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Left in their tracks

Published Jul 01, 2013 06:06pm


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enter image description herePakistan ka matlab kya? “laa ilaaha illAllah”, Hindustan ka matlab kya? “bhaar mein jaaye, humko kyaa” (What is the meaning of Pakistan? "There is no god but God”, what is the meaning of India? “It can go to hell, what is it to us”). We chanted this slogan all day long at the National Stadium, Karachi on a sunny winter afternoon in 1989. Back then, I was too naïve to understand the deeper meaning of the words we uttered, and perhaps too youthful to assess the people who stood around me to foresee the long-term socio-economic impact of it in Pakistan.

Military dictator, Ziaul Haq’s C-130 had crashed a year earlier and democracy had returned to Pakistan. The Soviet Union had already started disintegrating and the mujahideen fighters had prevented the Russians from marching towards the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. A new page in Pakistan’s history was being turned and the future seemed bright.

Wasim Akram was my poster-boy hero, Javed Miandad’s six against India was the best shot ever hit and Imran Khan was not just the greatest captain or all-rounder but also the most eligible bachelor in the world. The best Indian fast bowler was Kapil Dev but he could not bowl fast, plus they did not have a spinner with the skill and guile of Abdul Qadir. Sunil Gavaskar, Kris Srikkanth and Ravi Shastri were good cricketers but we took them as our sworn enemies.

There was not a single Indian cricketer I liked, other than one, Mohammad Azharuddin. He was stylish, had great wrists and was a ‘brother’; in some sort of strange way it made me proud when he was made captain. Azharuddin was likable; the rest, anything but.

The country we had partitioned from was very similar to ours but we were a more flamboyant nation, drove fancier cars and most importantly, usually won against them in a game of cricket. Thank God, I was Pakistani and not an Indian.

In Pakistan, your hate for India was a barometer of your love for Pakistan and everyone was a ‘patriot’.

Pakistan had a prosperous open economy in the first half of its existence, enjoying the perks of the Ricardian theory of absolute and comparative advantage. India on the other hand chose a different route; it decided to strengthen its domestic production and infrastructure. The inward looking restrictive form of self-reliance and socialistic policies had isolated it from world trade benefits. This eventually resulted in deep economic crisis, inflation had roared to 17 per cent and the fiscal deficit had become unsustainable.

In July 1991, India was forced to take drastic measures that changed the fabric of their economic structure and the destiny of its people. India slowly but surely opened the gate to international trade and was now ready to take on the world.

The first wave of Afghani refugees came to Pakistan in the 80’s, during the Soviet War when the Taliban were created and Pakistan had taken an extremely stringent form of Islam to its parliamentary affairs. India, on the other hand had a closed economy until the 90's, when a new, more expansive policy was embraced. Fundamental restructuring of an economy or a society has a time lag; it can take over two decades before its true ramifications come to light.

The Taliban, secular intolerance and heroin are one of Pakistan’s biggest problems today, rated as the most dangerous place in the world by Newsweek and The Economist. Meanwhile, India has a GDP of $1.8 trillion with foreign trade of over $800 billion, making it the ninth largest economy in the world. As you sow, so shall you reap.

There are some things money can’t buy, but there are a lot of things it can: a Formula One team that is worth $200 million, Dale Steyn, who was auctioned for $1.2 million for a month’s work in the IPL, or a V600 Slazenger that costs $150. It can also ‘buy’ the exposure that Shikhar Dahwan gets when batting with his captain Kumar Sangakara, the opportunity to face Shaun Tait, advice from the great Waqar Younis. This is all invaluable, but in paradox, it comes at a price, just like a cricket bat.

The catastrophe stemming from Pakistan’s socio-economic turmoil is unquantifiable and sport is just one of its casualties. Hockey and squash have suffered most but cricket too has fallen victim – not a single international match has been played in Pakistan for over four years. Though the worst is maybe yet to come, it’s a scary thought.

It is not the lack of talent in Pakistan that is worrying; it is the lack of confidence and belief of a nation that is running low on self-esteem. Indians, however, seldom waiver in their fortitude, and their resolve is now borderline brash. At least, that’s what it may appear to their opponents. They have started feeling pride in expressing their identity due to the overall success of their country while Pakistanis have become increasingly hesitant because of the backlash they often encounter, retreating into their shell.

I always thought that MS Dhoni had changed the Indian cricket psyche; he had instilled his own calm demeanor and self-assurance into a team that was infamous for crumbling under pressure. Though, in a macroscopic view, Dhoni himself is a product of the new India; undaunted, assertive and fearless. When he took his gloves off in the semifinals of the Champions Trophy to chance his arm, he personified the new found Indian exuberance of certitude.

In contrast, Misbah-ul-Haq has been credited to having changed Pakistan’s cricketing mindset as well; apprehensive, defensive and distressed. His approach has been a mirror image of the external environment he has had to shepherd his men under. Misbah symbolises the negativity in Pakistan cricket, but in fact, he has only acted as the perfect catalyst to the destiny actualised by the collective consciousness of an entire nation, including his predecessors.

The gap in the performance of the Indian and Pakistani cricket team is not so much in the craft they nourish or the skill they posses, but it lies in the conviction of their own ability.

Pakistan is in desperate need of a few role models and stars that the next generation can emulate, but, there are few in sight. Shoaib Akhtar has declared the current team to be mentally disturbed while Wasim Akram has advised the players to look more presentable in order to perform better, despicable really.

It took me over 20 years to discover that the first half of our chant at the National Stadium in 1989 was just a part of Zia-ul-Haq’s electoral ad campaign and had nothing to do with the original meaning of Pakistan and that India was going anywhere, but to hell. Only if we knew better back then, or had taken a different path than we did, maybe, we wouldn't have reached where we have.

With my deepest regret, I confess that I wish Virat Kohli was a Pakistani and Shoaib Malik was an Indian. I would exchange Imran Farhat with Shikar Dhawan and swap Kamran Akmal with MS Dhoni, I would even throw in Mohammad Sami and Wahab Riaz for free, just for good measure and to fill the shortage of genuine fast bowlers that my neighbour has. It is a hard pill to swallow but I am an admirer of the current Indian cricket team and I prefer Ravindra Jadeja over my ‘brother’ Irfan Khan Pathan.

Now, I can be charged for treason. I could become a social outcast, but, I am not willing to make the same mistakes that I made years ago. We, as a nation, shouldn't either. There is hope and, with the talent and resources at Pakistan’s disposal, there is always plenty of it.

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Shaan Agha grew up in a home with sports as its religion and “The Cricketer” subscription of black and white pages as holy script.

He resides in Istanbul and can be reached here.

The views expressed by this writer and commenters below do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the Dawn Media Group.

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maq fida Jul 01, 2013 06:37pm

This is the first time I've seen a Pakistani genuinely appreciate what is some good in Indian while objectively deprecate some of what is bad in pakistan...being an Indian while it fill me with some pride to see the turn of opinion in pakistan, but it also is sad where both countries had ended up since 1947!! India under congress seems to be going back to the dark ages of 1991 and any celebration is short-lived across the entire sub-continent and developing world unless the people in power/government is held accountable!!! Its the same disease across the developing world, and there is little to celebrate and rejoice unless the problem is solved everywhere!!

Dr. Gurpreet Singh Matharoo Jul 01, 2013 06:40pm

This is a brilliant article! Hope that Pakistani masses read it and get it!

Asjad Jul 01, 2013 06:44pm

Echos a feelings of lot of kids from 80s and early 90s in Pakistan.

Yawar Jul 01, 2013 06:41pm

Actions are louder than words. Unfortunately, in Pakistan, since the 70s, what we have seen are mostly words and little action.

Rendra Gurjar Jul 01, 2013 06:41pm

I really liked this l...i must say for the first time i am reading something not biased or anti India j just sake of it... this is true every body need to be introspect them self's ...

Mayank Jul 01, 2013 06:50pm

Superb Article... Greetings from India

Hiba Jul 01, 2013 06:54pm

Great article. I believe Pakistan can turn itself around and contribute positively to the world given its potential but first we as Pakistanis need to come out of self denial. No matter who I talk to the shirking of responsibility is a central theme that presents itself again and again. We take refuge behind conspiracy theories while deflecting all blame. CIA, RAW, MI5, Donald Duck, everyone is out to get us. The need of the hour is an acute realization that it is "our" actions that got us into this mess and we need to dig ourselves out of this.

maq fida Jul 01, 2013 07:00pm

Pakistan and whole of Islamic world must realize that violence in all its forms is a cannot force your opinion on others...those doing so must be dealt with firmly for your own good!

Venkat Jul 01, 2013 07:02pm

Your hatred only will bury you , that is what is happening inside Pakistan now. Sarey Jaha sein achha Hindustan Hamara.....

ravi Jul 01, 2013 07:05pm

Good introspective story.

Capt C M Khan Jul 01, 2013 07:19pm

Captivating and correct Shaan. I am of the older generation. I wrote similar comment to yours on our Merchant Navy Facebook page. It was disastrous the 30+ started calling me what what what. My age group just liked my comment but did not come to support me.

This generation has been BRAINWASHED....they think they are living correctly and others are all living wrongly. They were least bothered that the great Pakistani Cricketing nation came out last. We are Muslims FIRST...being a PAKISTANI is not important anymore....NO NATIONAL PRIDE.... It will take a 100 years to get it Correct i guess.

Richard Jul 01, 2013 07:20pm

I have read the article 2 times and i must say i enjoyed reading it not cause I am indian but the way he wrote...brave heart Shaan to write this kind of article and I wish all Pakistanis to introspect, stop blaming everyone in this world and please don't be best wishes to Pakistan Jul 01, 2013 07:25pm

Blunt and honest assessment. Good to know the more and more people in Pakistan have started accepting the wrong path country has chosen under military dictatorship, hopefully average Pakistanis will understand importance of tolerance and peaceful coexistence.

Atif Jul 01, 2013 07:31pm

@Rendra Gurjar: Actually such articles in Pak press are not uncommon, particularly in DAWN. Yet I keep reading Indian comments that this is the "first time" they are reading it. Pakistan is increasingly reflecting on internal follies and is falling into a shell of self hatred. It will need to strike a balance sooner rather than later or else an identity crisis will follow.

Indians on the other hand, as the author himself notes, are brash and proud of everything Indian. It seems that there is a strange political consensus that whatever it takes to keep the land intact, goes!

Quite the opposite in Pakistan where people are increasingly getting vocal of criticising the military's role in Balochistan and going overboard in blaming it for all that ails Indo-pak relations. All this amid Indian cries of "do more".

Tahir Jul 01, 2013 07:43pm

I just read the headline and wanted to comment. Pakistan is so messed up, had there be a Virat Kohli ..he wouldn't have been selected because of his religion! end of story.

Atif Jul 01, 2013 07:51pm

Perhaps the writer will like to reflect on the fact that since IPL started, India has failed to reach even the semi finals of a T20 WC. Their most successful campaign in the shortest format was before IPL.

We can extend the black box of success to any dimensions, and theorise and look fashionable but that does not make it a scientific investigation. Here is my theory for Indian cricket success: limited overs internationals are increasingly batsmen dominated. With 2 new balls, reverse swing, our most potent weapon is out of the window. Pitches are increasingly flatter or even looking Indian: the Champions Trophy final looked like being played on a 5th day Indian Test pitch rather anything remotely English. No wonder who won. Similarly, see the pitches in West Indies, once a bastion of fast bowling, but now producing low and slow turners.

Next, since the Ganguly era, Indian batsmen look to play strokes. Faced with lower bounce at most places, with conditions loaded for batsmen, the Indian batting thrives.

Without reverse swing, Pakistan finds it hard to defend their increasingly sub par totals. Of course it doesn't help that there is no cricket in Pakistan, but did we ever depend on a system that systematically ensured a smooth influx and outflux of cricketers? Never! We were rarely that streamlined and depended upon individual brilliance, and once in a life time captaincy of Imran Khan. Success since then was sporadic and never consistent.

Sandeep Paul Jul 01, 2013 07:49pm

Nice article, I love the author's courage in being so honest. Reading more and more articles of this tone in the Pakistani media these days.

  • Greetings from India :)
salman aziz Jul 01, 2013 07:55pm

Shaan Agha Sahab, I am surprised, saddened and upset sir of your continued criticism of Misbah, the whole team is crumbling and the only man left to bat is the captain and you sir unequivocally criticize the captain! the captain is called as such because he takes control of the ship and steers it ( if all hands on deck are jumping ship he cant do everyone's job by himself!)

If the Dawn newspaper has decided to allow you to write and it seems you can write a few lines in English, would you please review the PCB financial audit reports, the selection committee's performance and give us some facts that might identify the core issues?

If you criticize the socio economic variables of the country, the defeatist attitude, the nervousness of the players and the captain (seriously only guy batting), why do you leave out the media sir? what role has your lot played in this mess.

Why is it that your articles or "blogs" lack facts, are full of negative judgement and over the top opinions? Like Auditors say, concentrate on the facts.

It is a shame when everything is done to cut down a guy that provides admirable leadership. i find it very strange when literate men forget to think. How in the world can you criticize Misbah?

Imran Khan is not remembered because he was a playboy, he is remembered because us, the kids of the 80s and 90s saw a Pakistani who took us boys and drilled discipline and hunger for success in us. We knew we could succeed because he did. We dont love him because he was successful, we love him because he shows that we can succeed as well.

I hope you really do take a moment and think sir. i doubt you will though.

regards A Very Disappointed Pakistani in Michigan

vishu Jul 01, 2013 07:57pm

Kash every pakistani of your and current generation would think in your direction, pakistan would have in paar with India by now., still denial mode / conspiration therories / CIA-RAW-Mussad Jodi / Enemy No., what else is short of to bring today pakistan to the current state. the hatred which was exterior during 1980s now started inward following sucking up its own blood to see more purified muslim in the land of pure! Sports as whole shows the mindset of the nation and its people through the performance....

Today the killing of its own 'Brothers/sisters' exceeds that of day killing during afghan war.,

Hope pakistan will come out with this trauma in near feature, right-contemporary education is the only tool to bring prosperity in pakistan.

a best wish from a Hindustani.....

Md Imran Jul 01, 2013 07:59pm

More self-flagellation ! The GDP of Pakistan may have fallen far behind India, but what about the household wealth ? An average Pakistani is much much wealthier than an average Indian. And before we talk about how lost we are, one needs to remember the bedrock of Pakistan - our talent that is now being absorbed by other nations.

Pakistani doctors and engineers have changed the health and science sectors in Europe. A former Pakistani diplomat once said Pakistani migration to scandinavian countries have added atleast 1% per annum growth to the host economies. The UK's NHS has benefited massively from Pakistani doctors, and so has US software companies like Google, IBM and others through our engineers. Our strong conviction in Islam is the reason why we have persisted despite the current challenges.

Despite the corruption, we have a robust internal economy. The lack of taxation has not impacted the funding or strength of our defense forces nor investment in technology. We will persevere and overcome these challenges. Unfortunately, although miniscule, the "towel throwers" like the author are portraying our nation in a negative light. The majority of us have no desire to have anything to do with India. Thankfully, wwe have the support of ummah and China to keep check India's hegemonic designs else all would be lost.

Vikas Jul 01, 2013 08:00pm

Good article, brought a smile while reading. Having been to Pakistan and actually interacted with the people in Karachi / Lahore, I can say that no animosity / misunderstanding is big enough. It takes more effort to feel bad and hate someone, but being nice and loving other is an easier emotion.

Cricket is our common passion and the youth of today should use it to bring better future to the Sub Continent.

If India were to have Shoaib Akhtar as pacer,,,it would have been amazing. :)

Javed Jul 01, 2013 08:03pm

@Capt C M Khan: The hatred for India is same or more as in previous generations. Maybe hatred for all non-Muslims is the cause for our downfall.

PakFan Jul 01, 2013 08:11pm

Nice introspective by the writer but would like to point out that the main shift in Indian mentality on how to take on the field was first happened when Ganguly was captain. What was sown then is been harvested now by the current Indian captain and his team

JPG Jul 01, 2013 08:08pm

I guess india's condition is just slightly better than pakistan currently. If the current state of affairs with a incompetent government continues, then india would be doing no better than pakistan 5 years from now..

Atif Jul 01, 2013 08:09pm

@Sandeep Paul: Thanks Sandeep. I wonder if there are similar articles in Indian press criticising Indian role in Kashmir and keeping the Siachin War going. If DAWN's moderator does not censor it, there was recently a news item on Kashmiri rape victims brutalised by the Indian Army. Does Indian Army face the wrath of Indian public on that?

I would like to contrast the take of Indian public on the crimes of Indian army with that in Pakistan, where criticising Pak Army and religion is a mark of intellect and a passport to publishing in secular media outlets.

