ISLAMABAD, July 16: The Institute for Preservation of Art and Culture (IPAC) held “Sab Rang Humare,” a cultural music and dance show, at Kuch Khaas on Monday. Performances included folk and classical Balochi, Sindhi, Pashto, Punjabi, Kathak, and Bharatanatyam songs and dances.

Children from four primary schools in Islamabad – Mashal Model School, Khaldunia High School, Headstart School and Pehli Kiran School – presented the show as a finale of an eight-day workshop aiming to familiarise the students with Pakistan’s rich cultural, musical, and artistic heritage. Each day of the workshop, the children were introduced to Pakistan’s various musical traditions from four different provinces. Throughout the week, celebrated Pakistani artists would join the children and enrich their knowledge of Pakistan’s musical traditions.During the last two days of the workshop, the students came together, and with the assistance of musical artists and choreographers, put together all of the performances. Throughout the show they clapped, laughed and cheered each other on. IPAC’s CEO, Umair Jaffar, explained that the students were from all three social classes, ranging from elite class children to children from the streets of Islamabad.

“This was an eight-day process where these children from all different backgrounds could share their hopes, dreams, and ambitions, through forming friendships. They are like one big family,” he said. They all cheered “Bhaiyya! Bhaiyya!” when he addressed the audience.

After the show, Lubaba, 10, said that she loves to sing and her favorite part was singing the classical and folk songs. Her mother added that she thought this was a great way for children to spend their summer vacations, and IPAC’s project really raised awareness about the class differences and how to overcome that and come together through peace.

IPAC is a non-profit organisation based in Islamabad with the mission to promote peace and unity through three universal creative forms of expression: music, art, and dance. CEO, Umair Jaffar, emphasised that their goal is to “focus on the younger generation, because it is unfair for them to be deprived of their own culture and traditions. This project will address gender issues and class differences in a discreet way, as the boys and girls from all schools, and all social classes, learn together.”

IPAC holds musical and cultural events continuously, with the next show being held in Peshawar for the month of Ramazan.



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