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Shahzeb Khan's killers pardoned by family

Updated Aug 18, 2016 09:21am


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20-year-old Shahzeb Khan was gunned down on the night of December 24, 2012 after the university student had an argument with one of Siraj Talpur's servants.—File Photo
20-year-old Shahzeb Khan was gunned down on the night of December 24, 2012 after the university student had an argument with one of Siraj Talpur's servants.—File Photo

KARACHI: The parents of university student Shahzeb Khan, whose death sparked outrage against the abuse of power by the wealthy and landed in Pakistan, have decided to pardon the culprits responsible for the murder of their son, their lawyer said Monday.

The family filed an affidavit with the court several days ago pardoning the men accused of killing their only son, lawyer Mehmood Alam Rizvi said.

The victim’s parents – father Deputy Superintendent of Police Aurangzeb Khan and mother Ambreen Aurangzeb – have also requested for the release of the four perpetrators involved.

Speaking to DawnNews, the victim’s mother Ambreen Aurangzeb said the death of Shahzeb’s killers will not bring back her son. “We may not have forgiven them in our hearts, but we have pardoned our son’s killers in the name of Allah,” she said.

She said she had pardoned the killers as she was still not convinced that the culprits would be punished even after their arrest and convictions. “We cannot spend our entire lives in fear … we took the decision considering the circumstances.”

The two men convicted, Shahrukh Jatoi and Siraj Talpur, come from wealthy families in Karachi. They were convicted of killing the 20-year-old Khan on the night of December 24, 2012 after the university student had an argument with one of Talpur's servants. Jatoi and Talpur were sentenced to death while life-long jail terms were awarded to Sajjad Talpur and Ghulam Murtaza Lashari, two men convicted of aiding the killers.

The killing led to an unusual social media campaign demanding the country’s rich and powerful be held accountable for their acts.

Pakistani law has a maximum punishment of the death penalty, or life in prison for a murder. But, under Islamic laws of Qisas and Diyat, victim families can strike an out-of-court deal with the murderers. In that case, the victim's families generally appear in court to testify that they have pardoned the murderer in the name of God.

These pardons often include the accused paying the victim's families money but in this case the lawyer said the victims' family did not accept any payment.

The court must now decide whether to accept the pardon, but judges generally follow the decision of the family.

In the affidavit filed with Sindh High Court, the family states that they have decided to pardon the culprits “in the name of Allah”, and therefore the court is obligated to do likewise. It further states that the parents of both the parties have come to an understanding outside of court.

Khan’s parents moreover insist that they were under no pressure when filing the request, and have also decided not to accept any blood money from the culprit’s families.

The court’s writ branch has asked Khan’s family to present another copy of the request in court. A final decision regarding the pardon will be taken by the court.


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Comments (341) Closed

Asad Sep 09, 2013 02:53pm

Given that its totally victim's family call but please change the main heading to "in the name of money".I am sure Allah Almighty is tired of being dragged into everything.

zak Sep 09, 2013 02:51pm

Saddest news I have heard. Murderers pardoned and released to do it again, as the mentality of these people will never change specially now they know how to manipulate the people and the system. Hope when they are released, someone does justice to them.

FIGHT FOR RIGHT Sep 09, 2013 02:52pm

Killers being pardoned, innocents being charged, and for all our ill actions we refer to 'in the name of Allah'. Double faced society and unjust culture holding the foundation of this weak nation will only lead to further destruction and misery. How on earth can such people be forgiven when at no point they looked to be really ashamed of their act or changed their characters completely. I guess every common man here in Pakistan knew from the first day that nothing at all will happen in this case and sooner or later it would just end like this. Media hype, people standing and appearing in courts, supporters from social blog, all in vain. The only lesson here for the general public here is that this country is not yet ready to act in justice, enforcement of law and punishing the culprits as they deserve. Even half of country has been unable to punish just a handful culprits with all evidences. Of course to save the face it's now has been mentioned as IN THE NAME OF ALLAH. May God have mercy on this barbaric nation.

Reality Check Sep 09, 2013 02:54pm

This is the true nature of Pakistani Nation. Why do we blame Zardaris and Sharifs.

Upset Sep 09, 2013 02:57pm

Another Perfect and visible example of "Justice Delayed is Justice Denied.".... Delayed Justice & Laws (handful of loopholes) diluted whole situation

IBN-E-ASHFAQUE Sep 09, 2013 02:55pm

The feudals win. Pakistan Zindabad

Zahoor Kazmi Sep 09, 2013 03:01pm

What a joke!!!! Just goes to show how the "Real Powerfuls" can still have it their way even after the court had awarded them a well deserved life sentence. Pardoned in the name of Allah? Hmmm, let me see, a poor ordinary man's father VS a rich & mega powerful landlord's son who also has a strong ties with the current Sindh government.....oh yeah that was an easy one to workout, right?

Mashman Sep 09, 2013 02:59pm

How can justice be served and these ruthless killers be punished if they are pardoned. Most probably the victims father was afraid for his life.

Shahed Sep 09, 2013 03:06pm

So much for justice. Whether a payment that cannot be declined or a threat that can

Salman Chand John Sep 09, 2013 03:05pm

Well all i can say is SHAME ON YOU!!!!!! you sold your ONLY son's death.... May Lord have mercy on you.!!!!

U Khan Sep 09, 2013 03:09pm

No surprises!!!

Dr. Noor Sep 09, 2013 03:11pm

one should keep in view the situation a government servant could be in, i am dam sure DSP must have been pressurized for this

Bilal Sep 09, 2013 03:11pm

Money plays its role. I thought Shahzaib's murder will be a start of justice even for rich landlords, tycons etc... but I was wrong. I guess money can heal open wounds of hearts and continue to do so in our society. So the price of Shahzaib is 500 million , . Now money is a licence to kill in Pakistan ,very sad but true.

Akram Sep 09, 2013 03:15pm

Any guesses how much money his family accepted to sell out their own son's life? And regardless of whether they got money for it or not, or whether they pardon the killers or not, murder is murder, Shahzeb's life is not for them to sell. They are no one to dictate state level justice.

HB Sep 09, 2013 03:18pm

I am very upset and this is clear evidence that there is no rule of law in Pakistan. This is also gross miscarriage of justice. Unless criminals are punished, Pakistan society will not change.

Nauman Sep 09, 2013 03:16pm

Pardon not acceptable.

Javed Sep 09, 2013 03:23pm

@IBN-E-ASHFAQUE: those who have the money to buy justice win in Pakistan. Justice was bought with money

Abdul Basit Khan Sep 09, 2013 03:27pm

Sad I understand there is no security in armed societies for witnesses and the family of deceased Really feeling down on this.

Khan Sep 09, 2013 03:30pm

What's the point of operation against terrorism if this would be the outcome for the terrorists

Tony Sep 09, 2013 03:28pm

This so called pardon has actually weaken people's will to fight the odds.

e Sep 09, 2013 03:31pm


Blister Sep 09, 2013 03:32pm

Where's the suo moto when you need one. My blood is boiling. There was one opportunity to show to the country that something can be done and now this. What a shame!! Feudals/Moneyclass - infinity, Pakistan - zero. Sorry Pakistan.

jaq77077 Sep 09, 2013 03:32pm

This is beyond my understanding..state of Pakistan should prosecute no matter what the family of the diseased say now. It is clear they have no chance against feudal and I am certain they are forced to pardon the killer.

Blister Sep 09, 2013 03:33pm

My sincerest apologies to Shahzaib Khan.

Abdul Malik Sep 09, 2013 03:36pm

Nobody wants to see the young killer go through death sentence but had the culprit be hanged it would have certainly sent a strong message of deterrence to any would be trigger happy spoilt children of such waderas and rich & famous. Unfortunately with the pardon real purpose has been defeated and God forbid, more such Shahrukh Jatios may go scot free.

Zeeshan Shamsi Sep 09, 2013 03:33pm

If these killers go free, then the promise of Pakistan is totally lost. Pakistan paindabad.

Angry Sep 09, 2013 03:34pm

Pakistan justice system Zindabad.

Shahzeb family should be blamed for this living criminals back on the street to kill another innocent son of other family.

ali Sep 09, 2013 03:36pm

This was expected. In Pakistan it is impossible to nail an influential person and also the lower courts are still corrupt.

SALMAN KHAN Sep 09, 2013 03:38pm

soon there will be another court to be set up by Allah subhan watala..and then no connection or source will work & for sure justice will be done.

elcay Sep 09, 2013 03:40pm

The parents were not ready to take blood money and now have pardoned in the name of Allah? Surely the feudals have won!!

Ishtiaq Ahmed Sep 09, 2013 03:40pm

The parents of Shahbaz may have pardoned the murderers under duress, it still remains a crime against the society. The state must now pursue the murder of its' citizen. Can the state afford to have murderers walking its' streets just because the parents of the victim have pardoned them under pressure.

concerned Sep 09, 2013 03:40pm

As long as their are sell out in our society, we will continue to be treated like this. Why so much drama and waste of court's time if a settlement was to be reached in the end. I guess all this helped add a few more zeros to the settlement number. I am not sure how many will come out to protest next time something like this happens again.

Angry Sep 09, 2013 03:41pm

Pakistan Zindabad

Ruining Islam teaching and pardoning criminals against the true examples of pardon teaching made and taught in Islam.

Akram Sep 09, 2013 03:44pm

the murderers have still committed a murder, they should be prosecuted by the state and be made to pay compensation if not to the victims family to a orphanage.

FA Sep 09, 2013 03:44pm

Another glaring example of justice.....what else can be expected.

ovais Sep 09, 2013 03:47pm

This is a terrorism case, and its the state against the culprits. According to my knowledge family of the deceased cannot pardon the murderers.

Fawad Sep 09, 2013 03:49pm

Finally, In the Name of Allah Scenario Occurred... Finally!!! Reminds of a song " Waderay Ka beta"

sadiq Sep 09, 2013 03:48pm

very sad to hear this. the culprits should have been hanged in public..

Truth Sep 09, 2013 03:52pm

@Upset: They should have been made Examplex they commited sins they should be held on 2 accounts if the parents have forgiven them but they have broken the law of the land in the eyes of the law they are accountable they should be hanged publicaly .when ever i have seen them they are laughing on the screens they dont have any regrets they should be stoned to death they are not human beings they are voulchers.

