Pakistani nukes safe, says Indian minister

December 07, 2009


NEW DELHI, Dec 6 Indian Minister of State for External Affairs Shashi Tharoor said on Sunday that Pakistan's nuclear weapons were safe.

“We do not have first-hand information on that. Certainly, those who are very close to Pakistan seem to be convinced that there is nothing to be worried about,” he told the CNN-IBN TV channel.

Replying to a question, he said the US was not engaged in any operations against India's “immediate enemies”.

Mr Tharoor said there should be no distinction between Al Qaeda-inspired terrorists and terror directed against India. “For us there is no difference between somebody who wants to kill people in Bali or Mumbai.”

When asked whether India could rely on US President Barack Obama, he said “We are not relying on anybody to get this problem (of terrorism) solved.”

He said the US had made several statements favouring resolution of Indo-Pakistan problems through dialogue between the two countries.

About supply of US weapons to Pakistan, he said “Not every figure that we see is necessarily pointing to a barrel pointed at India.”

He said India did not need to worry because Pakistan could buy whatever equipment it required, but “when it comes to conflict, we are prepared”.—APP