KARACHI: Special children entertained

27 Apr 2004


KARACHI, April 26: Over 100 handicapped children had fun in a three-hour entertainment programme at an elite club here on Monday. The function was organized by a social worker, Jimmy Engineer, under his monthly 'fun & food' programme for special children. The programme had been initiated about three years back and has been taking place regularly.

Under the programme, Jimmy Engineer takes a new batch of 100 special children to some elite restaurants, five star hotel or exclusive club every month. The aim is to provide an opportunity to the special children of our society to enjoy the life in the manner it is being enjoyed by a normal citizen.

Speaking on the occasion, Jimmy Engineer urged parents of special children to provide them every opportunity to go out and mix up with other people. This way, he added, not only the special children would have confidence in themselves but the normal children would also develop affection and attachment with the handicapped ones and would not resort to bully them.

He indicated that western countries did a lot to groom special people by providing them extra facilities. However, he added, in Pakistan this segment of our society was deprived of even due facilities. He urged philanthropists to come forward with all possible assistance for special people through the organizations genuinely working for them.

Karachi Gymkhana president Iqbal Taqi told the audience that he appreciated Jimmy Engineer's initiative by welcoming the special children at the club without any hesitation. He said he would always extend his cooperation in organizing such programmes at the club.

He highlighted the significance of providing entertainment opportunities to special children and urged philanthropists to fully support the noble cause.

The batch of children at the programme came from Ida Rieu School and College for the Deaf and Blind, Darul Sukoon, Darul Khushnood, Asra Special School, Hope and Faith, and Agosh. The children presented tableaus, folk songs and folk dances to enthral the audience.