Youth Sep 09, 2013 03:56pm

WOW! what a gesture, Today money & power plays a vital role in buying everything including the life of a person. The murderer will now be freed to taunt the less fortunate again & again. This is no justice. The parent before pardoning the killer should have visualized the agony of the young son killed for nothing.

Adnan Sep 09, 2013 03:55pm

There has been a murder. At best the parents can ask that a death sentence be pardoned, they cannot ask for the culprits to go free against the law. This sets a very, very dangerous precedent (if that was possible!) - kill whoever you wish, and in the unlikely event that you do get caught just get your friends to bribe/threaten the family and walk away. Please dont let this happen.

Hahahah Sep 09, 2013 04:01pm

thats y he was laughing

Truth Sep 09, 2013 04:00pm

Shahzeb's blood has left the mark but what has happened to this pakistan people they are just inhumans murderers should be hanged publicaly or stoned to death.

Repent Sep 09, 2013 04:01pm

they must have done this under pressure, Pakistan is going to dogs, and animals are ruling Pakistan we really need to take these culptrits to task..until we completely crush these elements the state will never become a country my prayers for shahzaib famuily and for his eternal abode inshALLAH be blessed by ALLAH almighty ameen.

this killer shahrukh knew nothing will touch himm and it got proved.

ADNAN Sep 09, 2013 04:01pm

state must make sure the parents did not pardon under pressure.if Islamic law allows, state should keep these criminals behind bars for the rest of their lives even after the death pardon, they might rape another girl or kill another innocent human.

Muhammad Saleem Sep 09, 2013 04:02pm

Murderer must be hanged. Pardon should only change death penalty to life imprisonment. How could killers be let lose in the streets. How can murderers not pay for their crimes?

zafar Iqbal Sep 09, 2013 04:09pm

The father of Shahzeb khan was bound to pardon the killer ,otherwise he would be murdered . who can dare to fight with the feudals.

Shakeel Sep 09, 2013 04:12pm

There is no justice in pakistan. We all saw a small sign that this case may change that. But it didnt.

Iqbal khan Sep 09, 2013 04:14pm

There is an example on contrary, when a peasant killed the only son of Ghani Khan, brother of Wali khan, he pardoned him with a condition not to come in front of him. But, Shahzeb's culprits are needed to be hanged, just for the prevalence of equality and justice in society.

M.Kamran Sep 09, 2013 04:15pm

This pardon will pave the way for many other injustices by any wrongdoer.Even if the family has pardoned,the state,in the interest of national security and civilian rights is bound to punish the criminal.I think the law should fulfill its obligation towards justice.

Gladiator Sep 09, 2013 04:16pm

Time before 1947 was far better than today, at least ENGLISH were doing justice under their rule.

Imran Haider Sep 09, 2013 04:20pm

Oh God, no.....

Just so these folks could go on killing rampage again? Imagine their pride and arrogance when they step out of the jail. They would be well aware that they beat the courts, the people and the supreme court, all within a few months time.

Not goo.

Sehr Sep 09, 2013 04:21pm

All is total nonsense , We all know that pressure from culprit was there. This has given us comman people that our kids are not safe. I know that there is no justice in Pakistan. I my self being right have suffered the in justice of law and feudals. Shahzeb incidents and voice for justice gave us hope but all in vain

Sharique Sep 09, 2013 04:19pm

Citizens must take matters into their own hands, get together and form a justice squad of sorts to summarily execute known perpitrators of henius crimes without any regard to race or religion or we can pray for things to get better or that it is always the other guy who gets victimized. Why the wealthy suppress the poor? Why do target killers target the innocent? ...because they know they can always get away with it! and now even more so

Haq Sep 09, 2013 04:23pm

Did it Under Pressure. This is Pakistan, We all know

Ali Fayyaz Sep 09, 2013 04:24pm

In Pakistan it has now become virtually impossible to deal with the perpetrators as of course no doubt Justice is now only foresee in books.

ali ahmed Sep 09, 2013 04:25pm

Although parents of Shahzeb Khan have right to pardon the murderers of their son, yet this decision is hugely disappointing for the people of Pakistan! These feudal brats should have been hanged till death.

Haroon Sep 09, 2013 04:25pm

Hence, it again got proved that in Pakistan no one can punish the rich....Pakistan Khapay

Asim Rao Sep 09, 2013 04:26pm

What kind of justice is it ? How can one forgive their son's MURDER ? There is no way for anyone to prove if it was done under pressure or Free Will ? But - I agree with most of the people who commented - that no matter what - MURDER is MURDER and must be punished to certain extent - at least he should not be ON the streets - IF not HANGED ....

Haroon Sep 09, 2013 04:30pm

Hence it is proved and everybody knows no one in Pakistan can punish the rich and powerful people for whatever they do.....Pakistan Khapay

Rashad Sep 09, 2013 04:35pm

Pakistan Zindabad!!!

Asad Shakil Sep 09, 2013 04:36pm

What has this world come to.. I could have never imagined parents could be so greedy!! and then have the nerve to say that they forgive in the name of Allah!!

Salim Akbani Sep 09, 2013 04:41pm

This show the most ugly and unjust side of Pakistani judicial system, culture and religious practices. The rich get away with murder. The poor pay with their lives. What a shame.

vigilant Sep 09, 2013 04:42pm

Money, Power & Criminal Rule...........Weakness, Justice & innocence bleed

Salim Akbani Sep 09, 2013 04:40pm

@Youth: Has anyone heard of a poor man pardoned by the rich for his crimes??? It is always the other way around.

Adeel Sep 09, 2013 04:43pm

What a sorry state of affairs in Pakistan. Allah knows what kind of pressue the victim's family must have been put under. I feel whatever we are going through as a nation we deserve it.

Adeel Sep 09, 2013 04:43pm

@SALMAN KHAN: very well said!

Imran Sep 09, 2013 04:47pm

Court must recover the expenses of whole drama as Police team went to UAE so many times and their lodging and boarding and then court precious time went all in vain.

Zahid Sep 09, 2013 04:47pm

Shahzaib's family have no right to cry next time for justice anywhere for any could you pardon the killer of your innocent son,,, ridiculous...

mockery Sep 09, 2013 04:49pm

i had made a Rs. 20,000 bet with a friend months ago that this would happen and that the killers would never be charged ... wonder what to do with the money ... this news aint a shock, its the sad reality of this failed state

srafiq1 Sep 09, 2013 04:51pm

Simply do not believe that the family pardoned the culprits in the name of Allah. I strongly suggest that the court must not let these animals go lose and they must be hung till death.

haris Sep 09, 2013 04:55pm

"they have decided to pardon the culprits "in the name of Allah"

Never, that won't be true. They are compelled to do so. And why would this kind pardoning is still allowed today. If the victims are allowed to pardon the culprits then they should be allowed to set a trial and announce their verdict too. No need of criminal courts are required in this country.

Syed Sep 09, 2013 04:57pm

One can imagine, why would a family who lost their young son to such criminals, possibly pardon the murderers. It must be a threat to the remaining members of family, there couldnt be another reason.

Now it is becoming a norm in our Islamic republic, that any criminal will go scot free, shameleslly waving victory sign to the the whole world, irrespective of the number of humans he has killed.

concerned Sep 09, 2013 04:57pm

if court approves this then its only going to promote anarchy. no point going to the police or courts against rich ppl. its better to take ur own revenge.

roman Sep 09, 2013 05:00pm

no wonder he made that V sign... very sad to read this news

Iqbal Sep 09, 2013 05:04pm

@Repent : Who is "we"? Put your name and cell no. here and I might just believe you.

bari Sep 09, 2013 05:05pm

It is obvious from day one. SK father was in police so you can expect him not to lose this earning opportunity. Anyway sooner or later his family has to pay the real price. don't think this case ends here

Syed W. Ali Sep 09, 2013 05:06pm

"this killer shahrukh knew nothing will touch himm and it got proved". Yes, this young Jatoi will do it again. "In the name of Allah", the law should've been allowed to run its course.

Faraz Sep 09, 2013 05:12pm

They are not just letting shahzeb's blood go wasted, they are also letting an entire nation's efforts to bring the culprits to justice wasted! If something like that happens tomorrow, I'm sure you will not see anyone on the road protesting for justice if you know that in the name it will all be pardoned 'in the name of 'ALLAH'. Please dont let this happen.

Zishi Sep 09, 2013 05:15pm

We have spend so much of tax payers money to provide justice to Shahzeb Khan and now they want to pardon the murderers. Who these parents think they are?

Shahzeb was an adult and a citizen of Pakistan and justice should be done not for his parents but for himself and to build a better society. I don't understand why do we even have these loopholes in our law. His parents should not have a choice to pardon the murderers. We don't want more killers on our streets.

Naseer Ahmed Sep 09, 2013 05:16pm

Murderers must be brought to book. They have been pardoned because they belong to elite class.

Raj Patel Sep 09, 2013 05:22pm

I don't understand why he brings Allah in between his cowardice act. He clearly surrender to the pressure of Wadera. Who will be responsible thease culprit kills or indulge in haneious crime here after?? Blame should go to the family who pardoned them. Everything can be salable in Pakistan under pressure including your own son's death. What a country and it's people and justice system and they are surprised that why their country is going in reverse dirction to 18 th century. Even Allmighty Allah can't help them who doesn't want to help themeselves.

sabeeh omer Sep 09, 2013 05:24pm

It's a shame. Do these monsters deserve to live let alone set free? Tomorrow some other poor soul would be weeping on the loss of his/her son at the hands of these criminals. These devils should have been hanged in public!

Maajid Sep 09, 2013 05:28pm

"Pardoned in the name of Allah" - I laughed at this. Could there be a more disingenuous reason than this?

saima Sep 09, 2013 05:27pm

What a shame. How these culprits can get away in the name of Allah. Be it be under pressure or no pressure, this Ahsan of forgiving should only be used if the murder was an accident and not deliberate. If all the murderers are going to take away lives of innocent and get loose after the mercy of the victims family then where is Adal aur insaaf. More Jatoi 's and Talpur's will be on the loose and more Khans will be killed. What a worse use of Islam.

haris Sep 09, 2013 05:34pm

@Asad Shakil: Do you really think that the parents pardoned the murderers for money? If so then please then sorry to say you are the dumbest man on Earth.

