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Pakistani Christians shout slogans in Karachi during a protest against the attack on the homes of members of the Christian community in Lahore on Saturday. – Photo by AFP

KARACHI: Pakistan's government should immediately take legal action against Islamist militant groups and others responsible for threats and violence against minorities and other vulnerable groups, Human Rights Watch demanded on Saturday in the aftermath of devastating attacks on Christian minority in Lahore.

While international and Pakistani human rights groups have long called for the reform or repeal of the blasphemy law, it has come under renewed scrutiny after a mob torched dozens of houses located in a Christian neighbourhood in Lahore, forcing hundreds of Christians to flee.

An enraged mob attacked the houses in Joseph Colony following allegations of blasphemy against a Christian man. The man was booked under Section 295-C of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC).

“The Punjab provincial government has spent almost its entire 5-year term in office being in denial about threats to minorities,” said Ali Dayan Hasan, Pakistan director at Human Rights Watch, in a statement issued from New York.

“Unless Pakistan’s federal and provincial authorities are following a policy of willful discrimination, law enforcement authorities need to put aside their prejudices and protect religious minorities who are clearly in serious danger,” he said.

Social persecution and legal discrimination against religious minorities has become particularly widespread in Punjab province.

The HRW has urged the provincial government, controlled by former prime minister Nawaz Sharif's Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), to investigate and prosecute as appropriate campaigns of intimidation, threats, and violence against Christians, Ahmadis, and other vulnerable groups.

The Human Rights Watch has also urged concerned governments and intergovernmental bodies to press the Pakistani government to repeal sections 295 and 298 of the Pakistan Penal Code, which includes the blasphemy law and anti-Ahmadiyya laws.

Pakistan's "Blasphemy Law," as section 295-C of the penal code is known, makes the death penalty effectively mandatory for blasphemy.

“The ugly fact is that the blasphemy law is an enabler of mob violence against vulnerable groups,” said Hasan.

“As long as such laws remain on the books and the authorities remain unwilling or unable to rein in mobs playing judge, jury and executioner, Pakistan will remain plagued by abuse in the name of religion,” he added.

Comments (174) Closed

Tahir Saleem Mar 10, 2013 08:48am
too much ignorance. We have forgotten how to learn, respect, live.
Saleem Mar 11, 2013 12:14pm
James, Believe what you may. Those who these atrocities in the name of religion, do not have iota of belief, they are people of hatred, and found in every religion, and race. Blanket statements should be avoided, as they fuel the fire, instead we should work together to show the beauty of our faith what ever that may be.
Irfan Baloch Mar 10, 2013 08:55am
after shias and Ahmedis this time it was the turn of the Christians to be left helpless, brutalized and victimized by inescapable, corrupt and indifferent government of Punjab and the center. what an irony that the same mob might be begging for asylum or visas in the "Christian" west. the perpetrators know they can get a way with it and the arm of law is complicit and corrupt so the poor and weak are left defenseless. the leaders of Nawaz league and PPP are fully responsible for such incidents because they are busy pointing fingers at each other and not doing their duty, if their personal / secret accounts in the west can be confiscated and the money given to the victims of the tragedy then maybe such incidents will be prevented by the politicians a wishful thought but how fitting it that happens.
concerned Mar 11, 2013 05:56am
the act was heinous and brutal, i have no words to express my anger towards this madness. condolence to the christian community and minorities that they are bearing the pain for a very long time.
Pramod Mar 11, 2013 09:57am
German do not glorify themselves by Hitler's act, neither did any body else did the way Pakistani glorify themselves with Muhammed Gauri and Ghajnavi. most of the above were either part of an over ambitious goals of some dictator or before 1950 when everybody wanted to kill everybody. one thing about riots or war is that they get finished one day. What happened here was result of an ideology and finishing an ideology is very difficult. its a continuous process and passed on from one generation to other and always gets stronger.
Zeeshan Mar 11, 2013 05:44am
The majarity does not have the rights how can any minority can have the rights.
Zeeshan Mar 11, 2013 05:42am
In India there were thousand cases of Christians masacres
Urfi Mar 11, 2013 05:33am
Yes, true Islam is. Not what mullahs preach in Pakistan. Where are the muslim scholars? They have really failed muslims and Islam
setara Mar 10, 2013 08:17am
typical losers bark, blame for others on whatever happen in pakistan, i think we really need to pass this phase soon
Urfi Mar 11, 2013 05:35am
What government?
Indicus Mar 10, 2013 06:54pm
I have always wondered what is 'pak' of Pakistan ..?
DharmendraGoel Mar 10, 2013 11:09am
Theattacks on Lahore's tiny Christian Community , by frenzied Muslim Bigots in seeking to tear of someone being accused of blasphemy against Religion of Islam and God as well shows how much distant the most Pakistanis seem to live from liberal democratic tolerant Ethos of modern democracies. It has been left for educated Middle-Classes and Civil Society to mount genuine liberal transformation of PublicPerceptions of ensuring Fair equal treatment to Christian communities in the midst of Fanatical Jehadis of Punjab. That is A preparation on the part of majority of Pakistanis to going post -haste to Stone Age..D. Goel
Gerry D'Cunha Mar 10, 2013 10:51am
sama: your country is going to the dogs
Tahir Saleem Mar 10, 2013 08:16am
Oh ye Muslims; remember when you were being persecuted it was a Christain king and christian homes which sheltered us. Shame on us this day that this has happened. If there was a religious hand behind such acts then they will rue the day when they stand before their Lord. In the meantime shoot every perpetrator on site (mandatory).
Human first Mar 10, 2013 05:23pm
Sorry if I offended some one.
Komal S Mar 10, 2013 08:08am
Looks like a Pakistani hiding in veil as Kaur. In India Sikhs live across the country. Everybody in India regrets 1984 riots. we have a Sikh Prime minister and a Sikh heading Planning Commission, does not look like a country trying to change the Sikh race down.
Human Mar 11, 2013 04:54am
Don't forget, the Army Chief is also a Sikh.
