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Lovely, AwaisLovely

Published Apr 21, 2011 08:01am


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One of the glorious facets of the advent of the internet has been the rise of a peculiar culture. The products of this culture are notable for their immediacy and spontaneity, their sudden bursts and their short life-spans, and their constant interplay between one's own self and their projected image. The most notable example of this is the 'YouTube star' and about a year ago, Pakistan found its very own version: a young man from Sialkot who went by the name of AwaisLovely. Within a short time, Awais became a cult hit among the country's burgeoning internet population. A measure of his fame – as measured in the parameters of this brave, new world – is that social media networks are awash with fake profiles of AwaisLovely; a Twitter user recently carried out an elaborate hoax before confessing rather remorsefully that he was in fact, a fake.

So who is AwaisLovely?

For his critics, he is an attention-hungry, narcissistic dim-wit who speaks funny and has bad taste.

For those of us free from the shackles of cynicism, he is a folk hero. I had a chance to catch up with the man himself via a phone interview. Please note that the conversation was in both Urdu and English. I have tried to translate the conversation as faithfully as possible to Awais's own style and thoughts.

AwaisLovely on himself:

I’ll tell you something that since a long time ago I mean, guys and people are telling me that ‘Awais, you are really different and you seems to be a very, very romantic guy so you can do something special in the world yeah,’ so I’ve been feeling as well right? So that is why I started making videos to introduce me like I am a lovely guy you know…And I’ve been so romantic with the girls as well, people telling me in my school in my college as well.

[The YouTube videos] are my hobby. If you meet me in reality, you will see I am a different Awais. Mashallah, you will see a lot of things in me. That is because on YouTube, I cannot show my eye contact, my emotions, I cannot make you feel everything about me. But if I am in front of you, when you can practically see everything, feel everything then you will know me well. But I can challenge this, that Inshallah the boy you see on YouTube, the real Awais can be ever better than that.

Today a time has come that if 50 people dislike me on YouTube, then 150 people like me. If you remove a bucket of water from the ocean, the ocean remains unaffected. And I treat these haters like that bucket of water that I have thrown out, while my fans are my ocean.

People copy me now because I am a status, Mashallah a lot of people know me now. So they use my name to impress girls, because girls are really attracted to me right now and even before I was on YouTube. People just want to use my name.

AwaisLovely on Pakistan, and Pakistanis:

I've been noticing that people have been looking at Pakistan with a negative image, and we don't like that. I want to show the world that we can also be lovely, we also have love, we can also respect others, we are also romantic, we also have hearts and we are also polite.

I have seen a lot of [Pakistanis] who go abroad and start thinking that no one can watch us here and we can do anything we like. Among the girls, they start believing that a 'gori'  is a bad girl, right? These people think that that since we are abroad, we can do as we please and these 'goriyan' won't mind. But they should understand that they are human beings, they got eyes, they can understand right? These girls then have a bad image of Pakistan, and that is why I go out there with the name AwaisLovely. Being a Pakistani, to prove that we are really different and not all five fingers are equal.

I have thought a lot about [Pakistani elites] and I think they are confused as Paki-born-confused-Americans. I ask them, it is fine if you want to keep your an American style, there is no harm in that, but don't do overacting. Don't try to show that 'I was born in Pakistan, but I don't know who I am, or that I am special.' You should say that we love our country... If you overact, you will get confused, because someone else can see that you are overacting, you are trying to be someone you are not, and that is what makes our youth confused.

AwaisLovely on romance and girls:

I think romance is the most important thing. For me, [the question is] how do you treat a girl? If you are really committed, then she should understand that this guy can make me better. Being romantic doesn't mean flirting with a girl. It means to give her a protection, to give her a care of being romantic. That way, I believe that if you look into her eyes, she will understand that he can be my true friend.

I don't know why girls find me so attractive. A lot of people ask me for this but bro, I think this is God gifted. That is why I'm on YouTube because people used to say me that you are really attractive, so handsome Mashallah. Thank God I never commented on this myself but people used to say me you are cute. This ability began from within me, and I felt I could do something. But this thing about women, I think it's within us, I was born like that.

A final message for his fans:

I'm nothing. I'm a normal guy, and [my fans] can see an Awais inside their own selves. When Awais is on YouTube, that Awais they see there is not the real me, and they don't know the real me. That is why they should try to do something that becomes their personality, and somebody you would like to see. I want to make myself such that others look at me and want to become a personality themselves. Awais is a lovely guy and he is a casual guy and my personality is given to me by God, which can't be cheated, and copying it would only ruin your own personality. [My fans] love me, I love them.

(Special thanks to Masuud Qazi and Safieh Shah for their help. And of course, Awais himself.)