Summan Sep 09, 2013 05:34pm

they were not under any pressure they insist..but im just wondering what made them change their mind???

haris Sep 09, 2013 05:38pm

@ADNAN: Islamic Law didn't allow the murderers to be freed away if pardoned by the victims family. To all the people go and read the Shariah Law. their is no such kind of pardoning. "Blood money" has many critical obligations to be satisfied before pardoning the murderer(s).

Raj Patel Sep 09, 2013 05:38pm

Why did he registered FIR against these culprit in first place if wanted to pardoned anyway wasting time of judges, lawyers, people and money of public who pays tax. This should be recovered from this family.

saleem Sep 09, 2013 05:45pm

only one thing for u all:-- Shame

Raj Patel Sep 09, 2013 05:44pm

How can anybody take a ride of county's justice system. They are making mockery of justice system. In India, Sonia Ghandhi herself pardoned the killers of her husaband eventhough Justice has been done. Nobody has any right to interfear in justice process. God save Pakistan.

Batool Rizvi Sep 09, 2013 05:48pm

Anothere ugly example set up. Feel ashamed.

Muhammad Naeem Sep 09, 2013 05:46pm

Sickening and utterly revolting! Is it not a clear case of suo moto action?

saleem Sep 09, 2013 05:48pm

our 80's movies and pakistan in 2013.

S.A.Khan Sep 09, 2013 05:49pm

@Asad Shakil: They might have been threatned about their daughter and they can't afford to lose another child.

bias Sep 09, 2013 05:49pm

Why is everybody making comments here bent upon not forgiving the killers? If parents of the killed have done so, why are people making senseless comments like Oh No? Is humanity missing in readers of this web site or do people want to see murder and enjoy it. Please reflect with some honesty.

Ali Sep 09, 2013 05:50pm

Courts must take cognisance of accounts of this nefarious act and it was done with impunity and a victory sign was shown by murderur after verdict of death sentence. These feudal lords have no remorse and must be given exemplary punishment despite waiver from aggrieved family. May Allah protect Pakistan

jav Sep 09, 2013 06:00pm

Nobody asked shazeb becoz his dead he is probably turning in his grave The state should not allow this to happen otherwise what is the deterrent for vaderas continuing to this sort of the time and time again

Asad Sep 09, 2013 06:03pm

This makes me so angry! Complete failure of our judicial system, a mockery of the so called democracy in Pakistan and another reminder to the general public that Pakistan is ruled by the elite who are untouchable.

Blatently the decision to forgive has been taken under pressure and even if we assume it hasn't, is it right to free these guys and put other lives at risk?

Complete nonsense! But then it is Pakistan.

hyderabadi Sep 09, 2013 06:08pm

In none of the comments here anyone wants to talk about the elephant in the room - that what happened was based on Islamic law. You cant have it both ways - embrace religion when oppressing others but shun it when one of your own is the victim.

Yousaf Sep 09, 2013 06:12pm

Murder is also a crime against the State and not just against the Victims. What a joke.

khan Sep 09, 2013 06:14pm


Dawn need to make sure to let people click the news thum up or thum down.........In some cases I could not click either

Rajiv Sep 09, 2013 06:21pm

@zafar Iqbal: Why cant a father die for his son... Crying for justice does not bring justice, people have to fight for it... Justice is not an right, its an duty... this is how normally muslims try to define jihaad, its fighting for justice within oneself and without...

Raj Patel Sep 09, 2013 06:22pm

Sorry young man your own father and your family betrayed you in the name of Allah. Sorry young man your country's justice system has betrayed you in the name of poor laws. Sorry young man your country men betrayed you in the name of helplessness. Sorry young man your Allah also betrayed you in the pretax of not having anybody in the country to follows his teaching. All betrayed you. I am so sorry that you borne in a country where there is no value of human life but have a value of dead body. Being a father I could not imagine I could forgive even my GOD if he kills my son.

Ali Sep 09, 2013 06:33pm

Again a Proud Moment in our History!!!

Now we should all roll over and die.

saad Sep 09, 2013 06:40pm

Sad :(

Mir Sep 09, 2013 06:41pm

Killer shows the sign of victory. This called justice in our system? The convicted killer does not repent, .this law of the land if you are powerfull and have money you can do any thing murder,rape and disrespect any one at any time.

Mairaj Alam Sep 09, 2013 06:46pm

The religion of mercy, may Allah put such mercy in everyones heart, and give peace to the parents. Only by Islamic law can someone pardon death, and this right is reserved only for the family of the deceased. Once they pardon even the state or ruler can not hold the person accountable.

S A Khokhar Sep 09, 2013 06:51pm

Parents who backtracked on their sons murder must have very pushing reasons and pressure, but they have failed their son death, they have failed Pakistan society who rise up against this inhumane act. Another Raymond Davis episode, where rich and powerful dont get punished by this justice system which is mix of Islamic and British justice system in parallel.

Murder and such other crimes should not be bound by complainant, it should be state duty to try and convict the criminals regardless of paid or unpaid mercy by survivors of the victims.

Aamer Sep 09, 2013 06:55pm

There was a similar case recently in Texas, USA when a Bangladeshi Muslim was killed after 9/11 attacks. The killer was sentenced to death. As the date of execution approached, the family wanted to pardon the killer (they said they are is no need to waste another life) and tried to gather petitions from citizens. the court denied the family's request and still executed the killer.

Mike Sep 09, 2013 06:56pm

So this means that any landlord can tease/rape any young lady kill his brother go to vacation in Dubai come back spend couple of months in five star jail with private servants get picture posted on front page of all news papers so that next time when the landlord tease/rape another young lady no one bothers to file case with police .... when can i move to Pakistan!!!! ..... you guys need to promote this in your tourism booklet.

Aamer Sep 09, 2013 06:55pm

Not sure when will we recognize that such crimes are not only crime against an individual but also a crime against society for which state has to rise and make amendments to the law. A crime against individual may be forgiven by whoever for whatever reason but these guys shall spend their life in Jail for the crime against society. By the way who is going to pay for all the time and money our poor state has spent in trying to bring these guys to justice?

Shahzad Sep 09, 2013 06:58pm

Why would the family pardon a guy who has never even confessed to the crime? He has never shown remorse? They are vehemently defending themselves in the court.

"parents of both the parties have come to an understanding outside of court" I think we know what this 'understanding' is, back out or you will loose another kid.

Khwaja Tariq Sep 09, 2013 06:56pm

It can happen only in Pakistan. The life of a citizen is an asset of the state..Therefore, such heinous crimes should be treated as crimes against the state and no individual should have a right or authority to impose his will in this regard.

Khwaja Tariq Sep 09, 2013 06:59pm

It can happen only in Pakistan. The life of a citizen is an asset of the state..Therefore, such heinous crimes should be treated as crimes against the state and no individual should have a right or authority to impose his will in this regard.

Omar Sep 09, 2013 06:57pm

Ashamed to call myself a Pakistani in foreign land. How many things have to happen to make us feel as such?

Imraan Mehmood Sep 09, 2013 07:03pm

what's going on, makes no sense, definitely Shahzeb's Family has been pressurized, the Chief justice should intervene and launch an investigation into the abrupt change of mind of Shahzeb's Parents. The killers deserve nothing but, death, death, death and death !!!

khalid sheikh Sep 09, 2013 07:04pm

Whats behind the curtain?Nobody knows.But we know this much that these convicts will walk off scott free and become more vicious.

ali ahmed Sep 09, 2013 07:08pm

what a fantastic country pakistan is...where justice is purchased by money or no rich and influential person will get punished

mujahid naqvi Sep 09, 2013 07:16pm

An other Redmond Davis ?

yalk Sep 09, 2013 07:14pm

Jazakallah, may their merciful act be rewarded. Even though they had the right to go for death penalty, they made the difficult but the right decision of pardoning and saving another person's life. Shahzeb lost his life and so would have Shahrukh, however two sets of parents would have been left behind to suffer. Hopefully Shahzeb's parents will find consolation that they got justice and they did a merciful deed. Hopefully Shahrukh will also repent. Who knows he may end up saving more than one lives. Allah has his own plans and He knows it best.

Khalid Sep 09, 2013 07:17pm

God bless The 23 witnesses and the two eye witnesses now!!!!

Akshay Guleria Sep 09, 2013 07:18pm

Not even parents should have the right to pardon the killers. Afterall who has been killed is no longer there. Also who knows parents might be under pressure to pardon. Such pardon game should not be allowed

GH Sep 09, 2013 07:31pm

Corrupt tribal chiefs, chaudries, vederas, political elites, and generals are above law. There is no law for them. Laws are applied only to those who are not well connected. Shame on our entire judicial system and also shame on the parents of Shahzeb Khan. The ordinary people and the country are the losers here.

Saaida Sep 09, 2013 07:28pm

Depressed & ashamed !!! and so is the nation, i m sure

dr vimal raina Sep 09, 2013 07:36pm

Any case of murder should be a case of the state against the culprit. Period.

Tariq Sep 09, 2013 07:42pm

Forgiveness is a virtue. The parents should have forgiven the culprits 'in the name of Allah' right away before creating all this drama. Was this drama worth the time, effort, money and mockery of the whole judicial system? Definitely not. In such situations, I believe both parties should be asked to pay the expenses and ask the entire nation for forgiveness.

fuad Sep 09, 2013 07:40pm

why so upset folks? after all its according to our religion, sharia and the laws of Pakistan....nothing has been done wrongfully in your anger and frustration for something else.

bilal Sep 09, 2013 07:45pm

Most comments are against the pardon thing, but guys it is according to Islam and there is a provision available for pardon. However, If we need to live in a civilized world, then we have to evolve and should come out of 1400 years old law, may be we make it better.

C S Malhotra Sep 09, 2013 07:43pm

This is justice!!!!!!! Or is it justice???????????? Even Coutts cannot give justice. That is now between the accused v\person and the victim's family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even the judiciary has abdicated its role.

the court should not accquit the accused.The court can punish under section 302 c ppc as tazir. Sep 09, 2013 07:43pm

the court should not accquit the accused.The court can punish under section 302 c ppc as tazir.

Zahid Hussain Sep 09, 2013 07:44pm

The Law of Jungle prevails in this country. Until revolt of this corrupt system, nothing can improve. Shame for our judicial system, so called democracy and society.

Ali Sep 09, 2013 07:47pm

@bias: I'm pretty much sure, a family of Shahzeb had been threatened, otherwise after that long fight for Justice, how come they come for that step, feeling shame to call myself Pakistani, Law needs to change in Pakistan.

