Indian Foreign Minister S. M. Krishna. -AP File Photo

NEW DELHI: As the foreign secretaries of India and Pakistan prepared their briefs to attempt another revival of peace talks in Bhutan later this month, Indian Foreign Minister S. M. Krishna gave indication on Wednesday that New Delhi remained unhappy with Islamabad over the handling of the Mumbai terror trial in Pakistan.

“We are disappointed and we are let down by Pakistan. Because till now only two witnesses have been examined and there has been some kind of a lull on that front,” Mr Krishna told the Headlines Today news channel.

He said India would keep reminding Pakistan at every meeting with its leaders that the trial of those behind Mumbai attacks should be put on the fast track.

“It is for India to keep reminding Pakistan every time there is a chance meeting or a meeting for due deliberations.

“India expects the pace of the trial should be speeded up,” Mr Krishna said.

India has not given up hope on the 26/11 trial in Pakistan though. “We will pursue it and we will pursue it to its logical end,” he added.

Asked whether the efforts made by India to reduce trust deficit with Pakistan were an exercise in futility, he replied in the negative, saying: “I don't think so.”

Punjab Governor Salman Taseer's assassination shocked him as did the fact that his killers were being “hero worshipped” by some sections in Pakistani society.

“This is a dangerous development.” Assassination, ha said, was not a way to do away with a governor.

Indian Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao and her Pakistani counterpart Salman Bashir are scheduled to meet in Thimphu next week.