Ahmer Naqvi is the Brian Lara of his generation – he’s a genius but his team usually loses. He blogs on his own property in Blogistan, and makes short films you can see here, and here.

The views expressed by this blogger and in the following reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the Dawn Media Group.


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Ahmer Naqvi is the Brian Lara of his generation – he’s a genius but his team usually loses.

He tweets @karachikhatmal

The views expressed by this writer and commenters below do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the Dawn Media Group.

Comments (91) Closed

Ahsan Apr 21, 2011 01:28pm
Completely useless.
Tim Apr 21, 2011 01:40pm
I second you.
Owais Apr 21, 2011 01:48pm
Hahahaha ! In this era of darkness, Awais has provided us with great hope and laughter !
AwaisLovely Fan Apr 21, 2011 02:00pm
Brilliant work. He is a national hero indeed. Wish he gets proper limelight time.
T.J Apr 21, 2011 02:21pm
hahaha - what rubbish! Is this person for real? I had no idea about this person and am amused beyond belief. On a more serious note, this is the youth of Pakistan, apart from the fundamentally charged and misled ambassadors of Islam. Education and only education, is the hope for us and way forward. God help and God bless!
osama Apr 21, 2011 02:34pm
THIS GUY HAS CHANGED MY LIFE!!! thankyou for introducing him to us!! hahahahahahaha.. i havent laughed so hard in such a long time!
kamran khattak Apr 21, 2011 02:39pm
What???? are you guys serious.....
Rabia Basri Apr 21, 2011 03:37pm
hahahahahahahha OMG! this is too much :-D
Ghausia Apr 21, 2011 03:40pm
Words of wisdom from The God himself. Jokes aside, the man speaks the truth.
any one Apr 21, 2011 03:52pm
as for as his loveliness is concerned, I think much more lovely at least than him, millions are around us, he is a normal one
Asad Apr 21, 2011 04:05pm
The above series of comments seems to be from one person ( The writer )
Farhan Apr 21, 2011 04:08pm
Whats the big deal? He seems like a nice enough guy...maybe a bit too shahrukh-esque...but I'm sure not sure if people consider that as a character flaw.
SaR Apr 21, 2011 04:15pm
Is this serious? I'm confused.
Awais Apr 21, 2011 04:15pm
I am amused!!! very entertaining but Dont know why this in dawn!
waqar Apr 21, 2011 04:18pm
oh hahaha...... boht ala.... lovely man just lovely....
Mike Apr 21, 2011 04:27pm
Quite comical, indeed! It's re-assuring to learn that even in the darkest of times, there's still optimism lingering around...even if it's masked by delusions of self-grandeur and false bravado!
Junaid Akram Apr 21, 2011 04:38pm
In his 'home' video, at the very start, when he goes, this is my home, I like the sound of some Rehri wala going 'something walayyyyyyyyy', totally ruining the moment for him, followed by the sound of his BOOTS as he walks in, that reminds me of Bollywood cops when they walk on carpets. The entire design of his house seems like a waste of land and his room, I dont understand the flowers around his computer, probably they were sent by his 'FEMALE FANS', which seems more like a Buddhist memorial site and how do you explain two plastic chairs over there? Probably its for his friends whom he invites over to brainstorm BEFORE he uploads the videos.
AAA Apr 21, 2011 04:51pm
I third you. What a waste of space.
Azeem Apr 21, 2011 05:04pm
I love you man!
Mariam Shah Apr 21, 2011 05:20pm
hahahhahahhahahhahahahhahahahhahahahhhahahhahahhahhahhaha.... also, hahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahahhahahaha This is awesome.
KHAN Apr 21, 2011 05:21pm
LOLZZ this article made my day!! Lovely simply LOVELY!!
Rizwan Apr 21, 2011 05:33pm
and .... this guy is famous for ?? the lad takes him quite seriously ... way too seriously I would say and so do his "fans" ... I mean, he is overtly fake with that 70s style posing for camera and his general opinion about himself ... its funny!
ZanNeko Apr 21, 2011 05:37pm
Haha. Romanchik guy, please marry me.
Amber Apr 21, 2011 05:59pm
this really is simply lovely! doing his bit for the country ..... :D ..
Babar Apr 21, 2011 08:58pm
Right, been through all of it but couldn't make sense. Can anyone please tell me what is this all about?
Zahra Apr 21, 2011 09:19pm
honest and entertaining. what's wrong with that?
faraz Apr 21, 2011 09:54pm
this is sooo funny !!! how pretentious and cluless can you get? !!!!
Aloona Apr 21, 2011 10:01pm