HRK Sep 09, 2013 07:51pm

@mockery: Enn paiso'n se Pakistan ka sadqa nikaal deejiye please. After this news I wonder who will raise the voice against the feudal leaders when they tease another Shahzaib's sister?

Syed Nabeel Ahmed Sep 09, 2013 08:02pm

@bias: Where are you from Mars? do they let go of murders on your planet? no one has the right to let go of an individuals murder, this person was not a property of his parents that they were willing to let go of his murder in the name of Allah, why dont we start selling our kidneys and our children and build mosques from them in the name of Allah, should that be allowed?

Syed Sep 09, 2013 08:21pm

If both parties are of same level in terms of resources and influance and then if pardon comes, it can make sense. But in our country pardon always used by influancial people against the weaker, and this is what done by the state of pakistan in the case of Remond Davis. And the victom families were so much presurrised by the state. In such cases how the justice can be served? Supreme court should take notice of this. This is again: NO JUSTICE IN PAKISTAN

Riaz Sep 09, 2013 08:22pm

@Muhammad Saleem & others mourning the pardon (soon to be release) of Mr. Jatoi: Welcome to Pakistan! Enough said! The new naara is Pakistan se Zinda Bhag!

a Sep 09, 2013 08:27pm

I am almost certain that there were threats against the family members if they don't pardon this jatoi guy. I feel ashamed to be a Pakistani.

Mirza Sep 09, 2013 08:30pm

@bias: If your son or your loved one would be murdered your comment would have been different Mirza USA

Vaqar Hasan Sep 09, 2013 08:33pm

Very upset.....

Adeel Sep 09, 2013 08:35pm

The decision of Shahzeb's family is beyond my intellect. Why they took such step after such an ordeal. They have disappointed all who fought for the retaliation of Shahzeb.

Sohail Sep 09, 2013 08:37pm

@bias: Ppl are commenting such as most likely (especially in our society), the victim's parents would have been preassurised into pardoning the killers. I pray Allah helps Shahzeb's parents survive this ordeal with patience. InshAllah, on the Judgement Day, He will issue justice!

balouch Sep 09, 2013 08:39pm

Allah is clear in quran that whoever killed one innocent, kills humanity.Now the state of pakistani state is not a thing one does not know but the money shahzeb killers has could have been used for some sort of charity /ngo or foundation for education in Sindh on shahzeb name had his parents decided to take blood money.

Fariha haq Sep 09, 2013 08:36pm

The parents should have faced even death for the justice of their son

Django Sep 09, 2013 08:41pm

The decision of Shahzeb's family is beyond my intellect. Why they took such step after such an ordeal. They have disappointed all who fought for the retaliation of Shahzeb.

Haroon Sep 09, 2013 08:42pm

No wonder why were these beasts were so happy when they were sentenced to death, they knew whats coming.

Pakistani Sep 09, 2013 08:43pm

@hyderabadi: This is the reason most people do not want Shariea Laws in Western Countries. This is Bad. Very Bad for Pakistan and all Muslims.

Mohammad Kaiser Sayeed Sep 09, 2013 08:50pm

Is it a joke?? The family has been given a lot of money or threatened What is the state doing? Anybody can kill and and in return give money for pardon Where is the law?

Ron Sep 09, 2013 08:55pm

Though this is may have been a decision made under pressure and threats from the vaderas, I cannot see how these criminals can roam about (may be under burqa) without being attacked by vigilantes once they are released from custody.

Really do not understand the concept of forgiveness when unrepenting thugs are let go to continue their mayhem to others. They should at least be given life imprisonment even if the victim's family has forgiven on death penalty.

Kamran Sep 09, 2013 08:53pm

Ground reality is that Shahzeb's family has to live in this society and they had been forced to sign the pardon. There is no doubt about it but to save further Shahzebs they had to take the risk and leave everything on Allah. Can't complain. It's a bitter fact of our society where powerful people do that all the time. Very very unfortunate.

AA Sep 09, 2013 08:56pm

Agonising! No justice for even one citizen of Pakistan!

Ashamed Pakistani Sep 09, 2013 08:59pm

@bias: And what about the murder of Shahzeb khan... Do you consider that an example of humanity too

Suma Sep 09, 2013 08:57pm

I m an Indian and thing is whole issue is not my concern per say. But still i am concerned the way something the issue as grave as day light murder is approached and taken in stride in your society. The punishment is deterrent and in the volatile times like these in Pakistan it is utmost important that culprits be punished with equivalent measure. In the peaceful time its OK to pardon. My point is only one. " Justice should not only be done but also should be seen, perceived and conveyed as served well"

Rizwan Sep 09, 2013 09:03pm

@hyderabadi: There is a bigger elephant in the room IMO. Why did the family suddenly agree to pardon the 'Jatois' and the 'Taplurs'? Pakistan has become an absolutely hopeless place to live if you don't belong to the top few percent. At least Shahzeb died an honorable death trying to fight for what he thought was right. Unlike these rats who got pardoned. These people are quite literally the scum of the earth and deserve to be removed ruthlessly to make this world a better place.

Syed A Zafar USA Sep 09, 2013 09:07pm

It is shocking and state of shame for the whole nation, especially for the hall of fame judiciary, its supporters and the sold out mullahs who support feudal lords whenever it comes to take a stand against their insane acts and the land reforms. The worst part is the people's silence who could have always made the difference by taking firm stand against the injustices of our society. It is amazing that the people are easy to exploit and be used for mob politics and for personal/political vendetta of judicial, political and religious thugs, but when it comes to do some thing justifiable and concrete for humanity and their own society, they keep quiet.

I believe the state is also guilty of delaying to punish the convicted criminals on purpose, so that the influential criminals can mange to buy time, horrify the victims or buy them out. How can the state and judiciary protect the weak in our society when these feudal lords be it Talpurs, Jatois and Lasharis etc are their source of political strength and partners in making or breaking the governments and judiciary. I think the ruling parties and the judiciary are more concerned in taking personal revenge from their political and ideological enemies, releasing terrorists and delaying to punish the criminals than delivering true justice. This judiciary is quiet when it comes to punish convicted terrorists and murderers like Qadri or when it has to prosecute and punish Arsalan Malik because, he is a son of mighty judicial lord. I am quite sure CJ's son will be rescued and set free by his buddy justices when CJ retires. I think Pakistan needs a whole new breed of pure and independent justices and parliamentarians which is only possible when people vote as per their conscience and reject the thugs and the messiahs of change. I bet the killers of Shahzad will be dispatched to Europe or America asap for the "V" honey moon and nothing will be done to restore the justice and trust of the people. It is time the people must come out for strong but peaceful agitation/dharna against this injustice but without giving chance to any political party to take political advantage out of it. They should demand that an independent investigation against the pardoning of Shahzeb's parents must be done so that the culture and practice of making mockery of Islamic philosophy and justice is put to an end, and if Shazeb's parents found guilty of receiving riches must be punished.

Iqbal Khan Sep 09, 2013 09:07pm

They say they are doing it on the name of "Allah," and they say "they accepted no money." If that is what you wanted to do then why they asked for help from all of us? They did not want justice in the first place. They abused us. Next time if there is another Shahzeb case, I would be reluctant to raise voice.

Nadeem Sep 09, 2013 09:12pm

@Asad: It's sad Jatoi is free to go..... Muhammad (PBUM) once said, people were you were punished and destoryed by Allah becase they set free influential people. We can't blame others for unrest situation in Pakistan. Judiciary performed their job, but it's Shahbaz family who pardoned Jatoi. It's looks like they pardoned him due to life threat for the rest of the family members. To me it's 90% threat - 10% (or less) blood money.

Nadeem (US) Sep 09, 2013 09:21pm

@bias: It looks like you are senseless not the people who are commenting against this report. YOU are thsoe who were making victory sign after court verdit. They knew how influential they are, they would be free either threatened Shahbaz family or offer them blood money. SAD!

Adnan Sep 09, 2013 09:29pm

Pakistan is epitome of depressing & shameful can we expect Allah to help Pakistan when its people do not deserve any mercy....disgusted to be Pakistani today!!!!

imtiaz Sep 09, 2013 09:33pm

@bias: u r right

Hassan Sep 09, 2013 09:40pm

I really hope the victim's family enjoys the money!! Shame.

shayar badnaam Sep 09, 2013 09:45pm

Person of d.S.P rank feeling insecure then wat about common people

S.R. khan Sep 09, 2013 09:51pm

blood money law applicable in accidental murder only. Whereas it was a deliberate murder. Will honrable chief justice take suo moto again.

Insaan Sep 09, 2013 09:54pm

ARiyyan Sep 09, 2013 09:57pm

She said she had pardoned the killers as she was still not convinced that the culprits would be punished even after their arrest and convictions.

Raja Islam Sep 09, 2013 09:55pm

This is a criminal case. A pardon by the family should not mean anything. The state has to ensure that criminals are punished.

farooq Sep 09, 2013 09:59pm

impossible to believe, the father who was saying he won't go the killers of his only son go unpunished ... i guess now we all know why shahrukh was never worried and waiving v signs from beginning. it is a shame and a day that will show the urdu speaking karachi population how vulnerable they are and will force their representatives to think less mutahida and more muhajir.

Ram Narayanan Sep 09, 2013 10:08pm

Screwed up Pakistani law in the name of religion. If someone is guilty, they must serve their sentence, pardon by victim's family notwithstanding.

syed wasim haider Sep 09, 2013 10:08pm

One doctor in Lahore refused to pursue the case of ransom because fear of the culprit's revenge and now this case. This shows the level of confidence on our Police and judiciary.

Rasheed Ahmed Sep 09, 2013 10:10pm

Shameless parents of Shahzaib, have not only disgraced themselves but let all his friends down. The parents behaviour is appalling in that they sold their sons soul. Shahzaib's parents may have excused the murderers but rest be assured that Allah(SWT) will never forgive these culprits

Mustafa Sep 09, 2013 10:11pm

@hyderabadi: Islam says that if pardoning of immediate family does not cater for 'shar' or 'fasaad' in the locality where crime was committed then state should not accept family's pardon and the state must punish the culprit. I wish we have a little more knowledge of our religion.

