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- AFP/File photo
- AFP/File photo

KARACHI: The provincial government of Balochistan has conveyed a confidential report to the federal government and law enforcement agencies warning of increased footprints of militant organisation Islamic State (IS), also known by the Arabic acronym Daish, in Pakistan.

 The Balochistan
The Balochistan's government report to the federal government.

The ‘secret information report', a copy of which is available with DawnNews, is dated October 31, and states that IS has claimed to have recruited a massive 10 to 12,000 followers from the Hangu and Kurram Agency tribal areas.

"It has been reliably learnt that Daish has offered some elements of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ) and Ahl-e-Sunnat Wai Jamat (ASWJ) to join hands in Pakistan. Daish has also formed a ten-member Strategic Planning Wing," the report from the Home and Tribal Affair Department of Balochistan says.

The report states that the IS plans to attack military installations and government buildings in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in retaliation to the army-led Zarb-i-Azb operation in North Waziristan and also plans to target members of the minority Shia community.

The Balochistan government called for heightened vigilance and security measures in the province as well as the northwestern province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to prevent and pre-empt such attacks.

It has moreover called for sensitising law enforcement agencies on the issue and an increased monitoring of LeJ members.

The warning comes days after six top commanders of the outlawed Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), including its now defunct spokesman Shahidullah Shahid, have announced their allegiance to IS's caliph Abu Bakar Al-Baghdadi Al Qureshi Al-Hussaini..

The Taliban spokesman said he, along with TTP chief for Orakzai Agency Saeed Khan, TTP chief for Kurram Agency Daulat Khan, TTP's Khyber Agency chief Fateh Gul Zaman, TTP’s Peshawar chief Mufti Hassan and TTP’s Hangu chief Khalid Mansoor, have announced their allegiance to Abu Bakar Al-Baghdadi.

Earlier in the week, Shahidullah Shahid was replaced by Mohammad Khurasani as the new TTP spokesperson

The Islamic State's presence has not been officially established so far.

Perceived threat?

Security expert Dr Ejaz Hussain believes that Pakistan faces a perceived threat from the IS but it can mature into a real threat if they succeed in aligning themselves with the splinter groups of mainstream militants groups, including the TTP.

“If the Pakistan security apparatus fails to check their footprints, it could be a setback for them in future. It appears that the IS wants to focus on Pakistan and Afghanistan, particularly the time when US forces begin to withdraw from Afghanistan. If not checked, IS will pose a major threat to South Asia and the Persian Gulf,” Hussain told Dawn.

IS, which is led by Abu Bakar Al-Baghdadi, is currently based in Iraq and Syria and occupies border areas. It is accused of killing hundreds of Muslims and some American and UK citizens, which include journalists and aid workers.

Wall-chalking has also begun to appear in support of IS in some cities of Pakistan, including Karachi and Khanewal.

Also read: Minister blames foreign hands as 4000kg explosives seized in Quetta

Police in Khanewal said it had registered a case against unknown persons for engaging in wall chalking and was also investigating their presence. However, police in Karachi have not registered any case.

Last month, a pamphlet was distributed in Peshawar. Police has not registered a case against anyone and has expressed their ignorance about any such pamphlet.

Comments (152) Closed

Harmony Nov 08, 2014 04:56pm

We need increased counter intelligence and no tolerance policy against such elements and greater vigour and resolve against terrorism.

Amarnath Nov 08, 2014 05:03pm

btw, why is the report secrete? it is not a secret afterall.... for a newsportal to get hold of a copy.

Sattiya Nov 08, 2014 05:05pm

This is an example of irresponsible journalism, in any part of the world news paper would not publish such news which create panic and anarchy in the country.

Naved Nov 08, 2014 05:06pm

Time to act for government and take strong action against these groups.

syed baqar ahsan Nov 08, 2014 05:07pm

Creating fear is too easy----There is huge dishonesty prevail on our writers by not mentioning which countries and forces are involved in creating ISIS and there recruitment/training centres.Object is not creating new state as its name says but destruction of countries and taking them back by 50 years is understood.