Lol, was he wearing heels when he was walking up the stairs of his house in the first video?
shiza Apr 21, 2011 10:06pm
HAHAHAHA , do i need to say more ? :P
Haha Apr 21, 2011 10:20pm
hahahahahahaha... hahaha..
Sbukhari Apr 21, 2011 10:30pm
Really, the waste of time and space. :(
sana jafri Apr 21, 2011 11:04pm
aaaw, this is so cute :P simply "lovely."
AshamedPakistani Apr 21, 2011 11:06pm
Another Pakistani purportedly famous for the wrong reasons. Awais...The Rock says....
man Apr 21, 2011 11:13pm
he is having personality disorder...
Jamil Apr 21, 2011 11:15pm
I couldnt help but laugh when I saw those chiars hahahahaha. Nad he was tired just walkin up 10 stairs. hahahhahahahaha
Mohammad Tariq Apr 21, 2011 11:22pm
I am confused that why ppl feel proud of when girls/Women are more interested in them. They say its GOD gifted,surprising
HUMA YOUNYS Apr 22, 2011 12:42am
Awais are world famous now...may ALLAH give you more more and more............
umair Apr 22, 2011 02:02am
...lovely boy...hahahaha
Omar Apr 22, 2011 02:39am
Awais Lovely changed my life. I encountered him about 8 months ago on the internet. He has taught me how to get girls, how to celebrate b'days, how to be lovely and how to show off my obnoxious body on youtube videos with Akon playing in the back ground. Thank you Awais Ayub. May God Bless you and your soul.
RD Apr 22, 2011 03:27am
LMAO!!! I was laughing until I realised this wasn't fictional - then I was rolling on floor - this guy is for real!!! You have to love innocence though.
Definitely NOT a fan Apr 22, 2011 04:55am
in his last vdo is he seriously trying to get himself nominated for rishta online or is it just me who thinks tht's the case :p
shakeel Apr 22, 2011 06:43am
Very Funny ;-)
sam Apr 22, 2011 07:02am
and i still cant comprehend as to why he is famous.. the clips here doesn't seem to be a blog of any cohesive thought.. the guy displays no apparent wow talent.. so why is he famous. and why did some one had to do this promotional piece for him.
Ali Apr 22, 2011 07:22am
Unbelievable. Quite embarrassing as a Pakistani actually. This is why Education of especially parents and masses is so important. This shows the level of social development in our country. God help Pakistan and the nation.
Masood khan Apr 22, 2011 07:46am
I was considering Dawn news the best news network which really produces good news. But unfortunately its spoiling too. I don`t know why are they publishing such a useless articles. A few days days earlier they published an article "That creepy, sweet guy" and now they have published this useless article.there there are a lot of serious issue on which we need to talk. I would request to please stop publishing such articles , one can read such type of articles on any LOVE or JOKES website. It`s not a love or Joke website. please feel the reality
ali Apr 22, 2011 09:12am
Shehzad Apr 22, 2011 09:15am
I don't understand why the author has started to write about someone who is a nobody.
saba Apr 22, 2011 09:20am
just say niceeeeeeee
Sonia Apr 22, 2011 09:20am
and the point is...?
sumaira suleman Apr 22, 2011 09:31am
Great Man....:-)
amna usmani Apr 22, 2011 10:02am
dude... ur funny... i knew abt this awais lovely before so it doesnt come as a surprise to me reading the article but ut comment made me road out a lionish laugh !!! :D
Waseem Nikka Apr 22, 2011 10:35am
This is what you become when you watch too many Indian Movies.....
A. Wahab Apr 22, 2011 10:44am
I agree too!!! I think complete waste of time and space. I thought at least if not good it will be something funny....its really bizzare
Khan Apr 22, 2011 11:04am
He is creating stuff he wants without caring what everyone thinks, a sign of a true artist.
Khushbakht Vaka Apr 22, 2011 11:20am
God! How can anyone be so delusional? Very funny, but a little mean I would say.
Sadia shaukat Apr 22, 2011 11:36am
i m at 4th, this is just useless, wastage of all space & time.
Waqas Lone Apr 22, 2011 11:45am
WTH nice :S
Sarah Farrukh Apr 22, 2011 12:02pm
He is not Lovely he is Cute :P
Ahsan Apr 22, 2011 12:18pm
Do u really know the meaning of national hero? :@ Being a National hero doesn't to make videos like this.
Irfan Apr 22, 2011 12:39pm
I 5th you , what is the point ?
Irfan Ali Apr 22, 2011 12:42pm
so it is another Justin Bieber in making for us with the background music given by a rayri wala ? rofl hahahah
zafar Apr 22, 2011 12:50pm
Going through his videos reminds of " The diaries of a social butterfly".