SUMA Sep 09, 2013 10:14pm

Had this crime been committed in India, from my past experience i can surely say that court would not let it go Scott free. Democracy is all about independence from all kinds of compounds/boundry including thoughts. Who is the family of individual to let criminal go Scot free? I am as person is not vendetta seeking animal, but as human i seek justice not only for myself but for fellow human beings including Pakistanis, i am sure most of them are like me.

syed Sep 09, 2013 10:20pm

so again Bad Guy is the winner .. Amazing!! Kill more take some rest in Jail and than come out like a HERO..

Salah Uddin Sep 09, 2013 10:18pm

Despite the anger on the culprits and the assumption that the family of the deceased might have pardoned the culprits under coercion or threats, we need to understand and respect the law of our motherland ''as it is'', which clearly allows for such kind of settlements. Neveertheless, it puts responsibility on the courts to establish whether it is with free consent or under coercion. Please dont quote cases from Texas or London, where the foundations of crimiminal justice are different from ours. The Quran clearly says, ''and there is life ensured for you in Qisas'' but it also says, ''if you forgive, it is better for you''. Islamic law delegates certain rights to the state, which originally belong to individuals. If an act of murder bring bad name to the State or its institutions, terrorizes society and communities, then the state may interfere and not let the culprits set free even if the families of the victims pardon the culprits. In this very case, the State should interfere, but a sixty thousand dollars question is , ''who will bell the cat?''.

Iqbal Sep 09, 2013 10:29pm

They should be hanged according to the state's law.

Umer Sep 09, 2013 10:38pm

Rs. 350million was the price of of a youngsters life. This means if the wadaira can afford more he can kill more. If i can offord some i can kill some. Sorry brother your family had sold your blood. I ask CJP not to release the culprits as they can endanger more lives.

Sociology Sep 09, 2013 10:40pm

@ali ahmed:

Actually the parents don't have the right to pardon them. The crime was committed against their son, not themselves.

syed Sep 09, 2013 10:44pm

Now we all know why Shahruk jatoi was laughing and showing victory signs when the sentence was handed. Pakistan justice system is joke and even an 18 year old know he will be freed. What a country.

Saadiya Sep 09, 2013 10:47pm

My two piece is that : if the parents had asked for involvement of so many people , govt , judiciary if they wished to pardon the culprits they should have done so earlier I.e 25th December 2012 !

Why this tamasha ?

They have accepted money and a part of it should be used to pay for the waste of time , TAX payers money used to fund the trial and prosecution , and to the people who stood by to give witness and spent their own time and money for justice for their son , without recompensation

One hand they say that Allah should take revenge , on the other they wish to forgive ...??? What a fiasco

They have made a fool of the public

Sonal Sep 09, 2013 10:47pm

Why is there such a hue and cry about the parents wanting to forgive the culprits, I don't understand? And why is everyone assuming they are doing it for money?

Believe it or not, there are some human beings who think that killing a human being because he killed someone else is not right way to go. I completely agree with it, and think the parents are just being compassionate.

That said, the matter was out of their hands as soon as they filed the FIR.

Tariq Sep 09, 2013 10:48pm

Allah help this nation. We are legitimizing killing of a innocent person. We are opening doors to similar killing (not that the doors were closed), where wealthy person knows that they will be able to pressure innocent to pardon them. We are also legitimizing Honor killing, how difficult it would be to stage killing of one's son/daughter in the name of Honor and then pardoning the killer??? This is also validating that there is no Wealthy person (except political) in Pakistani Jail on criminal charges.
For a high profile case like this one, we as a nation had the opportunity to atleast fix one thing... Wealthy can also be hanged for criminal charges.........

Tariq Sep 09, 2013 10:48pm

When was Qisas and Diyyat added to Pakistani Law? Was this another one of Ziaul Haq's "gifts" to the nation? I am sure such "pardoning" for murder was not part of Pakistani law prior to that evil man taking the nation hostage in July 1977.

Even from his grave that devil incarnate, Ziaul Haq, continues to haunt this poor country.

Najamuddin Ahmad Sep 09, 2013 10:49pm

Is he free to kil the next guy. Shame! Shame!. Is this is the law of the land?

Aj Sep 09, 2013 10:53pm

Keep on killing innocent in the name of Allah and then bribe Allah because you have money. If this crime is proven then there is no forgiveness as this is the matter of states taking decision upon her to make sure law of the land is respected. Why qisas is the only sharia law always invoked by those who have the money and all other ignored blindly. How many other rich rotten kids will enjoy by buying sharia with their money. Those will be hold responsible on the day of judgement who have the authority to do justice but ignored because murderers came from wealthy families. You can not fool God. You wants us to believe that parents of the only only child have forgiven you without pressure, threats and possible money.You will pay for the murder of an innocent Shehzab

Irshad Khan Sep 09, 2013 10:54pm

It is very clear that the family of Shahzeb Khan had pardoned the killers because of threats. Shahzeb's mother clearly said in her statement that

Aj Sep 09, 2013 10:57pm

@bias: Have one of your family members be killed, then ask your parents to forgive the murderer. I will then ask you to right your nonsense comment

Noor Sep 09, 2013 11:13pm

@Asad Shakil: Intead of going forward, Only one country in the world is going backward. Guess which country is that?

Ali Khan Sep 09, 2013 11:14pm

Once again influential Landlords over come common person's justice. Once can easily read between the lines what kind of trauma Shahzeb's family must have gone through which forced them to change their decision. If the court releases the culprits, that will show the death of judiciary in Pakistan.

Maqsood Ahmad Sep 09, 2013 11:18pm

@Asad: I am so sad to read this news. Wealthy gets away with murder once again. I am sure that UN SPOKEN FEAR from the wealthy murderes played the role here. Pakistan will continue to slide into Lawless society with this trend. Pakistan government must provide the victims family protection by re-locating them and allowing them to change their identity. It is done in the civilized society.

MRI Sep 09, 2013 11:22pm

Shame to the family decided to pardon this kind of killer in fear of their own life. If this would be an accident then pardon would justify. The Judge should sentence to death this killer to bring justice and fear for those who are roaming around without leash and killing innocent people. I feel sorry for you Shahzeb, may Allah give you peace.

MM Sep 09, 2013 11:21pm

Following statements clearly tell that family has done this under fear. Don't blame the family, blame the system and society which causes this fear:

Shiraz Sep 09, 2013 11:24pm

@S.A.Khan: yeah that is true but see if he can take visa and go to australia .. he could have done this earlier on his own and let jatoi and talpur got punished. and what is the guarantee when they come out of jail they will not harm his daughter ?

Hira Sep 09, 2013 11:24pm

Haha what a Islamic law... murder anyone and pay the amount... The country court should take action against this settings... The culprit should not be released. he should stay behind the bars for life time. If law cannot sentence him. It is the openly show off power, which shows laws are only for the common masses who can not afford money. Those who belong from upper class are solely free... This is not justice...

Alix_Khan Sep 09, 2013 11:32pm

I have said it in personal gatherings and I will say it online again.

There is no place for laws like Qisas and Diyat in a country like Pakistan where the weak live in perpetual fear of the strong.

Salahuddin Khan Sep 09, 2013 11:34pm

License to kill: Where blood is spilled every day without any reason, disorder is the order of the day; I think Shahzeb

Ahmed Bilal Sep 09, 2013 11:35pm

The situation reeks of maligned facts and a sinister intent. Blackmail and a threathning way of life is all but too common in Karachi and the authorities / Investigative Reporters / Private Investigators, needs to look into the background behind such a decision by the parents. Someone rightly said, the daughter could have been leverage.

Murder has been committed. Following the international media campaign, the matter is no longer localized but a national issue. Examples MUST be set. Justice MUST be done..!!

Salahuddin Khan Sep 09, 2013 11:39pm

License to kill: Where blood is spilled every day without any reason, disorder is the order of the day; I think Shahzeb

Nash Sep 09, 2013 11:40pm

The Law/Supreme Court/ATC/State of Pakistan should hang them & hang them in public, no matter if they are pardoned by the victim's family. No one is above the law! May Allah(SWT) give them the severe punishment for killing a human being.

Syed Sep 09, 2013 11:46pm

@bias: you are an ignorant person who is far away from the reality of our country. God help you. This was not just about Shahzeb and the murderers, it was about the future of Pakistan.

Atif Sep 09, 2013 11:51pm

@Aamer: Brother there is a huge difference over here... These guys were making VICTORY SIGNS after they were convicted. There faces were telling that there wasn't anything going to happen to them no matter what the court or anyone else does. It's a shame how people get away with murder, either its these guys or Raymond Davis.

Salahuddin Khan Sep 09, 2013 11:48pm

@Saaida:License to kill: Where blood is spilled every day without any reason, disorder is the order of the day; I think Shahzeb

Naeem Khattak Sep 10, 2013 12:11am

Just look at the picture. These people have absolutely no remorse or regret on their faces. They don't deserve to be pardoned. The article says that the parents did not want to live the rest of their lives in fear and yet state that they were not pressured. These two don't go together! The courts must make their own decision.

Ali Sep 10, 2013 12:22am

@Upset: Correct. Why Arsalan Iftikhar case was decided within weeks? This is Iftikhar Chaudhry's 8 years tenure where he has filled jails with poor. Why judges kept delaying this case? When will public ask questions from Judges? Till how long will judges and their sons play havoc with justice and Insaaf ? Why judges take Arsalan's case on priority while millions of cases of poor they keep delaying? Will public ask questions from Iftikhar Chaudhry?

Ally Sep 10, 2013 12:32am

I do understand why the parents made this decision. I only hope that it is theirs only without any kind of pressure. An eye for an eye will make the whole world go blind, they made a strong statement. In the end they won't get their beloved son back, any how.

YA Sep 10, 2013 12:39am

This entire concept of the family being able to pardon the murderers is bogus. Murder is a crime against the state and the state should prosecute it with full force of the law. This tribal mentality has to stop if we are to progress into the 15th century.....

YA Sep 10, 2013 12:47am

@saad: ANGRY!!!!

Touseef Sep 10, 2013 12:47am

Fear and injustice was the true season they pardoned them

Sajid Sep 10, 2013 12:49am

@bias: You are totally insane. Didn't you remember the victory sign shown by the wadera sahib after receiving death sentence verdict. How in the world can one leave open such an animal in the society. Absurd....

Parvez Sep 10, 2013 12:50am

I understand that the appeal has been put to the Sindh High Court to accept or reject it.Let us hope that they for once they can show that ' justice has been done and is seen to have been done '.

