ISLAMABAD, Aug 13: On the occasion of the Independence Day, President General Pervez Musharraf conferred Civil Awards on 116 Pakistani citizens and 14 foreign nationals for excellence in various fields.

The investiture ceremony for the awards would take place on the Pakistan Day to be commemorated on 23rd March 2005.

HILAL-I-PAKISTAN: Professor Dr H.C. Wolfgang Voelter of USA in the field of Chemistry.

HILAL-I-IMTIAZ: Lt Gen (retd) Ali Mohammad Jan Aurakzai (Public Service), Lt Gen Ashfaq Pervez Kiyani (Public Service), Maj Gen Israr Ahmed Ghumman (Public Service), Justice (retd) Javed Iqbal (Literature/ Iqbaliat/ Biography), Ahmed Faraz (Literature/ Poetry), Ms Nadira Panjwani (Public Service), Ms Fareeda Khanum (Art/Singing-Classical/Semi-Classical).

HILAL-I-QUAID-I-AZAM: Professor John L. Esposito of USA (Literature/Islamic Studies), Senator John Warner of USA (Service to Pakistan), Professor Dr Emil Ghitulescu, Ambassador of Romania for his literary contribution, love and regard for Dr Allama Iqbal.

SITARA-I-SHUJAAT: Brig (r) Akhtar Zamin, Muhammad Ziarat (late), Capt Munawar Javed, First Officer Khurram Naseer Butt, Flight Engineer Zaheer Subhani, Raja Muhammad Saqlain (Late) and Tayyab Saeed (Late).

SITARA-I-IMTIAZ: Muhammad Ramzan Bhatti (Science/ Electronics), M.A Samad Baig (Science/ Geology), Manzoor Ahmed 9Engineering), Abdul Ahad Khan (Engineering/ Electrical), Dr Ikram-ul-Haq (Science/ Biology), Prof Dr Bina S. Siddiqui (Science/Chemistry), Prof Dr Anwar-ul-Hasan Gillani (Science/ Pharmaceutical Sciences), Prof Dr Manzoor Hussain Khan (Engineering/ Metallurgy & Material Education), Dr M. Zafar Iqbal (Science/ Physics), Prof Dr Tahir Shafi (Medicine), Prof Muhammad Sultan Farooqi (Medicine), Dr Rabia Hussain (Medicine/ Research and Education), Dr Syed Muhammad Awais (Medicine/Orthopaedic Surgery), Prof Dr Mira Phailbus (Education), Shamim Saifullah Khan (Education/Academic Distinction), Ms Abida Parveen (Art/Folk/ Classical Singing), Munir Niazi (Literature), Moin Akhtar (Acting), Lt Col (r) Muhammad Afzal Khan (late) (Public Service), S.H. Hashmi (Public Service), Prof Dr Kazi Abdul Shakoor (Public Service/Medicine/Medical Admin), Dr Asim Hussain (Public Service/Medicine), Dr Ashfaque Hassan Khan (Public Service/ Research), Lt Col. Muhammad Ilyas (Public Service), Mr Ghouse Akbar (Public Service/Highest Taxpayer), Abdul Razak Taba (Public Service/ Highest Exporter), Dewan M. Yousaf Farooqui (Public Service/Highest Industrial Investor), Brig Javed Sultan (Public Service), Col Jehangir Akhtar (Public Service), Lt Col Shahzad Rafique Malik (Public Service), Lt Col Sahibzada Sajjad Ahmed (Public Service), Mrs Zoe Hersov (Public Service), Prof Christopher Shackle (Oriental Languages and Literature/ Urdu/ Seraiki), Prof Yamane So (Oriental Languages and Literature/Urdu/Japanese), Herman Buhl (Mountaineering), Achile Campagnoni (Mountaineering), Tariq Pervez (Public Service), maj (r) Khawaja Najam Javed (Public Service).

