PTI dubs Hashmi allegations 'unfounded and unfortunate'

01 Sep 2014


File Photo of PTI representative Arif Alvi (L)
File Photo of PTI representative Arif Alvi (L)

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) on Monday said that PTI President Javed Hashmi’s allegations regarding the party gaining support from the armed forces in the ongoing political crisis were “unfortunate and unfounded”.

A statement issued by Central Information Secretary Shireen Mazari added that there was no conversation that the PTI was linked to the army or “any such covert agenda".

“If Hashmi thought PTI was linked to the army then he should have immediately resigned,” the statement read. It concluded by saying that Hashmi's unfortunate allegations were without any grounding in facts.

Hashmi was misinformed: Arif Alvi

Speaking to Dawn shortly after Javed Hashmi’s shocking allegations, PTI leader Arif Alvi said he was not aware of any script as suggested by the veteran politician.

“Javed Hashmi was with us on everything till we moved from Constitution Avenue to PM house,” he said, adding that the decision to join Qadri was made by the party and not at the behest of a third party.

“I never heard Khan sahab say anything about a third force,” he added.

When asked about Hashmi’s statement alleging that Imran hinted at the Supreme Court’s favourable position with the party, Alvi said, “I am not aware of any mention of the chief justice.”

At the end, he maintained that he respected Hashmi and did not think he could invent such information.

“I don’t think he could invent it, he may be misinformed.”