Bobs Mar 11, 2013 06:19am
Agree....but dont go to past to justify your actions. Those people who did that were wrong and their successor have realized what they did wrong and tried to correct it and trying to correct it..SO its your time to be human and realize that whats happening is wrong.Criticizing others dont make your actions justified..Saying it for good of your own country hate wont take you any where..if you believe god is only one and we all are his children .....let him punish for not believing in him or disrespecting him..who made your Mullah/Moulvi/followers to do that.Please live and let other live in peace...Dont use god name to take personal revenges...
Saleem Mar 11, 2013 12:18pm
Please keep your hatred to yourself. You are no different from those who caused this attrocity.
Komal S Mar 10, 2013 08:02am
Except in this case i am not even sure if the accused said anything against Islam, all it takes is some muslim complaints to the police saying somebody else insulted Islam and you can see the consequences. Granted we all understand that the person complaining does not care about religion, but he/she knows they can easily can stir up a passion and will help settle score with the accused. So the sane Pakistani people should realise that Blasphemy law does not protect Islam, it only helps people bring bad name to Islam.
Ashish Mar 10, 2013 07:59am
oh really? not willing to take a criticism even after all what you've done? country of 98.7% peace.
MBA Mar 10, 2013 07:59am
I am against capital punishment but I fully understand your frustration. Hanging culprits would probably would not help in a country, where you find hundreds of suicide-bombers. The epidemic development of aggression in Pakistan has deep roots and is hard to cure. On the other side, we have to start somewhere
Urfi Mar 11, 2013 05:29am
Pakistan is full of "Jahil's". It is sad but unfortunate fact. I am a Pakistani muslim and stand by my christian brothers in these tough times. I really hope, so called muslims will learn lessons from the life of prophet Muhammad (pbuh). There is nothing islamic about what's going on in Pakistan.
Touseef Mar 10, 2013 07:58am
I totally agree that these ppl should have been made an example for the rest of the world to follow That Pakistan can't safeguard its religious minorities...
Ashish Mar 10, 2013 07:57am
Shaukat, this is exactly what the separatist founders created. "We cannot live with others" was their prime motto. Do not remain in denial. Such killings are nothing new. They started with the direct action day that the separatists and have continued all through. If you consider yourself to be part of the Alexander army or one of the other invaders, then you yourself belong to the club. Others are victims, having been looted and converted by force.
MBA Mar 10, 2013 07:53am
You are right Mr. Khan. The wide-spread frustration in Pakistan (I would also add - sexual frustration in our religious society) drives people to aggression. But the insensibility of the majority towards the rights of minorities remains a tragic reality in Pakistan.
MBA Mar 10, 2013 07:49am
When they came to attack Wahabi homes, I did nothing
A Shia Mar 10, 2013 07:43am
Freedom of religion does not really mean that we should bash other religions or their spiritual leaders. Freedom of religion means to acknowledge the difference in two religions and still respect the the other religion, its followers and spiritual leaders. And also if you are doing something wrong in US, does not necessarily mean the we should practice the same wrong here in Pakistan. I am amazed that people in US (a Christian country) can say anything against Christ and still nobody cares, but if you say anything against Holocaust, I am sure the media is not going to let you go so easy. Clearly shows US is more sincere to Holocaust than Jesus!
madhu Mar 10, 2013 07:37am
"repeating the mantra "islam is a religion of peace" a zillion times is not going to make islam or islamic terrorists change their attitudes or ways. A fate worse than that which happened to Sodom and Gomorrah will happen to you pakistan as a divine retribution for your treatment of minorities. When that day of doom happens, do not wonder why!
Human Mar 11, 2013 04:50am
The difference is that those who committed these acts were not inspired by their religion. Both good and evil are part of human nature, but when evil is supported by and done in the name is religion, it becomes 100 times more dangerous. Almost all terror acts by Muslims are committed in the name of Islam, and they justify them citing their holy books.
Iqbal khan Mar 10, 2013 10:39am
And these kafirs call themselves Muslims,they are worst than the worst kafir on the earth.
Human Mar 11, 2013 04:35am
Everyone keeps blaming the Mullas. But please go a step further. Why are the Mullas the way they are? The root of the problem is in certain teachings of the religion. Unless these are openly debated and renounced by the right-minded people in Islam, things will not improve. But that cannot happen, because anyone asking questions about such teaching will be immediately dubbed an apostate and killed.
S. A. M. Mar 10, 2013 06:00pm
This is something new to me. India has been chanting slogans of secularism and being tolerant of other faihts but this is totally opposite to what has been claimed by them. a sad state of affaris then for sikhs in punjab. its no different anywhere in the sub continent.
Human first Mar 11, 2013 03:55am
Most of the people in the mob would love to get a Visa or asylum in US or any European country.
Saeed Mar 10, 2013 05:18pm
What do expect from illitrate Pakistanis with muslim names who don't even know how to pray? They can't even recite Kalma.
Human first Mar 10, 2013 05:20pm
Dear Muhammed . When I wrote this it was with my personal experience with some Muslims. I have seen Muslim denying christmas cake or Prasad . But same guys always expected all non muslims to take Fatiya( perhaps this is the word) from him with all respect and we did. My intention was not to bring muslims to Chruch or temple to offer prayers ro give regular visit. but it was more of not to stop your kids to go to any non muslim religious place if they go there sometime with their friend or any of their friend give something to them. Because when you stop them then it is like indirectly telling them it is wrong.
Pramod Mar 11, 2013 02:50pm
@Mansoor People who supported and showered rose petals on Mumtaz Qadri were neither Lower social economic class nor any they were some uneducated people. They were the people who knows law of Pak. Kind of support Mumtaz qadri had got from lawyers and general public proves you wrong.
dharmendra49 Mar 10, 2013 05:39pm
sorry for that but r u happy in 2013???
ARA Mar 11, 2013 01:20pm
Those who were part of mob majority were illiterate people. They even don't know the meaning of visa????
Sama Mar 09, 2013 05:05pm
I hope they take immediate action, I hope they deal with these militants and extremists. Where is my country going.
