KARACHI, Oct 21: More than 100 special children enjoyed a musical function and fun at a seaside restaurant here on Monday.

The programme was organized by Jimmy Engineer, a noted social worker and artist. Special children belonging to Ida Rieu School and College for the Blind and Deaf, Darul Sukoon, Hope & Faith, Burhani Blood Bank, Madawa Institute, etc. participated in the programme.

Speaking on the occasion, Jimmy Engineer said that he started organizing such programmes one-and-a-half year ago after feeling that the special children of our society did not have enough entertainment opportunities. He said that the handicap should have such opportunities equal to the normal ones to enjoy the life.

He pointed out that special people in western countries enjoyed extra privileges while in Pakistan they were being deprived of their legitimate ones.

He urged the government to implement effectively the job quota for the special people and ensure that only the rightful were appointed on the reserved seats.

He regretted that candidates having some sort of recommendations and connections had long been grabbing the job quota and thus depriving the special people of their right. He said various organizations representing the special people had been raising their voice against the unfair treatment but to no avail.

While delivering speeches at functions, he added, certain government officials used to make tall claims about the wellbeing of the handicap but their performance was restricted to only speeches on the occasions of different special days. He urged the officials to stop making such false claims and do something practical for the wellbeing of the special people. There should be concrete measures for the improvement in the standard of life of these people, he said.

Tasleem Masood of the restaurant where the programme was held, said that it was an honour for him to host the series of the monthly entertainment programme for special children. The series, he said, was launched from the same restaurant and has been continuing till date. He appreciated other hotels and restaurants for joining hands.

Fawzia Siddiqui of the Sada Welfare Foundation distributed gift packs among the special children on the occasion.

Many children sang national and folk songs while the Ida Rieu School music teacher, Riaz Hussain, gave orchestra support. Enthralled special children gave performance and danced to the tunes.