Threshold Jul 01, 2013 08:09pm

Your Blog Is Too Good . I Really Appreciate You . But My Thinking Is That . IN Pakistan Team So Misunderstanding In Out Team Because Our Captain Misbah Is Fool . If I Remember A Biggest One Six Javed Miandad To India I Swear He Is the best batsman in the world . we need good player like wasim akran and waqar youunus .Thanks

Ammar Jul 01, 2013 08:10pm

"fill the shortage of genuine fast bowlers that my neighbour has"

Sir please visit good psychiatrist as India does not have a single fast bowler.

Khan Jul 01, 2013 08:15pm

@Atif: Adding to what Atif is saying: There are few other important factors contributing towards deterioration of every institute and entity in this country and that is, "Professionalism". Yes, these players are talented but are they professional?, Hire a better coach who can perfect their technique YESS VERY IMPORTANT but who is going to teach them "ethics"? who is going to tell them how to behave?

Let me ask you a very basic but a very important question, "who generally make up to the national teams and what it takes to be there?"

Arshad Iqbal, who played U19 is now bowling over 147KMH is working in UAE on daily wages hahaha, Systemm! there is no system my brother @ writer

Scrutiny, professionalism, mechanism, logic and rationale like words are alien to this national.

A nation, if they allow to let other burn the residence of their founder, I am sorry they deserve worse than this in every area of life. by the way, I wonder if they would burn Founder's red, blue, grey, green pictures in their wallet just like they burned down his residence or not?

With Prayers, Khan

Satish Jul 01, 2013 08:15pm

No mention of Tendulkar ??? What the hell ?

Fuad Jul 01, 2013 08:20pm

@Hiba: Are you aware of the whistleblower Mr Snowden of the National Security Agency of the USA, hasnt he confirmed of the worst fears of the pakistanis, that their intelligence agencies are snooping on pakistan. In the last month before his revelations the US alone gathered billions of snippets of intelligence by hacking into the email accounts and eaves dropping on phone calls by ordinary civilians of Pakistan. WAKE UP! Its the generation like yourself which is being brainwashed through subtle subvesive means by those Intelligence agencies that you are defending. In your efforts to be 'accepted' by the enemy you are smearing dirt on your coutries name, you are the other extreme to dispicable terrorists. Ordinary Pakistanis can do well without both.......

TheCricketAnalyst Jul 01, 2013 08:21pm

True that Pakistan has lost the CT due to pathetic selection. However, this doesn't mean that Pakistan hadn't beaten India in India only a two months ago. Pakistan cricket is facing terrible times internally and externally, due to ill management, poor selection policies, lack of cricket at home surfaces, lack of participation in order-of-the-day leagues like IPL, and ever decreasing number of their Test match participation. Look at the current tri-series in WI between WI, SL, and India. It is being played at the cost of Pakistan test matches. Look at the future calender of ICC for next decade, where the ICC has assumed that Pakistan will not host any tournaments due to bad security (which is true, but how can you outcast Pakistan in such a way?). The Author is right: we don't need Maliks, Akmals, Samis, Wahabs, and Farhats, but more than that, we don't need the people who selects them. Thanks.

a.k.lal Jul 01, 2013 08:22pm

Just Great. I wish some time we indians analyse our selves as critically as is done here. The true leader first assesses his weaknesses and then over comes them. This article will be a good beginning. today you read ,tomorrow you think ,next day you act.

HJ Jul 01, 2013 08:24pm

"When life begins on needles and pins, It ends with swords and knives" - Tears For Fears. Pakistanis, that is your destiny, unless you urgently reverse course.

Atif Jul 01, 2013 08:26pm

@Dr. Gurpreet Singh Matharoo: please note that "paki" is an insult to people of Asian origin. It is strange that DAWN's moderator who does not permit writing about rape of Kashmiris at the hands of Indian army, does not censor insulting words for Pakistani public.

Syed W. Ali Jul 01, 2013 08:31pm

Great job. You said nothing but the truth. Regarding Misbah, his defensive approach is the product of the options that he has available to him. If the players around him are producing like the Team India is today, he can take more chances. It is not just that Pak cricket is in a sad place, but how long it will take for it arrive at a good place. The transition takes time. The code of honor is not a writ that can be glued to peoples forehead and achieved overnight. We are long way from the dream.

Dev Jul 01, 2013 08:29pm

While the author's potrayal of Pakistan as a nation in crisis will find many takers - self flagellation is hardly the way forward. Pakistan has always had a good team, and It has been a pleasure to host them and play against them for us Indians.

There was a time when Pakistani umpires were notoriously biased and partisan. That has been fixed now, thanks to neutral umpires. I remember, back in the late 70s a Pakistani captain had commented that give us Bishen Singh Bedi, and Sunil Gavaskar, and we shall beat any team in the world. Sunny retorted - give us two Pakistani umpires, and we shall beat any team in the world!

It would have been hard to imagine, then, that things would change for the better. Much better. Similarly, this phase shall pass, too.

Dev Jul 01, 2013 08:31pm

@Asjad: Back them, most urban Muslim youth in India would support Pakistan during matches as well. It became unfashionable sometime during the early 90s, with the rise of the right wing. Indian Muslims were "forced" to decide their loyalties "in toto".

Bilal Jul 01, 2013 08:38pm

So, much self hating and rona dhona. Does the author know that the Pakistan team beat the Indian team 2-1 just 6 months ago? At least check some facts before starting on a whiny rant.

Nayak Jul 01, 2013 08:36pm

@Venkat: Don't be too proud and say that sare jaha se acchha. May be when compared with Pakistan, we are better but when compared with many other countries, we are far behind. If you are satisfy with the narrow accomplishments and comparing yourself with the one below or at the same level, it is not a good way of going forward. Remember that true patriotism is something when we criticize our own system and people for the continuous quality improvements. Quality is a relentless quest, not a relentless Jingoism.

ammar khan Jul 01, 2013 08:41pm

@Venkat: Dear Venkat you missed the point of this article altogether. Read it again.

Your friend from Pakistan Ammar

Tareen Jul 01, 2013 08:46pm

You are being too dramatic and childish here. The equation of "national confidence" and cricketing success is also quite shaky and conceptually confused. Pakistan beat India in India only in January. Yes this Indian team is much better than the team in the 90s but still it is not as dominant as you are making it out to be. Pakistan did a horrible job with team selection, otherwise they would have done much better. Pakistani self-hate seems like a new trend. You are drawing massive conclusions that are unfounded. After all, it was this very Indian team that got hammered 4-0 twice in one year by Australia and England! They are very good at a particular brand of ODI cricket on particular kinds of wickets. Though certainly, I agree that Malik, Farhat, and Akmal should never be seen on a cricket ground again.

ATIF Ali Jul 01, 2013 08:44pm

I think Indian team deserved the credit many gave to them after their phenomenal performance in the champion trophy, we need to be honest with sports rather than to make it an Indian- Pakistan issue. ..India took some bold decision by dropping the likes of sehwag and Gambir while Pakistan stick to same misfired guns..time comes for an overall changes in Pakistan team.

sanjay Jul 01, 2013 08:47pm

nice article sir.......GDP you mentioned is the nominal GDP i.e. $1.8 trillion, in terms of purchasing power parity.....its $4.46 trillion..... 3 rd largest in the world........

in the end...... loved your article 'brother'.......there was no big difference betwn India, pak economy till 80s........but after that India accelerated........and pak slowed down.......
needs larger investments in education than nukes .........!!!!!!!

Nayak Jul 01, 2013 08:52pm

I am Indian. I should say that one of the best articles i have read. well put and flow of the article is immaculate. Well, i used to hate Pakistan team in 80's and, however, since i was able to reason my every blind hate and love, i started liking Pakistani great cricketers for their skills. However, i must tell you something which is more common in India. Muslims trying to become true Muslims is not just the phenomena of Pakistanis but also Indian Muslims...

Mirza Asif Jul 01, 2013 08:55pm

Well done Shaan. Your article has related the current situation of Pakistan very well. Most of us think that we are the best but we do not strive to prove it. Keep it up.

hafeez Jul 01, 2013 09:08pm

making a good relation with india it was a very good step for pur economy and indian economt also.

Sonal Jul 01, 2013 09:06pm

@JPG: That's a very inaccurate comparison you have made. I strongly disagree that India will be Pakistan 5 years from now if we continue as is - we Indians are shamelessly the masters of corruption, but India isn't plagued by the sectarian issues that are killing Pakistan and Pakistanis. The law and order situation in India is nowhere close to Pakistan's... and there isn't a travel advisory against traveling to India. There is a basic high risk of existing in Pakistan, which India doesn't have, and hopefully will never have... Inshallah.

Rashid Jul 01, 2013 09:09pm

@Tareen: Yes we also won the world cup in 1992...had the best fast bowlers ...great batsmen and world class spinners. But living in the past won't get you anywhere.

Dinesh Jul 01, 2013 09:14pm

@Tareen: It's not the same team that got hammered in England and Australia (or by Pakistan recently in India). No Tendulkar, Sehwag, Gambhir, Harbhajan, Laxman, Dravid, etc. Just new youngsters.

Sonal Jul 01, 2013 09:19pm

Very well written blog... I loved reading it! Call me naive, but I ALWAYS find it hard to believe when someone tells me there was / is widespread hatred for India in Pakistan. Some of what you've written was eye-opening / jaw dropping in that sense - "your hate for India was a barometer of your love for Pakistan and everyone was a

shahbaz Jul 01, 2013 09:20pm

India was never dominating in the game of cricket and never in late 90's nor in present scenario. we just hammered them on their own soil with all these stars that you mentioned. you went a little more sarcastic but sarcasting our selectors only seems justified. this was the horrible team selection that made us to endure all this otherwise we had been a great side in the game of cricket at least better than Indian's. we must kick out all the old junks and fill the team with confidant fresh blood. we had a clear cut and eye opening record against all Indian teams which get selected out of a nation of more than a billion. we just need an overhaul of our cricket board and must assure transparency in the team selection.

Jawwad Jul 01, 2013 09:21pm

@Tahir: Actually, that's not true. Some local cricket admins may have private vendettas but we Pakisanis appreciate and admire good cricket and whomever plays good cricket gets his fair share with few exceptions possible. There are many upcoming and good cricketers of different religion sects ( I refuse to call them minorities as they are all Pakistanis) playing in domestic cricket. Danish Kaneria played quite few Test matches for Pakistan and holds record for most wickets as a spinner. Lal Kumar is an exiting left arm fast prospect. And then, there are many Pakistani Hindus going by Muslim first names such as Ammar Ali, a first class cricketer.

Shubs Jul 01, 2013 09:27pm

Much of the "honesty" on display here by the author is nothing new for generations of Indians, who always knew that the only thing that kept Pakistan together was their immense hatred for India. They were never a nation bound by nationalism...but by hatred for the "other". Pakistan was always "not-India"...that was the only identity they ever had. One can only hope that all that was in the past, but most Indians aren't holding their breath.

anil Jul 01, 2013 09:37pm

@Shaan Agha: I understand your feelings. But Without any bias , I would say you are not responsible for this , your leaders are .Your leaders mislead you . We as Indians see performance and ability first to secure our nation . That's why we didn't bother When Azharudin was made Captain , we only enjoyed when India won the match . We only enjoyed when Irfan clicked a hatrick . One of my favourite journalists has said Idea of India is stronger than idea of Indians and idea of Pakistan is weaker than idea of Pakistani and he is a great Indian journalist and citizen Mr.Akbar. I give all the credits to our leaders who despite setbacks in their political career , stood still in their words and we are relatively in a smooth position now. And I don't expect you to say "Mr.Dhoni is one of the greatest captains Hindu community has ever produced" in the line of Jinnah's statement after M.Gandhi's assassination "one of the greatest men produced by the Hindu community" . We would be happy if you replace the word "Hindu Community" with "India" .

Cheers, Anil Kumar Nayak.

maq fida Jul 01, 2013 09:45pm

Pakistan in 1999 was at one end of the spectrum as per this article 'don't give a damn to india'...and 14 years later is on the other end that 'everything about india is good'...either are extreme views...every nation has something good and bad..its for society to develop the good while putting down the bad...Pakistan didn't learn anything for the 48 war in kashmir or even 65..and they suffered in their blind pursuit of destroying india that pakistan itself got split in two in 1971...the jealousy since has only grown leading to pak society justifying terrorism in kashmir to liberate it...this would only lead to another bufircation in balochistan sometime in the future thanks to domestic violence by the terrorists..just a week back pakistan taliban even killed many chinese tourists...pakistan would end up making enemies everywhere and implode....i just hope civil society comes on the streets and push the govt to take action and set pakistan back on the right track...else things would only get more ugly and moderates would be driven underground...without liberty and freedom it would be really difficult times!!

Nadeem (US) Jul 01, 2013 09:48pm

@Dr. Gurpreet Singh Matharoo: Dr. Sahab, we Pakistani are broad minded, and Dawn is one of it's kind. You can't compare Dawn with any of your Indian news papaer. Open any online Indian news paper, you will see anti Pakistai news and hundreds of anti Pakistani comments, 90% use abusive language. Those news papers allow abusive language since it's against Pakistan, If I use a bad word, you wouldn't see my comments on this news paper. We will take your suggestion and I hope your courntrymen will do the same thing.

Pramod Jul 01, 2013 09:46pm

I think Inzimam, Md. Yousuf and Saeed Anwar are more responsible for current state of Pakistani team . No doubt all 3 were extremely talented batsman perhaps will make in top 10 batsman for Paksitan of all time.But they killed the killer instinct of Pakistani team by giving all credit to God everytime they won. They became too dependent on god every time.Religion is ones private matter and there is no point in praying on field than just showing off.

Pakistani team upto Wasim Akram captaincy had sports man who had faith in their ability . Now team believe because they are Muslim and praying 5 times every day. So god will give them win as a gift but they forgot god helps people who help themselves.

ali Jul 01, 2013 09:50pm

one of best article i ever read on dawn....

maq fida Jul 01, 2013 09:52pm

@Capt C M Khan: Pakistan was formed on the basis of a muslim country..but the people failed to realise that culture/values dominate more than religion...India on the other hand is held together because of values/cuture and not religion...people of pakistan must realise this...if religion comes first then u would have the case of bangladesh where country/islam was put ahead the interests of the citizens....realise that citizens are supreme and not religion or state!!

anil Jul 01, 2013 09:58pm

@Nadeem (US): "@Dr. Gurpreet Singh Matharoo: Dr. Sahab, we Pakistani are broad minded, and Dawn is one of it's kind. You can't compare Dawn with any of your Indian news papaer. Open any online Indian news paper, you will see anti Pakistai news and hundreds of anti Pakistani comments, 90% use abusive language. Those news papers allow abusive language since it's against Pakistan, If I use a bad word, you wouldn't see my comments on this news paper. We will take your suggestion and I hope your courntrymen will do the same thing."-- ---- Some people in India call it freedom of press . You are most welcome to post any kind of abusive language , no one will bother ,but you might get a reply in same tone .In fact these news agencies don't employ moderators .Where does the question of broad mind arise ?

maq fida Jul 01, 2013 09:59pm

@Md Imran: Just a few days back pakistan taliban killed multiple chinese you think china would keep supporting you for ever?? US is slowly moving to renewable energy (tesla, solarcity)...and within a decade they would be net exporters of oil...even middle east and the so called ummah would lose all its revenues and go back to living in think your support base will last for wrong??? why don't u instead realise ur folly and rely on yourself rather than again going back to the jingoism against a global world u cannot ignore any country...let along a country the size of india!!

Nadeem (US) Jul 01, 2013 10:00pm

@Sonal: Who is behind those traveling advisory warnings? Do you think we, who are cricket loving country, attached SL team to keep away all cricket nations from Pakistan? Or we are the one who killed mountainers recently? Definately not, we are not the one, there are some exteranl hands behind all this. We all know who they are. By the way can you tell us, what RAW is doing in war tone Afghanistan close to Pakistani border? Are they enjoying their vacation in Afghanistan?

Rashid Jul 01, 2013 10:04pm

@Sonal: Hello Sonal! I think the author means 'hatred' only when it came to cricket matches....because thats when nationalism boils over! Generally, though, I went to a government school in Pakistan and there was no 'anti-India' academics ...distortion of facts but nothing specifically pushing 'hate'.....the people of both countries should maybe get out a little bit more....and perhaps even interact across the border. It'll surely clear all the misconceptions you may have. and PLEASE stop believing what your media tells you! Its not better than a star soap!

Komal S Jul 01, 2013 10:10pm

@Nadeem (US): I agree Dawn is of High quality. you need to understand many Indian newspapers where you see strong anti-pakistan messages have no moderators. They are not just anti-pakistan, it is anti-congress, antiBJP, anti-Tamil , anti-hindi, anti-India that is how online comments work anybody can comment. Unfortunately it gives platform for extreme views.