AHA Mar 09, 2013 05:06pm
Too much hate.
rohan Mar 09, 2013 05:11pm
Democracy and secularism is the only medicine for these evils
Gerry D'Cunha Mar 09, 2013 05:15pm
it is quiet clear, minorities in pakistan are not safe - UN should take immediate action against pakistan and all christian countries should stop aid to pakistan
Cyrus Howell Mar 09, 2013 05:17pm
"The mob attacked the houses in Lahore's Joseph Colony following allegations of blasphemy against a Christian man." DAWN This behavior is only going to keep Muslims out of Christian countries permanently. This is why Mister Average Pakistani is no longer wanted in the United States. Worldwide, Muslims are fighting each other. That is unfortunate because True Believers will get all the violence and war they want until their bellies are full, and the battle ground continues to be the Islamic World, not the West.. "You can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar." None of these rioters will ever be corporate CEOs or scientists. They just don't get it. God did not make them special. If they want equality and "rights" it works both ways. You have to give something to get something. Diplomats, lawyers ans politicians know that. Nothing is free in this world but the grace of God. Those who spit in God's eye are never blessed, neither the blasphemers or the rioters and killers no matter how many times they pray. Prayer was invented to keep us out of trouble and not to get us into trouble.
farmerdr Mar 09, 2013 05:17pm
There is a great deal of photographic evidence of the crimes and of the identiity of criminals. They can easily be caught by the law and put away for a long period of time. Are pious Muslims going to allow justice to take its course?
Agha Ata (USA) Mar 09, 2013 05:51pm
Please don't blame this government. They can do nothing. All they can do is to transfer some police officers somewhere else, reprimand some, give some rosy statements. Police has no clue what to do with mobs. They were never trained for that. Religion is supreme, human life is nothing. So much religion and believers reduced to the levels of animals.
Zohair Mar 09, 2013 06:04pm
This is very clear that any government which can not protect the life and property of its minorities has no right to be ruling. From the reports appearing in the press it is very clear that this is a case of gross negligence on the part of the Government of the Punjab. The situation was already volatile in the area on Friday and it did not raise any alarm for the people who are responsible to protect these people and here they are now announcing the formation of a judicial commission? The Punjab Government's Home Minister should have resigned forthwith but you would n'y be surprised if he happens to be the CM himself as he carries probably 16 or 20 hats. I would very humbly request the Punjab leadership to read the biography of Hazarat Omar and or Hazrat Omar Bin Abdul Aziz and show to the world how the Muslims as Islam is not about hypocrisy of distributing laptops and ignoring your basic duties as a CM!
Hussain Shah Mar 09, 2013 06:04pm
AL DAYAN HASSAN has Jewish agenda all PAKISTAN do not know , what he is doing from New york What is happening in Blochistan this man is in cover of H R W .
fitnfun007 Mar 09, 2013 06:18pm
I dont know why "Secularism"is treated as a four letter word in Pakistan.Most people consider Secularism to be anti religion. I don't think that most people even understand what it means. There are 3 basic models, the right wing view that "No religious symbols "will be tolerated in Public. A good example of this is France where Muslim women are not allowed to wear the Hijab and Sikhs their Turbans. The second model is that of a middle of the road where the state does not bother about religion, leaving it as a personal affair. In the third model in countries such as India, the government subsidies religious activities, by looking after Temples / Mosques / Churches, and provides subsidies for activities such as Haj etc. The common feature in all three models is that all religions are treated equally. It is sad how minorities are being sidelined in Pakistan, and how the culture of violence is flourishing. A secular approach should be looked at as in the "land of the pure", as the Islamic approach has clearly failed.
Logic Mar 09, 2013 06:22pm
No action will be taken and there willbe no consequences for the attackers This is the truth about pakistan All the rubbish the people and leaders of Pakistan talk about respect of minorities and islam being religion of peace Stop lecturing others and look at yourselves in the mirror Shame of the lot of you
Muhammad Mar 09, 2013 06:42pm
This is very bad, being a Muslim i can't dream about it. Islam mean peace. So fully condemn-able act. Let me tell you, common Muslim can't do that, this is someone has used the name of blasphemy and did his personal revenge. Need very harsh punishment to those We are with our Christine brothers
ali ahmed Mar 09, 2013 06:43pm
for shareef brothers...People Who Live In Glass Houses Should Not Throw Stones ( don't criticize other people when you yourself have faults and weaknesses ... )
AHA Mar 09, 2013 06:52pm
Not sure what a 'pious' Muslims. The terrorists consider the most pious of the pious Muslims, closely followed by the terrorist-sympathizors.
Sama Mar 09, 2013 06:53pm
"UN should take immediate action against Pakistan..." Nope they should not, they need not. Very ignorant comment where you have simply placed 180 million people and govt. in one basket. This terrorism is from a group (which has many organizations) of religious extremists. There are many forces that are trying to fight against these extremists. An average Pakistani (which makes the majority of population) is trying to break free from them. What UN needs to do is support these people and not just by sending money.
AHA Mar 09, 2013 06:53pm
How about a separate country for the minorities within the territory of Pakistan. This is how Pakistan itself was created, wasn't it?
Indian Mar 09, 2013 06:58pm
pakistan is a rougue country. world shd stop all dealings with pakistan immediately
sfomann Mar 09, 2013 07:00pm
As a Muslim and a Pakistani, I am really disgusted by these news. I think we Muslims are getting too hung up on these issues. If we look at our daily lives, there is nothing Islamic about it, but yet, when even there is false rumor of blasphemy or something like that, we come out on the street as if we are appointed by Allah to be the watchdog. I apologize to all the member of other faiths of such incident.
saleem Mar 09, 2013 07:05pm
religion and state should have been and should be separated
PakThinker Mar 09, 2013 07:18pm
Foreign funded non-Muslims test the Muslim resolve in this manner. It is also a means to provoke Pakistanis such that their dehumanization, and resulting UN action is justified. This plan, well on its way, lays ground for the dismemberment of Pakistan. Wholesale killing of Christians in India are overloocked. Ovr a 1000Churches have been killed in India and many christians killed. This is covered over by the very patriotic Indian media. Pakistani media does its best to exaggerate minor happenings and hides the mitigating circumstances that lead tosuch happenings in Pakistan. What you see here is a projection of mob sentiments, Mob Law, not any legal constituted law which postiluates a court centered legal process. And the Blasphemy Law itself is not Islamic but is required to nip the bud at home, if not abroad. And Dawn has infringed this law in more ways than these poorer pawns of foreign agencies stretching the envelop and testing common man's resolve.
