Investiture ceremony today

Published March 23, 2004

ISLAMABAD, March 22: President General Pervez Musharraf will decorate 108 recipients of Pakistan civil awards, including three foreign nationals, at investiture ceremony at Aiwan-i-Sadr, here on Tuesday.

The following is the list of the recipients who will be decorated:


1. Dr Samar Mubarakmand, Science (nuclear physics)


2. Late Prof Ahmed S. Bokhari, Literature (Patras Bokhari) (Posthumous),

3. Maj-Gen Sallahuddin, H.I.(M), Public Service S. Bt.,

4. Malik Asif Hayat, Public Service (Combating terrorism),

5. Lt Col (R) Bashir Wali Mohmand, Public Service (Combating terrorism),

6. Mr Jamsheed Marker, Public Service (Diplomacy),

7. Mr Khalil Ahmed Qureshi, Public Service (Education),

8. Dr Kauser Abdullah Malik, Science (Agricultural bio-technology),

9. Prof Dr Syed Qasim Mehdi, Science (Bio-technology & Genetics Engineering),

10. Prof Dr Sheikh Riazuddin, Science (Molecular biology),


11. Dr Hussain Abdul Razzak Al-Gezairy, Services to Pakistan,


12. Mr Mahmood Bhatti, Art (Fashion designing),

13. Syed Ahmed Rushdi (late), Art (Music) (Posthumous)

14. Prof Ms Anita Ghulam Ali, Education,

15. Maj (R) G.D. Langlands, Education,

16. Dr Amir Ali Majid, Education,

17. Mr Javed Raza Khan, Engineering (Chemical),

18. Mr Mukhtar Masood, Literature,

19. Dr Abdul Malik Kasi, Medicine,

20. Prof Javed Haider Rizvi, Medicine,

21. Prof Dr Zafar Hussain, Medicine,

22. Dr Shakeel Ahmed Qureshi, Medicine (Paediatric),

23. Brig (R) Akhtar Zamin, Public Service,

24. Mr Ghulam Mohammed Malkani, Public Service,

25. Haji Halim Ahmad Khan (late), Public Service, (Posthumous)

26. Mr Hameed Haroon, Public Service,

27. Miss May Flanagan, Public Service,

28. Dr Sarfraz Khan Qureshi, Public Service,

29. Dr Sher Muhammad Zaman, Public Service,

30. Prof Syed Dilshad Hussain, Public Service,

31. Miss Teresa Flanaganq, Public Service,

32. Mr Iftikhar Ahmed, Public Service(Combating terrorism),

33. Mian Mohammad Mansha, Public Service,(Highest exporter)

34. Mr Ahsan Zahir Rizvi, Public Service,(Highest tax-payer),

35. Sardar Rais Ghazi Mohammad (late), Public Service, (Phong Mosque Architect) (Posthumous)

36. Prof Dr Nishat Mallick (late), Public Service (Sports) (Posthumous),

37. Mr Mujib-ur-Rehman, Science (Space technology)


38. Mr Muhammad Yusuf Khan, Art (Acting),

39. Mrs Mahtab Akbar Rashdi, Art (Comparing/Social Work)

40. Mr Chishty Bin Subh-o-Mujahid, Art (Cricket Commentary)

41. Mrs Navid Shahzad, Art (Drama artist/writer)

42. Mr Salahuddin, Art (Drama artist),

43. Mr. S. M. Naqi, Art (Hockey commentary),

44. Haji Atta Muhammad, Art (Lacquer art),

45. Mr Moin Niazi (late), Art (Music),


46. Mrs Shahida Parveen (late), Art (Music) (Posthumous),

47. Mrs Tina Sani, Art (Music),

48. Mr Niaz Ahmed, Art (Music composing),

49. Mr. Samiur Rahman, Art (Photography),

