Third breach in canal in a week

May 26, 2002


RAHIM YAR KHAN, May 25: At least 30 feet breach occurred in Abey Hayat canal for the third time within a week near Chak 41/P, Bagho Bahar.

The water continued to emanate from the breach for 12 hours.

Local farmers alleged that the breach was improvised by an influential landlord to irrigate his sugarcane crop and for preparing the land for sowing cotton crop.

They said the landlord had made spurs around his 250 acres of land so that all water could be accumulated in his land.

A few days ago, they said, a wide breach took place near Chak 48/P which was plugged by area farmers on self-help basis after hectic efforts of 18 hours. But, only after 12 hours the breach had again been made at the same place at the beck and call of the landlord.

The over and over canal breaches have created unrest among small farmers who ask high-ups of the Irrigation department to take stock of the situation.