Mark Anthony Jul 01, 2013 10:10pm

Well reasoned. Good luck to you guys, brother.

MI5 Jul 01, 2013 10:14pm

The plain truth is that any Islamic country has no chance unless it is in some way useful due to its resources and is reasonably obedient, example being Saudi Arabia, Indonesia. During the cold war Pakistan was propped up big time and on the other hand India was hindered in everyway possible due to its alliance with the soviet union, post cold-war era the US strategy changed and it focused on strengthening India and took away support for Pakistan. This would explain that its not the people or the leaders of both of the countries who are responsible for the successes or the failures but outside powers. India at the moment is riding on expectations but it is still internally damaged and corruption is still rife. Pakistan should decide what it wants - Islamic country with Islamic laws or secularism and the worlds delight.

Avik Ray Jul 01, 2013 10:14pm

@Nadeem (US): I agree with you regarding the abusive comments by the readers in Indian newspapers. By comparison the Pakistani readers are more restrained and sophisticated.

MI5 Jul 01, 2013 10:16pm

Both countries have equal proportion of mutual haters, I watch a lot of indian news channels and other media and the Pakistan hate intensity is just as much, media is always representative of the general held views of its audience.

Nadeem (US) Jul 01, 2013 10:22pm

@maq fida: Exactly, why we are going to keep our Chinese friends away from us? Someone in the wourld is/are jealous of Pak-China friendship. They are the one who masterplan SL team attack; they are successful in their plan. And the Big Boss (US) don't want to listen anything against her new FRIEND.

Miley Jul 01, 2013 10:33pm

@Sonal: While I agree with you that India isn't going to be like Pakistan in 5 years, you have misconstrued some facts. Indian economic growth has seen decline this year and once economic decline commences, religion and religion violence is people's form of escapism. This is the problem we face in Pakistan. Secondly, there were trip advisories places on visiting India in the wake of recent numerous rapes in India. That being said, my Pakistan is probably not going to match India for another decade to say the least and have to say with a heavy heart, I wish India a prosperous future.

Ravi Ganga Jul 01, 2013 10:36pm

It shouldn't be all doom and gloom based on a tournament. Pakistanis beat India in India and Indians were mesmerized with their fast bowlers. Granted that the Pakistani psyche has taken a beating based on the socio-economic turmoil, you shouldn't just write off your cricketers. They are arguable the most diversely talented in the world. In the 80's and 90's Indians hated Pakistani Cricketers in public for their guts and glory, but invariably wanted Indians to demonstrate the same aggressive behavior. Brand Wasim Akram is possibly more famous in India than it is in Pakistan. So as much as I appreciate the writer's candid opinion, it was similar across the border just few years ago, and not all is lost.

Nadeem (US) Jul 01, 2013 10:52pm

@Avik Ray: Ray, I respect your honesty.

Nadeem (US) Jul 01, 2013 11:06pm

@anil: Your freedom of press apply where Pakistan is involved. Why your press never publish unrest/killing incident in Kashmire & Asam. As far as I know there are alteast 15 seperatist movement in India, no news about that. On the other hand Pakistani print and TV media talk about unrest situation, corruption, sepetraist movement in Balochastan. That's called freedom of press. That's why I said Indian media needs to be honest and broad minded.

snjotshi Jul 01, 2013 11:04pm

agha, well said

arvind Jul 01, 2013 11:08pm

@Nadeem (US): Same is true about Dawn, it allows comments that degrade India,Indians but refuses to publish truth about Pakistan when it is not to its liking,and I am not talking about abusive comments,just plain truth.

Saumitra Singh Jul 01, 2013 11:14pm

A very good article indeed. Hope to see more pakistani people as broad minded as Shaan Agha.

Md Imran Jul 01, 2013 11:23pm

To correct the perception of a few, here are some facts :

  1. Pakistanis do indeed have far better cars than Indians. One look at the SUVs in Clifton or some mall in central Lahore, and compare to the little tins Indians drive.

  2. Pakistanis are born businessmen. After all, our ancestors were traders who came from far off land, and established sultanates here. That has not left us. Ex : Shahid "Shad" Khan .

  3. Atleast 20% of the brains in silicon valley are Pakistanis. Most Indians employed there are regular coders, Pakistanis are in far sophisticated and complex roles.

4.We have better artists,writers, musicians. Just look at the rate at which bollywood is tapping Pakistani talent.

5.We are infinitely more advanced than India. Our nuclear weapon and design of J-17 aircraft has put us among select few nations in the world that has this capability.

  1. We are the beacon of hope not just for those in subcontinent, but for all ummah. Our leadership among ummah nations is well documented ( look at PAF contribution in 67 arab-israel war, first Islamic conference etc ).
Afrooz Jul 01, 2013 11:43pm

@Md Imran: We need people like you to remind us why the author had to write this article in the first place. So thanks for expressing your opinion, though it has been down voted so many times.

Soumya Jul 01, 2013 11:42pm

One of the best article I have ever read.India's and Pakistan's hate intensity is almost same. But the new generation of India is much more tolerant than Pakistan's or may be I am wrong by just trusting hat media shows me.

Raju Jul 01, 2013 11:48pm

Whoa!!!, still we can't learn from our mind boggling mistakes, huh?, My people please get out of the mud slinging game.

Sheetal Jul 01, 2013 11:51pm

@Nadeem (US): Do not blame others or bring forward conspiracy theories when faced with a bitter truth. It only reveals your immaturity that you are trying to point a finger at outsiders for attack on SL cricket team. Is it outsiders or your government that decides what kind of security will be provided to a visiting team ? Is it your government or outsiders who will conduct enquiry, arrest people and produce evidence ? If outsiders attacked SL cricketers who is carrying out everyday attacks in Pakistan since past couple of years ? Have you produced even a shred of an evidence about outsider's involvement ? Are you that na

Mahesh Jul 01, 2013 11:55pm

@Rashid: You are correct. I also have few of pakistani freinds while studying in USA and they all were from good families and good human beings. Leaving religion apart I think we are no different than each other. Also, we face similar problems internally and it is the frustration that we express onto our neighbors for everything wrong within our own country. I personally believe evenif few Indians hate pakistani or vice versa, its not the other countryman they hate but its only their frustration that they can not do away with. Not everyone can be bad in any given country.

Rao Jul 01, 2013 11:57pm

@Nadeem (US): write something diffrent.. donot harp on same point again and again. You will even say bombings in Quetta against Haara community is also done by new friend of US!!!

Sheetal Jul 02, 2013 12:01am

@Md Imran:

You have raised two important points "An average Pakistani is much much wealthier than an average Indian. And before we talk about how lost we are, one needs to remember the bedrock of Pakistan - our talent that is now being absorbed by other nations." Do you have any statistic to back your claim ? The component of undeclared or what is popularly called "black money" is as much in India as in Pakistan. Given India's significantly broader Industrial and manufacturing base I bet you there is more tax evasion in India than Pakistan. The brain drain problem for India is as acute as Pakistan. You can do some research and see the number of Indians working in the organizations you mentioned. As per one survey 17% of Physicians in US are of Indian origin. So these two factors are not a reason for difference between performance of two countries.

khan Jul 02, 2013 12:44am

@salman aziz : Misbah symbolises the negativity in Pakistan cricket, but in fact, he has only acted as the perfect catalyst to the destiny actualised by the collective consciousness of an entire nation, including his predecessors. Please understand what this means.. it is not Misbah's fault that he is defensive... it is the people around him that makes him the person he is

Arul Jul 02, 2013 12:48am

@Nadeem (US): Yeah..Nadeem...go on.. blame everything and everybody but you for all your sufferings. That will solve all your problem.

Daniyal Jul 02, 2013 12:50am

Whether Pakistani nation may believe or not but it is a true fact that this Indian Cricket team is better than Pakistani team in all aspects....such as batting , bowling and fielding...etc

Dr. Gurpreet Singh Matharoo Jul 02, 2013 12:50am

@anil: Majority masses in India do not read those newspapers that you are referring to and, please look into the root cause of problems. The author here has confessed that the root of the problem lies with Pakistan...sort that out and we can assure you that you won't find any abuse directed at Pakistan!

a Jul 02, 2013 12:53am

Say what you want, but I would still prefer Shoaib Akhtar over Virat Kohli, Inzamam over Sachin and Pakistan over India. Pakistan is my identity and I will be a die-hard fan of anything with the Pakistani flag. This does nto mean that I am anti-india or anything like that. But one should be proud of their roots and their country just like every other national of any other place. What amazes me is the amount of posts our friends from across the border post here on DAWN website, compared to Pakistanis themselves. Maybe they have all stopped reading this online paper. Pakistan Zindabad.

khan Jul 02, 2013 01:00am

@Jawwad: try finding out why Hindus in Pakistan go by Muslim names and you will have your answer. :)

Shafi Jul 02, 2013 01:12am

@Nadeem (US): Dear This is main reason of condition of Pakistan that they always want to blame Indians, what ever happened is fault and done by India, the day Pakistani start to realize that there are some fault Inside Pakistan I think that day 50% problems of Pakistan will solve, till you will not realize that you(citizens and establishment) are only reason of your all problems, because you must realize and understand there is fault from your own side, you cant blame India or US. or any one for all problem Inside Pakistan, Sorry if my words are harsh, no intention to hurt.

Adnan zafar Jul 02, 2013 01:16am

Very nice article. I hope some one in PCB reads it.

sami Jul 02, 2013 01:27am

Still you are not close to fact....Main reason for downfall of pakistan is there support and involvement in Terrorism....Mother nature works on one law above all religion.....what you sow is what you reap.

Akash Dixit Jul 02, 2013 01:33am

I will exchange The times of India for The Dawn! I hope that Insha-Allah things improve in Pakistan and why India too. It is the magnanimity of Pakistanis who say good words about India's progress. However, things are not so rosy here too. I cannot say conclusively which of the two nations are better off, but I know for sure that together the nations will do better than when they fight each other.

I am even Okay with talking cricketer exchange, only if we can go back in time and bring the greats, Imran Khan, Wasim Akram, Abdul Quadir etc. on the table too. :-)

Robinson Varghese Jul 02, 2013 01:44am

What Pakistan needs now is someone like Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

KP Jul 02, 2013 01:51am

@Nadeem (US): Sir, yes, we people are 'broad minded'. So broad that we accept and condone anti women rape laws, we honor honor killing, Shia killing when & where needed, teach thru our doctrine text books hatred & intolerance towards anything unIslamic. Did I leave out any broad-minded aspects of your broad-minded souls?

Swaraj Jul 02, 2013 01:49am

Let's face it...IPL did the trick, PERIOD!!!

Vijay Jul 02, 2013 01:54am

@Md Imran:

we have the support of ummah and China to keep check India's >>hegemonic designs else all would be lost. Earlier it was US now China, why do you need someones else shoulder to carry the nation. Why don't Pakistan merge with China that way you will be bigger in all respect to India. And know what, Chinese know how to keep everyone in check. I sincerely wish China taking over the control of your country, its far easier to deal with them as they have the vision which sadly your country lacks.

ashok Jul 02, 2013 01:55am

There is a major factor which is seldom overlooked by media or other intelligencia, while compairing Pakistan with india.Ever since we got freedom from the British,the Pakistanis taught their children Pakistan ka Matlub Kya--La -ilaaha-illAllah and Indians taught their children without knowledge humans and animals have no difference.Pakistanis in the same breath taught their children that hindus are kaffirs and india and hindus are evil .Pakistan opposed India on every Forum and Pakistanis faced India in a game as if a victory will get them a place in heaven and a defeat a place in hell.Children born in 1947 are now fathers and grandfathers and they have handed over the legacy of hate India,hate hindu to their children and grandchildren in Pakistan where as Indian have produced the largest educated bloc of all the races in the world.It will take hundred years for Pakistanis to undo what they have done to the socio-ecconomice fabric of their country.Untill then people who were divided on the bases of religion will suffer the hostallities of each other.

Garib Jul 02, 2013 02:12am

@maq fida: If Muslims are one nation how do you explain 22 Arab countries? Some are not even friendly with each other.

BRR Jul 02, 2013 02:11am

@Nadeem (US):All the education has not helped illuminate your mind, which is as closed as one can be, and refuses to let any bring ray of sunshine enter it. Pakistan needs millions more like you, and then it will be completely ruined.

BRR Jul 02, 2013 02:12am

When the likes of Tablighi Jammat became advisers, when the likes of Inzamman forced player to pray five times a day rather then bowl 5 times a day, the course for the destruction of the Pak cricket future was all set.

BRR Jul 02, 2013 02:18am

@shahbaz: easier said than done.

Garib Jul 02, 2013 02:16am

@Md Imran: Joking? I am sure you are..

sajid Jul 02, 2013 02:23am

@Nadeem (US): we have a saying in britain

"are you dizzy blud"

TheKhan Jul 02, 2013 02:25am

@Md Imran: May allah bless you with love and brains..Zaid hamid!!!

zafarov Jul 02, 2013 02:49am

@Pramod : Inzimam thanked God even after we lost! One wondered with this attitude, why he bothered to turn up for the match in the first place.

abdul hadi Jul 02, 2013 02:55am

a standing ovation to my brother...i just don't like cricket, i eat, drink, breathe, sleep and i am cricket...well said a a very very very bitter truth. i wish those who are concerned can get the real message. the present indian cricket team and cricketers are a dream come true. how badly i wish i was saying this for the pakistani cricket, cricketers and the nation at whole. what are we proud of????????

Jignesh Jul 02, 2013 04:19am

@Tareen: Its not the same team which got hammered by Australia and England. That team had liabilities of Tendulkar, Dravid , Sehwag (Upto certain extent) and Gambhir. India has carried on with these liabilities for last 5 years. These liabilities are gone for a while and you can see the difference. If we had a bowler like Kumble and Srinath now, this team will be unstoppable. I hope Tendulkar and Gambhir never return now because Indian selectors have no gutts to stop TRendulkar from coming back. This guy is just playing on his past glory. Every run he scores now, is a fluke.

Vijay Jul 02, 2013 04:43am

Why do you want to swap players from other countries instead of grooming your own players? I don't recall anybody saying same thing in India about Akram and Waqar back in 80's. This artical tells a lot about pakistani psyche. Have faith in yourself and don't ask anything for free!

Bilal Chaudhry Jul 02, 2013 05:35am

I don't envy India at all. These same rag-tag bunch of players in our team went INTO India and beat them on their own soil. In fact, we embarrassed India so badly that the BCCI had to save face and gave Dhoni Man of the Match in a game he lost. If I remember correctly, BCCI's highest paid munchkin Ravi Shastri gave Dhoni the MOM for "...great captaincy." Hell, if captains get MOM's for losing matches, Misbah should have been player of the tournament in the recent Champions Trophy!

Also, in head to head Tests/ODI's, Pak have a handsome lead over India. And by handsome, I mean vast!

Although India are having a good run (won a 50 Over ODI competition via a T20 -- But that's a story for another day), Pak's talent is limitless and we will be ready to pounce again!

And Mr. Agha, how can you even compare Gavasker/Shastri to the likes of Imran, Wasim, and Waqar? Best joke I read this entire summer!

Ahmad Zubairi Jul 02, 2013 05:36am

Best article in a long time.

Medi Jul 02, 2013 05:44am

This is brilliant........

Sridhar Jul 02, 2013 05:51am

Cricket is just a tip of the iceberg. It is symptomatic of problems much deeper and much more chronic.

The longstanding, self-serving collusion between the military and the mosque has only made false patriotism fashionable over the decades. The false sense of economic well being of the experienced during the Cold War years was nothing but the house of cards built with dole from the US. It was not based on productive capacity or a thriving manufacturing or service sectors. Now that fashion seems quite outdated in the light of failures on many fronts.

I had 16 years of education in India that included postgraduate studies. I did not have single text book that demonized Pakistan in any shape or form. That does not mean there is no prejudice in India. Trust me. Narendra Modi and Bal Thakreys are the very embodiments of such hate. We are deeply ashamed of these characters, and such people have been voted out many time through the power of the ballot box.

Unless, Pakistanis reconcile to the idea that other religions, other systems of government, other cultures are equally respectable as their own, the nation will unwittingly propel itself toward becoming a failed state. Self-delusion leads to self-destruction.

Any society that is tolerant of other religions and ethnic groups, notwithstanding the inefficient nature of a secular democracy, will make progress. One that does not treat its minorities with respect and beats the drums of jingoism faces problems that are truly monumental. That includes mounting self-doubt as evidenced in the article.

