Chit chat Meet Waqar Zaka

Published March 7, 2009

The mind behind the famous student`s anthem Nahie Parha Maine Poora Saal... Waqar Zaka is among those who are born creative; those who see the world with a different perspective and those who keep an open eye on happenings around the glob. He is an electrical engineer, VJ, concept writer, director, producer (at The Musik) and most special, one rare genuine human being.

The distinctive concept of programmes, catchy promos, splendid background music and exceptional editing makes Waqar and his programmes (Living on the Edge, Video On Trial, XPOSED and Pakistan`s First Street Magic) are different from others. Currently he is the executive producer of Living on the Edge — Pakistan`s most wanted youth reality show.

Young World spent some time with this youth icon. Here is what we got to know of his personality......

Full name

Waqar Zaka

Nick name(s)

Wak Zak

Number of winters you have seen...

What were your teen years like?
Enjoyed every minute of it

What made you interested in VJ-ing?
The will to stand out in public

When did you realise your potential?
At the age of 17

Describe yourself in three words?
Helpful ... workaholic ... devil

Recent crush?
Don`t have time to think about it.

Five songs in your i-pod?
All songs of Noori )

In your bedroom, one will find .....
My editing machine getting heated up all the time!

In your DVD player?
Don`t have a DVD player (

The next CD you`re going to buy?
CALL`s new album

Most adorable thing about you?
I can be the most helpful person for you!

Favourite punch line?
Expect the unexpected!

One true confession?
When it comes to work...Yes, I`m selfish

One big fear?
More economic disasters in Pakistan!

On Sundays, you ...
Hangout with friends!

Which song makes you crazy?
Raat Jagey by Noori

The perfect way to relax....
Late night crabbing at Kemari.

Which is the craziest compliment you got from a fan?
Not exactly a compliment but...“I will cut my hand right now if you won`t say, you love me...” in Lahore!

Are you brand conscious/ your favourite label ....
Nothing specific... any thing that suits me

What comes to mind when you hear
• Music  Addiction
• Sea   Comfort
• Chocolate Buy it for my girlfriend
• Radio  I am driving
• Camera  Let`s start work )

Closing statement
If you don`t like this country please GET OUT OF HERE.



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