A shah Nov 08, 2014 05:13pm

Not very secret of it's splashed across the front page.

Futurewizard Nov 08, 2014 05:15pm

Well...nothing surprising. It was coming, though a little late.

BK Nov 08, 2014 05:16pm

It is very important for a regional collaboration with India, Pakistan and Afghanistan to meet this challenge. If all these countries not united by forgetting all the present disputes, it will be suicidal for complete region. Hope wisdom will prevail and join helping hands each other.

Roy Nov 08, 2014 05:18pm

Secret ..????? It's an open understanding

bannkkiimooon Nov 08, 2014 05:21pm

Matter of serious concern for ther reagion !

Nabila Bhatti Nov 08, 2014 05:22pm

Very alarming...

shami Nov 08, 2014 05:26pm

This is ridiculous. How could a secret intelligence report be made public with copies distributed to media?

meera Nov 08, 2014 05:29pm

It looks like intentionally released "Secret Report" drafted in Pindi without any reality on ground to get some bucks from Americans.

Rida Nov 08, 2014 05:31pm

Very horrifying.But more horrifying is the feeling that nothing will happen as a result of this report.Allah save us from such catastrophe.

Ganga Din Nov 08, 2014 05:33pm

Unknown sources left a copy of the report at an undisclosed location and Dawn received an anonymous call about a piece of paper flying around in the area. That's how newspapers get these types of reports. Government disavows existence of such a piece of paper.

Danish Haider Nov 08, 2014 05:33pm

Dozens Law enforcement Agencies seems paralyzed due to inaction by current regime. PML-N is enjoying seat adjustment to ensure hasstle free rule of Sharif family in Punjab.

Gen. Raheel Sharif please take action you are nation's last hope.

Shakeel Nov 08, 2014 05:35pm

It would be better if we don't have to fight another war, this can be prevented by using the police to investigate their currently limited power base and to shut it down.

Saleem Nov 08, 2014 05:48pm

They are effective in Iraq because they managed to overrun Iraqi army bases and capture US supplied heavy weapons.

wizarat Nov 08, 2014 05:49pm

And Pakistan is telling China that it is ready to combat extremism in China by the Xinjiang Militants?

Zak Nov 08, 2014 05:52pm

@Sattiya in Pakistan we have independent media. Some neighbouring countries, all the media is controlled by the government.

Nazir Ahmed Nov 08, 2014 05:57pm

And who is funding this killer ISIS Organization? Everyone know. Our foreign office should warn the funding countries to keep their filthy hands away from our PAK land. They are out there to exploit the poor and illiterate people. Told them boldly we can survive without them but they cannot, believe me.

Truth Nov 08, 2014 06:02pm

@Zak Independence can be seen today. You guys have become joke outside. Really dont know if its out of ignorance or foolishness that arguments are made by pak citizens

Imran Nov 08, 2014 06:07pm

Aswj, Lj operates freely and openly in pakistan. Without the fear of ever being punished.

Last Word Nov 08, 2014 06:08pm

The war on terrorism cannot be fought selectively and unless there is zero tolerance to all types of terrorism and dismantling of all terror organisations take place in Pakistan, terrorism cannot be eliminated in the country but may increase disproportionately.

Rohan Nov 08, 2014 06:08pm

Probably this will help Pakistan get more aid from USA. The Army Chief visiting USA can put forward this "secret report".

Ammy Nov 08, 2014 06:14pm

It was imminent, expected and was no doubt on it . How does it matter if there is another entrant among so many different groups already existing. There was no secret into it.and it was already discussed even before Dawn published it.

Baba De Kamaqlano Nov 08, 2014 06:36pm

Pakistanis have suffered from all this so badly and this drama played on our land must be stopped.