Ali Jul 02, 2013 05:59am

@Sonal: I beg to disagree with you - being in IT in North America for over a decade I am positive what you are saying about Indian mindset towards Pakistan is the other way around. Whenever an Indian sees a Pakistani, his/her goal is to make the Pakistani guy look bad, create unusual circumstances and group with fellow Indians to corner a Pakistani(s). I was a big fan of Bollywood movies before immigrating to North America, had a dream I would have an Indian girlfriend resembling the likes of Sonali Bendre, Karishma Kapoor et-al (unfortunately was a big setback to me in school). People generally in Pakistan want to have friendlier relationship with Indians but the fact is Indians will always stab you from the back, this is what I have noticed in IT at least.

Vikas Jul 02, 2013 06:04am

A brave article.

syed ashraf agha Jul 02, 2013 06:24am

Shaan, Salam un Alaikum, on a different note, we are presently a demoralized nation. There was a time we excelled in Squash, Cricket and Hockey, holding all 3 world titles. To-day, we do not appear on the radar of Squash, were ranked last in the recent Champions trophy of Cricket and Hockey. All our neighbors India, Iran and Afghanistan blame us for sponsoring terrorism in their countries for last many years, is testament to the fact that we have shifted our focus from sport to terrorism, where we rank # 1 in the world. We are good at doing what we set out to do. Not a bad swap. We punish sportsmen for ball tampering & cheating, but free our criminals, murderers and serial killers who are awarded party tickets to contest elections. That our boys are still performing at an International level is in itself a credit to them. The worse is yet to come. We have turned the page and moved on to other priorities, like life after death, irrespective of the disgrace and humiliation we have to suffer while we are alive. Love you Son

syed ashraf agha Jul 02, 2013 06:31am

@anil: absolutely correct, I fully agree with you. But we Muslims have a habit of identifying/associating ourselves with Religion. No other country is recognized by its religion except for the Islamic countries. Don't know why though.

jagan sriram Jul 02, 2013 06:48am

it was really interesting blog i have read of the recent time.i am 40 yr old and nearly fifteen years back i began to read dawn i am really proud of the fact that sub continent has one of the finest newspaper whch is pakistani.fifteen years back i used to travel 8kms by bus to read dawn online.such was my passion for quality journalism and now also i hold the point that dawn is one of the finest newspaper in the whole sub continent and it has many writers who can be called best in their field.unfortunately i dont read dawn regularly because of simple reason that pakistan has gone out of my radar because rwhat it offers to world is hatred,suicide bombers.this no one wants in the present day world where lot of things are taking place which are far more constructive.i hope that pakistan people introspect have correct priorities so that their politicians deliver their chosen priority. tailpiece- i am a staunch advocate of pakistani cricketers participation in ipl so that they can showcause their talent and as a whole game of cricket benefits from of luck.

kar Jul 02, 2013 07:40am

@MI5: Please read our Indian Newspapers - Times of India, Hindu, Indian Express, etc. and see if they seethe with hate. Hatred towards Pakistan or anybody else does not sell.

Dr. Gurpreet Singh Matharoo Jul 02, 2013 07:48am

@Atif: thats for Pakistani people...not Asians, whats abusive in that?

Mohnish Jul 02, 2013 07:59am

Great article.... and trust me if you would, it's not since I originally hail from India and the author has mentioned a lot of good things about India. It's because after reading through the article, I could feel a positive vibe coming from across the border. Keeping myself honest, Pakistan has loads of talent whether its sports (squash, cricket, hockey & now billiards & tennis too) or music industry (I love to listen to Nusrat F A K, Reshma, Atif, Rahat F A K etc.) or arts or for that matter any other field. However; difference between India & pakistan right now is mainly in the objectives & goals that has been set up by leaders at the top and the orientation of common people. I would suggest more & more people from pakistan to focus on their own country's development rather than competing against India (with or without the help from USA or even China). Let's teach our younger generation more lessons on building a strong foundation of developing & powerful country rather than spreading hatred against India & Indians. If we could collectively fight against the British and gain independence 66 years back, we both have the potential to stand tall and grow as powerful & resourceful nations. God bless both India & Pakistan !!

Imran Jul 02, 2013 08:12am

Great article. Over years Pakistan youth has become more favorably disposed to India and her culture. That can be seen by huge crowds turning up to see latest Bollywood flick Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani in both Karachi and Lahore and youngster trying to imitate Virat and Dhoni instead of Misbah and Yunus. We are less worried about Kashmir and more about our education and growing influence of Pakistani Talibans in our society.

Sandeep Jul 02, 2013 08:18am

@Nadeem (US): Yes @Nadeem (US) you can blame India for everything.. from mountaineers killing to Attack on Sri Lanka Cricket team in Lahore. But then why your so called Democratic elected Govt, ISI & Army can't produce even a single proof to implicate India...? You will gain nothing by blaming India for self-inflicted wounds. Terrorist in Pakistan was flourished keeping in mind "Bleeding India through a thousand cuts" theory & now same monsters have turned against Pakistan regime & killing people at will. You need to keep your house in order before blaming others. India have invested huge money in Afghanistan for infrastructural projects or may the Indian consulates are giving same support as what Pakistan is doing from last 15 years in Kashmir. All the best

PROUD INDIAN Jul 02, 2013 08:25am


ivehadit Jul 02, 2013 08:30am

Give credit where it's due.India has the best cricket team in the world. Pakistan can't even play at home. What a mess we've made of our country. To those throwing invectives at Indians, I can only say "Physician, heal thyself".

sohail Jul 02, 2013 09:03am

I love my countrymen, I daily read indian newspaper and quiting because it makes me negative. Indian use harsh and racist remarks to pakistanis. my countrymen know their limits so best of luck to Pakistan. Insha Allah one day we will emerge as a nation of steel.

ashvinn Jul 02, 2013 09:08am

@Nadeem (US): may your tribe grow and flourish in Pakistan

deepak Jul 02, 2013 09:12am

@Nadeem (US): Dear Naddu yr GK is very poor. Sri Lankan openly accepted during his visit to Pakistan that it was LTTE behind attack on Srilankan cricket team. And u people have gone blind as far as hatred against India is concerned.

deepak Jul 02, 2013 09:18am

@Nadeem (US): Then what r u doing 'there' (in US)? U should be in ur friendly country; China.

Fazal Jul 02, 2013 09:17am

@Nadeem (US): Proof please... Can u post links to such articles in any news papers.

deepak Jul 02, 2013 09:24am

@anil: Abe anil tu pakistani hai?

Faridoon Jul 02, 2013 09:41am

Very well constructed article Mr. Agha. Thank you for putting into words what many Pakistanis keep only in their minds.

Mahesh Jul 02, 2013 09:52am

The one and only difference b/w India and Pakistan is the religious intolerance. Pakistanis ( or the fundamentalists) can't see other religions grooming. It lacks in India (thanks god) and gives India an upperhand.

Adnan Khan Jul 02, 2013 10:06am

Its a dumb article, 5 months ago, we destroyed them in India and won the tournament. Then you would be writing, India may have a strong economy, but Pakistanis are warriors. Now we loose 1 game to them 6 months later and your expending so much unrelated stuff. Plus at the game it was the Pakistanis who were way prouder, and way more determined.

Indranil Biswas Jul 02, 2013 10:11am

Mr. Agha, you have emphasized on the differences between the two countries. It is also good to remember how similar we are as people. One of my major professional collaborators is from Pakistan; he is like elder brother to me. I hope your article has a positive effect is reducing the "differences".

Sahil Jul 02, 2013 10:17am

Few months back I was attending global meet set up by my company. It is a MNC with strong presence in both India and Pakistan. In both the countries, it has been able to get top class employees.

Representative from both the countries made presentation about the business climate in country and their success. Presenter from Pakistan explained how through very smart thinking they have succeeded despite negative climate in country like government rules on pricing policy, awareness level of consumers, etc. His presentation was very passionate and emotional and had fair share of whining about the challenges they face.

Presenter from India had very different presentation style. His presentation was also passionate, yet low on emotions and high on analytics. He did mention business challenges on few occasions but his primary focus was on strategy they used to succeed. On few occasions he also talked things that have improved and was riding high on confidence.

Now may be I am reading too much into it, but when I read this article, it kind of reflected my thoughts about what I experienced back then. I just hope that things improve in Pakistan sooner than later, it will be great for both the countries.

sohail Jul 02, 2013 10:25am

@Shubs: so is rightly said one of my eduacted friend that anti pakistan is the only reason we are indian otherwise we would not be a country but small states as we were used to be. I know reality very well so do not speak like stereotype indian.

Azeez Jul 02, 2013 10:29am

@Md Imran: I know these are your dream.......hi..hi...hi

sohail Jul 02, 2013 10:28am

@Sonal: you really make me laugh, I know how much hatred indian have got to pakistan. I personally been victim of it.

Zafar Naim Jul 02, 2013 10:40am

Whatever the business friendly politician try, Pakistan and India can never be friends untill and unless they resolve the Kashmir issue according to the will of Kashmiri people. Pakistan have always accepted India as a reality, but India's right wing war loving politicians must also accept Pakistan as reality.

Dixit Jul 02, 2013 10:40am

Very crispy writing and thought provoking indeed.

sohail Jul 02, 2013 10:40am

@Fuad: US is watching u too, LOL. grow up and be realistic. it is indian state not indian ordinary citizen who is getting benefited. we facing hard time but surely will emerge as a nation of steel, it is my faith. rational Pakistani do not hate hindu. we are not friends but not foes either.

Mohsin Riaz Jul 02, 2013 10:45am

I don't understand why Misbah has been able to be in the side for so long doing nothing except making the team a pack of sheeps???? and I am unable to figure out why ex-cricketers like him and want him to carry on as captain of the team..

Devil Jul 02, 2013 10:43am


Very good Article, rather Brilliant, not coz it has the praise for my country and criticism of yours, 'but' ... To identify whats wrong within is the fist step to rectify and be better as a nation or as a person ! Wish you guys good luck and wish you guys come out of this situation soon ...

Having said that ... East or West ... India is the best ;-) and please keep Shoib Malik with you only ...

Maqbook Jul 02, 2013 10:55am

@Nadeem (US): Serious Nadeem you need to get your head checked man, no wonder Shoab akhtar said the team is mentally disturbed, sorry bro, he forgot to add you in that. Even the Chinese guy who escaped stated that it was the Taliban and you are talking of RAW. Believing that RAW was behind this, you guys are worst, considering the Mumbai attack, so if you believe RAW created this, than it was tit for tat. Good Luck next time. However, I sincerely wish both the countries should take care of its poor and innocent citizens who are falling prey to this carnage.

H.Yadav Jul 02, 2013 10:56am

They wouldnt have let V. Kohli join the team bcoz he is nt a muslim

Sahil Jul 02, 2013 11:06am

@Atif: You can find Indian news through youtube (if it is not banned in Pakistan these days) or just look for Google News Indian edition . Typically Pakistan doesn't even get 5% of coverage time any given day, unless there is some cross firing in Kashmir, cricket match or there is some terrorist attack in Pakistan.

There are tons of newspapers and TV news channels in India so any issue is widely debated. Media has triggered lot of introspection which includes topics related to Kashmir, naxalism, government policies, etc. Invited guests in these forums get to have their say, people may agree or disagree, but still guests are able to freely express their opinion.

Manish Rohera Jul 02, 2013 11:01am

Guys would have to agree that pak is going through a turmoil situation but i hope that once this will end after the night a new dawn will begin a new breed of player will come up those who are fearless yes we will begin a new rivalry sure in the field cricket,science,peace,literature and better behavior with thy neighbors will bring new breed of imrans,dr abdus salams,severe critics like manto and a new breed of youngsters who know whats right and whats wrong as always said a nation deserves the polity it has and hence may a new breed of politicians

Don Jul 02, 2013 11:04am

I am totally at loss.what is the purpose of this clueless article. Title is extreme unethical to draw free hits. I am not even sure why Dawn is scratching the barrel that third rated bloggers are throwing up here and there freely.

In Pakistan, your hate for India was a barometer of your love for Pakistan and everyone was a

NISHIT SARAIYA Jul 02, 2013 11:26am

Self belief is What pakistanis Need rite now.... there was a time when we thought Why Wasim and Waqar cant play for india...And we still think The same why cant they Coach Indian Fast bowlers.... Dude With great power comes great responsibility....So Its Just matter of Doing things Right...

Abyss Jul 02, 2013 11:26am

I wonder , the current generation youth of Pakistan is still in the mindset of Heater to India .With this Blog I can clearly make out - Growing kids Studied hate ,and young Youth still Hating ,Grown people doesn't understand why they were hating INDIA.I Hope People of Pakistan can start looking for other Countries.It's been 60+yrs - INDIA have learned to move on from and It's bored of Pakistan Hate.I hope Pakistan will make history first.

Abyss Jul 02, 2013 11:38am

I can clearly make out the immaturity - writer has tried to balance the imbalance for which Pakistan is know for its sport.I wonder if Pakistan is so much loved to the sport then they would have not been banned for touring.

Satyameva Jayate Jul 02, 2013 11:46am

@Nadeem (US): If "exteranl hands behind all this" has killed 47,000 people within Pakistan, why don't People of Pakistan (PoP) believ e that the "exteranl hands behind all this" is stronger, braver and smarter than our own security forces and intelligence agencies? In terms of logic if you accept one as true you must deny the opposite from being true.

Jo Jo Jul 02, 2013 11:49am

@Syed W. Ali: That is the only good thing the BJP achieved.

Sanjay Jul 02, 2013 11:54am

Shaan,a well written article. you are going back 20 years. But if we go back before partition, the splitting of the two countries came about because of British deceit and desire to leave a festering wound that Pakistan and India would keep fighting over. It is time both countries think of developing themselves instead of spending money developing nuclear arsenals when their populations go hungry. We havecommon problems with equally corrupt politicians, you have feudal lords and we have our dynastic rule. The only difference in my opinion is the cornerstone of the foundation of the nations.One was a democracy and the other was based on religion.

While religion is a part of who we are, it is an intensely private thing. Loving or hating a person just because he has different belief is myopic in my view.

Indians and Pakistanis living outside the subcontinent find each other best friends asshare a similar culture, music, food. The poison spewed on both sides is meant to suit vested interests on both sides.

I am an optimist and see that the greater people to people contact between Pakistan and India will eventually resolving the differences and maybe uniting as a country. If they unite, it will be a powerhouse, in economy, sports , everything and not many countries want it.

You want two players take the whole team, for that matter the whole country. It is yours. It is time for positivity.

God Bless both nations !

Ali S Jul 02, 2013 11:54am

Well written, although I found it a bit disturbing that we are willing to change loyalties over a bad performance of cricket but have a soft spot for fellow 'brothers' who kill and destroy in the name of Islam. Talk about messed up priorities (unless, of course, I missed a point of the blog).

As far as cricket is concerned, I'm not a big fan of Misbah, but I'm getting sick of people bashing him - he may not be flashy, but he's the most reliable and level-headed player we have in the team right now, and he's arguably the only somewhat decent choice of a captain we have. Pakistanis think that if a player is not all boom boom, fours and sixes or a flashy wicket taker, he's worthless, which is why sensible (although plain) players like Misbah are sadly underrated.

Dr. Davinder Singh Jul 02, 2013 11:58am

@Nadeem (US): well said sir, but I think instead of pointing at each other (which we both are doing since 1947) we should compete at world level for peace and prosperity. we are fighting as enemy since 1947 lets start fighting as a friend fight to bring our countries on top of the world. As a brother look at the society which is mirror image in both countries, no body in our society will be happy seeing both brothers together happy and prosperous, that's the truth with this world too.

Bharat Jul 02, 2013 12:04pm

The best thing that happened to India was that Pakistan was created. This was glorious part of our history and i thank the British for it.I cant even imagine how we would have dealt with these problems that Pakistan faces everyday

Majority of Indians have absolutely no interested in Pakistan and are glad that it is a separate nation

Haas Jul 02, 2013 12:08pm

Beautiful article! My views also changed when I lived in the US... Long live Humanity...

Sanjay Saksena Jul 02, 2013 12:05pm

Generations to come will wonder how a talented people were let down by their miserable leadershipt, by the toxic interpretation of religion which, originally a message of peace, was grossly distorted by perverted minds to preach hate and violence against all those who choose not to live in the fourteenth century.

Rohan Kumar Jul 02, 2013 12:10pm

@Nadeem (US): ha ha ha...... lets ist disclose the "some one" jealous any thing about pakistan. Pakistan has nothing substantial which would make others jealous. you c how pakistan is suffering from internal problem. beaware of TTP rather than RAW . If you dont accept the truth that your internal issues are he real reason for the dawn fall than your pakistan will be sooner fall into ditch. so stop blaming others and first make your house in order.

