As many as 93 members of the National Assembly have financial liabilities of Rs4.21 billion.—File photo

ISLAMABAD: As many as 93 members of the National Assembly have financial liabilities of Rs4.21 billion and only two legislators from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) owe more than half of this amount, while 53 MNAs from Punjab have liabilities of Rs687.98 million.

According to statements of assets and liabilities submitted by lawmakers to the National Assembly, Dr Arbab Alamgir Khan and his wife Asma Arbab, who belong to the ruling Pakistan People’s Party, have net liabilities of Rs2.88 billion.

Net liabilities of 10 MNAs from KP are Rs3.4 billion. Amir Muqam has total liabilities of Rs410 million while Humayun Saifullah Khan has debt worth Rs11.70 million in the name of Saif Holdings Limited. Sardar Shahjehan Yousaf has obtained loans of Rs0.8 million from private individuals.

The total liabilities of Muzafar ul Mulk are Rs8.35 million, Jamila Gillani has outstanding loans to the tune of Rs1.25 million. Laiq Mohammad Khan owes Rs2.5 million to banks.

Former KP chief minister Sardar Mehtab Khan has run up loans totaling Rs14.92 million while Mumtaz Javed Abbasi has a liability of a mere Rs5 million, but he owns a bullet-proof car and has business outside the country.

Noorul Haq Qadri is the only MNA from Fata on the list. He has a liability of Rs18.36 million. Legislators belonging to the PML-N topped the list of borrowers from Punjab with a share of Rs314.77 million, followed by Rs198.81 million of PPP lawmakers and Rs174.4 million of PML-Q.

Rana Nazir Ahmed has a liability of over Rs1 million while Rana Abdul Sattar owed Rs25,000. He has an equal amount in his bank account.

Omer Sohail Zia Butt has Rs2.8 million cash in hand and his liabilities are Rs1.45 million. Rana Mahmood-ul-Hassan has mortgaged his plot of land to secure a loan of Rs2.5 million. Sheikh Aftab Ahmed has obtained loans worth Rs10.44 million.

Khurrum Dastgir has secured loans amounting to Rs2.4 million. Chaudhry Mehmood Bashir Virk has purchased two cars worth Rs1.3 million on lease. Mohammad Tariq Tarar has a loan of Rs1 million.

Khawaja Mohammad Asif has a loan worth Rs25 million against a house in Sialkot. The family of Zahid Hamid has a loan of Rs4.49 million, while Ahsan Iqbal has a loan of Rs0.5 million.

The liabilities of Hamza Shahbaz Sharif are Rs3.85 million, while he has Rs6.51 million in his bank account. Pervaiz Malik, who has assets and cash worth Rs182.52 million, has a loan worth Rs12.38 million.

Sheikh Rohail Asghar, who has thousands of shares in various companies, has financial liabilities of Rs1.5 million and Rs1.76 million cash in hand.

Khwaja Saad Rafiq has obtained a loan of Rs40 million from his first cousin, but has no source of earning. He has cash and prize bonds worth Rs28.41 million and 50 per cent share in two houses in Lahori Gate worth Rs1.5 million.

Makhdoom Javed Hashmi has liabilities of Rs86.61 million, while Dewan Ashiq Hussain Bokhari has to pay bank loans of Rs1.4 million, but he has property worth Rs55 million.Tehmina Daultana has to pay loans worth Rs48.90 million. Chaudhry Birjis Tahir has loans of Rs24.20 million, but the value of his assets is Rs24.20 million.

Mazhar Hayat Khan has a loan of Rs0.2 million, Wasim Akhtar has to pay Rs1.32 million to the NIB Bank, but he has more than Rs17.85 million in various bank accounts. Rana Mohammad Ishaq Khan owed Rs10 million to Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited, but he owned one flour mill, one rice mill, petrol pumps and other businesses worth Rs275 million.

Sardar Ali Dogar has more than Rs2 million loans, while Rana Zahid Hussain Khan and Chaudhry Asghar Ali Jutt owed Rs1.5 million each.

Begum Ishrat Ashraf has obtained loans of Rs6.13 million in the name of her spouse Chaudhry Jaffar Iqbal, son Omer Jaffar and daughter Zeb Jaffar, Chaudhry Saeed Iqbal has financial liabilities of over Rs57million. Chaudhry Tassadaq Masud Khan owed Rs21.57 million.