RSS Mar 09, 2013 07:21pm
Democracy, the rule of majority, has long crushed the minority in history. It also has the power to rationalize its atrocities in the majority's mind.
Zal Heusen Mar 09, 2013 07:22pm
There is no freedom of religion in Muslim countries. In USA you can say anything against Christ and no body cares. In Muslim countries if I say anything against Mohammed or Islam. People say "hang him", "burn him". This behaviour is absolutely in humane. I am scared to visit any Islamic countries. Only God knows what they will do to me and my family.
Jagjivan S. Mar 09, 2013 07:24pm
Things always initiate from the minority to attract foreign intervention as has happened in all Muslim countries...Iran is next.
Shaukat Mar 09, 2013 07:24pm
This is not Islam and makes me ashamed to call myself a Muslim. My deepest apologies to my Christian Pakistani brothers who are being persecuted in this manner. Islam came into being to establish justice in this world not to create these inhuman bigots. God save Pakistan which seems to be going down the path of self destruction. Sane voices have been silenced and all you see are rabid bands of warmongers running rampant throughout the country. This is not the Pakistan that Jinnah or the founding forefathers wanted.
Human First Mar 09, 2013 07:27pm
Would like to see comments of some Shia Muslim. Do they also think isuch acts are justified . Will they come forward now to protest.
R. Kaur Mar 09, 2013 07:28pm
In India my whole extended family was exterminated and over a hundred thousand Sikh women were raped in Punjab villages by Hindu regiments to change the Sikh race down...ever heard of what hapened to our Golden Temple 1984?
Human First Mar 09, 2013 07:31pm
Muhammad Please dear do not repeat the same story again that our;s is a peace loving religion etc. This is not the first case and you can not say the same sentence again and again and get away.
Ali Mar 09, 2013 07:36pm
So, when fellow Muslims blast a neighborhood and kill other Muslims everyone just cleans up the mess and goes home. When one person speaks wrongly about Islam the whole area marches in protest and demands the government take action. They burn down peoples homes and want blood. What a mixed up country Pakistan is.
Akram Mar 09, 2013 07:43pm
learn to spell first, lecture us Pakistanis later.
Akram Mar 09, 2013 07:46pm
Human Rights of Pakistanis is a Jewish agenda? it must be a good agenda then, because they seem to care more about Pakistanis than any of our Maulvis or politicians.
asf Mar 09, 2013 07:47pm
As you sow, so shall you reap !
Akram Mar 09, 2013 07:51pm
The maulvis have made theft halal, fighting 'jihad' financed by opium is now halal, kidapping innocents for ransom is now halal also. Therefore why not also ignore Islam's commitment to protect minorities? slowly slowly we see these people represent Satan more than any god.
Rishad D'Souza Mar 09, 2013 07:51pm
It is disgusting... and also look at Saudi and the Maldives, Christians can't be citizens of the country. In countries like Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan Muslims convert to Christianity secretly for fear of death otherwise. But when a Muslim goes abroad he wants all his rights in tact. Ridiculous. Happy to be a Christian in a Hindu-majority country instead.
Akram Mar 09, 2013 08:00pm
the only way to deal with such mobs is to publicly whip those caught on camera taking part, and especially those who started it with the first accusation. They should all get a thrashing in the same neighbourhood they burnt down. after the thrashing they should be made to clean up the mess they created.
Pramod Mar 09, 2013 08:00pm
@Sama this can be part of conspiracy by some group to use law against minority. but the people who simply listened them and followed were not part of it.If just a rumour about blasphemy is good enough to gather a mob and attack minorities then minorities will never be safe in Pakistan.
human first Mar 09, 2013 08:03pm
Muslim now will have to wake up and change their approach. They will have to understand that every religion have some loop holes or wrong interpretations and so is theirs. People will have to open up for reforms. They will have to tell their kids that each religion is way to reach god . They will have to set them free and allow them to go to temples, churches and gurudwaras. let them have prasad or any thing there it will not make them a less muslim but will help them to understand other religions and increase tolerance . Just start opposing a perosn who tries to fill with hate and drag to terrorism or inform police about them. So police can keep watch on them. Keep your self open to any criticism because if your truly believe in your faith then no criticism will affect your faith,
amritekka Mar 10, 2013 05:55pm
Pakistan was created to protect minority from majority or to kill minority..
Zal Heusen Mar 09, 2013 08:06pm
Apology accepted, but you are an exception not a rule.
gangadin Mar 09, 2013 08:08pm
Don't like it? Leave.
jeff Mar 09, 2013 08:13pm
Mansoor Mar 09, 2013 08:13pm
After looking at the pictures of the people who are conducting the burning, it appears to me they are regular working class people of lower social economic class with a very few Mullah type among them. They just need any reason to burn and destroy and they draw legitimacy for their action from radical ideology of outdated blasphemy laws. These people are not doing this for love of Islam but rather with a sense of frustration they feel about their own circumstances, of course this just does not justify the destruction of christian housing. Mansoor Khan USA
Sam Mar 10, 2013 06:50pm
I am muslim and i condemn these attacks. All people who attacked our christian borthers should be hanged because they are worst than animals.
Pramod Mar 09, 2013 08:39pm
Many people had died at that time including hindu and Sikh. It was not a riots between two religions. Some misguided youth had taken up arms against the country. Army was deployed in Punjab and many wrong would have happened but calling them Hindu regiment was wrong though. Indian army has people from all the religions . but you can not do anything else to counter the insurgency.Today, Punjab is a peaceful and one of the most prosperous state of India . Many Sikh are holding key position like current PM and Army chief etc and this is not the first time.
anil gupta Mar 10, 2013 06:38pm
and you guys complain about godhra gujrat incidence..
