PN to lead coalition task force

April 23, 2006


ISLAMABAD, April 22: Pakistan will become the first non-Nato country to lead the Task Force-150 of the Coalition Maritime Campaign Plan (CMCP) after the Pakistan

Navy takes over its charge on April 24.

Presently, the Netherlands Navy holds the command of the task force.

Rear Admiral Shahid Iqbal SI (M) will be the Commander Task Force-150. He and his staff will be based at Bahrain.

The CMCP is the maritime component of the Operation Enduring Freedom being undertaken by a US-led coalition of naval forces in the Gulf of Oman, Arabian Sea, Arabian Gulf and Horn of Africa since October 2001.

The operation is aimed at preventing, deterring and destroying international terrorist organisations by denying them the use of maritime environment, thereby contributing towards stability and security in the Indian Ocean.

The Pakistan Navy joined the CMCP in April 2004. Other nations presently participating in the CMCP are the USA, Britain, France, Australia, Italy, Japan, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain.