KHAR, Sept 30: An explosive-laden car was destroyed and five suspected militants were killed in a helicopter attack in the Baloot area of Bajaur Agency on Tuesday. According to sources, two relatives of ‘local militant commanders’ Maulvi Muneer and Mursaleen were among the dead and their two followers were injured.

Security forces pounded militants’ positions by artillery and mortars on Monday night and Tuesday. At least eight people were killed in clashes in various areas. Bombing by planes destroyed the house of Maulvi Muneer in Sewai.

The house of Taliban leader Haji Ferman was destroyed in Touheedabad near Khar. His bank accounts had been frozen recently because of his involvement in militancy. He has also been accused of occupying the land of local tribal elders.

Meanwhile, reports of fresh clashes between armed volunteers of Salarzai tribe and militants were received from Darra area where Taliban had ambushed the tribal lashkar on Monday, killing 13 people. Security forces dropped on Tuesday pamphlets from helicopters in different areas, calling upon tribesmen to support troops in the operation.

“Honourable tribesmen, rise and stand by the army to flush out these oppressors from the area. Beard is a sign of a good Muslim but every person with beard is considered a suspect because of the militants who have earned a bad name for our religion.

“Schools, colleges and hospitals have been closed because of the militants and women and children have been forced to flee their homes. They have occupied our land and they are responsible for the situation.”

The pamphlet urged the youths to supports the troops in their efforts “to bring back our displaced sisters to their homes and reconstruct Bajaur. It also commended the role of local tribesmen.