FARHAN Jul 02, 2013 12:10pm

Beautifully crafted article but I disagree with Misbah reflecting country's thought. He is enforcing his own low self esteem on the team, which in my view is hereditary. If we make attacking player like affridi captain, approach can change despite belonging to same nation.....

ali kashan Jul 02, 2013 12:29pm

great vocabulary

Shamas-ur-Rehman Toor Jul 02, 2013 12:33pm

Shaan, I think its too early to jump to the conclusion and say between the lines that we are a failed nation. Mistakes happened here and there and no doubt we are at a historic low morale as a nation. But this is not the end of the world. Pakistan is not just a country, its also the grass in the fight of elephants.

I strongly believe that we are going through a social catharsis, becoming maturer, informed, and pragmatic. We may not be on the rising trajectory at the moment but you will agree that we all felt proud Pakistanis in 1992 (two years after you were chanting the slogans in Karachi), 1994 (when we won the Hockey World Cup), 2009 (when we won the T-20 World Cup), and at several other occasions I could list.

And while you are vying for India's success today, you would not have wished to be an Indian in 2002 Gujrat riots, 2012 Assam violence, and at many other occasions I can list. And by what you are seeing in Brazil and Russia these days, I can guarantee you that you wont wish to be an Indian when the growing gap between the poor and the rich in India will reveal itself on the roads. You will not wish to be an Indian when India will launch another wave of killings in Kashmir.

Ups and downs are part and parcels of nations history. No country in the world has progressed without going through a tough social catharsis. Some times it comes at a high cost. Perhaps that is the case for Pakistan as well. But I can tell you that a tough up-bringing is a guarantee of a lasting resilience.

No nation has ever earned and kept the top rank forever. Civilizations rise and fall - for countless reasons one can list. But its the social catharsis that makes them realise their destiny. I strongly believe that we are learning and un-learning as a nation. We are seeing what we did not see 25 years ago. We are making a slow but sure advance. What we cannot afford is the loss of faith in us.

And I hope, insha Allah, that you regain your trust in being a Pakistan and being a Pakistani. This may take another decade or so. But you will have to write an other article in Dawn accepting that you were a bit over disappointed.

Mr.T Jul 02, 2013 12:36pm

go to good barber, remove the cap change the shades, then re-write the column... and yes it's not hate from Pakistan it's same hate from India and they have more people to hate then Pakistan..

Ahmed Jul 02, 2013 12:34pm

@Rashid: I think you missed the point: it is not simply about cricket matches and, if I may add, not even about India and Pakistan; it is mainly talking about how the path a nation chooses will have consequences well into the future in terms of the mindset of its people, economy, success etc etc. "As you sow, so shall you reap". Its sad that our country has come to this. Selfish myopic politicians and the general obsession with religion (because of Zia - the starting point) instead of science have gotten us no where!

Sensible Person Jul 02, 2013 12:41pm

@Atif: My brother if you ever read the editorial of any indian newspaper there are many times you read this kind of article.I remembered the time of 90s period when i had read very similar to this type article regarding the earlier and current socio-economic condition of china and india.

Srinivas Jul 02, 2013 12:38pm

Any country which places too much importance on religion loses out in the long run.. this is no different for Pakistan. Once you use one barometer for distinction (religion), you walk down a dangerous path of segmenting your beliefs further. So if at one point it is good enough to be a Muslim, one now needs to be either a Shia or Sunni or Ahmadi et al.

As an Indian, I could not be more pleased not because Pakistan is facing an upshill task; rather it help define a template for India not to fall for religious extremism which some parties are forcing down our throat. So while India is not out of the woods yet, there is far greater tolerance. Of course, we still need to get out of regional parochialism that would take a few decades before we are a single 'India' internally.

I dont know if there is a ready solution for Pakistan since their foundation is based on religion. Eventually, the masses have to wake up and define a more tolerant role for religion. Given its size and abundance of natural resources they had everything to be years ahead of India. Alas, its struggling to get on their feet... hope this is the kick they need to pull up as Indian did in the 90s.

roshan Jul 02, 2013 12:40pm

@Nadeem (US): This is what most of the Pakistanis think now a days. Grow up my boy and be more liberal so you can analyse world in a more wise way.

Shivkumar Jul 02, 2013 12:41pm

While reading the article when I came towards the end I started wondering whether the author was a Non-Resident Pakistani and I was not wrong. No wonder he has written such a article. Today also very few persons living in Pakistan dare to write so freely, frankly and honestly when it involves comparision with India.

Three Cheers.

Vinod Jul 02, 2013 12:45pm

@Atif: Will such act not be considered blasphemous and hanged for it ???

Indian Jul 02, 2013 12:49pm

@Atif: Dear Atif,

Before talking about Indian army's role in Kashmir, just see what your army is doing Balouchistan and what it did in Bangladesh in the past. By the way in India the muslim population has grown from 12% to 18% whereas in Pakistan the population of hindus have gone down to 2% from 20%. Muslims are not running away from India but in Pakistan minorities are being targeted ...


Ahmed Jul 02, 2013 12:55pm

Well written and very true! That one famous line "As you sow, so shall you reap" says it all. The path that India chose years ago is bearing fruit for them and the path that we chose is having consequences for us. I wish we'd given more importance to science rather than obsessions with beliefs. I wish we'd had more progressive leaders rather than just one. I wish we'd given more importance to the "content of character" rather than material. I wish we'd given importance to equality rather than intolerance (even our state constitution states who is a muslim). I wish we'd give more importance to respect for all rather than individual respect. I wish we'd given more importance fairness rather than cronyism. Oh I wish!!!! :( A country is never third world, being third world is a mentality and it only takes an experience of being in the first world to realize this fact.

Vinod Jul 02, 2013 01:05pm

Well intended article. Asks countrymen to intro inspect the current affairs existing in the country and not indulge into denial and blame game. A very interesting parallel drawn between the state of the game and moral 0f the nation. I must congratulate the writer for his courage and honesty in tackling the issue at hand. Well done !!

Sanity Jul 02, 2013 01:06pm

@Nadeem (US): By the way, just to remind you that mostly Chinese are atheist :D

ala Jul 02, 2013 01:06pm

I am indian but I feel Dawn is much better than msny indian news papers

Ray Jul 02, 2013 01:08pm

Couldn't agree more. Unfortunately I had always seen cricket as a sport and had always considered India as a neighbor than as a enemy. As a potential trade partner, who would grow and would help us grow. But these politics of Punjab always marginalized my thoughts as those of someone who was still Indian, was a Muhajir. How unfortunate, how unlucky. I wish Punjab wakes up and is divided into three provinces, so that we are all equals in a country which is really at thee mercy of a single province to do right or wrong. Unless this happens, we can expect nothing but this downward slide.

a.k.lal Jul 02, 2013 01:10pm

a path branched into two, and I took the less travelled one, or shall I say the "should not be taken" one, and that has made all the difference. (with regards to Robert Frost)

maq fida Jul 02, 2013 01:19pm

@Nadeem (US): You still don't get it?? Keep your friend in China..but don't overlook what is killing your country internally just because of blind hate of India...i just read that the situation in karachi is pretty bad with jihadists, terrorists and even political parties indulging in blackmail, kidnapping, extortion and this rate the economy in karachi will just nose dive with little hope for people when even the political class becomes the mafia...then no one can help you including yourself let alone China or even your enemy India!!

I'm not saying this for myself or India, but for the well being of Pakistan and its citizens..India too would benefit as it cannot have good growth and peace without its neighbors doing well too...the violence, terrorism will keep spilling over!!

Its for pakistan to make a international relations there are no permanent friends or foes..just national interests that must be negotiated with other countries!!

Tayyab Jul 02, 2013 01:14pm

Masterpiece. This is exactly what I have been telling to my friends. When I thought of India in early 90s, I thought of a nation where most of the people live in slums and where a major portion of population is either Sadhu, Jogi or Pujari. But this slum nation has taken over the world due to their stable policies and keeping away from

It hurts, it really hurts, it hurts deep inside. I still believe after dealing with Indians for many years that Pakistanis have some special talents in certain fields and they'll keep on dominating Indians in those fields and Cricket is one of them. But with a tortured psyche and low self-esteem which I see today among Pakistanis, we are going no where.

I keep on watching Waqar's best yorkers and Zaheer Abbas's best batting on youtube and keep on wondering where that Pakistan has gone. When I see highlights of some old matches which were played in Pakistan (with those WILLS logos on pitch).

Someone needs to lift this nation's confidence with charisma. About Waseem's advice to players to "look more presentable", Pakistanis were doing just fine before Tableeghi Jamat intruded in early 2000s and swept away everything including greats like Saeed Anwar, Inzi, Shoaib Akhtar.

If you see Pakistan's Cricket history; there have always been 2 types of players. 1) From Nobility and others picked from streets of Mohallahs (lower middle class), these both elements used to gel together very nicely. Guys from lower middle class learnt the attiquetes, mannerism, and flamboyance from their aristocratic team mates. Grooming of these players (off the field) is as vital as coaching on the field.

One advice to media; please invite these young players with lower middle class background to TV shows; interview them with educated hosts (not live), teach them manners of interview, some nice Urdu/English words, you play your role to groom them. And so on, media and PCB will have to help players to gain confidence and earn a Hero status. And please no cheap TV reality shows... There are many things to be done but unfortunatley, nothing is being done about this. I saw Ahmed Shehzad invited on comedy show "Khabar Naak", it was horrible interview. He was looking up at the roof when he was not talking. He lacked confidence. His body language was nervous. Although his choice of words was not that bad. I think host/producer/staff of that show could have helped Ahmed Shehzad to improve on these things.


ala Jul 02, 2013 01:23pm

Dawn news paper is more balanced than many Indian news papers

Sonal Jul 02, 2013 01:36pm

@Miley: Hi Miley

Alok Jul 02, 2013 01:42pm

@Nadeem (US): Pakistan has nothing in common with China except the common enemy. And you have almost everything in common with Indians (esp. North Indians) like food, language, love for cricket and Bollywood. I lived in Gulf for many years and have lot of Pakistani friends who also share my views that Indians/Pakistanis are natural friends.

Therefore, friendship with India will benefit both our countries as poverty, unemployment are the real problems of people and we can invest more in education and business by saving money going in defense. Friendship with China for last 6 decades has not helped Pakistan anyway except militarily.

Raja Parekh Jul 02, 2013 01:49pm

@Nadeem (US): Hello, I do not wish to comment on first few questions of yours but as far as RAW is concerned we Indians have great doubts about their capabilities! Our all other government organisations are not efficient and hence safely conclude that it can not be RAW!!! Also, India has no desire to fuel unrest in Afghanistan. Its main objective is to help in constructive ways. It is not encouraging any military assistance.

Titto Jul 02, 2013 02:05pm

@anil: well said Anil. Hope Pakistani Brothers are reading this

Zulqarnain Majeed Jul 02, 2013 02:00pm

BRAVO... What an insight... I 100% agree with you... Indians have left us with no option, just to admire them in every walk of the life. We on other hand are on free fall....

Titto Jul 02, 2013 02:15pm

@JPG: you are wrong

Titto Jul 02, 2013 02:21pm

@Atif: Who care about cricket. Cricket is just for fun come on think about the future of your children save the country let them also live better than you!

kranti Jul 02, 2013 02:17pm

Atleast you realised the problem

Titto Jul 02, 2013 02:25pm

@Atif: who is doing this atif Indian army? they also human please go and help them

In Pakistan, three bomb blasts kill at least 36 Militants target a security convoy in Peshawar, a Shiite mosque in Quetta and anti-Taliban militia members in South Waziristan. The dead include three children.

Shri Jul 02, 2013 02:23pm

We all are your Brothers dude! Everyone is! Speak the same language, eat the same food and swear the same words! Yours is a refreshing perspective and most welcome one! I wish Pakistan all the very best in whatever you do, including cricket. You see, if cricket is what reflects the mood of the two nations, a few photographs where the two teams share good moments is to be believed. Its a game not war. All the best!

Regional Indian Jul 02, 2013 02:31pm

@ala: Which means you have not read 'The Hindu' and have restricted yourself to a tabloid like 'Times of India' which is nothing but yellow journalism. Just like Bollywood can never represent Indian cinema TOI can never be summed up as Indian journalism.

PiS Jul 02, 2013 02:44pm

Comparing pakistan to india is not the answer. We need to fix us, for our own sake. The foundation of this country the two nation theory was flawed and has no place in this time/age, but the beautiful country we have is not a mistake. We need to fix our problems and start on the path of coexistence like EU and US/Canada. I know indians enjoy schadenfreude while reading about Pakistan (which is quite obvious from the comments here) , but my message to Indians is the same. Please look towards west and other developed nations instead of feeling good about your country by comparing it to Pakistan. A strong south asia is the future, and all of us need to work towards that.

Gulf Indian Jul 02, 2013 02:52pm

I am in middle-east and i always wonder why there is hardly a smile in Pakistani faces in general. Most seem to be brooding or look down when we come face to face. Its like they don't want to get anyone's attention. There is not much of cheer or talkative emotions that are hallmarks of Indian nationals. A friend who has been living in middle-east for last 25 years says Pakistanis used to be so boisterous until 1990 or so as you mention in this blog like a cut-off date. Eversince the ex-pat Pak community has been withdrawing into a shell. While the once shy Indian community today is most successful in the gulf region. Economically and academically and professionally we are winners hands down. Though there are some Pakistanis in hi-fi jobs here the percentage of Indians in hi-profile jobs is lion's share everywhere and mostly its difficult today to come across Indian nationals in middle-level jobs. Indian labour is also expensive than Pakistani or Bangladeshi labour. Its anybody's guess here that Pakistanis (atleast in the middle-east) are still spending more on frivolous matters like interiors clothes eating-out etc while Indians invest maximum in children's education and gold. There is an enormous (perhaps cultural) difference in the mindset of the two communities. Our priorities are different apparently.

Capt C M Khan Jul 02, 2013 02:55pm

@Javed: You are 100% correct. it will take many more HUMILIATIONS over 100 years from today to change it I guess. We have become IMMUNE to defeats and loses, we always blame other.

Rashid Jul 02, 2013 03:13pm

@Ali S: You obviously missed the point! Haha....We need to learn the good from others and accept our follies when they are so hard to miss!

Harjit Dhanoa Jul 02, 2013 03:10pm

@Ahmed: Indian socialist based policies soon after independence, though harsh in terms of imports helped Indians to build a massive industrial base for themselves which when liberalization came their economy exploded, where as Pakistan ( having lived and worked there for a year) in no less in their enterprise but are constrained by various factors. Their belief that India is inferior to Pakistan and do not want to trade with and yet they are almost mortgaging their country to China ( Gwader port ) who, to keep India in check are using Pakistan who have not learnt from their experience with what America did with them. My friends go to Wagah ( not to watch jingoistic closing ceremony ) but with mind of a keen observer and observe what progress can be made by both sides. Pakistan will rise no doubt.

gotti Jul 02, 2013 03:09pm

@Zulqarnain Majeed: What are we to possibly admire about the Indians?

Rape culture - almost 70% of all women have claimed to have been sexually harassed at least once?

Population explosion - most populated per sqkm in the world and twice as much as Pakistan?

Hate and divisiveness - caste-based discrimination and sectarian hatred among Hindus (not even bothering to include other religions)?

One of the highest crime rates in the world - can't walk in the streets of Mumbai or Delhi without being harmed?

Poverty - highest rate of poverty in the world with the population of the poor being higher than Sub-Saharan Africa?

Unequal distribution of wealth - a billion dollar high-rise home for one man (Ambani) overlooking a million people in slums, in Mumbai.

Please do share with us your invaluable insight so we may become more aware like yourself.

BTW, on the economic figures, the joker who wrote the article did not care to mention the most important economic statistic of per capita income. Do you know why he didn't do it? (outside of intentionally trying to mislead us) It is because it is almost identical in Pakistan and India and ruins this entire theory.

Don't you understand that India's population is more than a billion and will surpass the entire world in this regard? Even 1.8 trillion GDP (unanimously accepted as a flawed statistic) isn't enough for them!

Here, let me explain to you in a more convenient way, Mr. Kumar, oops, I mean, Majeed.

Remember at Eid, when you were with your 20 siblings? (BTW, apparently, the Muslims of India are to blame for the population explosion whilst also being declared a small minority - can't have it both ways Indians - either, they are the cause of the population and are a higher percentage of the Indian population, or they are low in numbers and you have to restrain yourselves).

So, on that day, a family that came over to your house, gave your parents Rs. 1,000 to divide amongst their 20 kids.

Now, this family gave half the amount to your neighbours who have only 10 kids.

By your logic, the parents of your neighbour's kids should be appalled because the neighbour had been given twice as much, right? Wrong! The kids got the same amount of money.

Similarly, Mr. Agha Container-wala is wrong in his claim that India is better than Pakistan in that regard.

