indias image.

افغان ميهن Feb 14, 2015 10:53pm

Ashraf Ghani was questioned by Indian media during SAARC Summit about Musharraf's statement regarding the looming proxy war in Afghanistan. Ashraf Ghani calmly replied, "Musharraf is atavistic and irrelevant".

deven Feb 14, 2015 11:48pm

Hardly a news. Fact is known to the whole world.

Syed Feb 15, 2015 12:58am

What is sad is that this fool and others like him continue to focus on India and the bogus wars (which we have never won), and keep our economy and security going backwards. In the meanwhile, IMF and World Bank have estimated that within two years India's economic growth rate will exceed China's, and are on track to become a $10 trillion economy in 10 years (which will make it bigger than every European country). Their leaders go around the world taking about economic partnerships and inviting investments, while our leaders can only talk about India and Taliban. Is it any wonder that the rest of the world now gives so much importance to India and considers us as an unsuccessful state? I wish fools like him stopped talking to the international media, and we have some genuine nation-building leaders who can lead us on to progress.

Narasimha murty Feb 15, 2015 06:57am

He didn't mind to sacrifice the lives of his own soldiers initiating an unwinnable Kargil war. Both India and Pakistan can emerge out winners if they put a stop to their hostilities . Why blame a religion . India has muslims and I am sure Pakistan has hindus . They have to live together in peace.

Ajay Feb 15, 2015 07:01am

Many people in Afghanistan believed that Karzai's father was killed by Pakistan. Karzai studied at Simla in India. Is there any wonder he is not pro Pakistan?

Ajeya Jha Feb 15, 2015 08:52am

Well, now we know who is responsible for the death of scores of school children in Pakistan!!! Bravo Musharraf!!

Fact Feb 15, 2015 11:00am

@Tanveer : Salute Brother !!!

Khan Popal Feb 15, 2015 03:25pm

none of Pakistani leaders talk about their view about economy, education, health care system or corruption all we hear it is India , Taliban and proxy war, don't they have some knowledge about the basic needs of Pakistani people or they are just so stupid that they can't realize these all!!!!

Aditya Feb 15, 2015 04:08pm

The results of protecting paks interests in this manner are plain to see. Enjoy

Aditya Feb 15, 2015 04:12pm

@mazarr guess your kid wasn't at that school eh?

indian citizen Feb 15, 2015 05:41pm

@Syed if people like you should enter mainstream politics in pakistan then pakistan will rise definitely

Akmal Feb 15, 2015 06:20pm

I don't blame General!!!Every man in power of protecting sovereignty, makes a some hard choices, where value of couple of thousand lives lost is insignificant in the larger interests of the societal gains. You just made a wrong choice for no gain which make my blood boil!!!!!!

Rohan Feb 15, 2015 06:22pm

@Zak And you so very much treat Shias as your equals. Allow them to live in peace. No violence whatsoever is committed against them. Right? And Ahmedis are also receiving some great treatment. They are living in peace and there is not an iota of discrimination being carried out against them- neither by the Sunni populus nor by the government.

OM Feb 15, 2015 06:49pm

@Zak Atleast there is some constitutional provision to eradicate cast system in India. What about Pakistan? does non muslims get fair treatement in Pakistan? WE had 3 muslim president and one president from lower cast in India.It itself proves if India is democracy or not. We dont need a certificate of illitarate Pakistani.

weq Feb 15, 2015 06:55pm

so Taliban did not understand the target properly and though its Pakistan they are countering? such an immense effect for such a small mistake

Kevin Feb 15, 2015 07:14pm

@Rahul Lucky are our muslim brothers who chose to stay with us. We may have had issues but largely they are free to practice their faith and chase their dreams!

Cyrus Ho Feb 16, 2015 01:47am

@ Moosa

No, but I do love his new hair.

well wisher Feb 16, 2015 04:31am

As long as the army is in charge of Pakistan there will be no peace with India. You cannot expect an institution that has been created to fight wars to make peace. It is that simple.