Riaz Mar 09, 2013 08:48pm
On my hands and knees, full of shame and tears in eyes, I apologize to my Christian brothers and sisters in Pakistan. With heart full of sorrow and grief, I am ashamed of calling myself a Muslim.
Human Being Mar 09, 2013 08:49pm
Religion is like an opium for the people. Ban religion and all this madness will vanish
Adnan Mar 09, 2013 08:51pm
How could this happen in Pakistan? This was a norm in India. Now looks like this minority crushing behavior is crept into Pakistan across the border.
Pramod Mar 09, 2013 09:06pm
Islam urgently needs few Kamal Ata turk.
nationalist Mar 10, 2013 06:29pm
you are right . but what about babri mosque and samjhota express incidents? India is at same par with pakistan. extremism has no caste or religion, it is simly mindset.
Q&A Mar 10, 2013 06:24pm
On the same day a mosque was bombed. A Muslim Imam, prayer leader, along with six others were killed and 29 injured, the mosque was desroyed, many Quran and prayers books damaged. Any 'noise' on that in the west? Anywhere?
Ali Mar 09, 2013 09:09pm
Such actions are never justified my friend. Read some of the comments as I mentioned earlier.
MBA Mar 10, 2013 06:23pm
Even if it is very difficult now, let us be reasonable. All Pakistanis have right to be in Pakistan regardless of their religion, race and gender. And let us clear about another thing: Our pluralistic neighbours have thier own negative history. As an ex-patriot for over 30 years I can tell you one thing: You never find your home-country elsewhere. Together we should try to make Pakistan a real home-country for all co-nationals.
Saleem Mar 11, 2013 12:06pm
It is the failure of the whole society in Pakistan. The hearts and mind of people are tainted, of self righteousness. The Mullahs, of today do not understand the basics of ISLAM. They the followers of Abu Jahil, who was engulfed in hatred, and so do these Mullahs and their followers. What right they have to Kill another human being, regardless of their faith affiliation, NONE, according to Holy Quran. I feel so sorry for Pakistan, that I going to stop here, and give up.
Ali Mar 09, 2013 09:22pm
Education works better
Deb Mar 10, 2013 04:34pm
The world has moved way beyond the things that you are referring to. Though correct, your answers and assertions are completely irrelevant to the present context.
Deb Mar 10, 2013 04:25pm
I do not agree with you at all. The freedom of religion also includes the freedom to CRITICIZE any religion or the spiritual leaders. The only point being that this criticism should not be violent.
Rizman Mar 09, 2013 10:33pm
AND we call our self MUSLIM..................
Abdurrauf Mar 09, 2013 11:24pm
I do agree with you Pramod. I think there are some hate groups who tried to create such situation. The innocent suffered due to that. However there is enough proof against that guy who committed blasphemy. People should be careful while dealing such issues because it harms many due to just single word they utter irresponsibly. Not everyone is educated in Pakistan and they start taking law in their hands.
Abdurrauf Mar 09, 2013 11:35pm
This is really unfortunate and sad incident. Victimizing the innocent is not allowed in Islam. Only the guy who committed blasphemy should be charged by law not the whole community by the public. There should be sufficient evidence that he committed such crime otherwise no one has the right to persecute whole community. Really really sad.
Bakul Mar 10, 2013 02:57pm
Riaz, It takes a pure heart and a lot of courage to say these words. Brave man, keep it up.
Muslim Always Mar 10, 2013 02:53pm
That Mullah needs to be charged with Blasphemy and sentenced to death. Before blasphemy charge he should be charged for victimizing an innocent and should be punished for that crime first before sentencing to death. These idiots are defaming Islam and giving a very negative message to the whole world.
Amaal Mar 10, 2013 02:56pm
True children of satan on the earth, what a cursed dark place pakistan has become
APC Mar 10, 2013 01:08am
As long as you understand what he means, then it is completed the objectives of a 'communication'. If you want the correct spelling, better always try some dictionary. Here people are not talking about literature but merely putting their views. Learn to be a good listener. It makes your life much better, and your country too.
APC Mar 10, 2013 01:11am
A temple should maintain its sanctity. If it doesn't, then it is not a temple. Learn that first before pointing fingers.
Raja Mar 10, 2013 01:29am
This is GEONICIDE against minorities, by a section of satanic majority community. Any sane Goverment, should take immediate action to compensate the victims, and ensure such incidents don't repeat !!!
KTShamim Mar 10, 2013 01:29am
Qur'an specifically instructed Muslims to be patient: > [3:187] You shall surely be tried in > your possessions and in your persons > and you shall surely hear many hurtful > things from those who were given the > Book before you and from those who set > up equals to God. But if you show > fortitude and act righteously, that > indeed is a matter of strong > determination. Instead we are impatient and have created "Islamic" laws that defy the Qur'an's verses just to appease criminals in the garb of Islam. And since those laws are not enough to appease criminals so we don't stop them when they create chaos despite the Quranic instruction: > [2:206] And when he is in authority, > he runs about in the land to create > disorder in it and destroy the crops > and the progeny of man; and Allah > loves not disorder. In fact Quran allows all humans to: > [4:138] Those who believe, then > disbelieve, then again believe, then > disbelieve, and then increase in > disbelief, Allah will never forgive > them nor will He guide them to the > way. without any corporal punishment. Furthermore, at the time of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) some people used make plans to: > [3:73] And a section of the People of > the Book say,
Vikram Mar 10, 2013 01:33am
Well Muslims are attacking Christians under the disguise of Blasphemy laws. There is a possibility some one wants that piece of Land where Christians live. Christians are being terrorized for a purpose. The purpose may be move them from their land or convert them to Islam. Regular working class people don't do such things
dancer Mar 10, 2013 02:03am
"Islam came into being to establish justice in this world not to create these inhuman bigots." Really shaukat ? Check your history then make such statements
Richie Mar 10, 2013 02:28am
No point in lecturing a mentally sick society, with no moral values..