Lastly, don't you kids remember Pakistan sweeping the floor with Indians in their tour of India

Rishi Jul 02, 2013 03:16pm

@PiS: bullseye friend..very well said...

Gulf Indian Jul 02, 2013 03:27pm

@Sheetal: Another reason is the mindset of the 2 communities/nationalities. While Indians (despite what is pedalled in Bollywood) never expend much on interiors vanity or food the way Pakistanis do, Pakistanis may not match up to the saving levels of Indian citizens who invest maximum in academics and gold. For instance import of 2nd hand used foreign cars is allowed in Pakistan which has never been allowed in Indian history. As a result Pakistani cities might see a bevy of foreign cars while Indians spent the time building desi cars like the ugly 'Ambassador.' Even now we have manufacturing bases for foreign cars/assembling plants only. These parameters give only a wrong impression when one skims the surface only. If there is more industrialization in Pakistani like in India they might not be having bigger houses like they do now. Indians have to do with 2 br flats in metros because most of our urban area is earmarked for industrial development.

A Shah Jul 02, 2013 03:33pm

Pakistan needs to realise that it cannot grow by trying to hold others back or by knocking others down. Its needs to invest, educate, build, develop. India has followed these rules and pretty much ignored Pakistan and look where it is now! The world is clamering to its feef begging for Trade and we are here, begging for Aid!

Jake Jul 02, 2013 03:40pm

@PiS: @PiS: Friend, i am from INDIA. We are willing to help your nation but look what happened to when we tried to before 2008? 26/11 happened and all went topsy turvy. AN Indian CRICKET TEAM was ready to tour Pakistan in 2008 end but then 26/11 happened and all went for a toss. YOur cricketers were playing in the IPL and ICL, business ties was going fine and so on. Even today so many of your actors and actresses and singers are all in INDIA plying their trade and earning good money. It takes two hands to clap, the radical elements on your side are too much for they spook whatever good is happening between us and ensure that the end resilt goes back to bad old days. Your current PM and Imran Khan wants genuine good relations with India and are willing to ensure that your land is not used for terror attacks ag India, but hostile elements thwart the same. THeir desire is genuine and are willing to go the extra mile for the same, liberal Pakistanis too should do the same.

Shan Jul 02, 2013 04:22pm

This is a great article I have read in a long time...Jeo Jawan Chah gaye ho tusi ....

Ajay Vikram Singh Jul 02, 2013 04:19pm

One correction - Last month india has become "3rd" largest economy in the world. you mentioned as 9th. its GDP is 50% more than what you said and foreign trade is almost double. Otherwise, a very well written and well meaning piece. Kudos..!!

ML Jul 02, 2013 04:26pm

Well said, Sir. I, too, have recently found myself watching Indian team's matches and following their score on Cricinfo. I even opened the scores of Indian U19 vs. Australia U19 match that India won. They are a much improved and better team than Pakistan.

We are not sure where Pakistan is heading, as a nation. Sadly, we don't care about it. All we care is about myself and not even ourselves. We followed West and India in our social culture and got on the path of complete destruction and moral bankruptacy. Our leaders are corrupt but we need to make the change individually which will lead to change the nation. We need another Quaid-e-Azam. If we can't create another Quaid, we need to be that Quaid individually.

Ajay Vikram Singh Jul 02, 2013 04:37pm

@Komal S: The real of freedom of expression is when you are allowed to talk even non-sense. Culture of Moderation and moderators never stops and finally becomes autocrats and fascist, religious or otherwise.

Ajay Vikram Singh Jul 02, 2013 04:33pm

@Swaraj: NO. you missed the whole point. Cricket teams in our part of the world, reflects the society.

Tayyab Jul 02, 2013 04:37pm

@Gulf Indian: I'm also in Muscat. Gulf to be precise. Are you sure Indians are more extrovert and Pakistanis are shy? No offense meant, but I'm not sure which world you live in. When we say Indian expats, they are more from South, mostly from Kerala. And I know what a Keralite look like, they never mingle with anyone except their own community, they never trust anyone in the world except their ownself.

For your knowledge, when you say, Pakistanis spend more on clothing and dining out. That is a sign of prosperity. We spend a better life than you. We live our life. And when you say you only spend in Gold and don't live your life, that is called "Kanjoos".

About life of Keralites in Gulf, everyone has some sisters to marry in backhome, everyone has to build a home where he never lives, they only go back after retirement and by the time they start living in the home which they built with their work long hard work, they are too old to live their life.

Open your eyes Sir!

Ajay Vikram Singh Jul 02, 2013 04:43pm

@Sheetal: Sheetal, pakistan is nothing but 2% rich landlords. India went about building a nation from the grassroots. these guys will keep watching and in next two generations, India will rock the world. Someone mentioned about cars in india. They dont know that now BMW and Audi has 35% indian investment and Jaguar is an indian company now. we are the third biggest investor in UK, 6th largest in america and in next 10 years our middle-class is going to bigger than the population of whole of europe. What ppl say about rising india is not even a beginning. we have crossed the critical mass. Sky is the limit. The next century is ours along with china. Jai Hind.

Gauri Jul 02, 2013 04:45pm

@gotti:The author has given a correct perspective of last 20 years. Granted that Pakistan was a better cricket team, and a nation till 1980's. But since then it has spiralled down, whereas the Indian graph has been steadily ascending. We do not deny any of your stated points. However, you should learn to accept that 1. India has invested heavily in Education(e.g. IIT/IIM/ Top schools), Social and Rural Development(e.g. Panchayati raj), Infrastructure (e.g. Railways/Pvt Airlines/roads/airports/) and Private Sector(E.g. TATA/Birla/Ambani/Infy/Wipro/LandT etc) 2. India is much better prepared to tackle terrorism, natural disasters(e.g. tsunami/earthquakes), global financial shocks etc. 3.Indian federal structure, despite slow allows a billion aspirations a say in their future. Contrast this to Pakistan 1. Pakistan has virtually elimnated girls education from Rural areas, encouraged madresa education and invested heavily in extemist version of Islam 2. Pakistani provinces do not have their say in federal structure, despite the Bangladesh debacle 3. Due to daily terrorist attacks, nobody is ready to travel to Pakistan, invest into pakistan or trust Pakistan.

You can only begin the cure, once you accept the rot in your society.

Raza Mujtaba Jul 02, 2013 04:59pm

There is not a single word in the article that I disagree with. And there are very few articles I say that for. But the pity is there is not much I can do, perhaps giving up our pseudo "Proud to be a Pakistani" banter. Also we must curtail the ever so spending chasm in our political and religious lives then we might have a chance of getting back to our feet. At the moment cricket is the last thing I worry about.

maq fida Jul 02, 2013 05:04pm

@Bilal Chaudhry: Well if u still don't wake up..well no one is gonna help you when you get run over by a truck!! India today since the slowdown is realising the importance of peace/stability/economic prosperity/well being of society...hence there is active participation in democracy to ensure next time we get a government which fixes things and puts us back on track!! On the other hand in Pakistan after elections they are back to Nawaz Sharif who went around giving 68$Mn to Jamaad-u-daawa with terrorist links via lashkar-e-taiba...

Please realise no country can do well without domestic stability, rule of law and clamp down on violence...even new york and san fransisco have had their gang wars and they are so different and both are beacons of the new age industry of tech innovation...that is only because of stability in govt and if you want that you know what to do...anti-india bashing will not help you...dogs can bark but the elephant just walks by!! Its for your own good, not for India!

Umar Jul 02, 2013 05:23pm

An ironic tale indeed....the traditional edge we have had over our neighbors for the better part of our co-existence has now reversed...even look at the loss-win ratio of matches the two countries played each other against and Pakistan still holds a better edge...but now it is diminishing like every notion of our national expression in every walk of life, so are the sports..nose-diving to the lowest ebb

Amit Sethi Jul 02, 2013 05:28pm

Speechless! Take a bow man!!

Raj Jul 02, 2013 05:37pm

@PiS - Cant agree more. I love the way you think. Its OK to be sporting enemies, infact it adds to the interest but it must end there and must NOT be propagated to the country level affecting the core relationship. Also to add a point, the living standards of Indian muslims is the better when compared with the muslim population in Pakistan and Bangladesh. This clearly states that people could have done better with better living conditions had we been stayed together also lesser investment in defence which is eating 18% of our GDP.

zahid Jul 02, 2013 05:40pm

very well said covered all aspects of the problems which pakistan is currently facing.......... i hope that pakistan reemerges as a state which can stand as a proud nation in the world........

bharat Jul 02, 2013 05:47pm

@Md Imran:

The largest companies in the world are owned by Indians. Example - Mittal Steel is owned by Lakshmi Mittal, Jaguar and Land Rover are high end cars ,the company is owned by Mr Ratan Tata, Hotmail was founded by Sabeer Bhatia, Sun Microsystems had an Indian founder too, Indian owned Airtel is also one of the top 5 telecom companies in the world, One of the largest aluminium companies in the world is Novelis,owned by Birla group ,recently Apollo tyres bought one of the largest tyre companies in the world and has come in top 3. Silicon valley which you just mentioned has a big number of successful companies owned by Indians. It is way more than Pakistanis .

I can go on and on. The fact remains that Indian entrepreneurs dominate the world. While i am not disputing the fact that there are some succssful Pakistanis too,but its miniscule.

The Indian middle class number 300-400 million.

The economic growth we have will change our country once and for all ,and we will dominate soon

As far as Pakistan is concerned,you yourself are the best judge.

Just another human Jul 02, 2013 05:50pm

@Tayyab: Agree with you sir ! I am also an Indian living in Muscat.

bharat Jul 02, 2013 05:51pm


India has won 2 ODI world cups as opposed to Pakistans 1.

bharat Jul 02, 2013 05:53pm

@Nadeem (US):

I dont support vulgar language against any country.TOI should moderate those comments.

bharat Jul 02, 2013 05:54pm


They will always twist Indian GDP figures to show how big Pakistan economy is.

The fact remains that we No 4 in the world in purchasing power parity.

cric Jul 02, 2013 05:55pm

The author seems to have over-simplified many aspects of recent cricket history to fit his social and economic views. For example, Dhoni is calm and collected, but Misbah is negative and apprehensive, their captaincy styles could not be more similar. Dhoni has never been accused to being an assertive captain, especially in test cricket. Just a few months ago he was being pilloried (after the loss to England) and his job was on the line. Whereas, Misbah led Pakistan to a victory against the no. 1 ranked test team in early 2012 and was credited with resurgence of Pakistan cricket.

Pakistan was a poor country even before 1989 and India had a good cricket team in the mid 80s. Granted, Pakistan lost in the Champions Trophy but things are not as bad as they are being made out to be. May be Pakistani expectations were unrealistically high before the tournament so the disappointment hurts more than usual.

"Sport and politics should not mix" is an oft-used cliche, but it applies quite well to this article.

Shrirang, Navi Mumbai Jul 02, 2013 06:02pm

Superb article boss, Hats-Off to your genuine feelings.

Sridhar Kaushik Jul 02, 2013 06:04pm

Hi, A nice "introspective" article. From what i have read and analyzed, Pakistan's cricket woes have to do with lack of cricket at "provincial" levels. Most of former cricket greats have come from local clubs or "mohallas" and made it big. There is a lot of "raw" talent out there with nobody to tap them. Having said this, can cricket perform well when everything else in Pakistan seems to be going "downhill"? Economy is stagnant, inflation is high (higher than India), energy crisis has reached a critical level etc etc. For starters, Pakistani politicians should find a way of "peaceful existence" with India, keep terrorists at bay, open up trade with India. Once economic activity starts to pick up in Pakistan, everything will change.

stalin Jul 02, 2013 06:05pm

Very few things are common between India & Pakistan, like being emotional with their cricketers, corruption,language.. Other than that it is absurd to compare Pakistan with India.

Khan Jul 02, 2013 06:12pm

Confused writer. Mixing apples and oranges.

Qutuz Jul 02, 2013 06:17pm

@bharat: According to World Bank figures, India has around 433 million people living on less than US $1 a day, twice the number of poor in sub-Saharan Africa, and 36 percent of the total number of poor in the world. Poverty remains an enormous problem. Population growth is also adding to the absolute number of poor. South Asia, one of the poorest sub regions of the world, now has more than half a billion poor people, of whom 450 million are in India.

Umar Butt Jul 02, 2013 06:22pm

If only you can remember that not too long ago (December 2012) Pakistan went to India and beat them at their home soil. You can't just write an article based on one match in the Champions trophy and generalize things based on one Championship. Very hollow article

Shashank Misra Jul 02, 2013 06:23pm

@PiS: Very well said. I request all my countrymen not to glee at today's Pakistan's troubles. The times will change hopefully for them too.

If for nothing else, we should wish them well for our own sake. We cant build a skyscraper in our house if the neighbouring house is on fire.

Umar Butt Jul 02, 2013 06:25pm

@bharat: Not to mention that 32.7% of the Indian Population lives under the poverty line :)

Maroof Jul 02, 2013 06:26pm

wow for your writing and very sorry for your feelings .. hope the time should come soon to uplift your mood and this Nation ..

Shashank Misra Jul 02, 2013 06:34pm

@Shamas-ur-Rehman Toor: Hope you are right. Though I wonder what is your definition of failed state?

When will you call a nation has failed? There are no guidelines but I guess if we ask any neutral, outside person, today's Pakistan will fulfill all the criteria.

Try that next time you meet someone without bringing India or Pakistan in the conversation.

Texan Jul 02, 2013 06:42pm

@Md Imran: Very entertaining

satyan israni Jul 02, 2013 06:50pm

i can totally relate to the sentiments expressed in your write up.. am a huge cricket fan as well.. in fact in india as well there is a big mindset change.. i have been going to the stadiums watching cricket matches since i was a kid.. we always used to chant "Gali Gali Mein Shor Hai, Pakistan Chor Hai" as a standard war cry irrespective of the teams playing.. but since the last decade that has pretty much changed.. There are hardly any anti pak chants in matches.. The people in general including the media have become more and more concerned with the growth of India and the problems faced by India.. In fact, even the politicians are not into anti pakistan statements anymore. I feel if the polity of pakistan actually concentrates on the development of the country instead of war mongering, pakistan will be able to grow by leaps and bounds.. Hopefully, Nawaz Sharif will do something positive for your country..

Rashid Sultan Jul 02, 2013 07:02pm

@Umar Butt: Reality check on the statistic - If the quoted figure is true, it is by and large without being persecuted, threatened, suicide bombed, religious bigotry, forced compliance or hopelessness with freedom to speak out, practice or not their own faith of choice and the hope to break out of material poverty.

Ajay Vikram Singh Jul 02, 2013 07:17pm

Writer has taken a metaphor of popular sport, cricket and used that to explain the conditions of both societies across timeline. Its very tough to have a quantitative analysis of what would have happened, if partition did not happen and we stayed united. Let me take the leaf out of writer's idea and use it upside down. If indian batting and pakistani bowling were together in one united team, we would have been the best cricket team in the world for all the time. If our cricket represents the state of our societies, then by that analogy a united india would have been a superpower as on 10 years back.

saghir bhatti Jul 02, 2013 07:23pm

I coijld not be more agree the thougts and truth. In fact all this is stolen from my mind,

I really appreciate to be bold and couragious to tell the country where our neibhour were

and where they re now comparing us and our misery. Thanks.

Shahrukh Jul 02, 2013 07:25pm

The sentiments have changed in Pakistan. I think we have never overindulged in what India has been upto from the very beginning or at least from when I was old enough to understand things! We have always looked inwards but have been too weak to admit our follies! Anyways, India is a better team right now. lets admit it! But Pakistan can turn it around. My XI for West Indies Nasir Jamshed, Ahmed Shahzad, Asad Shafiq, Umar Akmal (also keeper), Misbah, Hammad Azam, Shahid Afridi (captain), Umar Gul, Saeed Ajmal, Junaid Khan, Mohammad Irfan Lets start with changing the team around, country is little too big off a task right now.

Riz - US Jul 02, 2013 07:49pm

I am US citizen from Pakistani origin, I saw a lot of comments from both Pakistani and Indian readers and have noticed Indian readers writing moderate comments, whereas a lot of Pakistanis are very aggressive in their approach. My suggestion to Pakistani readers is that try to look at the facts before getting aggressive towards a certain community/nation. Indians are way ahead of Pakistanis in many ways be it sports, business, technology etc. Please give respect where it is due. Lets make the world a better place by accepting and appreciating each other rather rejecting and criticizing for no reason. Cheers!!!

desi Jul 02, 2013 08:14pm

Upcoming Cricket team of Afghanistan needs to be compared to Pakistan, since Chacha America has grouped Pakistan with Afghanistan. Both have Abrahamic Arabic Religion governing day to day life of citizens. Dharma cannot be equated to Roman mid-eastern concept of religion. After all Pakistanis are also searching their origin in Afghanistan and beyond.

