LADHA, March 9: At least 19 militants, among them foreigners, were killed when US drones fired missiles on a compound and a vehicle in different areas of South Waziristan on Friday.

According to intelligence sources, up to 12 militants were killed in the attack on the vehicle in Jandool Mandow area of Shaktoi, near North Waziristan. The drones fired four missiles and foreigners were among the casualties, they said.

However, independent sources said that eight missiles were fired on the vehicle at around 5pm in which 15 people were killed. Six Uzbeks died when drones fired two missiles at the compound in Nesphah, 12km from Jandool Mandow.

Seven troops, nine militants killed

MIRAMSHAH: Four security personnel and nine militants were killed in a gunbattle in Wacha Bibi area of North Waziristan Agency on Friday, sources said.

(AFP quoted a senior security official as saying that seven troops were killed in a militant attack)

The sources said militants attacked an army patrol near the base camp in Wacha Bibi, some 30km west of Miramshah, with rockets, killing four troops and injuring two others.

Security forces fired back, killing nine attackers. Gunship helicopters were called in from the main base in Miramshah.