National flag 'not being misused'

13 Jan 2005


LAHORE, Jan 12: An additional advocate-general submitted in the Lahore High Court on Wednesday that the national flag was not being misused and only authorized persons were using it on their residences and cars.

Petitioner M.D.Tahir, while opposing the stance, pointed out that the advocate general is using the national flag on his office and car, though he is not competent to use it.

He also informed the court that SSPs and DCOs in the province were also using the flag on their cars, which was a clear-cut violation of the law. The court directed the petitioner to give details about the officials misusing the national standard and adjourned the hearing till Jan 26.

The petitioner had submitted that the government should implement the Pakistan Flag Rules and instructions given in the relevant notification. Earlier, the government submitted that provincial ministers have been allowed to fly the national flag on their cars as permitted by a notification issued on May 2, 2003.

It was also submitted that the court had no jurisdiction in the matter and a notification was produced according to which the president, prime minister, senate chairman and deputy chairman, National Assembly speaker, chief justices of the Supreme and high courts, governors, chief election commissioner, federal and provincial ministers will fly Pakistan Flag on their vehicles when they themselves are seated inside. -APP