Published December 2, 2023

Never take your anger out on others

This is with reference to the story “Never take your anger out on others” by Linta Mustafa (YW, October 28). The story taught its readers to not let their anger hurt others, because our actions or words can be harmful. We all feel different emotions, but it’s important to control them based on the situation.

Getting angry without thinking can damage our relationships, and we might regret it later. So, it’s better to think before acting.

Shumaila Ehsan,

Never give up on life

This is regarding the article “Never give up on life” by Shahmeer Asif (YW, November 4). The article encouraged the reader to never give up in bad situations.

Many people give up after failing at a task in just the first attempt and think they can’t do it. This lack of motivation leads to more failures. Therefore, one should never lose hope and keep trying, as this is the only way to achieve success.

Mohammad Imran,


The article “Never give up on life” by Shahmeer Asif was highly motivating. It provided valuable advice of ‘never give up’, even when faced with what seems impossible.

The article encouraged self-motivation and patience in dealing with life’s challenges. We all encounter difficulties that help us mentally prepare for the next ones. Understanding that effort is crucial for success, and consistency leads to achievements in our lives.

I appreciate the writer for addressing such a fantastic and uplifting topic.

Sarfaraz Ahmed,


I agree with Shahmeer Asif in his article “Never give up on life”, that failing the first time in any attempt is not failure, but it is just a stepping stone on the path to success. Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines so we should face them confidently and never give up.

M. Aamir Magsi,

The wonders of outer space

This is regarding the cover article “Wonders of outer space” by Ali Aaliyan Rizvi (YW, October 28).

The article opened some of the doors of this universe on me and I enjoyed reading about the fascinating concepts of time travel, black holes and nebulae in this article. In our busy lives, we often get absorbed in our routines, focusing mainly on academic pursuits.

I am grateful that I read YW, as it provides me with an abundant amount of knowledge on various subjects.

Ali Mehdi Abro,

Published in Dawn, Young World, December 2nd, 2023



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