YA Sep 10, 2013 12:51am

@ali ahmed: No civilized country will allow this. This is a sham

FAROOQ Sep 10, 2013 12:57am

Qisas & diyat islamic law is miss used in states like pakistan as seen in Raymond Davis case and now in this case...

Yasmin Elahi Sep 10, 2013 12:56am

Who is going to believe that the family of Shahzeb Khan WAS NOT UNDER PRESSURE!!! Feeling Depressed and Angry!!!

zaffar Sep 10, 2013 01:04am

These rich people can take a life and buy a life with their filthy money.If there is to be any law and order in Pakistan,then begin with these killers.Hang them.

NRA Sep 10, 2013 01:24am

Glad that I gave up my citizenship of a country where LAW is the cheapest thing you can buy :)

Salman Sep 10, 2013 01:26am

Ironically speaking, it happens in Pakistan.

Isadora Sep 10, 2013 01:37am

@Asad: I don't understand why the judge just can't refuse to release people under those circumstances. The law is the law - isn't it?

Isadora Sep 10, 2013 01:42am

@haris: You made me smile in spite of the sad situation. You are exactly right. If the family can just decide, why bother to have courts and judges? From the performance of the judge, it really doesn't look like you need them anyway. Sorry. Being from another country I should mind my own business.

But I love Pakistan and I hate to see it held back by things like this.

baijan Sep 10, 2013 01:49am

If the killers are not punished, shame on all Pakistanis.

Faisal Sep 10, 2013 01:56am

How shameful is that those who kill a person in broad day light among public are now set free to kill another Shahzeb? I feel shameful to be a citizen of this country. This country is owned by Waderas. Normal people have no right to stay here.

HONEY Sep 10, 2013 01:57am

Murderer will let loose again in the name of GOD.and our justice system will let it happen without any shame. This is land of pure where criminal runs the show,


Fawad Khan Sep 10, 2013 02:05am

Just when it started to look that justice was restored in the country, his family spared the murderers.. Sad, tragic and a complete shocker.. Such escape of culprits shall only promote more violence towards the innocent.. P.S. This sudden U-turn taken by his family is non-sensical and has some story to tell I'm sure.. It's us, the public that encourage criminals by defying the order of courts and laws of the state.. Allah save Pakistan !!

Justice4all Sep 10, 2013 02:12am

Foot Print of Money all over this. no matter how much they deny it

"In the affidavit filed with Sindh High Court, the family states that they have decided to pardon the culprits

MR RIAZ Sep 10, 2013 02:14am

My Father was murdered by hired gunmen in Jhelum, Pakistan. He was visiting Pakistan from UK. To me Pakistan is where you can get away with Murder. By releasing the culprits you are encouraging more murders. Can Pakistanis not do something right for a change ?

Justice4all Sep 10, 2013 02:20am

To Shahzeb family

Had you Seattle such that Jatoi, Talpur and lashari families paid every thing ( Money, land, asset) they have such that these 3 families will be bagging on street of Pakistan after paying you. Then may be there was justice done. other wise you not only sold your son's death cheap but you came across real coward parents who's son deserve to die like this

zia khan Sep 10, 2013 02:31am

Religion is being abused to wash heinous crimes. Shahzeb Khan did not die then but he has been killed now. The nation stood up for him and struggled for justice but his father accepted blood money. It may be justice for money seeking police officer but it is a black day for all of us. The court should not allow this out of court settlement as the verdict has already been delivered.

Sohail Sep 10, 2013 02:31am

If the perpetartors were not charged and tried under Islamic Law, then how can they be set free under that? Obviously, Shahzeb's family has acted under pressure due to a clear and present fear of persecution at the hands of Jatoi and Talpur's influential families. Nowhere in the civilized world will any kind of pardon from the victim's family result in the acquittal of criminals for a heinous crime such as murder. We should all be ashamed!

nina Sep 10, 2013 02:35am

@Khwaja Tariq: Ye I do Agree with you Mr. Khwaja Tariq,

Sani Sep 10, 2013 02:41am

I am so disgusted and furious , how can shehzeb parents sell their son murder case for money. I know they must have pressuirzed everything but even allah set supports the naz loom, didn't they had trust in god. This is totally wrong, now every rich will murder the poor and will use the power of money to release them selves. A gutted and disappointed, disguted at the mother of shehzeb.

PatriotismTheCurse Sep 10, 2013 02:44am

Shame on Shahzeb's parents. The entire country was behind them. Now high school fights will often lead to murders and goons will float around freely murdering people at will. Another great precedent has been set in Pakistan. In India however, no body will forgive Delhi rapists - not even the courts. Sep 10, 2013 02:52am

heartbroken by the news, feel pity for the mother who has to finally let go her son's murderers ! Sad day in the histry of our country and society.

Salman Rizvi Sep 10, 2013 02:54am

It is easier to avoid jail time in Pakistan than it is in Monopoly. Disgraceful.

Aiza Sep 10, 2013 02:54am

A sad and shameful day indeed! What's next?

Qamar Sep 10, 2013 02:55am

In Pakistan everyone can be bought with the right amount of money...even the parents of a murdered young man.

Slave Sep 10, 2013 03:07am

my wife said to me it will never happen and she was right ,,, LOL , might is right this is what the law is in the whole world no matter where you go. Even in countries like USA and Canada you cannot win a case against a rich person this the truth and my own experience

Ali Sep 10, 2013 03:12am

@IBN-E-ASHFAQUE: Not only feudalism, it's corrupt judges and feudalism who won

Noor Sep 10, 2013 03:11am

What an example we are leaving for our generation to come! What a justice system doing? If justice system let this person go; Shammeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

tanvir Sep 10, 2013 03:36am

Shame on these parents -- specially on this Deputy Superintendent of Police. He could not protect his family how will he do his job as DSP. then why you take Allah's name -- you took money from these rich people or you took something else. If Shahzeb was here he will spit on his parents face

Noor Sep 10, 2013 03:40am

law of a Jungle!

tanvir Sep 10, 2013 03:41am

@bias: something wrong with you buddy -- I guess you believe you are watching a movie. you think you smart the rest is stupid -- had be your son or you -- then do you still want everybody to be quiet --if not then this is hypocrisy

Mate from downunder Sep 10, 2013 03:52am

@bias: Mr. Bias, do you seriously think the family pardoned the killer without any undue pressure from the killer's family? There is a 95% chance that the vadera & co. pressed the victim's family to forgive using tactics that work very well in Pakistan. Open your eyes and look at both sides of the picture! If we don't make an example out of this guy, who is not showing any remorse in his actions, tomorrow it could be your sons and daughters in danger too!

khan Sep 10, 2013 03:57am

Where IS MR.CJ. Sep 10, 2013 04:03am

heartbroken to see society failing when judicial system showed some character, its such an unfortunate day for all pakistanis. I feel pity fr the family who had to finally let go the murderers who wudn't absolutely care killing another!

Imtiaz Awan Sep 10, 2013 04:17am

This is the biggest flaw in Islamic judicial system. The rich can kill the people and get away with it. That's why I think western laws are better than Pakistani laws. Now people will say I am non muslim but what I stated is reality which we all can see.

Sarwat Sep 10, 2013 04:25am

So what, Law is law, Murder is murder, he is no different than anyone else. He should be tried and convicted and made an example out of, so that no one can dare to mock the law again. So what he belongs to a powerful family law is law. I don't know under what circumstances the family pardoned him. Maybe they were threatened, or given loads of money. Now the judges have an opportunity to make history.

Farhan Sep 10, 2013 04:41am

I appreciate the decision...!!!

specially his mom comments,

Ya ALLAH mercy on him and his family.

Ghazan Sep 10, 2013 04:59am

The country stood up against this crime and the family owed not accepting money or forgiving these people to the nation. If they were to forgive them they should not have asked the nation to help them get justice in the first place. The people of Karachi and Pakistan don't want such wild murderers on the street. Islam is a religion of sense and society, given the impact on society and attitude of the family involved in the crime this crime and the consequences of the pardon are not Islamic in my personal view. This affects more than just the family involved. The people who protested against this took a risk to stand up for this weak family despite threats at the time, now they may be on the hit list. Is that fair? This family has let down each person who stood up for them and their son.

zeshan Sep 10, 2013 05:14am

We all know the reason, why these poor parents excused those culprits. I bet you these same people threatened them to kill the whole family, if these guys get executed. Unfortunately, it happens on a normal basis. This makes me wonder, if a son of a police officer can get killed and the culprits gets out of it, than imagine a normal person in Pakistan. Remember, The law of nature, does not go away though.

Collin Bingle Sep 10, 2013 05:41am

Any instance in Pakistan history where a poor man who killed a rich and influential person was pardoned ever? Security is the big issue. If government is serious, they should maintain justice.

Rahim Sep 10, 2013 06:01am

This madness has to stop that any one can pardoned anyone in the name of God. Simply the Law of the land applied in any and every case.

saeed Sep 10, 2013 06:08am

@Aamer: Is there sharia law in Texas. Read it clearly it say according Islamic law there is a provision . So all you people ashamed of Pakistani but not ashamed of this religious law amazing. Noble decision by the shezad family.

humayun Sep 10, 2013 06:09am

I am speechless! 2 convicted murderers whom the Govt. took a painstaking job to recover are pardoned by the family and that is it? They walk free to repeat the cycle of killing innocent and getting pardoned? There is something wrong here. At the very least its very unfortunate to witness this.

Aditya Sep 10, 2013 06:19am

Well it's Islamic law.. What's the problem?

MM Sep 10, 2013 06:26am

So, my decision of leaving Pakistan 15 years ago and never returned was not a bad one. Sometimes, felt to return to serve the people/country. But, overall, law & order situation is so bad, it is better to stay away. At least, feel safe and can keep my family safe.

Asif Sep 10, 2013 06:46am

@bias: Parents do not have the right to decide for the life of a child. If we can allow this then why don't we allow child abortions? Because in this criminal case there is a huge room for exploitation by accused whether in the form of external influence, threat of violence against victims family members or guilty payouts of sums. It also fails as a deterrent to future criminal acts by such individuals or copycat individuals.

