NEW YORK, Sept 24: Asserting that certain rules of engagement should never be broken, Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar on Saturday cautioned the United States against sending ground troops to Pakistan on the pretext of carrying out hot pursuit of members of Haqqani network.

In an interview to a Pakistani television channel, she stressed that there were certain “red lines” which the US should never cross.

Pointing out repeatedly that she did not “carry out diplomacy publicly”, Ms Khar said: “We know what the basis (is) for these outfits coming to Pakistan more than two decades ago. That is the historical baggage we share.”

Referring to the blunt statements made by the US recently, she said: “It opens all kinds of doors and all kinds of options. I will continue to say I will not carry out my diplomacy in the media,”

The minister insisted that Pakistan sought a more intensive engagement with the US and that she would like to discourage any blame game. “If many of your (US) goals are not achieved, you do not make someone a scapegoat.”

Ms Khar, who looked rather mature and poised, said Pakistan wanted to take the “high road” instead of debating sensitive issues in public.