BEEKAY Mar 10, 2013 02:29am
If the working class is frustrated with economical condition it is logical for them to attack the upper/rich class. That is normal and has happend during different times in history. So your logic does not apply here. Please try something else creatively.
Pakistani Mar 10, 2013 02:55am
This policy of appeasement by authorities must stop so that minorities could live in peace.
Naseer Mar 10, 2013 03:02am
People who burned the houses of Christians are actually enemies of Islam. A few months back, a mullah falsely accused a minor christian girl of burning Quran pages. Later we learnt that Mullah himself had desecrated Quran by tearing out and putting Quran pages in the scrap papers recovered from that innocent girl. Did any one punish that Mullah for falsely accusing an innocent person and for desecrating Quran?
rohan Mar 10, 2013 03:03am
I am not surprised, coz Pakistani's are taught wrong history
Vag Artha Jain Mar 10, 2013 03:06am
In the end This is reality of Islam attacking other religion just for blasphemy which is completely irrational
Rozenberg Mar 10, 2013 03:15am
religion of peace.?
Rozenberg Mar 10, 2013 03:17am
and they never will hang him as he is a hero par excellence to the them
ram Mar 10, 2013 02:51pm
i salute u 1 million times.
Muhammad Saim Mar 10, 2013 03:27am
Bringing tolerance does not mean that a Muslim needs to go to temples, churches and gurudwaras to become tolerant. Islam respects other religions and give their followers permission to freely practice religion. The issue is not Islam but semi-literate clergy who does not know about Islam and preach their version of intolerant Islam and most of all those muslims who blindly believe in them. Muslims needs to work in this area, P.S Criticism desnot mean abusing other's religion, if a non muslim have any misconception about Islam then he/she can research over it or ask a muslim rather than 'criticise' it by making cartoons, blasphemous movies etc or provoke muslims just to prove his/her point. Freedom of speech does not mean freedom of hurting other's sentiments.
Arif Mar 10, 2013 03:37am
I agree with Jeff, shoot on sight, and get rid of this blasphemy law.
Shabeih Mar 10, 2013 04:01am
I am a Muslim and an Indian. I feel sorry for the state Pakistan is in, just because as a Muslim they all are my brothers in religion. I feel angry for what picture of Islam these misguided souls present to the world. I am happy that my forefathers decided against going to Pakistan during the time of Partition. I pray that Allah punishes these Pakistanis responsible both in this world and Akhirat.
Ather Qureshi Mar 10, 2013 04:05am
I fail to see what service to Islam these people are doing by hurting innocent people, destroying not only their properrty but tarnishing the name of Islam and Pakistan in the World. I am sure not all of the Mullah's endorse this, but the ones against such acts need to make these prople unedrstand who apparently do not have a brain of their own,.
dr aisha Mar 10, 2013 04:08am
What was the reason for innocent to be victim to one person's actions? Is this liked by Prophet Muhammad MPBUH?
sumon Mar 10, 2013 04:16am
Many Bangladeshi muslims follow Pakistan blindly and have same idology (do not support coexistance of different religion). My request to Pakistan, please stop this people. Otherwise, this wave will destroy Pakistan and as well as Bangladesh.
Ronnie Dsouza Mar 10, 2013 09:04pm
This is exactly how I feel
J. Singh-Austraia Mar 10, 2013 04:54am
The rape regiments exclusively Hindu. They were sent under the orders of the Brahmin queen Indra Ghandi into the Punjab to change the demographics of the provience. The so called Sikh general who attacked the Golden had shaved off his fundamental religion. In the Punjab today the ancestral lands of the Sikh's id been taken by Hindu tricks and tousands of Sikh farmers are committing sucide due to this loss. Large number of Sikhs exiled themselves to US, UK, Australia, Canada, and even some to Pakistan where their relatives live content.
Shubs Mar 10, 2013 05:04am
I'm sorry Muhammad, Islam does not mean peace. It is a myth propagated by losers and cowards in your religion who cannot stand up to take back your so-called "peaceful" religion. If Islam really meant peace, we wouldn't have the Muslim world burning all the time, where non-Muslims fear to tread. Irrespective of what the basic tenets of the religion are, it is a faith which encourages blind, brainless obedience, and completely rejects independent thought and critical reasoning. This is a recipe for disaster since except for a very very tiny minority, who are lucky enough to have capacity for independent thought in spite of their religious environment, you have the majority who grow into mindless automatons whose intellectual capability is stunted by years of violent religious imagery and false hubris about an imagined glorious past, and are ready to kill and die and bring misery on the rest of humanity at the beck and call of mullahs who are themselves uneducated buffoons. While you may believe in your idea of Islam as a religion of peace, sadly, the above is what the real picture of Islam is in the world today. And no amount of shouting "religion of peace" from the rooftops is going to change this reality. And that is why, my friend, the world today is revulsed by this religion.
PW Mar 10, 2013 05:12am
Once again Mansor you are brushing the main problem aside with one of the various regular excuses. First acknowledge the problem and only then will you be able to take the bull by its horns.
afrem Mar 10, 2013 05:25am
180 million people and govt. are silent about all the killings that is going on in Pakistan. Be it shias, Hazaras, Ahmedis etc. How come the Islamic Scholars not condemning these actions and out on the street protesting against these so called extremists?
Dudenator Mar 10, 2013 05:36am
Where do all these beautiful arguments disappear when describing India. When it comes to India, all you Pakistanis are willing to paint each and every Indian with the same brush. Why don't such rational arguments come during those discussions???
