Dawn.com, catches up with the team behind the new Pakistani horror movie “Siyaah”, who describe the difficulties of making a commercial Pakistani movie.

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Kamran Jawaid talks to the creative minds behind Pakistan's latest mainstream horror movie for Dawn.com.

Tech Details:
Camera: Canon EOS 60D
Lens: Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II
Picture Profile: based on Philip Bloom's setting.
Color Correction: None.
Edited in: Sony Vegas Pro 12

The slight blow-out of light is intentional.


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Aiza Mar 15, 2013 11:03am
Looking forward watching this film!
Ehtisham Mar 15, 2013 02:31pm
Hope this offing movie proves and stands as the revival of Pakistani Film industry
vijaykumar,salem Mar 15, 2013 04:20pm
so it's about a movie really.I thought it's about Pakistan's politicians.
syed ali naqi Mar 15, 2013 08:28pm
it is a great movie.i just saw it.congratulations to entire team
sana Mar 15, 2013 10:46pm
Pakistan movie industry needs revival, talented new directors, actors and most importantly plot for movies. Pakistanis are naturally movie fans, and would appreciate any attempt that can produce quality movies. Pakistan movie industry has an enormous investment and profit potential, someone just need to explore it.
Zahid Mar 16, 2013 05:19am
Whats the point. You can't watch these films. There are other Pakistani films which won critical acclaim in NY and other places but not available at any DVD stores in Pakistan nor are they available in theaters in Pakistan.
Aamir Mar 16, 2013 09:23pm
At least one should be happy that Siyaah has made it to the big screen. The attitude of Pakistani cinema owners towards their own films is disgusting. They only want to show Bollywood films. That's why its impossible that films like Lamha or Josh will ever make it to the big screen. Well its our own fault by allowing Bollywood films to be released in Pakistan. We have virtually killed our own film industry ourselves but then who cares?