Rao Nov 08, 2014 06:45pm

@Amarnath It is called a deliberate leak!

neo Nov 08, 2014 06:49pm

If its secret and in the news, its propaganda rest assure. Money involved behind its propagation. And thats what ISIS depends on. A media monster for dumb public. 2nd point is shameful. It basically says we do monitor terrorists but with no intention to remove them from our state.

Mukesh Nov 08, 2014 06:58pm

Lets watch when Dr. Salaria comes and gives the following comment:

(A) What else they can do? (B) What a serious joke?

Sarwat Nov 08, 2014 07:08pm

don't just monitor known terrorists grab them. No time to toil, and sit back. Or else there will be plenty time cry over spilled milk. Don't let this crucial time pass by, stop them in there tracks. It's a high time to act. Nov 08, 2014 07:10pm

@BK time is now or never, get together india and Pakistan, afghanistan

saqib Nov 08, 2014 07:15pm

The report has been generated by Balochistan department of home and tribal affairs and has showed concerns about the areas outside their jurisdiction,but still we have to be very proactive to preemptively stop it from happening.

Human Nov 08, 2014 07:27pm

We need strong counter insurgency against and conduct operation against them and counter them as soon as possible.

SUSHIL Nov 08, 2014 07:29pm

There is a time in future when India and pakistan stand united for peace. Remember We both have common heart. All of us feel homely in each other country due to common culture and haritage.

adil jadoon Nov 08, 2014 07:37pm

Send them to Iraq. Let them sort it out amongst themselves.

Lyra Nov 08, 2014 07:37pm

Government and Law Enforcement Agencies have been proved completely ineffective.

Chi ben Nov 08, 2014 07:43pm

We need to abolish Section 295C of the Penal Code. Declare Pakistan to be a secular state. Recruit more citizens from minorities and especially non-punjabis to armed forces. Initially there will be hue and cry but it will medium to long term kill the fanaticism and intolerant elements.

Chi ben Nov 08, 2014 07:46pm

@Sattiya , sorry Sattiya this is not correct. Newspapers' primary job is disseminate and create awareness of the happenings. It is government's duty to act, refute, confirm and take appropriate steps to protect and secure national boundries and its citizens. Pushing dirt under the carpet does not take the dirt away, rather it creates mites and consequent allergies and diseases.

Inqelabzindabad Nov 08, 2014 07:51pm

IS is the last thing Pakistan wants in their backyard.

Riaz Alizai Nov 08, 2014 07:54pm

We desperately need to confine these so called millitants. These savage elements would cause destruction if not checked at the very outset.

imPakistan Nov 08, 2014 07:56pm

@Nazir Ahmed IS does not need funding from anyone as they own oil fields in Iraq.

Muhammad Shoaib Nov 08, 2014 08:06pm

@Lyra Please take your words back because if Pakistani law enforcing agencies were not effective; then today Pakistan would have portraying the replica of Iraq and Syria.

Aditya Nov 08, 2014 08:07pm

Surprise surprise

wiserneighbour Nov 08, 2014 08:12pm

India, Pakistan , Afghanistan and Iran can format a formidable force against such medieval and barbaric outfits.But alas!

wiserneighbour Nov 08, 2014 08:16pm

@Zak that's why u r TV channels are penalised for publishing news which is not favourable to military or judiciary.

rohit950723 Nov 08, 2014 08:17pm

@Sattiya .. I totally disagree with you... Only small things can be done by the Government... People have to contribute.. & this news will give people a wake up call...

dark knight Nov 08, 2014 08:25pm

Such news reports are nothing but part of a bigger conspiracy to keep Pakistan under constant pressure.

sam Nov 08, 2014 08:38pm

@Amarnath What was meant to be a secret. How long can truth be hidden?

piyush Nov 08, 2014 08:42pm

As big a secret as an Ostrich hiding its head in sand!

sam Nov 08, 2014 08:42pm

Those who do not want such facts to come out want to bury their heads in the sand out of sheer cowrdice, stupidity or both. How are you going to fix problems if you simply live in denials.?

piyush Nov 08, 2014 08:43pm

"It is accused of killing hundreds of Muslims and some American and UK citizens, which include journalists and aid workers." -> this is news to me. I thought they killed the infidels only

Whisky Nov 08, 2014 08:48pm

Irresponsible journalism...