farooq Apr 22, 2011 12:53pm
You have a bad taste.
Sam Apr 22, 2011 02:43pm
Folk hero ????? just like arif lohar etc. ???
Mirza Mudassir Apr 22, 2011 03:06pm
you said it!
S.F.Hasan Apr 23, 2011 09:50am
Who is this self proclaimed so handsome, lovely and romantic guy, and whats he doing in sialkot.... Never heard of him till now... Man o man.....the man itself never ceases to amaze other men....
Rabia Basri Apr 23, 2011 12:43pm
hehehehe Sarrah you not what Farooq Got Jealous
Saad Qureshi Apr 23, 2011 01:50pm
If you put the grammar self obsession aside , he has got some valid points in the interview
Ali Apr 23, 2011 03:18pm
I agree farooq, both Rabia and Sarah have bad taste
T H Apr 23, 2011 07:16pm
AwaisLovely is attracting significant publicity currently, and is therefore, relevant to a Pakistani news blog. Additionally, I think there is something to be said about the impact of social media and viral videos. If you do not deem this as being news appropriate, I have a simple solution: don't read it.
T H Apr 23, 2011 07:17pm
NEWS FLASH: You don't have to possess talent to garner attention.
T H Apr 23, 2011 07:19pm
Can you blame someone for not knowing the meaning of "national hero" especially when speaking in a Pakistani context?
T H Apr 23, 2011 07:21pm
Well said.
sabina Apr 24, 2011 03:44am
can i be ure sweet sabina, lovely awais ?
Nabeel Ahmed Apr 24, 2011 06:46am
The guy has guts to make videos like this and not afraid to post them on internet for everyone to see BRAVO!!!! LMFAO!!
rashid Apr 24, 2011 08:11am
as lovely said, its girls that find him attractive. not boys :)
Sal Apr 24, 2011 10:05am
Excuse me? "For his critics"? You are doing normal, able-minded people quite a disservice by calling us critics. In a time where the most ridiculous people get fame (not just eastern, but western people too) you're not really encouraging us to think clearly and understand about the ramifications of this internet craze. People here probably like him because they think this is how they should act/think, and people else where probably like him because they're laughing at him. It's really sad that instead of reveling this (as a newspaper, that should focus on pushing the youth of our nation forward), you're calling the few who may understand this- "critics".
natasha Apr 24, 2011 11:14am
isnt' this a movie format of those 2minute 'shadi online' packages we savour? hahaha its fascinatingly AWEFUL.oh did i say aweful,i mean't LOVELY and cute,mashAllah.
Salman Naeem Apr 24, 2011 12:46pm
first this guy now zohair toru!! where is this youth going...its not actually them its people who actually appreciate them and later on make fun at their back!!
Yasir Apr 24, 2011 10:20pm
Its more like " kunki sas bhee kabhee bahu thee intro part " lol indian channels have great influence on our lovely fellows
Yasir Apr 24, 2011 10:24pm
I want an honest opnion from girls, people like lovely are really attractive to you ? coz if one does this kind of wierd stuff then alot of people start followin, so it means they really accomplish it for whatever reasons they are creating such stuff ... right ?
Waqas Apr 25, 2011 07:40am
Astaghfaar :p....bus yehi kehna tha meinay ... Insanely Ridiculous..:p
Asim Apr 25, 2011 06:45pm
I Agree!
yasir Apr 25, 2011 10:23pm
a true legend, hope he gets the recognition he deserves in his life time :)
Mohsin Daudpota Apr 26, 2011 08:24am
Wot im really amazed at is ....he found his way upto!!!! teally started just months back...but man ...hez rocking!!!...(sarcasm meant)....lovely awais is sweet also... i neva thawt he mite get dis kinda attention.... wooow...
Farhan Apr 26, 2011 09:28am
All Friends - Awais is cute and Lovely guy, his Thoughts and Minds are really impressvie.. And i think If you see some good thing in some one , then must appreciate it. And 2nd thing for Boys Only, Dont be jealous ke Girls Os ko Like Karti hain.. Appreciation is the separate thing and Love is Separate.. We cant love someone only for his cuteness... ............. Make Your Own Identity , ke People Loves you and caring for you...
Shaza Apr 27, 2011 02:26pm
I agree!
Shabih Fatima Pakist Apr 28, 2011 10:54am
WOW Awais You are A MAN :D :D ^^^ Samajh tau aap gaye hongay ;)
kiran Apr 30, 2011 11:26pm
i feel bad for him .. people like him t make a jOke of themselves and don't even know it .. =
Saad May 09, 2012 12:54pm
You are Awais :P
Adnan Wasim Jun 24, 2012 05:31am
i don't know why did he miss the chance to live a respectable life.