Junaid Syed Sep 10, 2013 06:46am

It is so sad that these animals will walk out in the name of Islam. Who will forgive the murder of their child. Poor parents might be under death threats or financially broken to hang on to the case. Its a sad situation. I wish these culprits would have been hanged.

khan in chandler Sep 10, 2013 06:46am

A very talented young man gunned down by the richer of the richest, and now being pardoned by the parents and under no pressure, zeb's mom, you lost a son, please don't lie. My heart goes out to you.

What a mockery of the religion and the system, but what goes around comes around, they will be back in the court with in a few years. Shame shame on the judicial system, and shame on the people who took an oath to protect the ones who were victimized.

Shah Sep 10, 2013 06:54am

so behind closed doors, they bought their freedom ... who says money don't buy you anything !!! take that !! system !!

sajid absar Sep 10, 2013 08:02am

Please do not blame the parents of the victim,it is the bad law .

Powerful people are abusing the unjust law.

Shaheer Sep 10, 2013 08:34am

What a judicial system,we as a Pakistani nation seems helpless in every case...what we can do we can't raise voice for our own rights other things comes next,Keep Calm and see what more worst can happen here.

faheem Sep 10, 2013 08:36am

I write and erase many time my words because i was thinking that we are wasting our words and feeling for those who do not deserve. I don't think so if this was happen with me my parents let them go. And after this my mind rise one question in front of me that what will our parents do if this was happen with anyone of us. I am totally disappointed.

Ali Wadood Sep 10, 2013 08:39am

To forgive is best deed one can do, for Allah (SWT) like to forgive the sins of his creations, and Inshallah it will develop unity in the Muslim community. I pray for patience.

ssf Sep 10, 2013 08:49am

How long are we going to live under 7th century laws interpretd by mullahs, I am losing faith in Pakistan.

Amir Sep 10, 2013 08:50am

What a shame. Another case of mockery of the judicial and legal system of Pakistan. The outcome was as expected as the State could not guarantee the safety and security of the family against such influential and tyrant elements. I am convinced this statement has been made under duress to ward off any further threats. But the point is when shall we realise that enough is enough. Somebody has to take a stand and fight for justice, equality and fair play in this war weary country. Until then we shall keep witnessing such outrageous and dastardly acts of terrorism. May Allah bless and protect the family from further woes and grant Peace and Paradise to the departed soul. BTW does any one remember the case of the two brothers killed by a mob in Sialkot. Whatever happened to those culprits?

Surprised Sep 10, 2013 09:14am

Feeling as if DSP is blackmailed by these culprists and one can sense on what grounds he would be blackmailed by looking at the type of performance given and TRANSACTIONS done by our police personnel..

me Sep 10, 2013 09:17am

The case was intentionally extended for quite some time despite the announcement of capital punishment. Those bloody people has shown that thety cann do any thing with their power and money.

Ghulam Muhammad Sep 10, 2013 09:39am

very sad

Armita Sep 10, 2013 09:44am

What a shame. Whether pardoned by family or not but here its the matter of judgment. How can they release these criminals?. This judgment has put others children's life at stake and for that they will realize much later in life. Well done Pakistani Judges and court for taking such a nasty decision.

Waqar Sep 10, 2013 10:00am

Welcome to Feudalistan!

asadali Sep 10, 2013 10:15am

IMRAN KHAN Sep 10, 2013 10:12am

I think we (as readers) should not take these words ,from the deceased's unfortunate parents, in their literal sense, but should rather "read between the lines" of them 'implicitly' showing their abject hopelessness against the mighty, landed aggressors and resultantantly, having to cave in to the brute power of the callous killers of their only son.

Hassan Sep 10, 2013 10:18am

@Aamer: It was USA, not Pakistan where everything is possible.

ABL Sep 10, 2013 10:23am

Litmus test for justice system in Pakistan.

Kash Khan Sep 10, 2013 10:29am

They just threatened his is clear

Fatima Sep 10, 2013 10:29am

@Aamer: As if they will get the justice .. keeping the current Jurisprudent situation of the country. They have to let it go .. they have no choice... Its already painful for the parents to suffer with this great loss. so whats the point in stretching this.. it will take ages for the court to execute.. Infact, it might not be possible as well.

muzlee Sep 10, 2013 10:40am

Where is the supreme court of Pakistan? There must be amendment to the laws. It is not fair at the end of the day Rich party won. Feel very sad for Shahzeb.

IBN-E-ASHFAQUE Sep 10, 2013 10:40am

@hyderabadi: Islami law requires a way out if free will is involved the murderers of Shahzeb Khan are people with immense clout in this unfortunate country they have not shown any any remorse for what they did. Hence, it appears they coerced the family into this pardon.

IBN-E-ASHFAQUE Sep 10, 2013 10:47am

@mockery: This injustice rings the death knell of Pakistan's elite. It is clear that no systematic change can come in this country as the elite have blocked all avenues. Only and only through a popular uprising this exploitative unjust system will come to an end. Pakistan Zindabad.

Dilawer Sep 10, 2013 10:53am

Why there is no Prison Justice?

IBN-E-ASHFAQUE Sep 10, 2013 10:51am

@zafar Iqbal: Feudals will be eliminated by a group of people who have sold their life of this world in return for the jannat. Feudal system in Pakistan is pure evil, and it breeds only evil.

IBN-E-ASHFAQUE Sep 10, 2013 10:54am

@Tony: No the people's will has not been broken. People should know that Pakistan is run for feudals and by feudals, in the garb of democracy. Hence, they should prepare to fight for independence from feudals and seek help of Allah the all powerful.

Jamil Sep 10, 2013 11:00am

Very sad news. What's going here in Pakistan. This news burried my self. How his parents pardoned them? How they forget their only son?

sameer Sep 10, 2013 11:12am

Allaah, may He be exalted, says (interpretation of the meaning):

sameer Sep 10, 2013 11:13am

sameer Sep 10, 2013 11:14am

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said:

ebrahim Sep 10, 2013 11:16am

Even if he is pardoned in murder due to diyat or pressure on deceased family. Supreme court should punish him on other counts like possesion of illegal weapon, faking to be juvelline in court otherwise or judicial system will collapse.

Zeel Sep 10, 2013 11:30am

Wow - Simply Wow ! When murder cannot be punished in Pakistan what can ? Why does Pakistan have a parallel judicial system ? Why not have Shariah courts only and save a lot of time, money and energy. Now I know why Salman Taseer's son was kidnapped. Expect his family to pardon Qadri soon.

Faisal Ayub Sep 10, 2013 11:38am

@ Shahzeb's Parents:So you did injustice to your own son in the name of Allah

imran Sep 10, 2013 12:06pm

This case and many other similar cases are a shame to our nation. Our justice system have failed yet again. This case is a big marketing campaign to promote many other rich and high profile people to commit similar crimes and rest assured that their money and infleunce will get them free soon. I personally think that victim's parents (Shahzaid parents) will be responsible for many future crimes when criminals will think of this case conducting similar crime, even if shahzaib parents have not taken any money or other incentives for pardoning their son's killer, they have committed a crime against their own son, all the son's of this country and probably the whole humanity. Insha allah shah rukh jatoi and all involved criminals will still be punished, if not in this world, surely hereafter and that punishment will be severe. I still think chief justice of pakistan should revert the release of shah rukh jatoi and set an example.

vijay kumar Sep 10, 2013 12:13pm

Absolutely shameful. Just proves that the so called Sharia laws are unfit for the 21st century and only become a ploy for the rich and religious to abuse power

A Concerned Sep 10, 2013 12:42pm

In Pakistan if you would like to live peacefully then you have to surrender your rights. There is no justice and no support to the victim's family. Victim's family does not want to be victimised again from the friends of the culprits.Normally they are full of fears so they easily give up.

Muhammad Naeem Sep 10, 2013 12:50pm

I could vividly recall their jubliant faces when they were handed down the death sentence. I thought because of grief and fear they have lost their mental balance. Now I know they knew better. They have what we the ordinary people of Pakistan will never have: a divine right.. they have every right to murder our sons, plunder our wealth and rape our daughters...

Salahuddin Khan Sep 10, 2013 01:20pm

License to kill: Where blood is spilled every day without any reason, disorder is the order of the day; I think Shahzeb

anum Sep 10, 2013 02:18pm

shahzaib was killed a year ago but he truely died today thanks to his own family

how many more!!!! Sep 10, 2013 02:24pm

"We cannot spend our entire lives in fear

Disappointed Reader Sep 10, 2013 02:45pm

Yeah its easy sitting in your comfy chair passing judgment on the family for surrendering when you don't face any real threat.

The family still has plenty more to lose and given how much they have already lost, I can understand full well that they would do and say anything to protect the rest of their family. If tomorrow another one of their family members is killed in inexplicable circumstances justice for their son would have meant nothing but more loss for their family.

This is Pakistan. Hundreds of people die here everyday. The family would have lived in fear of retaliation for the rest of their lives. Their own lives are obviously more important to them than sending a message.

Haroon Khan Sep 10, 2013 02:54pm

Aiza Sep 10, 2013 04:08pm

Seriously very much painful it was ... I know there will be some problems , must , dts y , Shahzeb's parents decided to do so .. but .. it is not as easy to justify their act .. or decision .. I mean ,, every single Pakistani was with them ,, they just hurted all of us ..

Ze Sep 10, 2013 04:09pm

There was no point in getting this done. The real point has been made. Thank you everyone.

Aftab Sep 10, 2013 04:15pm

I am shocked to see the comments from so much immature Pakistanis. Now they are blaming Pakistani law and courts. It is so funny. Now by raising our voices for this murder through websites, facebook and tweeter, we have increased the asking price by Shahzeb Parents. It is money game. Now we should not waist our further time. Let Shahzeb parents enjoy the blood money and we save our time for some other thing. A lesson for future.

karl Sep 10, 2013 04:41pm

More proof that the rich and powerful in this country can get away with anything - including murder. Money and power triumph over life, death, justice, and just about everything else.

Shazad Sep 10, 2013 04:59pm

It does not sound right, - they fear for their life - they do not believe in the implementation of law Sounds like in an ideal situation they would have not pardoned the killer.