Whisky Nov 08, 2014 08:49pm

Secret papers should remain secret.

M.Saeed Nov 08, 2014 08:50pm

This toothless government will never act. All Pakistanis should gather behind Imran Khan and pressurize him to start another Dharna against the incursion of Daish in Pakistan !

Abdool Nov 08, 2014 08:53pm

@Sattiya if media would have publish same news for other country then it you would have happy!!!

Whisky Nov 08, 2014 09:07pm

Everyone has the right to know, however, If someone is printing secret documents of the state without any permission, its a crime against the interests of the state. There is no place of such practices in good journalism. News should be spread with some sense of responsibility.

Whatever Nov 08, 2014 09:09pm

If its confidential then why do u publish it? Jeez If it's important, please take it down. This is irresponsible and dangerous

fida sayani Nov 08, 2014 09:20pm

@meera very true and on the spot.

M. Siddique Nov 08, 2014 09:24pm

This the time to hit these criminals. They are good in creating chaos.

Urooj Nov 08, 2014 09:35pm

It is not surprising. Its time for Government to act against these organizations with full force, moreover declare ASWJ as a banned outfit.

syed baqar ahsan Nov 08, 2014 09:48pm

Gone were days when recruiting was official and those doing now are eating financier money,things are altogether changed we had enough since 1979

Danish Nov 08, 2014 09:54pm

Kashmir is more important. We shall first have to wrest IHK from Indian hands and everything will be OK

BlueEarth Nov 08, 2014 09:59pm

@Zak :I guess we wud rather have controlled media than uncontrolled polio and suicide bombers zak

voice Nov 08, 2014 10:00pm

It is difficult to understand why peoples get attracted to such terrorist group and get involve in inhuman activity.

Raja Nov 08, 2014 10:03pm

It's the job of the intelligence agencies to worry about IS spreading its tentacles in Pakistan but looks like our LEAs will find out when its too late.

Ramesh Krishnan Nov 08, 2014 10:19pm

Please don't defame Pakistan with this false news..This is an american-Israel-Indian Ploy to kill Muslims..By the way, tell me when Islamic state starts bombing Pakistan, I have to condemn their acts and starts a military operation..

israr Nov 08, 2014 10:31pm

we Pakistanis ought to remodel ourselves into a one nation. ISIS and TTP both are organized by isreal, india and US. they both are same and have parallel objectives. Pakistan army has defeated TTP and thats why our enemies are reorganizing their dogs in another way. i request all Pakistanis to plz mature your thoughts and plz think for the welfare of your country and your fellow countryman in each and every move. May ALLAH ALMIGTY save Pakistan and Pakistanis from all kinds of evil. Ameen. Pakistan Zindabad

Mihir Nov 08, 2014 10:50pm

I am not surprised by this new. This was coming!!!!

Kasif Nov 08, 2014 10:50pm

@Zak Ahan. Ahan. Which countries the media is under government control? China? Please enlighten.

Deems Nov 08, 2014 10:51pm

Its quite alarming. Have come across pictures of wall chalking in Islamabad too. Lets see what the security apparatus does!!!

Kasif Nov 08, 2014 10:56pm

@dark knight Seems you are another knight in shining armor denying everything. LOL. On a serious note, Friends wake up, if not for us than for our children's future.

Kasif Nov 08, 2014 10:56pm

@Muhammad Shoaib Isn't it now?

605 Nov 08, 2014 10:57pm

why is a secret doc sent over FAX? Should not that be sent by some privet net?

