KARACHI, March 29: Sarmad Tariq, a disabled person who set a record by completing his Khyber to Karachi (K2K) journey in a shortest possible time by a quadriplegic using an automobile, has described his achievement as a 'mammoth feat'.

"The accomplishment has restored my faith in my abilities and has given hope to millions others like myself around the world," he told a press conference. Sarmad Tariq, who is wheelchair-bound and paralyzed from neck down, said that for a long time, he believed that he was useless.

"I knew that I had to take control of my life, try to survive and live a life as normal as possible in this state," he said, and thanked the sponsor courier company for supporting him in his project.

Chief of the company Khalid Awan said that Sarmad Tariq's victory had given hope to countless other disabled people and had motivated all those who might have lost hope.