Published May 25, 2024

Beyond materialism

This is regarding the cover article “Beyond materialism” by Mirha Asif (YW, March 30). Being too focused on material things can make us uncaring and this is not good for any relationship.

Instead of just giving gifts, it’s more important to take care of the people we love. Showing off how much stuff we have doesn’t make us better people; it makes us show-offs.

Shoiab Ahmed,

A nervous speech

This is regarding the story “A nervous speech” by Ahmed Umair (YW, April 13). The story tells us not to lose hope and believe in ourselves, and, by doing so, we can achieve anything.

The writer also reminds us that it’s okay to feel nervous sometimes, but those who keep trying, even when they are nervous, are the ones who succeed. They say practice makes perfect, so if we keep trying, we can improve ourselves too.

Ahsan Khalid,

The power of desires

This is concerning the article “The power of desires” by Naad-e-Ali Khan (YW, April 20). It was a truly thoughtful and lovely writing. The article beautifully captured the essence of desires and inspirations, making it a wonderful and unique piece.

Young World continues to impress me as a fantastic kids’ magazine, and I eagerly await each new issue.

Fatima Asad,

The birthday surprise

This is regarding the story, “The birthday surprise” by Memoona Mukhtar (YW, April 20). The story showed how celebrating occasions like birthdays can bring happiness to the family.

The children in the story were excited to celebrate their dad’s birthday and worked hard to make it special. Indeed, just as parents try their best to make their children’s special days very memorable, we should also try to do things for our parents to make them feel special and happy.

Hassnain Ali,

My first laptop

This is with reference to the story “My first laptop” by Yusra Qureshi (YW, April 6). As I read it, I felt the same excitement as the writer did when their wish came true.

The story takes on an everyday situation and shows a girl’s longing for a laptop that her father promised to buy one day and she eagerly waits for her to bring it.

It reminded me of the joy that comes from receiving something you’ve been eagerly anticipating. It made me appreciate the simple pleasures in life and the love that exists within families.

Ayzah Ayaz,

Published in Dawn, Young World, May 25th, 2024



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