SAP Nov 08, 2014 11:01pm

This very "secret " report available for media has no meaning for Pakistan as we have already number of groups like this and we are already fighting with them. Allah bless Pakistan and Allah will save Islam.

No one Nov 08, 2014 11:02pm

This is inevitable.

khopdee Nov 08, 2014 11:03pm

This is good. This will ensure we will never be short of resources. We could also staff some of these to fight in Kashmir,some in Asfghanistan and some in Uighurs.

We should always build on our strengths!

joe Nov 08, 2014 11:21pm

@Muhammad Shoaib Is it any better

saeed Nov 08, 2014 11:37pm

Its time to review our foreign policy. We are playing with fire for the sake of cheap petroleum, dollars etc. Remember the words of ex Afghan President Daud

independentthinker Nov 08, 2014 11:38pm

All levels of government and security forces must work in a united manner and with clear conscience, in order to ensure ISIS is stopped before it set's its foot on our soil. Considering how they are causing havoc in Syria and Iraq, I believe they are more dangerous then the Talibans. The United States is sending more troops and have increased their budget by over 5 billion dollars to fight ISIS. We can't afford this luxury. It is with shear determination and working diligently that we can beat ISIS. I hope our leaders will put our country's interest first before their own and save our beloved country from any further harm. May God bless Pakistan!

citizen Nov 08, 2014 11:46pm

U(many not all) do not like us and the feeling is mutual but if this storm is at ur door plyz do let us knw if al all we can lend a helping hand its not about regional conflict nor Kashmir n not about hindu or being muslim its abut a foe who was a family once... we will be glad if we can fight for a cause together ever since we threw out British...

Weird Nov 09, 2014 12:02am

@M.Saeed He never did it against taliban why would he do it against Daa'ish?

Leopard63 Nov 09, 2014 12:15am

The deep state is upto it's old tricks once spells disaster for South Asia, particularly Pakistan.

hp Nov 09, 2014 12:25am

kill them (IS) before they kill us all (pakistanis)

salman Nov 09, 2014 12:30am

Bring them to the chief minister and chief cricketer at the container dharna in Islamabad, they will surely have a unique and revolutionary solution

Sohan Nov 09, 2014 12:34am

God Save Pakistan..

War&Peace Nov 09, 2014 01:02am

Hot bed of terroism and epic center of violence/intolerance is the best place for recruitment from povery ridden society!

Raza Nov 09, 2014 01:12am

So Aehle sun at wal jamaat previously Sipa e Sahaba is operating under Goverments nose openly and what is Nawaz doing about it ? Nothing

Irfan Baloch Nov 09, 2014 01:17am

SIpah Sahabah, ASWJ and LeJ are are the strain of the same diabolical cult that glorifies killing civilians in most horrific ways. no wonder ISIS finds some similarities with these enemeies of people

Noodle Nov 09, 2014 01:17am

How is IS different from what is happening in Pakistan today? Minorities are being forcefully converted or killed, every 3 days there is news of a Hazara or Ahmedi or Hindu being killed. Bomb blasts almost every day, how much worst can it get?

GabruNYC Nov 09, 2014 01:24am

Not surprising at all. Even darker days for Pakistan are not far. Only way to survive is to amend its policy and stop preaching hatred towards neighbors. Work together to fight this menace.

Abhai Sharma Nov 09, 2014 01:24am

Just imagine, what would happen if ISIS grows its root. Imagine ISIS ordering mass FGM in Balochistan , FATA and NWFP !! as it did in Iraq !!

harith Nov 09, 2014 01:48am

Let pak triblal terrorists and ISIS know that the..Indian-Russian supersonic cruise missile, and ready for use; it can simply eliminate top ISIS leaders with out touching innocents any where.

