Deposed CJ seeks help over ‘govt plan’

15 Nov 2007


ISLAMABAD, Nov 14: Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry, who has been under house arrest since Nov 3, approached the Supreme Court registrar on Wednesday to express his apprehension that he might be forcibly shifted to Quetta by the Islamabad administration.

A lawyer close to the family of Justice Iftikhar told Dawn that an ‘order’ had been forwarded to the registrar requiring him to direct Islamabad’s inspector-general of police to take the ‘necessary action’.

“This order is being served through us because there are no other means since the Hon’ble Chief Justice is under house arrest and all his telephone connections have been severed,” he said, adding that the order had also been served on the authorities concerned.

“I am not interested in going to Quetta or elsewhere and it will be an act of abduction and forcible detention for which the secretary for interior, Islamabad’s commissioner, deputy commissioner and assistant commissioner on duty shall be responsible along with law-enforcement agencies,” the deposed Chief Justice said in the letter to the SC registrar.

“Presently, I am holding the post of Chief Justice of Pakistan under Constitution and I am occupying the official accommodation,” he said.

He said he and his family members were not allowed to go out of the house and his children were not allowed even to go to school and university.