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Fata reform process

Published May 09, 2012 12:00am


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THE Federally Administered Tribal Areas have, over the last six decades, been inching towards the mainstream. But while certain notable reforms have been initiated over the past few years, the rise of militancy in the last decade has slowed the process considerably. Though security challenges have to be met, the process of reform cannot be put on hold, especially considering the fact that integration of the area may go a long way towards neutralising militancy. In this regard, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly adopted a unanimous resolution on Monday calling on the centre to extend the Supreme Court and provincial high court’s jurisdiction to Fata and to abolish the Frontier Crimes Regulation Tribunal. Amendments to the constitution would be required for this. The resolution also called for representation of the tribal areas in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly.

While the people of Fata were given the right to adult franchise in the mid-1990s, the Political Parties Act was introduced in the region last year. The colonial-era, much-derided FCR was also amended in 2011. The federal government must continue the process of reform, and this includes the question of integrating Fata with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, or giving it separate provincial status. This point must be thoroughly debated and the majority consensus should prevail. Attention must also be paid to providing local people with employment opportunities as well as a health and education infrastructure. But perhaps the central ingredient needed for successful reform is security. However, as has been pointed out by many, abrupt and hastily enforced change may actually have a negative effect on Fata. What is required is a gradual process that introduces change incrementally. With a mix of peace, development and progressive legislation, it would be possible to bring the tribal areas at par with the rest of Pakistan.

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Anwar Ali shah May 09, 2012 10:36pm
Fata had been the battle filed for the great game among the giants of the Asia and maliciously bordered in the name of buffer zone to resist the foreign aggregation. unfortunately post Pakistan scenario did not change and the politician kept the status qua which now have drain enough blood and poison the vain of Fata,, it is a ripe time to introduce drastic changes judicially, politically and socially to bring Fata into the main stream of the country..
Rashteen pashtun May 10, 2012 12:33am
Thanks Mr. Usman Alvi for your sound and gracious use of words. I am a domiciled resident of FATA and have very strong links with that beautiful territory of Pakistan. however, I don't agree with the editorial opening phrase, "THE Federally Administered Tribal Areas have, over the last six decades, been inching towards the mainstream." Infact, they (FATA) is under siege and some parts (dsitricts) are under constant curfew; e.g: North Waziristan. The only time FATA was getting some semblance of the opportunities that others in Pakistan were used to was the time of ZA Bhutto. Afterwards it became evident that the Zia dictatorship was only interested in ceremonies of cadet Colleges in this parts of Pakistan and later, with the Russian invasion all the developmental aid that was destined to be spent on FATA was diverted by the ZIA military regime and later by the Benazir and Nawaz regimes for their own corrupt practices of makinf foreign bank coffers or building palaces in Naudero and Raiwind. After the October 07th, 2001 aggression against Afghanistan by the United States forces and satellites, FATA became the target of vendetta for both the forces of occupation currently stationed in Afghanistan and the Pakistani military brigades that have made an eleventh years siege of the entire tribal territories; from Bajaur to the North and Sourth Waziristan to the South. The people of this areas have deep grievances and will not let it pass easily with holding those responsible for the destruction and murder of properties and its inhabitants. If the Daily dawn opinion makers and editorial staff is so much worries about the security of FATA then they have to see or turn nowhere except their own city of Karachi. FATA is secure and peaceful until such time where the pak military leave the people in peace and withdraw and also for all practical purposes the foreign occupation troops leave Afghanistan as soon as possible. Both these conditions are linked and imperative for peace to return and then the development process to begin under normal circumstances.
Sikander May 10, 2012 12:40am
The will of the people of FATA cannot be ignored. They have vehemently rejected being incorporated into KP. This from Dawn's own news story. It is not up to the politicking class of KP and its current assembly to decide the future of FATA. Nor is it up to the federal assembly to decide FATA's fate. ANP in government has also eroded the confidence of the people in KP, as the ANP is cheerleader of drones and operations that terrorize the people in FATA. FATA should be given provincial status in line with the aspirations of its people. It's what they want, and it should not be that hard.
irshad Ahmed May 09, 2012 05:15pm
Agreed with Both of above commentators i.e Sam and Osman Ala vi, if we provide them a sound ground in the same fields i.e provincial legislation assembly as well as in federal assembly than it can be possible to say that we will be united...And there will be no discrimination of caste, color and creed....
Usman Alavi May 09, 2012 03:30am
People of tribal areas are the brave sons of Pakistan. We are one nation. Insurgency in fata is the direct out come of our previous policy. We did not provide them education, health facilities, economic opportunities, justice system and true political representation. Whenever we provide them these essentials, the problem will be resolved to a great extent.
saim May 09, 2012 06:45am
I endorse the opinion of KPK assembly to give access to supreme court and provincial court to the people of FATA. But the provincial government must increase the number of seats in every university for the students of FATA to mix the youth of FATA in mainstream.In the present situation the economic of PAKISTAN is not sound enough to support the creation of new provinces atonce. Contrary to it , the homework must be started to built new infrastructures like colleges, universities, hospitals , research institutes and a net of roads similarly, jobs opportunities must be provided to the people of FATA. In future when the vested interests of the main ruling parties will be same about the creation of new provinces it will be possible.