Leo Mar 10, 2013 05:36am
Dear Shaukat Sahab, All growth has happened in human history when people denounced religion. Christianity tried its best to cow down Copernicus when he told us that earth was not the center of earth. Same thing was done to Darwin. Hindus have long left the heinous practices of sati and multiple marriages. Visit any city in India and more and more people are opting for electric cremation for their departed instead of burning woods. Where does Islam stand? Muslims still follow their faith as was codified in its book. They simply refuse to redefine or move away from their 7th century lifestyle. In India millions of Muslims waste their childhood by going to Madarasas and learning Arabic/Quran/Hadith and when they grow up their knowledge is absolutely meaningless in this world. Then comes the cry of discrimination and backwardness which has been chosen by themselves. It is high time Muslims should introspect and dump the non sense. Grow up fellows for because of your sheer number mankind cannot advance till you all do too!
afrem Mar 10, 2013 05:37am were too busy checking for spelling mistakes and missed the the reality Indian was trying to point out!!!
munaf Mar 10, 2013 05:48am
The architect of blasphemy law ensured that his banner of hate will always flame the country in the name of Shia supremacy , But this was not only his goal,he wanted to get and keep these Islamist primed up to inflict clandestine assault on India. The Pakistani Shia Islamist with Salafist financial backing from Saudis. Furthermore ,certain Pakistani MPs,Police and the ISI are in bed with these criminals. Jinnah must be rolling in grave in his creation but Zia gawking. The Christians,Hindus,Sikhs,Jains and Shias must that this matter to the UN Human Rights for action by the UNHR. These groups must ask US,Europe,Asian Development Bank and the world bank to attach aid to Pakistan to Human right
Kaly Mar 10, 2013 05:54am
While it is a know fact that majority of Hindus are probably more secular than anyone else, I have found lots of secular minded Muslims brothers & sisters from Pakistan who regularly use to comment in various articles in Dawn. I am a so called Hindu from India who reads Dawn almost daily and tells everyone around me to read this paper....Hope one day we will make this world a better place to live in.
Farooq Mogul Mar 10, 2013 08:53pm
Well said, thanx
Iqbal Mar 10, 2013 06:22am
It's the repeatitions of what has happened to the peaceful Buddhist people of Gandhara long time ago after the golden age of that region. but when peace lovers are gone, only things remain is the hate and suffering only until now. Wake up Pakistan!!!
Farooq Mogul Mar 10, 2013 08:51pm
I m a muslim, and must tell that, the people who are committing these barbaric acts are not muslims, they are not human beings, they are barbaric, wild animals. I wish some leader has courage to change Pakistan to a secular country, where people from all religion had the same rights. Being a muslim and a Pakistani, I am so ashamed of the way we are treating christians, hindues and other minorities in Pakistan. Even fellow muslims are not safe from these animals.
Astro Mar 10, 2013 07:00am
...because, of course, why should one be outraged at man's inhumanity when there are more pressing issues like bad spelling!!!
Fahim Khan Mar 10, 2013 07:03am
Forget punishing terrorists as long as there is current SC and CJ. Only last week Supreme Court nullified the army court
Astro Mar 10, 2013 07:05am
Complicity, not gross negligence!
Another Human Mar 10, 2013 07:08am
Maldives is getting another breeding ground of mullah driven ideology
Another Human Mar 10, 2013 07:10am
first look under your bed and find what is burning. wake up before its too late rather than finding spelling mistakes. when can we be accommodative and tolerant ?
Another Human Mar 10, 2013 07:12am
Exactly this is not the first neither last case. Repeating same stories of being peace loving religion is really getting upon the nerves now. To top up the problem we have some brain washed and agenda driven reporters/ column writers who never fail to bring in conspiracy theories. I just refrain to name them here
A Shia Mar 10, 2013 07:14am
I am a shia Muslim and I strongly condemn these acts of terror against Christian minority in Lahore. Unfortunately the twisted version of so-called Islam, which have been imported into Pakistan from the Arab countries(US darlings), through the financing of the madrisahs, is in full swing. The mob which have burnt houses of the Christian in fact have have tarnished the image of Islam and hence have committed blasphemy themselves. A true follower of the Prophet cannot act as this mob have done. The Punjab Government should try the Imam of the mosque and his mob under blasphemy law.
James Mar 10, 2013 09:04am
For God sake, please don't tell me that Islam do not teach these things and goes by the principle of "Love thy neighbor" as the slogan has lost its value I am not gonna believe this saying any more.....
B Mar 10, 2013 09:14am
And what about your country full of rapists! check yourself first and then blame others..You do not tolerate anything said against your country but will have a big mouth about the others'...
Human Always Mar 10, 2013 09:21am
"I liked the answer of this German Muslim scholar when he was asked about terrorism and Islam : He said : Who started the first world war? not Muslims ? Who started the second world war ? not Muslims ? Who killed about 20 millions of Aborigines in Australia ? not Muslims ?? Who sent the nuclear bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki ? not Muslims ?? Who killed more than 100 millions of Indians in North America ? not Muslims ?? Who killed more than 50 millions of Indians in south America ? not Muslims ?? Who took about 180 millions of African people as slaves and 88% of them died and were thrown in Atlantic ocean ? not Muslims ??No , NOT Muslims!!! First of all, You have to define terrorism properly... If a non-Muslim does something is crime. But if a Muslim commits the same..he is a terrorist...So first remove this double standard...then come to the point!!!"
baryy hillman Mar 10, 2013 10:07am
Acts such as these make people born to Muslim parents want to become nothing but aethiests! This isn't the Pakistan your founding father, Mohammed Ali Jinnah had in mind. His was a vision for a secular state where people respected each other. The moment, the great man ceased to be, the crazy mullahs took over, made the nation into an Islamic Republic and here we are. The few elite in the ruling class kept the rest as ignorant as possible without access to a good education so that the illiterate, like sheep to the slaughter would keep electing them (the elite) time after time. See what this unchecked folly has reaped, inhuman savagery & bloodthirsty vengeance that would give the remorseless crusaders & marauding Mongol hoards of the past a runfor their money!
raja hindustani Mar 10, 2013 11:46am
It seems these type of episode started reoccurring on regular basis in Pakistan.....forget about non-muslims, now even muslims are not safe in Pakistan.
Aslam Mar 10, 2013 07:45pm
you are next
S. A. M. Mar 10, 2013 11:48am
Yes this is what is rampant these days in Pakistan. It is very unfortunate that no minority group in the so called land of the pure is safe. Our people (shias) too have been the biggest victim of this fanaticism. I have no doubt that it is totally local and truly indigenous. The hatred towards the minorities has gone into the (wahabi) mindset of common pakistanis. They see it as if the minorities deserve to be brutalised, looted and killed. They have been given to understand they are going to serve their religion. what a mockery I say. O you ignorant people for heaven's sake the blasphemy law is man made it can be worked on it can very well be repealed it is not something that came from God. Please learn to live and let others live in peace. Your actions are like a boomerang they can always strike back at you. Don't you get it?