Ahmed Khan Jul 02, 2013 08:14pm

Shaan is the product of a despondent nation that looks else where to measure its own value. We have all seen India perform on the cricket field and admire their current 'form'. The article tries hard but fails to make the connection between cricket and economic/social structures of societies. Lets just look at Australian cricket and its economy - this connection does not exist.

Mr. Agha please grow come cojones and take your country's defeat like a man.

SachaBanda Jul 02, 2013 08:19pm

Even in 1991 world cup Pakistan lost to India, Something are destined to live under shadow. Sorry cannot put this in Punjabi (little vulgar).

Ryan Jul 02, 2013 08:20pm

Bravo.. Great article..

Ejaz Ahmed Jul 02, 2013 08:32pm

Don't blame Taliban for everything thing. I know lots of Pakistanis don't like to hear this; Nobody but Z A Bhutto to blame for Pakistan's failure. He took the nation in the wrong direction. following are the specific occasions: 1. Encouraging Ayub Khan to create the circumstances the led to 1965 war. 2. Causing down fall of Ayub Khan by spreading mis-information campaign against him. 3. Implementing the socialism in Pakistan, one of the biggest blunder of Bhutto. 4. Adopting pro-nuclear policy. 5. Encouraging Islamist by declaring Ahmadis non-muslims for personal political gains.

Md Imran Jul 02, 2013 08:43pm

It is funny to see so many Indian posters on a Pakistani blog. Not to mention their constant reference to us Pakistanis as "my Pakistani brothers" . I have a theory for this : It is either an insecurity that Indians carry or a desperation for acceptance and approval from us Pakistanis . I'm thinking it is a bit of both.

Let me remind them once again that Pakistan was created because we have different heritage, culture and ancestory. There is nothing in common between the two nations, so comparision such as the ones made in the article are results of naiviety than anything else. I dont know any Pakistani who would EVER want to be like an Indian. Never !

Ahmed Jul 02, 2013 08:46pm

I can relate to the author as I also grew up with the same cricket and cricketers as him. Twenty years on, I also started to have a similar change of heart about the indians, a change brought upon by the reports in the media and some short and very formal interactions with the indians. However, my life changing moment came in the past three years when I went to study in Britain. In my class of 250, there were 235 indians, 2 Britishers, 3 Pakistani's and a few students from other countries. Before that I had never really 'met' any real indians. My university and university dorm was full of indians and in this space of 3 years, I found out and discovered with my own eyes and ears, that there is a one HUGE similarity between Pakistan and India and that is that both these countries are the EXACT OPPOSITE to how they are portrayed in the global media. I have come to realise that what our perception of india was 20 years ago was completely wrong. They are TEN TIMES worse NOW than they had been portrayed to us 20-30 years ago. I realised the true meaning of the phrase 'ignorance is bliss' and I would have continued to believe all the media reports about indians being nice and living in a fools paradise if I hadnt actually met these indians. I have seen this with my own eyes and heard it with my own ears and now I know that indians are probably the lowest kinds of human beings on earth.

Blister Jul 02, 2013 08:48pm

@Umar Butt: I am sure you have very accurate figures for the pakistanis below the poverty line!

Ahmed Jul 02, 2013 08:50pm

@bharat: this is why i love indians for their entertainment value, you dont even know which newspaper ur reading. This is DAWN, a PAKISTANI newspaper, NOT times of india!!!

Blister Jul 02, 2013 08:55pm

@gauri: You can only begin the cure, once you accept the rot in your society. Well said!

It is completely acceptable for a Pakistani to think however they want. The above sentiment is what comes to mind. If people deny that their is no distress and disappoinment in the nations mood then you really haven't understood the state of the country. If you haven't understood the state of the country you will find it difficult to figure out what to fix. I dont care if the indians support or reject the authors opinion or it makes the Pakistanis feel lower in stature. Shut out the ego and pride issues and focus on self-development. The healing should begin from within. BUT acceptance is a pre condition.

Monish Jul 02, 2013 09:16pm

@Umar Butt: Yes that % of population stays under poverty line but it has reduced to this figure from 43% in five years

Shahid Jul 02, 2013 09:21pm

Well written article in terms of the problems we are facing as a nation and I agree that we are not moving in the right direction as a nation in all walks of life....

As far as cricket is concerned I would disagree.. We have performed well in spite of all the problems around...No other nation would have performed in such tough conditions like we have done in the past 6, 7 years with literally no big names in our cricket team...

Current Champions Trophy results were really disappointing but we should not forget that with all of the problems, we are still the most consistent side alongside Sri Lanka in ICC tournaments since 2007....

Pakistan => Reached SF of 6 out of 7 ICC events and reached final of 2 of 7 events and won one final)

India => Reached SF of 3 out of 7 events and reached final of 3 of 7 events and won all three)

Our team did perform badly this time around but don't forget the fact that huge selection blenders were made.... That streak of reaching Semi Final of all ICC events since 2007 had to be broken some where and its good that it has happened at this time. I hope we would be able to build a better team for the coming world cups (T20 WC and 2015 WC)

Monish Vashi Navi Mumbai Jul 02, 2013 09:38pm

@Bilal Chaudhry: Your handsome lead is exactly as vast as number on wins in Sharjah where we all know what went on. Amazing coincidence?. Anyway as for cricket record in ODIS...India has following trophies won all over world.

Indian major victories history in ICC ODI/T20 tournaments

1) 1985 B&H World Championship of Cricket (Australia). India defeated Pakistan in final. 2) 1983 World Cup (in England) .India defeated majestic WI in final. 3) 2011 World cup with India defeating SL in final. 4) Champions trophy 2002 and 2013 defeated England in final. 5) India also has won Asia cup most number of times ( 5 times).

Besides India has won tri-nation tournaments held in sharjah 5 times as well as the CB series in Australia in 2008 along with Natwest Trophy in 2002 in England.

Heck forget seniors..even the Ind-U-19 team has won World cup thrice in 2000,2008,2012. And last not the least India was the first country to with the T20 World cup in 2007 when it defeated Pakistan to lift the inaugural cup and this on bouncy SAfrica tracks.

So now if you could list a list of trophies your team has won in the same would be eye opener

khurram Jul 02, 2013 09:44pm

And I charge you, not of treason, but of a hopeless, negative mind, like many of my countrymen i.e. Pakistanis, who envy India for their fake and hollywood impressed culture, for their mere show in cricket, when they are they actual cause of Pakistan not playing international cricket in their own country for years now, the show where they 'Bought' the recent world cup, they lost embarassingly to England and to Australia and lost a series to Pakistan in their home country, where their players are as involved in booking matches as Pakistanis are, where they won't allow Pakistani cricketers to play in the IPL because they are afraid that Lahore Badshah will win the trophy again and will beat Indians in their home country. I charge you of spreading hopelessness among the Pakistanis, without considering that Pakistan team have not played international cricket in their homeland for years, if that may be an excuse, whereas Indian new comers have been playing with all international players in the IPL even before they join international cricket. If you want to exchange any of these Pakistani players with the Indians, I rather would advise, you change your nationality and go to India and then you won't have to do this exchange.

Now, I know many of my 'Indiaholic' countrymen would not like this from me, as I know I've gone to the other extreme and have fully defended my fellow Pakistani Cricketers, and have fully ignored their lapses. But I cant help it when I read a post like this.

We need to look at the root causes insteaded of making such negative statements. We need to understand the Indian propaganda with which they highlight themselves and disregard Pakistan, and should ignore 'Ignorant statements' like above and pray for Pakistan cricket team's revival.

An Optimist!!

Shahid Jul 02, 2013 10:09pm

@: satyan israni:

I am not sure if those things have changed or not amongst the supporters (1999 Calcutta test) but on the cricketing field, I can see things have definitely changed for India. With India winning more matches, the crowd has become a bit tolerating. I am seeing a big difference. Indians were a bit different before Ganguly's captaincy period. They have become aggressive and that is the main reason for their success. They used to have a good team most of the time but they lacked that attacking instinct....

Ganguly took on the proud Australians and gave them a tough time with his intense nature...Australian's dominated the World for almost a decade because of their strong mindset ..Seeing Ganguly other Indian players also started taking Australians on... In addition they started taking ICC on (You can find lots of such instances) and now it seems ICC is operating under BCCI...

On the other hand, the aggressive nature which Pakistani players had is quickly diminishing. A prime example being the 2011 WC SF against India where all aggressiveness was coming over from Indians....Even without that aggressive instinct, Pakistanis have performed well in the last 6-7 years in ICC events...

Anand Jul 02, 2013 10:22pm

@Umar Butt: Then you must also be knowing that due to economic boom 3% of Indians are coming out of Poverty line every year. With that rate the country is due to get rid of the poverty latest by the year 2030.

What about Pakistan? Is there any sustainable program for development of the country?

Dear, it is easy to point fingers at others. You must also know that 3 fingers point yourself out.

Being an Indian I wish to see a strong an developed Pakistan like how India is moving. We must compliment each other rather than complaining.

atif Jul 02, 2013 10:23pm

what ever writer wrote is so true but he failed to mention this same thing is going on in india too its not like they love us.if i was the writer i will say its not good to have hate in your heart regardless what that one person or the whole nation think of you .this writer is naive, but wrote the article in good spirit.

Mandeep Jul 02, 2013 10:31pm

@Qutuz: There are many Pakistanis who draw comfort from these ever changing poverty statistics from India. India is the second most populous country in the world at 1.2 billion ppl. So the word largest or highest will invariably be tagged to India. Do not be mislead by these appendages. Even by going your figures India by any estimates have over 500 million strong middle class. Where else you will find it, other than China ? Most Pakistanis, particularly those bitten by reality stated in this blog, do not want to know that India has shown improvement on the measureable indices like par capita income, literacy rates, eradication of polio, GDP growth, trade, industrial output, foregn exchange reserves, etc that is what the world sees and how amny Pakistanis dont know about heads of states like USA, China, Russia, France, UK and so many other countries have visitied India to sign land mark deals and strategic agreements. India does not need a certificate of admiration from Pakistan. There are enough powers in the world to recognise it and establish good realtionship with it. You can continue living in denial and intellectual dishonesty.

MEOW Jul 02, 2013 10:39pm

if I could make a team from both the sides, I will have an unbeatable dream team for the all will disappear!!

Jawwad Jul 02, 2013 10:40pm

@Jawwad: lol, this is funny. I stated facts and I get thumbs down? Just what did I state so offensive? And what is it any post positive in naming India gets thumbs up but stating facts when it may not sound positive will always get thumbs down?

Jawwad Jul 02, 2013 10:42pm

@khan: I lived in the 70's of Pakistan. I had several friends (still are) of Hindu and Christian sect with Muslim names. And No. None of them were being persecuted or anything. It was just a preference just as people tend to name themselves accordingly in western societies.

Optimist Jul 02, 2013 11:05pm

Great article. However, all this doom and gloom can change if we can have a selectiom committee with the power and will to select on merit. We, Pakistanis, are capable to match Indian skills anywhere in the world but with the right combination.

Miley Jul 02, 2013 11:12pm


Thank you Sonal for your humble reply but as you notice I did say India's economic GROWTH declined and not it's economy. Pakistan is also growing economically but only at a shameful 3% a year, which is a problem because the population is booming faster.

I salute you for recognizing that India has problems. I have many Indian friends and they judge India's success only put up against Pakistan. I hope both countries will take steps for a more prosperous future, which seems to be the case only the eastern side of the border currently.

Zee Jul 02, 2013 11:28pm

@bharat: I am a Pakistani-American and have to agree with @bharat. The number of top Indians in business and academia, as well as in politics now in the US is a long and admirable list. Pakistanis by comparison are a smaller number, partly due to the difference in population, but primarily due to Indians strong focus on education and industry. Pakistan will no doubt be successful if we can get rid of extremism and terrorism and focus ont he right things.

Melvin Jul 03, 2013 12:03am

Ha..Ha nice words , i was one of the many indian fans to go through that misery of the Indian team constantly loosing, also vividly remember the last ball six , somewhat revenged by the last ball four in the asia cup final, But no we are sure not exchanging any of our players.

Really wish to see the Pakistani bowlers in the IPL, maybe it will happen soon, will add a new dimension to the IPL im sure.

Ehsan Hadi Jul 03, 2013 01:06am

Sir, I suspect your article is based on the same emotionality that the slogans were, however now you have come full Circle. Currently, we have a very negative approach about everything Pakistani, a lot based on perception and perception is everything. I urge you to look at the latest Economist factbook 2013, And you can see how Pakistan is fairing compared to other countries in the same category/ Neighborhood. The history between Pakistan and India goes back a long time, remember to Kashmir, Siachen? That is not to say that we can't or should not resolve our differences. If India is doing well, good for them. I only wish them courage and open heartedness to bear the criticism when it's due, which I have yet to see in the Indian newspaper I have come across.

amit Jul 03, 2013 01:25am

@author you really don't know how to write a blog and pakistan is nowhere near india in any field.pls try to support your weak democracy instead of sitting in turkey.

Vivek Jul 03, 2013 01:31am

Great piece of writing mixing history and cricket. Excellent read.

South African Jul 03, 2013 01:52am

To all Indian and Pakistanis... You guys are extremely funny, its amazing how you find comfort in exposing each other reminds me fights of twin sisters in high school, when they often fought with each other and exposed each others darkest secrets in public. In reality India and Pakistan are nothing but two twisters which go from one end to other end forever. I don't have to much to say about Pakistan since I never been there other than it is hell's door. I visited India in 2005 and I was shocked to see people taking dump on the streets of Calcutta in broad day light. We almost got mobbed by beggars everywhere. Indian men looked at my German girlfriend like they wanted to rape here if I wasn't there. Poverty is one thing but corruption and lack of civility is norm in India. My Indian female friend told me being a woman is like a second class citizen in India and our Muslim guide was very disillusioned with his family's future due to lack of opportunities.

S Jul 03, 2013 01:54am

The author is nothing but a person who has given up hope.

India has its own issues. one may argue they are less than Pakistan but does not mean it is a role model or its issues are going to get better, in last few years it is only deteriorating.

We need to fix our issues, no doubt on that, but that does not mean we should give up hope. Yes even today for me Pakistan ka matlab kya?

Raj Jul 03, 2013 02:02am

Well, I believe Dhoni changed the trend, Tendulkar moivated many new Indian batsmen, previous Indian batsman like Gavaskar were great but slower. Another trend is there for sure, more north Indians or north most Indians in Indian team than before. India is a big country but at the time of Gavaskar, 5-6 players were from Mumbai alone, many players came from Mumbai, Banglore not from Delhi. I remember once Aqib Javed said this Indian team is very aggressive, they look directly at eye unlike previous team. Its same like Siddhu pulling his bat to hit Aamir Sohail, while in another incident Venkatesh Prasad was never looking at Aamir Sohail even after the provocation. Well other than north Indian, rest of the Indians dont have zeal and many time they dont even understand the gesture of Pakistani players (Pakistan ka matlab kya... mentioned by author) and many times they dont know the Hindi or different accent and dont know that they need to respond to war not the game. Basically south Indians mightn't understand the culture clash between Pakistan and north India really.

Imran Jul 03, 2013 02:55am

Stop looking elsewhere for Pakistan's miseries. Everyone of us is guilty of many of the social evils that disintegrates a Nation into scattered People. All of us lie, steal, we are unjust, insincere, we bribe and feel good about it, we cheat and brag about it, we showoff where we should be humble, instead of accepting differences we hate and kill.

Till we revert to Islam and implement its basic principles in our lives (not just saying it and going to Juma prayers), we will continue to suffer this self inflicted humiliation in the world.

wake up before it is too late!

Sri Jul 03, 2013 03:45am

THE MIANDAD SIX! Still hurts after all these years (since I am from India). But here is something to cheer about, a lot of Indians take Miandad's name with admiration and respect. That we can respect each others heroes is a good thing.

Ram Grandhi Jul 03, 2013 03:53am

Wow! That was totally unexpected article from a Pakistani. It is refreshing and revealing. However, one statement made the entire article and this self revelation pointless. That is : I prefer Ravindra Jadeja over my

drbutaaka Jul 03, 2013 03:59am

A very nice article. However, as always, am a bit astonished to look at the comments section. I think there are more Indians than Pakistanis who read the (a Pakistani News Site). All the pro-Indian comments are highly likened. Looks like a proxy media tactic by Indian agencies. I don't know when they will be much more matured. ( I can apprehend, my comments will hit the bottom line, as it will be scored by the Indian proxy warriors, not the true readers of

Bilal Chaudhry Jul 03, 2013 05:22am

@Everyone hating on my comments -- Please look at India's performance today.. Like I said, nothing to be envious of.. Everyone has their peaks and troughs and Pak is going through a bad phase. But to say we should be envious of India -- not in the slightest!

