Published May 11, 2024

The blessed iftar

This is with reference to the article “The blessed iftar experience” by Shahmeer Asif (YW, March 23rd). The article highlighted the true meaning of togetherness. It showed how during iftar, people come together, feeling love and kindness, regardless of their caste or status.

This simple mealtime is important both religiously and in terms of human connection. It brings people from different cultures and classes closer, creating strong bonds and cherished memories among family members.

Musadique Ali,

Water, nature’s most precious gift

This is regarding the article “Water, nature’s most precious gift” by Ramsha Mujib (YW, June 23). The article emphasised the significance of World Water Day in raising awareness about water issues and promoting effective management of water resources.

It also sheds light on the causes and consequences of water scarcity, stressing the urgent need for action at various levels to address these challenges.

Aman Memon,

Moonlit memories

This is regarding the story “Moonlit memories,” by Aliza Hina (YW, March 16). The story was a great reminder to all those who often forget to appreciate what they have in the present while dwelling in the past.

The story served as a good reminder to live in the present and appreciate what we have now, rather than longing for things from the past.

Nida Mumtaz,

Rabia keeps a fast

This is regarding the article “Rabia keeps a fast,” by Muhammad Arham Usman (YW, March 30). The story depicted a real-life scenario that often occurs to both new and experienced individuals who are fasting.

Oftentimes, one forgets that they are fasting and unintentionally eat or drink something. However, as the story conveyed, the fast is not broken but remains intact, if done mistakenly. Moreover, I agree with the writer’s view that fasting teaches us self-control and reinforces one’s faith and piety.

Mehtab Ali Lakhan,


The story “Rabia keeps a fast” by Muhammad Arham Usman highlighted that if we accidentally break our fast, there’s no need to cry. Instead, one must ask for forgiveness from God because the fast is still valid.

Fasting is for Allah; He knows our intentions. Allah is very merciful; He knows what is in our heart and can see how regretful we are.

Mirza Atta,

Published in Dawn, Young World, May 11th, 2024



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