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Indian troops kill AJK man

Deceased's family says he had left home to graze domestic livestock in the nearby forests along the unmarked dividing line.
Updated 21 May, 2023 09:26am

Goa takeaways

It appeared as if Jaishankar was speaking as the spokesman for the BJP instead of the Indian government
Updated 07 May, 2023 08:43am
Are Pakistan-India relations doomed forever?

Are Pakistan-India relations doomed forever?

Enmity does not require permission, but friendship is by mutual consent — something that both India and Pakistan have consistently lacked for the last several decades.
Published 03 May, 2023 01:10pm

SCO meet-up

The SCO has great potential to bring geopolitical rivals together for the common good.
Updated 03 May, 2023 10:02am
‘Shanghai spirit’

‘Shanghai spirit’

How far India wishes to stand with the region is yet to be seen.
Updated 22 Apr, 2023 09:18am