Sarki back home after two years

May 02, 2008


JACOBABAD, May 1: Central leader of Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz, Dr Safdar Sarki, said on Thursday after arrival in his hometown that he was grateful to human rights organisations, political parties, media and Benazir Bhutto for his release from 25-month long imprisonment.

JSQM Chairman Bashir Khan Qureshi and party leaders Abdul Wahid Arisar and Niaz Chandio among others received Dr Sarki at Sim Shakh just outside the city and brought him to his residence in a motorcade.

Addressing party workers and supporters who had gathered at his residence to welcome him, Dr Sarki said that G.M. Syed had taught them to love ones’ motherland. “We are ambassadors of peace and enemy of none,” he said.

He said: “We should show character in the face of hardships and remain steadfast. Workers have created enthusiasm in me.”

He blamed personal likes and dislikes and misconceptions for the disintegration of Jeay Sindh Mahaz and “requested all the members and leaders that they should work collectively. The Sindhi nation needs to work collectively.”

He demanded that all the nationalist leaders and worker should be acquitted including Akhtar Mengal. “I am grateful to the chief minister of Balochistan who cooperated with me,” he said.