50. Prof Dr Najma Najam, Education,

51. Mr Khalid Hussain Hashmi, Engineering,

52. Syed Nayyar Ali, Engineering,

53. Mr Ziaul Hasan Siddiqui, Engineering,

54. Mr Zia Aftab, Engineering (Electronics),

55. Mr Sohail Mazhar, Engineering (Mechanical),

56. Engineer Dr Abdul Aziz Mazhar, Engineering (Metallurgy),

57. Mr Iftikhar-us-Salam, Engineering (Metallurgy),

58. Agha Khalid Saleem (Agha Saleem), Literature,

59. Mr Bashir Ahmad Baloch, Literature,

60. Prof Dawar Khan Daud, Literature,

61. Mrs Farkhanda Lodhi, Literature,

62. Dr Prof Laeeq Ahmed Babree (late), Literature,

63. Prof Dr Muhammad Ali Siddiqui, Literature,

64. Mr Muhammed Usman Diplai (late), Literature (Posthumous),

65. Syed Shaukat Ali Shah, Literature,

66. Prof Dr Syed Sibit-ul-Hasnain, Medicine,

67. Dr Muhammad Javed Iqbal, Medicine (Cardiology),

68. Mr Muhammad Iqbal, Science,

69. Mr Tariq Pervez, Science,

70. Mr Asif Iqbal, Science (Mathematics),

71. Mr Aslam Hayat, Science (Physics),

72. Grand Master Muhammad Ashraf Tai, Sports (Martial arts),

73. Mr Zakir Hussain Syed, Sports (Administration & Management)

74. Mr Mehrullah, Sports (Boxing)


75. Capt. Abdul Raziq Durrani, Gallantry,

76. Mr Aftab Hussain, Gallantry,

77. Mr Akbar Khan, Gallantry,

78. Mr Masood-ur-Rehman Khattak (late), Gallantry, (Posthumous)

79. Mr Muhammad Anwar, Gallantry,

80. L/Nk (R) Muhammad Sadiq, Gallantry,

81. Mr Wasim Akbar, Gallantry,


82. Mr Mahboob Ahmad Hamdani, Art (Na'at Khawani),

83. Prof Zubeda Javed, Art (Painting),

84. Syed Aftab Azim, Art (TV production),

85. Qazi Farhad (late), Engineering (Aircraft designing), (Posthumous)

86. Lt Col(R) Zia-ul-Qamar, Engineering (Electronics),

87. Mr Attiq-ur-Rehman Qureshi ,Engineering (Mechanical),

88. Prof G.H. Saba Dashtyari, Literature,

89. Mr Qamir Zaman Rahi (Qamar Rahi), Literature,

90. Mr Hanif Khalid, Literature (Journalism),

91. Mr Rahimullah Khan Yousufzai, Literature (Journalism),

92. Mr Shafi Aqeel, Literature (Journalism),

93. Mr Abdul Rasheed Memon, Literature (Lexicography),

94. Dr Begum Jan, Public Service,

95. Mian Muhammad Latif, Public Service,

96. Dr Parveen Azam Khan, Public Service,

97. Dr Saeed-ul-Majeed, Public Service,

98. Sardar Abdul Mannan Khilji, Public Service (Social work)

99. Mr Shamadad Khan Khanzada, Science (Agriculture),

100. Dr Yusuf Zafar, Science (Agriculture),

101. Prof Dr Muhammad Ashfaq, Science (Agriculture),

102. Mr Muhammad Rahim, Science (Agriculture),

103. Dr Nighat Afza, Science (Chemistry),

104. Dr Imtinan Elahi Qureshi, Science (Nuclear physics),

105. Lt-Col Abdul Samad Mir (R), Sports (Boxing),

106. Dr Aimal Zaman, Sports (Golf),

107. Mrs Nosheen Ihtsham Qureshi, Sports (Tennis),


108. Mr Friedrich Faleh, Services to Pakistan. The president will also decorate military awards on the same day. -APP



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