SUKKUR, Dec 6: A group of 84 Indian pilgrims including women and children arrived here on Wednesday and worshipped at Sadh Belo, Arore Temple and other ancient places of worship.

The pilgrims led by Yudistar Lal had arrived in Pakistan last week to take part in the annual celebrations at Shadhani Darbar Hayat Pitafi near Mirpur Mathelo. They visited Sukkur this day to worship at Sadh Belo, Arore Temple (Kalka Devi) and other ancient places of worship.

The pilgrims expressed satisfaction over the upkeep of their worship places by the government of Pakistan. Indian councillor S. K. Redy who arrived here on Wednesday also praised the government for maintaining their holy places.

PPP LEADER: Leader of People’s Party Parliamentarians (PPP) Islamuddin Shaikh has said that PPP will not follow suit the emotionally-charged slogans of MMA to resign from assemblies but will take into consideration the interests of democracy and people before quitting.

Talking to newsmen at PPP Sukkur House on Wednesday he said that the components of Alliance for Restoration of Democracy had not yet decided about resignations.

He reiterated that no one could stop Ms Benazir Bhutto from returning to her country. She would be among her people soon after the announcement of election schedule, he said.

Mr Shaikh said that Ms Bhutto would not only take part in the general elections but would also become prime minister for the third time. Criticising the present government, he said that people were groaning under the weight of unemployment, price hike and lawlessness with the world community rejecting all government claims about social and economic uplift.