I am glad if the family has truly pardoned in the name of Allah.

phatima Sep 10, 2013 05:41pm

threat + big fat bribe combined = pardon in the name of Allah.. the bad thing is, now people will not support victims next time. Allah will be knowing their hearts still its another sad incident.

mohammed Sep 10, 2013 06:33pm

This is the coverage of Islam under pressure. The law of Qisas and Diyat, and forgiving on the name of Allah is under no pressure. We should not say any thing against the law of Allah(swt). But the court should order the arrest of the the parties concern in the pardon affidavit and both the lawyers for misusing the law of Qisas and Diyat,and punish them along with the killers so that no one in feature thinks of making the mockery of the laws of Islam.

Mohammad Kaleem Sep 10, 2013 06:40pm

For a moment I was completely in shock after listening that Shahbaz Khan

muhammad Sep 10, 2013 07:13pm

Shahzeb parents have pardoned the Shahrukh and party but what about state and judiciary Shahrukh and his accomplice committed the crimes against the state and judiciary also by evading his arrest and absconding to Dubai and further creating law and order situation in the city should state and judiciary also pardon the BIG FISH.....?

muhammad Sep 10, 2013 07:15pm

@Aditya: Yes it is an Islamic Law but used in a very coercive way, which is totally not Islamic

Deedo Sep 10, 2013 07:31pm

This is why even the moderates and literates in the society sometimes wonder if it would be better if Taliban take over Pakistan. Perhaps thier brand of justice would be better suited for such murderers rather than the Supreme Courts'.

This is a test case for the courts and if they falter here they will lose all credibility. The only thing left for them to do would be to Suo Moto commentators such as myself.

Saad Sep 10, 2013 07:42pm

I'm appalled by some people's lack of faith in Allah. Saying things like the family has no right to pardon the killers or that not following a rule just because it's 1400 years old is somehow smart. What's with Allah is always best. The family has the right to pardon execution of the killer according to Islam and mercy is always preferable.

That said, the family refusing to take blood money which is now an oblation on the killers makes me think they were probably forced into making this decision. In addition, the killers may be saved from death but the judicial system should still put measures in place to prevent them from harming others. Whether that be prison or surveillance etc.

Eli Sep 10, 2013 07:45pm

@Aditya: islamic law allows for forgiveness only if it is a personal matter with no repercussions for the society.

In this case the blatant and unrepentant nature of the crime does not allow it since it will tell others that might is right. Plus these accused were tried under the anti-terrorism laws not shariah laws.

hamza Sep 10, 2013 08:56pm

@Ali Wadood: hipocrisy

hamza Sep 10, 2013 09:12pm



arshy Sep 10, 2013 09:35pm

@Raj Patel: i agree with you in many ways but not the part about Allah ... in Islam we have a free will and Allah doesn't interfere in the course of life but does send his messengers to communicate with the people ... their teaching should be a guide to our living principles ...

Yasmin Elahi Sep 10, 2013 09:36pm

Again we have proved that Might is Right in Pakistan.... who will believe that Shahzeb's family was not under pressure. It is disgusting how the powerful can exploit the weak in our country!

Riz Sep 10, 2013 09:40pm

See the thing is that everyone is upset over the fact that the family has pardoned the culprits. Think of why they would do it. Not because they don't love their son and not because their heart isn't aching for him to come back. He is gone and will never come back to themthey know that but they fear for their daughters and for their own security. No matter what the government says there is no way that they were not coerced into this whether it be forcefully or from afar. The parents know that they can never feel safe walking there neighborhood knowing that their enemies are around. However by taking this step, maybe just maybe they will be spared.

Stranger Sep 10, 2013 09:42pm

@Ali Wadood: Qisas and Diyat does not come under this case, this is a case of cold blooded murder, which cannot be pardonable under Qisas and Diyat, what the family did clearly show justice being denied by the people in authority and the pressures over them. They must be punished for the murder they had committed.

rashad Sep 10, 2013 09:47pm

this is your country people.. this is what our glorified president given us after 5 years.. where people are calling him the best thing ever.. the true democrat and what not!!.. your sisters mothers brothers father are all slaves.. they will be killed if they stand up to defend their basic rights, if even the servants of these ruling elites insult and harass your daughters and sisters we are supposed to stand and thank them n then go home and tell her its okay its their zardari given right!!! welcome to Pakistan everyone.. the show is just near the end...

Stranger Sep 10, 2013 09:57pm

@Aditya: The Islamic Law of Qisas and Diyat is different, which is only applicable where crime happened by mistake or without the intention to murder etc.. This is a case of cold blooded murder which cannot be pardonable under Islamic Law, people interpret Islamic law according to their wishes, and irony is so called Islamic parties stay silent and most religious scholars are either scared of backlash or ordered to stay out of it. What the grieved family did clearly show powerful suppressing the weaker, It is not the law which is unjust, it is the failure of the judicial system. Had it been true Islamic Law based on Quran and Sunnah, these murderers would have been punished till now.

Shahzad Khan Sep 10, 2013 10:55pm

Relative of victim wise .they know life will spend in court fighting for justice better go for qasas deal already lost beloved why dont cash beloved death .after all police family n ploce love money wat ever money in form

humanity_crying Sep 10, 2013 11:34pm

@vijay kumar: u knoe that they can issue a fatwa against u for saying this, there is no room for debates and discussions in Islam on sharia, there is only room for behead people in the name of sharia

Javed Sep 10, 2013 11:57pm

Here's an example of how you can buy Islamic laws.

notsurprised Sep 11, 2013 12:16am

People - the clue is in the Mother's statement...they did not want to live in 'fear'. No doubt they were fearful of what these barbaric savage animals/dogs could do to them given what they had already done to her son..

Vic Sep 11, 2013 12:43am

There is no pardon in the name of Allah. We live in a state and are citizens of a country. Any crime committed against an individual is a crime against the state. If Allah wants to pardon---The Lord may pardon on the day of 'judgement' in HIS court of law. But when it comes to the HUMAN court of law---the law needs to be decided by the human laws of the land. Just because the family forgives---none must walk free for a deliberate murder.

Parvez Sep 11, 2013 01:09am

This is a case in point where it is seems evident that religion is being misused. Its also a test case for our higher judiciary who have repeatedly failed in providing justice so that it is seen by all that justice has actually been done. Let us hope they don't fail us again.

Atif Sep 11, 2013 01:16am

@YA: progress into 15th century .... which world do you live in

Hasan Sep 11, 2013 03:14am

The Word "Allah" in Pakistan is not really for calling "God".

The word "Allah" in Pakistan means " a Game", "a Wild Card", " a Place Holder".

When are we going to wake up???

tahir Sep 11, 2013 04:07am

@phatima: you cannot criticise Allah's law of diyyat [5:45] by calling it a bribe]. tht amounts to blasphemy.

falconx Sep 11, 2013 06:10am

ah a classic move. give some thing to the victim family like money and alot of threats and make a deal for pardon. dont worry this doesnt only in pakistan it happen all over the world, especialy in westren countires.

salman Sep 11, 2013 10:27am

@Junaid Syed: I agree with you 100%

salman Sep 11, 2013 10:34am

My heart goes out to the slain boy's parents. I know they were coerced into accepting the blood money. At least one of the two so-called tribal elders, who negotiated this deal is a well-known criminal & dacoit. Feeling so sorry for you Shahzeb,s parents. May Allah be with you !

Sharjeel Jawaid Sep 11, 2013 01:43pm

In high probability they had no other option. They may not afford loosing another Shahzad.

concerned Sep 11, 2013 05:20pm

might is right

Suma Sep 11, 2013 07:59pm

I call upon DAWN to make this case as corner stone and please take out religion context out of the whole issue. I don't know legalities of PPC but approach this matter by humanistic approach. I am sure what ever our religions but religion is greatest advocate of justice including yours and mine. Take this up.

Sonia Sep 11, 2013 07:57pm

People alluding to the better standard of justice in the developed world, do they remember the Raymond Davis case 2-3 years ago? In Jan. 2011, USA browbeat Pakistan into releasing the alleged killer of 2 Pakistanis WITHOUT trial. One of the victims widows committed suicide within 10 days of Davis' arrest, saying she had no hope of getting justice. She was RIGHT. Raymond Davis was flown out of Pakistan within 50 days of his arrest.

Is justice the prerogative of the mighty, of the victors? At least Shahzeib's killers were tried and convicted on June 7, 2013. In the article, Shahzeib's mother has clearly hinted at the reasons behind the pardoning:

"She said she had pardoned the killers as she was still not convinced that the culprits would be punished even after their arrest and convictions. 'We cannot spend our entire lives in fear

Guest63 Sep 11, 2013 09:00pm

@Sharjeel Jawaid:

He was the only son they have ( as reported then in the news!) BUT your opinion is not far off , they may not risk Loosing the Girl (daughter) Cos when killings can be so cold blooded , Kidnapping their daughter is a piece of cake and such act is common in the Sindh specially by the feudals of the kind who killed their son already , so loosing the 2nd Child in this way would be too much to bear for the parents , hence the pardon , In the name of Allah is all they could utter and do to save their remaining honor .

Zoab Khan Sep 11, 2013 10:54pm

@salman: If his parents cannot stand up for his son than can you really feel sorry for him.......

Aftab Kenneth Wilson Sep 12, 2013 01:23am

Raymond Davis killed two and this boy killed one and was released according to Islamic laws so what is wrong. Parents of the deceased have forgiven him and it does not matter with or without taking money. Why are we all giving so much fuel to this issue so that PCO Supreme Court CJ should take inappropriate action as is the case with so many other cases.

Bharat Sep 12, 2013 02:07am

I suppose this is akin to legalized murder. You kill a man, and then offer enough money to the family so that they pardon you. You can do anything for money

humanity_crying Sep 12, 2013 02:42am

@tahir: now kill her for presenting her opinion in the name of blasphemy, can't we have a open discussion without threatening someone

Najamuddin Sep 12, 2013 09:06am

Granting of pardon to murderer/s of loved one/s is permissible in Islam. But here the parents of the victims having lost all of their hopes in timely justice against influential and powerful defendants under current judicial system, and also to avoid further loss of lives and security had no other option but to get out of this judicial quagmire. If a deputy superintendent of Police ( father of the murdered youth ) could become so helpless and hopeless from getting justice in the murder case of his son, then how any ordinary citizen could even dream of getting timely justice in such a case?

Mohammad Sep 12, 2013 11:23am

Are there no men left in Pakistan ? Is there not 1 man in our brave nation of 180 Million to exact justice on them ? Not even 1 ?

Armagan Akram Sep 12, 2013 01:32pm

@tahir: everything is blasphemy to the Maulvis.