ISLAMABAD, Aug 13: The President of Pakistan, on the occasion of Independence Day, Aug 14, has conferred the following civil awards on 92 countrymen and two foreigners for excellence in various fields of activities. ( An investiture ceremony in this regard will take place on March 23).

Details of awards with the names of recipients along with their field and province or country respectively are as follows:

I. NISHAN-I-IMTIAZ: Prof Dr Atta-ur-Rehman, chemistry, Sindh.

II. HILAL-I-PAKISTAN: Senator Sam Brownback, services to Pakistan, USA.

III. HILAL-I-IMTIAZ: Lt-Gen Ghulam Ahmed Khan late, public service, NWFP; Mehdi Hassan, music, Punjab; Dr Maleeha Lodhi, public service, Punjab; Lt-Gen Jehandad Kahn (Rtd), public service, Punjab; Moeen Afzal, public service, Punjab; Dr Ishrat Hussain, public service; Lt-Gen Khalid Ahmad Kidwai, public service, Sindh; Lt-Gen Zulfiqar Ali Khan (Rtd), public service, Punjab; Shams Kassim Lakha, public service, Sindh; Prof Malik Hussain Mubashir, public service (psychiatry), Punjab; Ghulam Nabi, science (detonics),Punjab: Muhammad Irfan Burney, chemical engineering, Punjab.

IV. SITARA-I-SHUJA’AT: Muhammad Farooq Awan, gallantry.

V. SITARA-I-IMTIAZ: Dr Muhammad Naseer Khan, applied physics, NWFP; Zia Mohyeddin, acting/compering, Punjab; Prof Jawad Sajid Khan, cardiology, Punjab; Nayyar Ali Dada, architecture, Punjab; Ishfaq Ahmed, literature, Punjab; Shoukat Sidiqui, literature, Sindh; M.A. Zuberi, literature (journalism), Sindh; Kamal Shah, public service, Punjab; Tariq Banuri, education; Muhammad Shafi Malik, public service, Punjab; Ahmad D. Bawany, space technology, Sindh; Mir Zubair Mahmood, public service.

VI. PRESIDENT’S AWARD FOR PRIDE OF PERFORMANCE: Muhammad Arif Niaz, physics, Punjab; Dr Ghulam Ali Qureshi, biochemistry, Sindh; Prof Dr Sher Hassan, agricultural research, NWFP; Prof Dr Mohammad Khurshid, health sciences, Sindh; Dr Rasul Bakhsh Rais, education, Punjab; Sufi Muhammad Ishaque, education, Punjab; Dr Syed Sakhawat Shah, education research, NWFP; Syed Munawar Saeed, acting, Punjab; Muhammad Aziz Baluch, folk music, Balochistan; Majeed Khan (sarangi player), music, Sindh; Syed Afzal Hussain, sound recording, Punjab; Iftikhar Ahmad, cricket commentary, Sindh; Ghulam Mustafa, painting, Punjab; Imdad Hussaini, Sindhi Literature, Sindh; Prof Dr Shahbaz Malik, Punjabi Literature, Punjab; Syed Zahoor Shah Hashmi (late), Balochi Literature, Balochistan; Ada Jafri, poetry, Sindh; Rozi Ali, mountaineering, Northern Areas; Prof Muhammad Nawaz Tair, Pushto Literature, NWFP; Malik Abdul Qadir, farming, Punjab; Akhtar Hussain Jafri (late), literature, Punjab; Muneeza Hashmi, art, Punjab; Haider Ali, boxing, Balochistan; Muhammad Irfan, weight lifting, Punjab; Bashir Ahmad, health physics, Punjab; Syed Shabbir Hussain, health physics, Sindh; Muhammad Riaz Khan, mechanical engineering, Punjab; Maqsood Ali, mining, Punjab; Col Dr Nadeem Ehsan, engineering, Punjab; Khalid Shamim, mechanical engineering, Punjab; Rana Abdul Qayyum, mechanical engineering, Punjab; Brig Khalid Latif, SI (M) mechanical engineering, Sindh; Brig Imran Rehman, lectrical engineering, Punjab; Muhammad Khan Chaudhry, mechanical engineering, Punjab; Barkat Ali Chaudhry, health physics, Punjab.

VII. SITARA-I-KHIDMAT: Prof Dr Tang Mengsheng, services to Pakistan, People’s Republic of China.

VIII. TAMGHA-I-SHUJA’AT: Lt-Col Abdul Salam Khan (Rtd), gallantry, Sindh; Muhammad Ashraf (late), gallantry, Punjab; Muhammad Kaseer, gallantry, NWFP; Raja Umar Khitab, gallantry; Muhammad Atif, gallantry.

IX. TAMGHA-I-IMTIAZ: Shahid Manzoor, science, Punjab; Iqbal Zafar Malik, missile technology, Punjab; Prof Abdullah Jan Jaffar, medicine, Balochistan; Dr Riaz Ahmad, education, Punjab; Sohail Akram (Sohail Ahmad), play writing/acting, Punjab; Madeeha Gauhar, theatre direction, Punjab; Faizaan Peerzada, art (puppetry), Punjab; Amir Hamza, calligraphy, NWFP; Raja Muhammad Nawaz, public service, Islamabad; Raza Ali, public service, Punjab; Surriya Allahdin, public service, Balochistan; Sharfuddin Memon, public service, Sindh; Mahmud ul Hassan Siddiqi, public service, Punjab; Maqbool Ahmed Khan Khichi, farming, Punjab; Shafiq Ahmad, public service, Punjab; Dr Fatima Zehra Basha, education, Sindh; Anwar Ali Khokhar, public service, Sindh; Haroon Khalid, education, Punjab; A.D. Bhutta (late), export, Punjab; Zulfiqar Ali Junejo, public service; Dr S. Muhammad Ali Shah, public service, Sindh; Amer Aziz, public service, Punjab; Daniyal Aziz, public service, Punjab; Naeem-ul-Haq, public service, Punjab; Muhammad Jamil Najam, education, Punjab; Azmat Iqbal, chemical engineering, Punjab.—APP


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