Javied Aslam head of Pakistani community in Greece reacts at the scene where a Pakistani immigrant was stabbed to death in Athens. -AP Photo

ATHENS: Two Greeks have been charged with the stabbing murder of a Pakistani immigrant, which rights groups and Greece's main opposition party have denounced as a racist attack.    

The suspects, both in their twenties, appeared before a prosecutor Friday.

They were arrested early Thursday, shortly after the 27-year-old victim was attacked by two men on a motorcycle while cycling to work in Athens.

Police said the suspects claim they had no intent to kill the man, and that the stabbing followed an argument over who had the right of way.

Several knives were found in the suspects' homes, while one contained dozens of pamphlets for the ultra-right Golden Dawn party.

Golden Dawn entered Parliament last year, riding a wave of anti-immigrant sentiment in economically troubled Greece. It denies inciting racist attacks.