deva Nov 09, 2014 01:50am

@syed baqar ahsan ISIS is not created by any country it gets birth in Madarsa just like any other terror outfit. if any country needs to be blame then i think its Saudi they are core of this problem

deva Nov 09, 2014 01:52am

@Last Word my view while dealing with Islamic terrorism dont think about human rights like ISIS and just go for wipe out. Then only problem will be solved, and i think that is going to gona happen soon

kancham Nov 09, 2014 02:17am

How can thousands are recruited without locals and government support?. Its quite clear evidence that Pakistan is exporting their talent to the entire world.

irfan Nov 09, 2014 02:23am

Give them education and jobs , they will not join IS . IS recruiting unemployed

Salman Nov 09, 2014 02:35am

Why is this such a bad thing? The country is racked by bombings, violence and some bad news every day. If Islamic Law can provide safety and security to us, why not give it a try and a chance?

JUSTICE Nov 09, 2014 02:44am

So MQM leader Altaf Hussain was right when he said "IS" already presence in Pakistan. Now what? Is government going to negotiate with them too.?

DMDiL Nov 09, 2014 02:55am

So this secret report is not secret anymore.. and Doesn't this report look typewriter written? so strange for anyone to use that technology even now..

kirther Nov 09, 2014 03:08am

This government must act decisively and immediately, all religious outfits must be monitored very closely and severe action taken at first opportunity, it is quiet clear that people in Pakistan can easily be exploited based on religion, hence the government should take immediate steps to ban use of any religious slogans, religion should be treated as personnel matter and nobody should be allowed to exploit religion for any reason. Parties using religious slogan to gain attention for whatever reason must be banned forthwith. Government must learn to exercise its writ and treat all citizens equally. PML-N must take immediate action against those involved in Lahore massacre, justice cannot be done on selective basis all murderers and criminals must face the wrath of the nation.

Sara Karlayal Nov 09, 2014 03:22am

So here comes a new challenge for Local TTP, or we can say the TTP is melting down. Anyway it would be a good challenge for the survival of TTP. As their writ would be challenged and they soon become the past. Because the people work for dollars whom will pay more will be the market player.

Bilal Khattak Nov 09, 2014 04:09am

@Sattiya with respect, why do you think it would create panic and anarchy?

JohnDaviss Nov 09, 2014 04:24am

Indians are watching Pakistan news like a Horror movie.....

jj Nov 09, 2014 04:28am

@Sattiya Why?????????????????????????????????????????????

jj Nov 09, 2014 04:30am

India start pulling up your socks now before this evil comes knocking at your door.

catherine Nov 09, 2014 05:10am

@Sattiya depends if that news is correct.........Muslims killing Muslims.........Can't blame that on anyone but yourself. Nov 09, 2014 05:27am

It is about time that this Barbaric organization called IS or Daish should be clearly declared non muslim by the scholars and the governments and anyone who supports them should be consider out of the Islam too. IS is an enemy of mankind as well as muslims.

Rohit Nov 09, 2014 05:46am

More aid, weapons and coming Pakistan way....why not?

indian rat Nov 09, 2014 05:49am

India should relax ISIS will not be successful in sub-continent people here are of a complete different mindset

Reveller Nov 09, 2014 05:59am

Why am I not surprised with this news. Sigh !

Sudhakar Nov 09, 2014 06:10am

Pakistan is akin to a ripe apple orchard for groups like IS. They just have to shake the tree and harvest all the terrorist apples.

ravi vancouver Nov 09, 2014 06:16am

@BK It shall be awesome if India, Pakistan and Afghanitan work together to meet this challenge. Pakistan is most vulnerable due to public mindset is such that it is easy to recruit specially from lot of Jihadi groups already operating in Pakistan openly. They are surprisingly very bold to accept the involvement of them in terrorist attacks. Pakistan has to change its attituide towards these dangerous groups whether classified as bad or good.

ali Nov 09, 2014 06:29am

NS seems to be more concerned about his own political future then about the ISIS threat.The LEJ, ASWJ etc etc are all a criminal organizations their members should not be monitored instead should be rounded up and put behind bars.Baluchistan and KP have vast unemployment among youths,they have nothing to do all day it is as such easy to recruit people to join the terrorist organizations and these turkeys know exactly where to go and who to recruit.

