Every now and then there is news on our very popular news channels about death anniversaries of actors belonging to the film industry in the past, be it related to Pakistan or India. It is a good practice and we appreciate it without any prejudice.

But I really cut a sorry figure when I found that the 20th death anniversary of Nayyar Sultana, a very popular and trend - setter Pakistani film actress, did not find any mention on any news channel except for one channel that telecast a brief news item about her.

I do not know whether this is because channels have incomplete record or they are negligent.

Nayyar Sultana not only performed leading roles of an oriental woman in films like Saheli, Baji, Aulad, Dulhan, Mehtab, Maan Ke Aanso and Meri Bhabi, but also depicted beautifully and remarkably the pathetic roles of a woman of our society as a character actress and set a trend for such roles for her contemporaries as well as for her successors.

Her natural performance won her the title of the ‘Queen of Emotions’. Above all, unlike our film actresses she married only once and led an impeccable life, though she remained associated with the industry till she died of cancer on Oct 27, 1992, in Aga Khan Hospital, Karachi.

In film Saheli a popular song sung by late Nasim Begum was picturised on her was `Hum bhool gai her baat magar tera pyar nahin bhoole’. But feeling a pity on this apathy and behaviour of our media I will retort saying like this: Hum bhool gai her baat aur tera kaam bhi bhool gai. So we pay tribute to our sincere artists who have amused us throughout their life. Thanks to the media and the film industry.

M. SHOAIB KHAN     Karachi

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Qaiser Bakhtiari
January 6, 2013 11:43 pm
Thank you for this article. I would say even though Dawn ran this article of your, even it failed to acknowledge this actress par excellence. I will implore dawn to showcase Pakistan's talent, past and present more than the jhatkas and matkas from Bollywood that it likes to present so dearly.
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