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Mujahideen and Taliban defeated Soviet Union and United States....but missed when it came to shooting a girl at close range? Therefore they were not Taliban...but CIA agents...!

Malala is American agent because she idolised Obama…but those who copied Obamas slogans of hope and change are anti-Americans and revolutionaries.

Taliban are not Muslims and are American agents and are working for foreign powers to defame Muslims and Pakistan…but operation against Taliban and killing our own citizens is not in the interest of Pakistan.

Dual nationals don’t have the right to be representatives in Parliament as they have taken oath to defend their adopted country…but dual national Aafia siddique is the daughter of Pakistan.

Illustration by Sabir Nazar

Since Pakistan is a narrow country, we need strategic depth in Afghanistan to survive first strike and respond with retaliation. Up till now we didn’t get that strategic depth…. but Taliban have achieved strategic depth from Khyber to Karachi.

Malala is just a child who didn’t have an understanding of issues and was being used by someone (her father) against the Taliban….But child soldiers and child suicide bombers are not used by anyone. They are protesting against the drone attacks on civilians.

LHC bars TV channels from airing programs on judiciary...and Taliban threaten TV channels to air programs on Malala....but media is free in Pakistan.

Illustration by Sabir Nazar

There were no suicide attacks before 9/11….only 19 suicide pilots who flew the planes into twin towers in New York.

Pakistanis are being crushed between two extremists, Taliban and their supporters and liberal fascists…one are supporters of a victim (Malala) and others are supporters of killers (Taliban).

The drones are responsible for Taliban’s revenge against Pakistani civilians. If drones are stopped, attack on Malalas would stop…..But secular education for girls is against Islam.

US-UN shall intervene in Burma to stop killings of Muslims…but Nato and US intervention in Afghanistan is against international law and sovereignty of a nation state.

Illustration by Sabir Nazar

Afghan mujahideen/Taliban has defeated USSR and now USA and Nato. But….they can’t defeat Pakistan to take control of nuclear arms.

We shall not judge Imran khan’s politics by his playboy past. But… all other politicians are answerable of their past (e.g Saudi exile of PML-N leaders, NRO etc).

Steve Arsalan is innocent till proven guilty. But….. Asif Zardari is guilty till proven innocent.

Illustration by Sabir Nazar

Drone attacks are giving rise to extremism and the relatives of victims of these attacks want revenge as no Pakhtun forgets revenge…but relatives of thousands of Pakhtuns, army soldiers, Jirga elders killed in Pakistan, never seek revenge on these extremists.

Drones are killing civilians in Waziristan and are violating the sovereignty of Pakistan. But….we can’t verify whether they are extremists or civilians as we have effectively no control on our territory.

Micheal Phelps won 22 medals in 3 Olympics and Pakistan won only ten Olympic medals in 65 years. But ….we created world record of singing national anthem to beat India.

Illustration by Sabir Nazar

Saudi Arabia is our time tested friend and matched dollar with dollar from America to defeat Russians in Afghanistan. But…..America, not Saudi Arabia is responsible for fanning religious jihadi extremism in Pakistan.

Solution to our education system is to abolish elite schools and create single education system. But…those who can afford can send their children to schools in Europe and US.

UN intervention in Afghanistan is illegal and Taliban are waging Jihad to liberate their country….but the West shall try Guantanamo Bay detainees according to Geneva Convention of UN and respect UN human rights charter.

In Al Bakistan everything is controversial, whether it is President Zardari, media, army, War Against Terror, Khuda Hafiz, Shias, politicans, parliament, khilafat, Taliban, dresses, law, medicine, police, moon sighting. But…. we are part of one Ummah.

The blasphemous film was not an individual act but a conspiracy of America to insult Muslims…But all Muslims can’t be declared terrorist because of individual acts of 9/11 plotters.

I remained silent.


The author left architecture for painting but ended up as a cartoonist and now writes Hijjo. He is the jack of all trades.



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