PMDC to increase salt exports

December 29, 2004


ISLAMABAD, Dec 28: Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation (PMDC) is planning to increase export of salt to the US and European markets.

"India is main importer of our salt but we are also planning to increase our salt export to the European and US markets," PMDC Managing Director Brig. Muhammad Khalid Sajjad Khokhar told APP on Tuesday.

He said the corporation was presently exporting 5,000 tons of salt annually which would be increased in days ahead. Answering a question, he said the production of salt, coal and other minerals had increased and benefits were being passed on to the workers.

He said decoration pieces like lamps, vases, ashtrays, statues made from Khewra rock salt were very popular in foreign countries and being exported in large quantities by some private firms.

Mr Sajjad said the process of the privatization of the corporation was going ahead. "However the rights and interests of the workers will be protected," he added. He said the number of the tourists of Khewra Salt Mines was increasing and now more than 150,000 local and foreign tourists visited this beautiful mine every year.

Reply another question he said the PMDC had already entered into long-term agreements with cement factories for supply of coal from Sor Range collieries and Lakhra coal mines.

He said several cement factories had also approached the PMDC for supply of coal adding, "We are envisaging development plans to enhance production of coal to meet demand of other cement plants." -APP