Dawn Media Group

27 Jun 2012


The Dawn Media Group is the parent of the Dawn Group of Newspapers.

The founder of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was also the founder of Dawn and he launched the Dawn newspaper in the 1940s making it the oldest English language newspaper in Pakistan.

In July 2007, the group launched a new TV channel, Dawn News. It was Pakistan’s first English language news channel but in May 2010, Dawn News converted into an Urdu news channel, because of the target market’s preference.

Dawn News transmission is watched in all urban and many rural areas of Pakistan. Dawn News is in agreement with several satellite TV channels, such as BBC World, Sky News, ABC News and Al-Jazeera and can be watched in the US, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

In addition The Dawn Media Group produces a number of monthly publications which include Herald, Spider and Aurora, as well as its website Dawn.com, and its radio station CityFM 89.