Abdul Malik Feb 16, 2015 09:21am

@sadia Darling, file a case in the ICJ. Address given below.

International Court of Justice Peace Palace Carnegieplein 2 2517 KJ The Hague The Netherlands Telephone: (+31) (0)70 302 23 23 Telefax: (+31) (0)70 364 99 28

Devendra Feb 16, 2015 11:07am

How come he is now so enlightened and come to the conclusion that ISI created Taliban? The bluffer is forgetting that he was responsible for the Kargil war and masterminded it with the ISI.

Paul Feb 16, 2015 11:25am

And what about Benazir? What's your explanation for that?

desi_mani Feb 16, 2015 11:53am

why dont we (ind and pak) just nuke each other and end this never ending insecurity once and for all.

Whats the point of staying in this constant state of animosity, mistrust, hatred and backstabbing, fighting like little frightened girls in the back alley? Just come out in the open expressing you relentless hatred and throw everything you have at the other. This is how the bold and the brave settle their scores.

kamran Feb 16, 2015 01:08pm

@Syed if u could have compared numbers in his tenure and the later two democratic govts

Musharraf is a joker Feb 16, 2015 01:40pm

@Tanveer : Hats-off to you.

Adventurer Feb 16, 2015 02:48pm

Musharraf is cornered. He is now trying to escape from all his past deeds.

Alok Feb 16, 2015 03:54pm

@sadia Aur bhi jahan h kashmir k siwa ghalib

Alok Feb 16, 2015 03:55pm

@muhammad No... But surely education does Feb 16, 2015 04:24pm

@Syed Ganga Din Lol! Which President are you talking about? Coward and convict? ..Cant be Musharaf, the only man who has actually stood up to the extremist/Lal Masjid phenomenon then or indeed now . And what has been different from this admittedly mindless policy before or after.. under Zia, Benazir, Nawaz, Benazir, Nawaz, Zardari, Nawaz...?? I suppose your view is that anyone who is honest enough to admit should be the one to be blamed!!

Jaffar Feb 16, 2015 04:48pm

Why do these retired Generals have to reveal things after retirment ? And above all why do they have to reveal secrets to foreign media. Recently another Retired General said to a foreign media that ISI knew where abouts of Bin Laden. What are the Army rules about retired Generals talking to the media ?

jehanzeb Feb 16, 2015 05:12pm

India's involvement in Balouchistan and Afghanistan in order to damage Pakistan is not a hidden fact ..... Sartaj Aziz has confirmed this

Paddy Singh Feb 16, 2015 06:47pm

I would like to emend Musharaff what a prominent editor from Pakistan once told me - "Muslims were safer in India than in Pakistan". India has had Muslim Presidents, Chief Justices, Generals, Police Commissioners, Ministers etc. Where can Pakistan compete with India here? Does one find Shia and Sunni confrontation in India like it goes on endlessly in Pakistan? Yes there are religious con frontations in India but basically at the behest of illiterate politicians.

TrollMeNot Feb 16, 2015 08:41pm

Most people did not understand the news. ISI did not create Taliban, it was created as a joint venture by USA and Pakistan to fight USSR. ISI promoted it post-2001 and added TTP variant to it. Sad news is, as per comments trend - 49% Pakistanis are happy for promoting Taliban and praising Mush for that. 50% are angry not for creating Taliban, but disclosing the truth. The rest 1% sane comments are greatly outnumbered.

P Setra Feb 16, 2015 10:23pm

@Baba You may add Gen. Hamid Gul and Zia-ul-huq to his name. If Pakistan did not have those generals doing what they did to Pakistan Pakistan would have been a very prosperous happy nation.

P Setra Feb 16, 2015 10:36pm

@logical Very true! Maulana Abbul Kalaam Azad forecast that 70 years back-what a visionary! Pakistan did not deserve him.