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Imran holds Punjab govt responsible

Published Mar 13, 2013 02:21am


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PTI chief Imran Khan. — Photo by INP/File

LAHORE: Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaaf chief Imran Khan has held the Punjab government responsible for the Badami Bagh incident, stating, “the PML-N government’s close connections with terrorist organisations has led to attack on the houses of innocent people belonging to the Christian community.”

Mr Khan was speaking to media persons during his visit to Joseph Colony along with party leaders on Tuesday.

Stating that the PML-N leadership had finalised seat adjustments with the banned outfits in order to grab power, he observed that such moves were fanning terrorism and resulting in tragic incidents that were tarnishing Pakistan’s image at international level and putting minorities’ lives in danger.

Despite having cognisance of the entire situation, the PTI chief said the Punjab government did not act timely to stop the attackers from burning the houses which displayed its incapability and “deep connections” with banned outfits.

“Police at the site got vacated the houses of victims and then acted as mere spectators instead of barring the attackers from carrying out destruction in the area,” Imran Khan said.

The PTI chief said the present provincial government had made political appointments in Punjab police that were resulting in poor law and order situation. “The Punjab government has failed the police department just by appointing their blue-eyed people at top positions,” said Imran.

Mr Khan assailed the federal and Punjab governments for their failure to ensure safety of the lives and properties of minorities in the country. He said the burning of Christians’ houses had tarnished the image of the country at international level. “Had the culprits of Gojra incident been held accountable, the tragic incident of Badami Bagh would not have taken place,” he said. After coming into power, the PTI would ensure the minority rights and provide them with their basic rights at their doorstep.

He said the Punjab government was aware of the situation and could not control the protesters just because of its lethargic attitude. He said the Supreme Court was doing the job of a government, while the writ of the state was just missing.

He said elections should not be delayed at any cost. “Timely elections are the only solution to the entire crisis being faced by the country.


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Comments (24) Closed

Mohammad Farooq Mar 13, 2013 04:09am
Mustanser Husain Tarar Mar 13, 2013 06:19am
I can tell you one of the piece of Pakistan. Jinnahpur. Inshallah.
sfomann Mar 13, 2013 05:03am
I admire Imran Khan's courage to speak for the rights of the minorities in Pakistan, while the rest of us just sitting quietly and comfortably and looking the other way. Will all the muslims sit quietly if something similar happens in the west against the muslims?
Ahmed Mar 13, 2013 04:37am
Agree with you. It's a shameful act and could have been stopped by Punjab government.
mohd Taj Mar 13, 2013 04:22am
Last chance for pakistan. either choose Imran Khan or see pakistan in 4 pcs.
Sultan Alvi, Toronto Mar 13, 2013 05:40am
Do you want Imran Khan to say a few words of praise for Shahbaz Sharif and PML-N for the calamity of Badami Bagh? Similarly, you would like to hear good words from Imran Khan for PPP and Zardari about the Karachi situation? Maybe you get upset when you hear the truth from Khan Sahib about the current situation in Pakistan.
Abdullah Hussain Mar 13, 2013 05:29am
I agree with the suggestion that Imran & his PTI should be voted to power. Pakistan cannot sustain any further bad governance & corruption
sraz45 Mar 13, 2013 05:51am
It's such a shame to see Pakistan go through all this lawlessness and the provincial governments doing nothing about the situation. Everywhere there seems to be chaos and innocent people being killed. Minorities are being mistreated in Sindh and now this tragedy in Lahore. It is a very sad time. There is no civility left. Time for this to end. Please do not vote in the old guard again, they have done but nothing for the people or the country. Imran Khan should a big contender in this election as he has a fresh approach. God bless Pakistan.
aa Mar 13, 2013 05:19am
Sultan Alvi, Toronto Mar 13, 2013 05:24am
Well done Khan Sahib. Hope the people of Pakistan are taking notice of what nonsense the current politicians are engaged in at the expense of poor people in order to come back into power. Let us get united behind PTI and Imran Khan to throw these corrupt and incompetent guys out of power.
Aamir Cheema Mar 13, 2013 03:40am
Mr Khan can you do or utter anything in which you are not blaming the others. It remains a wish to hear anything positive from Khan i.
warraich Mar 13, 2013 06:49am
first give him power then expect something from him.
Zaigham Mar 13, 2013 06:54am
Be mature there something else except blame game... just because of N league
Sheikh Mar 13, 2013 04:27pm
On the basis of them accpeting responsibility for Terror attacks accross and promising more in the future.
SM Mar 13, 2013 07:36am
Imran has undoubtedly become the best all rounder of today's dirty politics and blame-games. I wonder how he would be able to deliver his idea of "Naya Pakistan" with his 90's mindset! I do not support PML (N) but I wonder how blatantly he has levelled these accusations on the the provincial government without any proof or justification. This wouldn't be serving any political benefits for his party but of course bring more humiliation to the country from abroad.
Akhtar Mar 13, 2013 07:50am
On what basis have the parties been banned? Have they been tried by courts? I believe there is more terrorism in Karachi from the political parties, and the blame is now being shifted to Taleban. Politicians like Imran should be careful when they classify people as militants, terrorists, etc.
nomigustav Mar 13, 2013 04:09pm
Punjab Government has not only failed to protect minorities, but it has also failed in punishing terrorists through courts. Imran Khan has correctly criticized Punjab Govt for Badami Bagh incident, but he didn't mention the fact that Punjab Government has failed to punish 2 terrorists caught alive by Ahmadis on May 28, 2010. I believe Imran Khan is only interested to score points for upcoming elections, had he been really concerned about rights of minorities, he would have surely mentioned May 28, 2010 attacks on Ahmadis, which took lives of 93 Ahmadis under same Punjab Government.
Imran Mar 13, 2013 09:00am
Perhaps you seem to not understand that he is not in the government. Therefore he can raise the voice but he can't give executive orders since he is not part of executive
M.Asghar Mar 13, 2013 09:01am
The PTI can win the elections, if it wins in the country side with the majority of the electorate and the where the feudal forces are dominant, too
majority Mar 13, 2013 09:14am
Well name on positive development yourself that is to your satisfaction at the moment in Pakistan. I would be surprised if you could find anything that would really amount to "positive" for the masses! Calling a hyena by the name of an elephant will not make the hyena into an elephant!
Jawaad Aslam Mar 13, 2013 09:39am
Agree. and mostly against the punjab government. Punjab govt has delivered to the people of punjab more than any provincial govt. Imran why cant you see whats happening in karachi ? Why dont you blame MQM or sindh govt over there? You are biased.
Jawaad Aslam Mar 13, 2013 09:40am
If we choose imran khan than Pakista would become another state of America.
sraz45 Mar 13, 2013 03:56pm
Mr. Taj you must be an Indian, because only in India muslims abbreviate the name "Muhammad", first learn not to do that. Do you do that to any other name? You have no basis to talk about Pakistan your existence there is of a second class citizen, no matter what you may say seen it on my own. A few make it the majority live in the shadows.
BEA Mar 13, 2013 07:55pm
it would be better then the state its in at this moment.