Timeline: The Raymond Davis Case

Published February 4, 2011

US consulate employee Raymond Davis is escorted by police and officials out of court after facing a judge in Lahore, in this January 28, 2011 file photo. The American who is suspected of killing two Pakistani men last week will be held for eight more days to allow for more investigation, a prosecutor said on Thursday, despite US insistence the man has diplomatic immunity. The case has become the latest test of ties between the two countries with anti-US groups demanding the Pakistani government resists US calls to free him. – Reuters Photo

 Here is a brief outline on the recent major events that have taken place during the mysterious case of Raymond Davis:

Jan 26: Raymond Davis, an American official, shot two Pakistani men in what he said was self-defence in a market area in Lahore. Davis called for help and the second vehicle got into a fatal accident with a pedestrian and fled the scene. Onlookers gathered around Davis and took his footage and that of his bullet-ridden vehicle. Police came to the scene and took Davis into custody for a statement.

Jan 27: Raymond Davis is held by police authorities for the shootings. Different sources claim that Davis is not a diplomat and cannot carry any type of weapons. The US embassy confirms his employment as a technical adviser. However, police authorities said that Davis was held-up at gunpoint and reacted in self-defence.

Jan 29: US officials claim that Raymond Davis has diplomatic status in Pakistan and refer to the Vienna Convention. But sources said that Davis did not have diplomatic status per se. Davis is remanded in custody with Pakistani police authorities.

Jan 30: Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani does not comment on the Davis arrest until officials confirm his identity and status in Pakistan as a foreigner. Many media personnel allege that the vague circumstances surrounding Davis could possibly mean that he might be a CIA agent.

Jan 31: ABC News in the US reported that Davis was associated with a security firm in Florida, which had a vague background leading to more reports of a possible CIA connection. The government has not decided to hand in Raymond Davis to US officials. Local lawyers call for a trial.

Feb 1: President Zardari announces that Pakistan will decide the fate of Raymond Davis while the US demands Davis is returned. Lahore High Court blocks any moves made by international parties to remove Raymond Davis from Pakistan’s custody. Interior Minister Rehman Malik reiterates that Pakistan will make the decision on Davis. Prime Minister Gilani says that US pressure will not influence the decision making process in the Davis case.

Feb 2: Interior Minister Rehman Malik states that Raymond Davis holds a diplomatic passport. A court extends Davis’s remand in Pakistani custody.

Feb 3: US embassy states that Davis has diplomatic immunity.

Feb 4: Pakistani government sources claim that Raymond Davis’s diplomatic immunity appears to be “dubious.”

Feb 5: Pakistani officials say Raymond Davis could be released soon if his diplomatic status is proven in court.



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