A famous French moralist and essayist, Joseph Joubert was true in his vision when he uttered the golden words, “To teach is to learn twice”. With these words of his, he has attempted to revolutionise the act of teaching by putting the teacher in place of a learner with twofold of his contribution towards teaching.

The term ‘to be a learner twice’ involves many aspects varying from getting equipped with latest pedagogical strategies to being possessed with loyal readership. The absence of any of these traits does not only pose threats to teachers becoming complacent about their way of teaching but also raises several questions on their subject competency.

The importance of good teaching is better understood now than ever before and, indeed, good teachers constantly seek to explore new and improved ways of teaching to comply with modern standards.

Teaching does not just involve qualifications or education a teacher has gained, but it is a constant process of learning, exploring and evaluating the teaching standards and the quality of education offered to students.

Effective teaching can be done by harmonising it with learning twice. Those who dare to teach must never cease to learn as their constant learning will put them in line with the present requirements of teaching and expand their zone of understanding on the subject.

Teaching means to inspire students towards attaining education. It’s only teaching having a strong impact that makes it immortal in the minds of students.

Teachers are required to be two textbooks ahead of their students’ approach so as to be able to tactfully handle the teaching matters. Teachers having little knowledge of the subject or with an undevoted approach tend to mislead students, ultimately making them lose interest in the subject.

Teachers, equipped well with subject matter competency and pedagogical content knowledge of the subject are bound to make a significant difference in the way classroom teaching is addressed.

Teachers’ training workshops should be held on a regular basis. Unfortunately, some senior teachers in our schools and colleges appear egotistical and continue to stick to their old-fashioned and traditional ways of teaching which involves no further than reading out lessons and providing answers. They often resist adopting new or improved ways of teaching and syllabus for teaching, considering it extra work.

Many teachers complain that students nowadays do not show enough respect to teachers as was done in the past. While teachers have become complacent with their obsolete teaching methods , students start losing interest in their subjects. Such teachers become less popular and respected among students.

To initiate anything in their lives, students need a certain amount of inspiration from their teachers. Those who keep learning, inspire and motivate their students to greater heights. It is these teachers who can make average students better.




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