Asif pledges to end operation

Published September 16, 2008

QUETTA, Sept 15: President Asif Ali Zardari has said that the military operation in Balochistan would stop, missing people would be traced and all political prisoners would be set free, according to Nawabzada Gazin Marri, son of Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri.

Mr Zardari held a meeting with the Baloch leader during a stopover in Dubai this week on way to London and discussed with him the political reconciliation process initiated by the PPP-led government in Balochistan.

Talking to Dawn from Dubai on Telephone late on Monday night, Nawabzada Gazin Marri said President Zardari appeared to be sincere about resolving the Balochistan issues, adding that he had met him in his personal capacity. But some elements, he said, wanted to sabotage the reconciliation process.

He accused the ‘Punjabi estasblishment’ of exploiting Balochistan’s resources.

About the possibility of his return to the country, Nawabzada Marri said that he would consider it if the government acted to fulfil its promises and if the situation in the province improved. He called for a probe into the recent Kahan-Marri incident.



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