S. A. M. Mar 10, 2013 11:52am
You could not have said it better. totally agree with you Akram. It is all satanic.
S. A. M. Mar 10, 2013 11:55am
Yes I am a shia and I totally oppose such barbaric acts. Its nothing but satanic of which we too have been the victim. Its about time that all minorities join hand to oppose against the biggest devil (taliban and the likes) of our time. Don't feel you are alone in this hour of need. totally with you and all the other suppressed people.
Hugo Pain Mar 10, 2013 11:57am
you focus on petty things like grammar, spelling, halal certified pork-free meat, beard & cap, and the pretentious sanctity of islam in pakistan while your economy slips, unemployment increases, your literacy drops (most amont women) and the world declares you a failed state and moves on.
Khurram Mar 10, 2013 12:06pm
Who should leave? Why not you?
James Mar 10, 2013 12:09pm
No it is fault of Pakistan. As a state it feeds and breeds extremist to be used as "strategic assets". It teach children false history and ideologies through distorted school books. So yes UN should take action
B Cherian Mar 10, 2013 12:11pm
Non-Muslims must try to go to India and settle there. We are Christians and lived in India for Centuries. At least you guys will have some safety in India. India must accept Non-Muslims as it is already a pluralistic country.
Saeed Mar 10, 2013 05:12pm
The Christians needs to stay in Pakistan and fight for their God given rights. Muslims of Pakistan need to learn to live with them.
Saeed Mar 10, 2013 05:15pm
Pakistn needs family planning and education for their children. A country where half the population is illitrate one should expect such incidents. Education is the only solution.
dharmendra49 Mar 10, 2013 05:18pm
no many more deaths you need to wake you up from your slumber sleep that islam is not a religion of peace. it needs blood everyday.
Khurram Mar 10, 2013 12:17pm
A mob torched entire area, nobody except the victims protested, no police action, no government action and no law to prevent it. Does this reflect an act of some selective group of people? I am afraid that people who think like you are not common in Pakistan any more.
kashif Mar 10, 2013 12:27pm
We are the nation who celebrate 12th Rabi-ul- Awal by lightning the whole country from kunda light.....
Malikpur - Janderbari Mar 10, 2013 12:28pm
Sitting in abroad with all luxuries of life you can say, but ground reality is different. Some people from Christian community also do such wrong things which lead them to this level. We being muslim should not burn anyone property or take life but if a non-muslim for the sake of western visas do wrong thing which hurt basic beliefs should be punished.
S. A. M. Mar 10, 2013 12:29pm
There is no will to catch them even the biggest criminals get freed without serving even a term. such an encouragement given to criminals.
Syed Mar 10, 2013 12:29pm
And the Molvi who falsely accused an innocent mentally challenged girl for burning pages of Quran Majeed. Though he had done this abhorant act himself, that molvi is still at large as well.
S. A. M. Mar 10, 2013 12:32pm
Sama would you be having the same view if you were a shia or a christian? I think time is ripe for UN Intervention. What we have to wait for how many more deaths. what the govt has done except of encouraging the criminals by keeping mum. the religious seminaries are flourishing and won't you agree that these seminaries are actually the breeding grounds of the fanatics.
ram Mar 10, 2013 03:01pm
a blasphemy accused is caught n arrested and assaulted in a few seconds but the biggest criminals and terrorists in the country are roaming free???? We are giving more priority to blasphemy rather than the big crimes n criminals that have ruined pakistan no wonder instead of going ahead n prospering we are going in the dark ages day by day..... The ones who need to get arrested n hanged are all our enjoying life freely... Blasphemy is not going to better ur country its a black law which needs to be abolished...
hamza Mar 10, 2013 03:04pm
if ur prophet is so great and important then why r u using stealing electriciy and using kunda? why dont u'll pay ur bills and get proper lighiting rather than steel electricity.. See how u muslims cheat in every step of ur life... U'll use kunda and try to justify ur love for the prophet rather than doing the right thing and being honest which one is better???
Deb Mar 10, 2013 04:52pm
The majority does not have to be based on religion only. It could be based on economic conditions, etc. too.
Amaal Mar 10, 2013 03:16pm
Exactly, that's what happend during french revolution, russian revolutions when aristocracy and upper classes were targeted. This is not it. There is something very wrong with the majority religion in this country. Hateful and intolerant at its core which is incompatible with the day and age we live in. Admitting that would be a first step towards reform. And yet, the religion of peace is just looking for excuses to justify its atrocities and in this case "economic frustrations of working class" seems to be a convenient one.
Gerry D'Cunha Mar 11, 2013 11:23am
Iqbal:as long as true muslims like you exist - all minorities should salute and pray for them.God bless you.
Syed Mar 11, 2013 11:32am
So much for Islam being the religion of Peace. What a joke, what hypocrisy !!!
Human first Mar 11, 2013 01:28pm
Leo, you cannot blame the minority for not giving them their rights. They are really marginalized and backward. Not everyone goes to Islamic school. What about those who are highly qualified but still doing petty jobs or jobless. Only few are given opportunity just to show the world that you are taking care of the minority. They are lacking behind in every field of life.
Human first Mar 11, 2013 01:31pm
The fact is its religion of peace. You can not deny it by giving the example of few idiots who don't know about religion at all. Can you blame all the Christians for doing all that wrong things which happened in this world by them and still happening. No its the crime committed by few and the law should deal with them properly.
Human first Mar 11, 2013 01:32pm
Who is making Muslim world burn? better you know the answer. Muslim world is peaceful but there is someone there to disturb the peace.
Lawrence Mar 11, 2013 02:32pm
The people who burnt the Christian homes are actually the TRUE Muslims and fall into the category of DAR-al-Islam and the vitims as DAR-AL-HARB.