PRESIDENT'S AWARD FOR PRIDE OF PERFORMANCE: Dr Zafar-uz-Zaman (Science/ Chemistry), Dr Rizwan Hussain (Science/ Chemistry), Dr M. Salahuddin (Science/Plasma Physics), Sq Ldr. Khawaja Moiz-ud-Din (Engineering), Pervez Ahmed (Engineering/ Metallurgy), Brig Rehan Bashir (Engineering/ Mechanical), Brig Tariq Jawaid (Engineering/ Mechanical), Salim-ud-Din Zahir (Engineering/ Aerospace), Prof Dr. Nasir ud Din Azam Khan (Medicine/Physician), Prof Dure-Sa-Samin Akram (Medicine), Prof M. Sadiq Kalim (Education), Muhammad Saeed Rangeela (Art/Film/Comedy Acting), Muhammad Ayub Khoso (Art/ Drama Artist Baluchi/Urdu),Arif Lohar (Art/Singing/Folk Artist), Ms Tarranum Naz (Art/Singing/ Semi classical), Khawaja Najam-ul Hasan (Art/TV Production), Muhammad Faqir Mohano (Art/ Folk Artist), Abdul Rauf Roofi (Art/ Naat Khawani), Qari Mehmood Qadri (Art/Qirat/ Naat Khawani), Akram Dost (Art/ Painting), Mazhar-ul-Islam (Literature/Short Story/Novel/ Revival of Folk Studies), Muhammad Mansha Yad (Literature/ Short Story/ Novel), Mrs Shabnum Shakil (Literature/ Urdu Poetry), Prof Alamgir Hashmi (English Poetry/Literary Criticism), Dr Tariq Rehman (Literature/Linguistics/Academic Research), Dr. Fahmida Hussain (Literature/ Writer/ Sindhi Literary Criticism), Salim Bokhari (Literature/Journalism), Pir Sufaid Shah Hamdard (Literature/ Journalism), Baidar Bukhat (Literature/Journalism), Sohail Abbas (Sports/Hockey), Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi (Sports/Tennis), Imtiaz Ahmad Sipra (Late) (Sports Journalism).

SITARA-I-QUAID-I-AZAM: Prof. Peter Meadows (Service to Pakistan), Prof.Dr. Mim Kemal Oke (Services to Pakistan).

SITARA-E-KHIDMAT: Khalid Salimi (Public Service)

TAMGHA-I-SHUJAAT: (Late) Altaf Hussain (Gallantry), (Late) Muhammad Panah Shaheed (Gallantry), Muhammad Maqsood Lodhi (Gallantry), Umair Ahmed (Gallantry), Late Zafar Iqbal (Gallantry), Late Babu Ali (Gallantry), Late Mir Ahmed (Gallantry), Matiullah Khan Burki (Gallantry), Late Amir Nawaz Marwat (Gallantry), Abdul Jabbar (Gallantry), Ms. Nusrat Bibi (Gallantry).

TAMGHA-I-IMTIAZ: Dr Shujaat Ahmad (Science), Dr Hamid Saleem (Science/Physics), Muhammad Saraf (Engineering/ Space Technology), Iftikhar Ahmed Bajwa (Engineering/ Technology Processing), Dr Alam Khan (Science/ Agriculture), Dr Khalid Mohammad Khan (Medicine/ Medicinal and Synthetic Organic Chemistry), Dr Zahid Hafeez Shaikh (Medicine/Ocularist), Dr Yunis Soomro (Medicine, Surgery/ Orthopaedics), Syed Mumtaz Ali Shah (Art/Drama Artist/Pushto/ Urdu), Dr Zahoor Ahmad Awan (Literature/ Travelogue/ Literary/ Historian/ Journalist), Lt Col Hameed Ullah Saleem (Public Service), Lt Col Muhammad Azam Khan (Public Service), Maj Qambar Abbas (Public Services), Maj Khalid Mahmood Khan (Public Services), Maj Ali Akbar (Public Services), Maj Syed Musa Raza (Public Services), Maj Ali Raza Mudassar (Public Service), Abrar-ul-Haq (Public Service/ Music/Philanthropy), Mrs Farzana Javed (Public Service), Ms Georgina Tabassum (Public Service), Shahzad Roy (Public Service), Ch Nawaz Dhilon (Public Service), Syed Marwat Ali Shah (Public Service), Capt (r) Akbar Hussain Durrani (Public Service), Komail Ali (Public Service), Malik Gulab Khan (Public Service).

TAMGHA-I-KHIDMAT: Ms Adelheid Nastle of Germany for Public Service.



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