Russian official talks to the media persons on Tuesday after examining the bodies of the Chechen nationals, who were killed by the firing of the security personnel at Kharotabad, at Bolan Medical Complex. – Online Photo

QUETTA: The Vice Consul of Russian Consulate in Karachi, Mr Tural Dzhavadov, said here on Tuesday that five foreigners who died in firing by police in Quetta two weeks ago were not Chechens.

He had earlier examined the bodies in the morgue of Bolan Medical Collage Hospital. He was accompanied by another Russian diplomat, Mr Alexey V. Falunin. Replying to reporters' questions, Mr Dzhavadov said: “Four of the five persons appear to be Russian nationals and one of them looks like a Tajik. They are not Chechens”.

However, he said that further investigation was needed. He said that it was not yet known how these Russians had entered into Pakistan.