Bilal Chaudhry Jul 03, 2013 05:35am

@Monish Vashi Navi Mumbai:

If you want to talk about "all that went on in Sharjah", how can you even count India's 2011 World Cup Win and then also go onto say that they won the trination tournament in Sharjah 5 times -- Please! And you actually counting the 2002 Champions Trophy shows how much you are stretching -- There wasn't even a final played! This last Champions trophy final was basically an IPL T20, so don't even get me started there.

The inaugural T20, like many Indians themselves have said in publications such as Wisden and the Cricketing Almanac, was more a relaxed carnival than a competition (aka ludicrous bowl-outs and supersubs, yellow cards etc). Isn't it funny how India have not made it out of the Group Stages ever since the rest of the world took it seriously? I mean cmon, India plays so much IPL and no Super 8?

And since you seem like a statistics kind of guy, Pak Vs. India, head to head, one on one, I guess we all know how that turned out...

Bilal Chaudhry Jul 03, 2013 05:32am

@maq fida:

And this has what to do with my comments on Pak Vs India cricket exactly??

hittcontact Jul 03, 2013 07:48am

@Mandeep: Love you reply...true nationalist. I guess that is what we need more of. I fully understand the might of India and all the powers on the world recognize India as a almost super power but my question is why do they need to Most Favorite Nation status from Pakistan. Is that another way to destroy the country economically (we ourselves are doing pretty good job on that) like India is doing with water. By the way India is already very successful in brain washing with bollywood movies. Lets talk about cricket....I don't want to take it more than a game I suggest we should leave it at that. We have sport rivalry (just like yankees and red sox in US baseball) which is very healthy for the game of cricket. It is always great to watch both teams play against each other.

Anand Jul 03, 2013 07:49am

Interesting read, but, Shikar Dhawan's captain is not Sangakkara.... It's M.S.D

Indian Jul 03, 2013 07:51am

@khurram: Even as an Indian, I admire your optimism. It will be this kind of confidence that will bring Pakistan out of its present depressing situation and will not feel perpetually threatened by its neighbour. Indians and Pakistani need to develop healthy respect for each other and remain competitive in all spheres without hostility.

pathanoo Jul 03, 2013 07:55am

Gosh!! Only if there fifty million more Pakistanis like you; all the problems of Pakistan would be vanished. The problem with Pakistan(is) is that they want to live in denial and dishonesty.

Jag Jul 03, 2013 08:11am

Very well written bro!

Zulqarnain Majeed Jul 03, 2013 08:11am

@gotti: Very good. Keep your eyes shut, I do not have any problem. Today's India is prospering and Pakistan on the other hand is badly entangled in Terrorism.... Thats the reality.... Forget about all the statistical logics you gave.... Good Bye

Zulqarnain Majeed Jul 03, 2013 08:12am

@gotti: Mr. Thotti .... Ooops... Gotti.. :)

Rao Jul 03, 2013 09:06am

@Shahid : Pakistani situation effects the confidence of Pakistanis, especially if you are the person or team representing the nation.....the same goes with the Indians

eskay Jul 03, 2013 09:10am

@khurram: What a great reply. Thank you for the optimism. It really helped me to come out of the dark cloud that the author sketched. I am a die hard Patriotic Pakistani and would never exchange my players for any Indians even if they are for free. Let India enjoy their success, they worked hard. But Pakistan will surely succeed in every field,Inshallah. Great advice to the writer that its time for him to get Indian nationality or get some tips from Adnan Sami on how to get a stay visa in India and how to please BJP so that they can allow him to live as second grade citizen for mere money.

Salman Jul 03, 2013 09:32am

Great Article , Good read, I agree with all the points that you make and i think the comparison that you drew against the mindset and belief of Nations. There were days when we did every thing in competition of INDIA , gone are those days. Now i doubt that India even consider us their rivals (apart of military mindset).

If accepting the truth makes you a social outcast , then I am with you :)

Bharat Jul 03, 2013 09:37am

@Umar Butt:

40 % of India's population has a per capita income of US $ 10,000-12,000

This makes it the worlds largest middle class. With the economic growth we have, every year 40 million people are lifted out of poverty.

Your country is becoming the number 1 failed state every day.It will not be very far when Pakistan will be Worlds No 1 failed state even ahead of Somalia.

Meanwhile, India will overtake even China in 5 years time due to our very young population

Rehan Ghazi Jul 03, 2013 09:45am

Brilliant article. I would agree with most of what you have written. The first three to four paragraphs were simply awesome. Well done, Shaan Agha and keep on writing.

titto Jul 03, 2013 10:30am

Dear Indian friends please don

insomniac Jul 03, 2013 11:02am

@Mandeep: good one mate.

Shyam Kokku Jul 03, 2013 11:14am

I congratulate the candidness all through. Though you captioned and weaved the article around "cricket" as a theme, you covered far beyond - way two nations have been created from one motherland and how they traveled the first 60 years. Let me assure you, that at starting point in 1947 we both had the same problems, issues and we just were two third world countries. But then how we prioritized our actions and attitudes made all the difference. Your opening paragraph is a testimony. "In Pakistan, your hate for India was a barometer of your love for Pakistan and everyone was a

shalabh Jul 03, 2013 11:17am

atleast somebody is talking sense in pakistan

Irshad AHMAD Jul 03, 2013 11:25am

I completely agree and endorse the views expressed in the piece. Shaun I admire your courage to say all this.

Irshad AHMAD Jul 03, 2013 11:29am

I completely agree and endorse the views expressed in the piece. Shaun I admire your courage to say all that you have said.

Rizwan Safdar Jul 03, 2013 11:29am

''Now I can be charged for treason'' is the best of whole write up and I take your thoughts as my own being ready to be charged. India is now one of the biggest economies of the world and as a cricketing nation, its team of enthusiastic young players has beaten every team at every surface around the globe. I wish Pakistan had taken same steps as India did.

Qasim Jul 03, 2013 11:33am

Great Article Yaar! Really true!

sam Jul 03, 2013 11:35am

A very matured thought process and a great article. Honestly, i was shocked and checked the site and author's details twice in midst of reading.
If this is really what people of Pakistan are thinking... we may have better future together. Imagine all the money that we are investing in arms and ammunition every year just to protect from each other will get directed into education and development.
Life can be really beautiful and peaceful. Woooo!!!!! even the thot is making me so happy. :) Its really the time to let go our Past to protect our Present and Future.

Romil Jul 03, 2013 11:39am

Fir Tu Tu Main Main shuru!!! Hum nahi sudhrenge ;)

zaheer Jul 03, 2013 11:47am

Perfectly put. Hardly ever see my Pakistani fellows expressing the truth so comprehensively and matter of factly as you did in this piece. It tells all and rightly so.

umar Jul 03, 2013 11:58am

Beautifully written! Expresses the sentiments of many, including myself. Takes a brave man to write the way you have. Keep writing.

Nikus Jul 03, 2013 12:13pm

I don't feel India is much ahead of Pakistan. The cream of India flees to USA or Europe and India is still a 3rd world country. If India wants to prosper, we have to follow China line of one child policy.

Farhan Jul 03, 2013 12:36pm

if there is a talent why to replace then? Men we have selected the Politicians not cricketers. i am more then 100% sure that we have the best in our country. India is doing good & i have no problem with that.but the problem is with the the self confidence you have in you writing.

Sanjeev Yadav Jul 03, 2013 12:36pm

Very good article. Thanks for sharing your views and equally thanks for admiring India's progress, but still all is not lost for Pakistan.

ashutosh mishra Jul 03, 2013 01:00pm

Not patronizing though: Like they say here in India---"JAB JAAGO TABHI SAVERA". Best wishes....

Bibhu Jul 03, 2013 01:54pm

Sir, progress is not about right people (though you have taken many names) It is about right processes, standards and procedures and scrupulous adherence to it. Here in India and Pakistan we are obsessed with people,either we like them or dislike them vehemently. We are on the look out for Mr. Right without ever caring for the right way. In contrast the western success story is scripted in their insatiable quest for the right way. For example if a German child decides to learn English he decides to learn the first 50 words, than the next hundred, than the next thousand. We entirely rely on a good teacher without looking in to the process of teaching. The problem with Mr. Right is that what after Mr. Right ? Yugoslavia under Marshal Tito looked to be a very strong country but after Tito was gone it just fail apart..Imran Khan had admirable leadership qualities but no plans and processes in place for continuity of such leadership, I also admire Dhoni yet unless he has a plan that would ensure continuity of the pursuit of excellence the joys may be short lived.

XL Jul 03, 2013 01:59pm

@Anand: He said it for the IPL (Hyderabad Sunrisers)

Anil Verma Jul 03, 2013 02:38pm

@Farhan: you mean lack of confidence? :) :)

Anil Verma Jul 03, 2013 02:49pm

@Ammar: Hahahaha english my friend english :) :)

Anil Verma Jul 03, 2013 02:47pm

@Atif: Hello Atif Shouldn't Pakistanis be busy in making their lot better than worry what is happening across border or loose sleep over concocted stories?

Ahsan Jul 03, 2013 02:52pm

Good one. I am proud to be a Pakistani no matter what others say outside Pakistan. I have a strong beleive and we will prosper soon inshaAllah. Pakistan Zindabad !!!!

Naveed Jul 03, 2013 02:54pm

@Anand: he is talkinh about IPL

Gautam Jul 03, 2013 03:14pm

@Gotti: Well done buddy, great response. I am glad there are turkeys like yourself and perhaps millions more in that Madressah educated country of yours. Don't worry about us, let us stew in our economic misery, in the mean time just click on the home button and read the first few headlines (do so in a second tab so you can come back to my comment) and tell me where are you going with the pearls of wisdom you so kindly bestowed upon us? I could throw insults at you all day but that's not the point; the point is you got to stop lampooning yourself, it ain't funny anymore. Seriously!

Uday Kumar Alaham Jul 03, 2013 03:15pm

@Shyam Kokku: We also have to give credit to Indian Film Industry (Bollywood) to have a huge influence on Indian Diaspora on its balancing act in story telling when it comes to "brother" and "enemy"

faisal Jul 03, 2013 03:18pm


Dear he is talking about the IPL captain.. feel the deeper meaning.

putar Jul 03, 2013 03:29pm

I will again say that the destiny of India And Pakistan is in working together. Our progress is linked with the peace. We have seen what animosity of 65 years has given us. Let us have a peace of 30 years and see what we achieve. Hate has given us only tears, death and turmoil. Let peace and love be given a chance.

Adnan Jul 03, 2013 03:36pm

@Monish Vashi Navi Mumbai: Seriously Monish? Sure, India is doing much better now and they are good at the recent slam bang version, but here are the numbers to refresh your memory:) Tests Pak 12 Ind 9 ODIs Pak 71, Ind 50 (ouch!) T20s Pak 1 Ind 3

Ashish Mittal (Malerkotla) Jul 03, 2013 04:23pm


He was talking about Sunrise Hyderabad team in IPL and its captain was Sangkara not MSD :)

@ Shaan Agha Thanks for nice article. Very beautifully written. Congratulations and best of luck.

jssidhoo Jul 03, 2013 04:41pm

For Pakistan to get on to the growth path it has to stop being anti Indian and start being pro Pakistani

Jiten Maurya Jul 03, 2013 04:59pm

Very well written article. Also the author is brave.

All my information has come from Pakistani news magazines like Capital Talk, Moeed Pirzada, Javed Chaudhary,...etc.

It seems Pakistan started all wars with India and it also helps terrorists organisations there which now is coming to roost Pakistanis themselves. It also seems Pakistani children were taught to hate all other religions speciaaly Hindus and India.

Is it true??

Citizen of the world Jul 03, 2013 05:32pm

@Nikus: Will the Muslims adhere to the one child policy?

Raghu Jul 03, 2013 05:37pm

@Md Imran:

Its really hilarious as to how people like you lives in a fool's paradise. We Indians when we refer to you as Pakistani brothers, it shows that we're never bothered about what happened after 1947 and its consequences and always try to live with harmony. And if that makes you feel that we're doing it out of insecurity then you're the biggest idiot in the world.

We're neither desperate nor craving for your approval. Perhaps, this is the biggest difference between a Paki and a Indian thought process. Like an average Pakistani you too think that you're superior to us and you're completely different from Indians.

Do you know that 65 years ago there wasn't any nation called Pakistan on this globe? So what makes you think that your culture, heritage and ancestors are different? Were you not taught of Indian sub-continent history and its partition? Except your religion, nothing is uncommon between us. And by presenting these facts, I am not desperate to make you feel that I'm dying for your Pakis approval. Because this is the fact nobody on this earth can deny, unless fools like you who live in a different world.

And finally you said "any Pakistani would EVER want to be like an Indian". Yes you're absolutely true, NEVER.. you cannot compare us with you.. because though we're historically common, we are never same when it comes to thought process and the author of this article has perfectly reflected that in this article.

Sriram Jul 03, 2013 06:25pm

@Ram Grandhi: Do you understand irony? Did you see 'brother' was in quotes?

Rama Jul 03, 2013 06:49pm

Good thing come from good thinking..... Stop comparing .. start thinking positive and healthy .....

Meherban Ahmad Irtaza Jul 03, 2013 07:04pm

Very well said..could not agree more to your way of thinking...we as a nation are struggling and we need to work on that before its too late

Puneet Aggarwal Jul 03, 2013 07:12pm

@Bilal Chaudhry: India v are correct..You are accusing someone for going as far as 2002 for records and look at you you are going back as far as 1971. Please pull the records from 2006 till date and see who won more. All Indian victories have come thru luck and what abt Pakistan who in 1992 escaped a certain defeat with England when rain stopped play and points were split. Coz of that 1 extra point Pak qualified for semis...!

Love Bird Jul 03, 2013 08:35pm

@Vijay: Remember Kapil Dev asking for Imran Khan & Javed Miandad and Imran asking for the Indian umpires. Short term memory. Cheers bro just an article....

Anuj Jul 03, 2013 10:59pm

@Md Imran: I would like to state unequivocally in support of this gentlemen the following - Pakistan has larger and stronger males hence better fast bowlers. That is because the Pakistanis are a real martial macho race unlike indians.

The Pakistani male is also more handsome and fairer with prettier, yet more modest women than India and fairer too. Unlike the shameless Indian bollywood creations. Pakistani women would have won most Ms Universe contests but for modesty.

Pakistanis are also more daring and more flamboyant and generous and spend to live well, unlike baniya Indians.

pakistanis also have better cu;lture and tehzeeb, which Indians cannot understand.

The last, of course, is that they also have the best religion unlike Indians masses. More honest dealings by Pakistanis while Indians are sly in dealings.

These are facts that I wanted to ensure are put out in this media, just in case any pakistani fan had missed the same ;-).

And, i haven't even got started on the better stronger pakistani defence forces and army of doctors, engineers making the west their adopted home and nobel winners and statesmen making the world a better place unlike kanjoos Indians. Feel free to add in case I have missed any of the other grand Pakistani qualities.

Post that, let us talk cricket ;-))

Indian Patriot Jul 04, 2013 09:04am

@eskay: I liked your comment. You gave due respect to India still want to be a Patriotic Pakistani. You have earned my respect.

Syed Jul 04, 2013 04:32pm

@raghu.. the fact that you took time to write a long speech reflects your wish for pakistani approval.

Shyam Kokku Jul 04, 2013 04:45pm

@Uday Kumar Alaham: I agree, role of Bollywood is indisputable especially the way in which some of the stalwarts born on this side of the border decided to shift to India and made it big!

Ahmed Jul 04, 2013 04:49pm

Article points at various aspects that we Pakistanis should look at and improve upon. However, I'm certainly not approved of the attitude writer has reflected in the concluding part. What to expect from others Mr. Agha when you yourself are displaying utter low esteem wishing to replace your players with the ones winning from other side!

Professional journalism demands avoidance of judgement

Reader Jul 04, 2013 05:23pm

I could not understand whether the article was about Cricket or Economics or what!

Reader Jul 04, 2013 05:21pm

@Raghu: Religion is everything

Arun Jul 04, 2013 05:56pm

All my Indian and Pakistani Friends... Lets not again fight wether the article is pro-indian or pro-pakistan.... I think its a brilliantly written article and both the nations should look inwards... think about how we should increase the Living standard of our people... Both India and Pakistan are under-developed nations... Rather than getting happy in showing each other down we should concentrate on welfare of the people of each country... Till we keep fighting with each other world will keep watching and enjoying our fights...Pakistan maybe in a mess today and India is doing better, but still we have so many issues in India to sort out....