Santosh Nov 09, 2014 07:04am

Save ur country from such fanatics

Ravi Dallas TX Nov 09, 2014 07:26am

Don't be in denial, ISIS is 100 times dangerous than TTP.

Ahmer Nov 09, 2014 07:32am

Age age dekhiye hota he kya. The country is being taken in the wrongest possible direction.

sameer Nov 09, 2014 07:39am

@Saleem so u r hopeful that soon there will be Islamic rule all over the world. Party time?

Mumtaz Hussain Shah Nov 09, 2014 08:28am

This could result in implosion from within. To ward off such dangers Pakistan has to be internally strong and stable first. Poor and currupt leadership has repeated failed to deliver and has already caused irreparable damage to federation of Pakistan. Be aware time is running out !!!

an indian from J&K Nov 09, 2014 08:33am

two of these candidates comment on dawn too. and they are some dr. salaria and Zak. their comments are full of hatred and are like these so called jihadis...

dr vimal Nov 09, 2014 08:40am

This is FDI Pakistan style. Unemployment will go down.

TAN Nov 09, 2014 09:11am

Caliph Bagdadi is injured by American attack. Pakistani youths come back to Pakistan.

MUHAMMAD WAQAS Nov 09, 2014 09:20am

IS is created by CIA and MOSSAD, these two agencie in fact will never let go Pakistan clean from terrorism . In fact they don't want peace in Asia. Our government and General should take this very seriously, and exposed them on internationl level and show to world that American and ISRAIELIS involved in it.

syed baqar ahsan Nov 09, 2014 09:43am

I think the initiator of this report is only paper tiger and by sending report aim is achieved of creating panic without disclosing or mentioning the name who talked in his years back some students of universities tried to project TTP dirty slogans but it died own death.

Husain Jan Nov 09, 2014 09:51am

@Nazir Ahmed It is no more a secret that the IS terrorists are using the US made arms supplied to them by none other than Saudis.

Nov 09, 2014 09:53am

Hey.... Good times r here again!! We r gaining more strategic assets

reachmm Nov 09, 2014 10:10am

Feel bad for Pakistan after having seen the damage these guys created in Syria and Iraq. To think this will happen to Pakistan is chilling and more so it is at our doorstep. I hope indian government takes drastic action to equip themselves against any eventualities.

khanm Nov 09, 2014 10:35am

we have multiple intelligence agencies. none ever spoke about it and it is made public.are they any member of the CIA or any other intelligence agency. one should verify the facts and figures... creating panic in already a panic society will definitely create negative effect... Or is it just a psychological warfare..

Zakia from Blochistan Nov 09, 2014 10:44am

Who has created IS? Why IS only fights and kill Muslims? Why IS does not cross the borders to free those who are surpressed? I am wondering...

John Doe Nov 09, 2014 10:45am

So the Islamic State is recruiting from the Islamic Republic. What's new about it? The Islamic Republic itself used to, and still does, recruit for defending Islam in Kashmir, Afghanistan, and until not too long ago, Chechnya.

Saleem Nov 09, 2014 12:25pm

Well this is very socking news indeed that ISIS is recruiting members from Pakistan especially militants influenced areas like FATA and Waziristan etc with view to target military and shias communities. As already we are in war against terrorism and we have lost precious jawans and civilions. we need to encounter once for all. First of all we should cut off its financing support from those people who have very soft corner to these militants organization. No doubt these elements are present in our military wings and politics. On the on hand they are showing humbleness with the country but on the dark side they are actually supporting militants organization by funding etc. we should educate our youngster about this disease that not to join these types of military organization. they are nothing to do with the islam but they try to give bad image by killing innocent lives. we should give punishment to those people who are spreading their messages in Pakistan , distributing leaflets etc.

