LAHORE, Sept 6: Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) continues to oblige blue-eyed boys as it is likely to nominate “favourites” for different committee of the International Hockey Federation (FIH).

Those recommended are president PHF Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali (executive board), PHF secretary Akhtarul Islam (event committee), Mansoor Masood Khan (marketing committee), Moeen Rauf (communication committee) and Barrister Shahida Jameel (judicial committee). FIH elections are due in November in London.

Mansoor, who has been nominated after Naveed Haider was recently “relieved” as marketing director PHF. Naveed was in the FIH marketing committee also, but since he even doesn’t work for PHF. Surprisingly, Mansoor has no hockey and marketing background, but has been nominated for the lucrative post.

Interestingly, both Mansoor and Moeen are close friends of PHF secretary Akhtar and played a major role in lobbying for his appointment for the powerful post.

While Mansoor is a president of a foreign bank, Moeen is the personal staff officer to PIA chairman Tariq Kirmani, former president PHF, who resigned last month after appointing Akhtar as secretary, who also belongs to PIA.

Sources said Akhtar is now obliging Moeen and Mansoor for lobbying and recommending his name to Kirmani.

Mansoor had already been obliged by Kirmani, giving the strongest outfit — Northern Cavalry — of the last Super Hockey League in Karachi. Mansoor, through his bank had sponsored Northern Cavalry, giving Rs1.5million, while sponsors of other teams MCB, NBP, PPL and OGDC paid Rs3 million for their teams.

Akhtar confirmed that these five individuals were included in the list of those who had been nominated for the FIH committees.

"We will finalize the names by Thursday,” Akhtar claimed, although sources said the five individuals would be nominated.

Sources said Jamali’s chances to win are bleak as China has also nominated a candidate. The Chinese candidate might have full support of the FIH as it would like to have a representative from China in the executive board since country will be hosting Olympics Games in 2008. Besides, China’s women’s hockey team is one of the strongest outfits in the world.

Three other strong candidates are from USA, Spain and South Korea who had won the elections last time with a clear margin.

Jamali will be contesting in place of former PHF secretary Brig Musarrat Ullah Khan, who “resigned” last month.

If Akhtar is nominated, he will be replacing another former PHF secretary Col Mudassar Asghar. Shahida has been recommended again for judicial committee.

Surprisingly, the PHF had sent the nominations on Tuesday, although last date was Sept 1.

“Since there were so many changes taking place in PHF, we had requested FIH that we might send the nominations after the deadline,” Akhtar said.



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