Syed Sumsam Ali Bukhari has a liability of Rs2.4 million, but has Rs30 million cash in hand, 500 tolas of gold jewellery and other assets.

Chaudhry Zahid Iqbal has obtained loans against property worth Rs4 million and owned business and agriculture land worth more than Rs160 million in the country. He has secured mortgages worth 1.7 million pounds in the UK.

Liabilities of Sardar Salim Haider Khan are Rs3.8 million and those of Malik Nawab Sher Waseer Rs2 million. Mohammad Ijaz Virk has loans worth Rs35.55 million. Ghulam Bibi Bhawana has obtained loan worth Rs0.5 million from the ZTBL, Imtiaz Safdar Warriach has Rs0.73 million liabilities.

Minister for Food Nazar Mohammad Gondal has to pay Rs1.92 million, while Minister for Kashmir Affairs Manzoor Wattoo owed Rs14.5 million to banks. He owned assets of more than Rs100 million.

Ghulam Farid Kathia has less than Rs1 million in liability. Azeem Daultana has liabilities of Rs4 million, Mehmood Hayat Khan owed Rs1.66 million.

Former minister of state for production Abdul Qayyum Jatoi owned property and business worth Rs14 million, but owed Rs800,000 to two banks. The total liabilities of Asif Aziz Sheikh are Rs14.5 million.

Mian Abdul Sattar has obtained a loan of Rs3 million. The liabilities of Makhdoom Shahabuddin are Rs0.91 million. Mohammad Arshad Khan Leghari has obtained a loan of Rs0.5 million from the ZTBL.

Benazir Income Support Programme chairperson Farzana Raja’s husband Dr Ammar Turabi has liabilities in the region of Rs5 million. He has property in Karachi worth Rs40 million and Rs115 million outside Pakistan.

Shakeela Khanum Rashid has liabilities worth Rs11.57 million.

Former Punjab chief minister Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi has liabilities of Rs58.70 million. Sardar Talib Hussain Nakai has assets worth over Rs80 million and Rs5 million cash in bank, but his wife and a dependent daughter owed Rs1.5 million to banks. Raza Hayat Hiraj has liabilities of more than Rs34 million. Hamid Yar Hiraj has Rs6.6 million bank loans. Khawaja Sheraz Mahmood has loans worth Rs0.7 million.

Kashmala Tariq has liabilities of Rs25.72 million. Nosheen Saeed has loans worth Rs3.68 million. Dr Attiya Inayatullah has a loan of Rs1.5 million, Saeed Ahmed Zafar has no cash in hand or in the banks, but has outstanding loans worth Rs42 million.

PRESIDENT’S SISTER Sister of President Asif Ali Zardari Faryal Talpur has secured loans of Rs1.57 million, while her assets are worth Rs92 million in her own name and the assets of her minor daughter Aisha Talpur are worth Rs44.36 million.

Syed Naveed Qamar has two student loans of Rs1.5 million in the name of his dependents, while value of his net assets is around Rs21.74 million.

Roshan Din Junejo has liabilities worth Rs19 million, Nauman Islam Shaikh has to clear an amount of Rs0.15 million, Mian Abdul Haq alias Mian Mitho has liabilities of Rs10 million, Mian Amir Ali Magsi has bank loans worth Rs1.8 million, Pir Aftab Hussain Jilani has a loan of Rs0.25 million.

The liabilities of Sherry Rehman are Rs19.97 million against her husband’s name. The loan was obtained from a UK-based bank.

Farah Naz Ispahani has a loan of $240,000 against mortgage in the US. She has not mentioned the assets and liabilities of her spouse Hussain Haqqani, Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States, but has mentioned a house in F-10 Sector of Islamabad that was gifted by Mr Haqqani in 1997 to her spouse Nadia Haqqani and minor son and daughter.

Sufyan Yousuf has loans and liabilities worth Rs16.70 million, Khushbakht Shujaat Rs8.89 million, Sohail Mansoor Khwaja Rs2.39 million, Abdul Waseem Rs0.23 million and Manwar Lal Rs0.48 million.

Haji Khuda Bux has liabilities of Rs5.9 million, Ghous Bux Khan Mehar 0.5 million and Kishan Chand Parwani Rs1.6 million.

Maulvi Asmatullah owed Rs1.85 million to banks and individuals. Mir Changez Khan Jamali has outstanding loans of Rs2.30 million and Mohammad Usman Rs1.5 million.



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