Majid H Nov 09, 2014 01:26pm

People dream of Naya Pakistan,i am afraid we might even lose the old one

Sudhanshu Swami Nov 09, 2014 05:03pm

It was a secret few months ago, not it is not secret.

Ashraf Nov 10, 2014 06:18am

Pakistan is an ideological fit for Islamic State terrorists like no other state. It is not a question of "if", it is "when".

dr vimal Nov 10, 2014 09:51am

Grow more vegetables.

white noise Nov 10, 2014 10:43am

that is no secret, they are recruiting all over the world in the name of salafi rule to follow the imam. since our borders are as open as a public playground, they come and go as they please. with unemployment on the rise, its a fertile ground for IS to recruit young kids.

Reddy Nov 10, 2014 10:45am

@Ashraf What's the difference between the mob who threw christian couple and the unborn baby in to the fire alive and them?

Azmeen Nov 10, 2014 02:38pm

Zero tolerance policy against all sorts of extremism and terrorism is required.

M Tufail Nov 10, 2014 02:43pm

I reject new world order and want only caliphate order...

M Tufail Nov 10, 2014 02:47pm

I reject new world order and want only caliphate order...

muhammad Nov 10, 2014 05:00pm

Both organizations especially AWSJ is functioning in Pakistan openly and with complete impunity they have offices in all cities and they hold rallies and gathering on regular basis in all big cities under Police protection

Sher Jatt Nov 10, 2014 05:01pm

@wiserneighbour Study history all this trouble was started due to a terrorist called Khomeni taking over Iran, There was no such problems before 1979. Do not bury your heads in the sand, Iran is a culprit and these peoples are the reaction of Iranian state terror.

Bagha Nov 10, 2014 06:59pm

@piyush Muslims are of various levels of Islamization. IS places some pretty steep standards of Islam, so a lot of people dont qualify, and thus can be bumped off with the full blessings of Islam :)

Ali Nov 10, 2014 08:13pm

If Pakistan wants to get out of all these problems then they must act and review their foreign policy specially with Afghan Refugees and those Arabs who cam from their country Somalia, Bangladesh, Africans, Nepal and many foreigners, who lives without any authenticated documents.

We have see many news reports that they are directly or indirectly involved in crime inside our country, so please they all have to be send back to their country, because they will not have manpower for their aims.

independentthinker Nov 11, 2014 03:06am

@hp Got It! I am sure the Americans, the Iraqis, the Syrians and all the other countries who are fighting ISIS will hear your message loud and clear and will now go out and kill members of ISIS, before they kill us! Great advise!

land of pure Nov 11, 2014 05:20am

Why scared? How is Saudi government different from ISIS? Both behead, chop off limbs, intolerant towards other religions! Both claim to follow the purest form of Islam and Sharia. In fact, Jinnah wanted a theological Islamic state which is why an Islamic or Muslim state has been created.

Amir Iftikhar Warraich Nov 11, 2014 07:16am

DAISH is a CIA-Saudi product - made to wage wars on sizeable Muslim armies capabilities in Syria, Iraq. Their emergence in Syria against Bashar regime came with full US/Western/Israeli support and tactic command. Pakistan zindabad!

Malik Nov 11, 2014 10:56am

You forget to mention, but we know the employer. And definitely these inductions are done by Da'esh HR Manager in South Asia, Mr. Ajit Doval.

Usman Nov 11, 2014 12:11pm

Now just WHAT does the ISIS want in here, Pakistan?? Can anyone just simply enter our country at free will and do what they want?????

Bingo Nov 11, 2014 03:33pm

Some of the comments like Mr. Malik reminds me of a blog by Mr. Nadeem Pracha .......blame it on India.

Shahzad Ahmed Nov 11, 2014 04:42pm

Don't forget it Pakistan not Iraq or Syria...we have one of the strongest armies

mustafa shaikh Nov 11, 2014 06:04pm

@Truth its actually foolishness.