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Long march: PTI stands to benefit

Published Jan 22, 2013 03:27am


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THE Long March was indeed a success in paving the way for the PTI to show its strength in the upcoming election whose slogan is also: “We want change”.

This long march and Islamabad declaration, if fully exercised, will benefit the PTI, which should thank Dr Tahirul Qadri for paving its way for the election without having to have their tsunami mounted on the present government.

FARHAN AHMED QADRI Mississauga     Canada

Wrath or blessings

WHAT did Dr Qadri accomplish for the nation? The provisions of the constitution he stressed upon are already in place; it is only necessary to implement them.

It appears he only succeeded in delaying the elections from 60 days (according to the constitution) to 90 days from the formation of the interim government, i.e. from May to June.

The only commendable act was that of the great crowd that thronged the sit-in despite the cold to express their belief and determination.

At the end Dr Qadri praised some of the government functionaries against whom the sit-in was organised. Where is the credibility?

RAFI AHMED      Karachi

A deal?

THE drop scene of Dr Qadri’s long march didn’t leave us clear as to who has gained what.

Pakistan as a nation has gained nothing much as corruption is still rampant. If Dr Qadri was against the government and the system, why did he invite the same government from the same system for dialogue? The agreement was signed by the same prime minister whom Dr Qadri called ‘ex’ and enchanted slogans against him.

A foreign national could jam Islamabad for days; he stayed in a comfortable container (which cost millions of rupees) while his supporters shivered on streets and when he ordered an end to the protest, the followers walked away without getting any direct benefit.

It forces me to think when simplicity crosses all its limits, it enters folly.



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Comments (5) Closed

khan Jan 22, 2013 05:45am
I don't think Dr. Qadri has achieved anything with this long march except causing inconvenience to the locals.and a huge loss to the karachi stock exchange. He was hiding from bombs and bullets himself in a box but left the people vulnerable to such attacks for days not to mention the cold weather they had to bear.
Agha Ata (USA) Jan 22, 2013 02:01pm
Dr. Qadri's march showed the mood and the determination of the nation. Had he been a little more thoughtful in his approach, made some changes, joined another good political party, he would have brought some real change. With millions of people around him in his march he was still isolated and lonely. :( He came with millions of people and millions of dollars, but he went back empty handed like the proverbial- prodigal son. This march was wasted, but could be used for a better purpose.
Islam Habeeb Khan Jan 22, 2013 10:27am
Action is better than No Action There has been a status quo on the political scene in Pakistan over months. Except for occasional outbursts by political leaders nothing was happening. The arrival of Dr. Qadri and the long march has woken up the politicians from their slumber and what he spoke, did and achieve in matter of days has amazed every one for or against him. We should stop spinning conspiracy theories and call a spade a spade. Take this in a positive manner and keep the momentum till such time that a fair elections are held. Islam Habeeb Khan Riyadh
ali Jan 22, 2013 12:04pm
PTI is best wit best minds like assad umar and imran khan
Patriot Jan 22, 2013 09:26am
It is quite an interesting fact that pakistan is a a country with a written constitution. However, it is told that certain part is not implemented. This is the biggest joke of all. How can you have a law and say we have a law but we dont want to obey it, then why do you have that law. Isn't this the law of necessity on which our judiciary is ridiculed. Whether imran has benefitted or lost from the long march remains to be seen. The impending elections will decide. I personally feel Imran has lost because he is giving those people chance, whom he knows will never come through. Pakistan should be renamed as bananistan.