The many faces of teachers

Published September 29, 2023
Illustration by Sumbul
Illustration by Sumbul

World Teachers’ Day is celebrated on October 5th every year. The day was established by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) in 1994 to recognise and appreciate the contributions of teachers to education and society.

School is a place where every day is an adventure waiting to happen! It’s not just about the desks and textbooks, it’s about the friendships we forge, the memories we craft and the epic journey we’re all on together.

But the driving forces behind all this are our teachers! Each one of them is like a unique character in our story. They have their own talents, their own secret formulas for making the class exciting and their own ways of helping us unlock our potential.

Each one brings their own distinctive flavour to the mix. Some are like pals, some keep things by the book and then there are those who keep pushing us to do our best. They’re the unsung heroes of our academic saga, and with the approach of the auspicious day dedicated to celebrating and honouring the invaluable contributions of teachers on October 5th, let’s embark on a journey to unveil the world of these exceptional educators with their distinct nature and personalities.

The cool teacher

This teacher is like your best buddy at school. He/she is always there to help, listen and protect you from the strict ones. You can talk about anything, take breaks and even play games in class. The cool teacher becomes a lifelong friend.

What makes this teacher so cool? Well, it’s like they have a secret recipe for being awesome; perhaps because they’re always super friendly, approachable and down-to-earth. They’re there to help you out, like your personal educational superhero. If you’re struggling with a math problem or need some extra guidance on that essay, they will make it easy for you and make learning feel like a fun adventure.

The cool teachers are great listeners. You can talk to them about anything — your day, your dreams, your hobbies, etc. It’s like having a friend who happens to be a teacher. The cool teacher knows that sometimes, school can be a bit boring. So, they throw in these mini-breaks during the class to keep things exciting.

And the most amazing part, they’re up for playing games in class! You can relate your experiences here! What I like most about these teachers is that they don’t disappear when the school year ends. Nope, they become a lifelong friend. Even after you’ve graduated and moved on to bigger adventures, you can always count on them for advice, support and a good laugh.

So, remember, if you ever meet a cool teacher, consider yourself lucky because you’ve got a true friend for life!

The enthusiastic teacher!

This teacher is like a human burst of sunshine and rainbows. They’re always buzzing with energy and it’s contagious. They’ve got this epic plan to make your school life not just about books and exams, but a full-on adventure, such as through clubs and extracurricular activities. They believe that school isn’t just about hitting the books, but also about discovering your passions and talents. So, they’ll encourage you to dive headfirst into clubs, sports and all sorts of activities.

But they expect you to be just as enthusiastic as they are. They believe in your potential and dreams and act as if your personal life coach, always pushing you to achieve your goals and never giving up on you.

The traditional teacher

This teacher is like a time-traveller from the olden days. They’re all about those tried-and-true teaching methods. Think strict rules, high expectations and a belief that hard work is the key to success.

Because they’ve been there, done that, so they’re here to make sure you do too. But there’s a reason they stick to these old-school ways — because they work! They believe that putting in the effort, staying disciplined and following the rules will lead you to success.

Sure, it might feel a bit strict at times, but in the end, you’ll appreciate the solid foundation they’re helping you build. So, if you have the traditional teacher, get ready to roll up your sleeves and embrace the value of hard work and discipline.

Illustration by Faraz Ahmed
Illustration by Faraz Ahmed

The strict teacher

Alright, she/he is in every school and most of you have experienced the one in your life. This teacher is like the sheriff of the classroom. And you know what is the meaning of rules and no-nonsense for a sheriff. You better believe they won’t tolerate any funny business! Accept it, it’s in their nature.

They might seem a bit intimidating, but it doesn’t mean they are hard as stone; inside, they genuinely care about your success. They believe that discipline and hard work are the keys to unlocking your potential. They might give you a stern look now and then, but it’s only because they want you to reach for the stars in their own strict way! So, if you ever find yourself in their class, just remember, behind that tough exterior is a teacher who’s rooting for your success!

The talkative teacher

Some teachers love talking and explaining more than usual. They’re all about discussions, conversations and sharing ideas. In their class, you won’t just listen; you’ll speak your mind, too!

They’re always ready to dive deep into topics and explore different perspectives. They’ll tell you stories, push you to think critically and express yourself confidently. They’re like the classroom storyteller who helps you find your voice and come up with more ideas.

The rationalist

Meet the rationalist, the teacher who’s like a human calculator. They’re all about thinking things through carefully, weighing the pros and cons and taking a practical approach to everything.

In their class, you won’t find impulsive decisions. Nope, they’re the ones who’ll make you pause and think again for a better way to do things. You’ll learn the art of problem-solving and decision-making from them — skills that’ll come in handy throughout your life.

The rationalists are the wise strategist who helps you become a smart decision-maker!

The modern teacher

Modern teachers are like the tech-savvy gurus who are always up-to-date with the latest trends and gadgets. Need help with an assignment or a presentation? Go to them. They will always be giving tips. Want to explore the wonders of the internet for research? They’ve got you covered.

But it’s not just about technology; they also make school events and lessons super exciting; making learning fun and relevant to today’s world.

The celebrity teacher

There are the teachers who aren’t just good; they’re phenomenal at what they do. They’ve achieved so much in their field that it’s like having a real-life role model right in your classroom. Their accomplishments inspire you to aim high and excel in whatever you do.

They might have won teaching awards, written books or even travelled the world spreading knowledge. But most of them are super down-to-earth and approachable. You can ask them questions, seek advice and they’ll always have your back with ideas you have never imagined.

The calm teacher

The calm and composed teacher is like the calm oasis in the hustle and bustle of school life. These teachers may not express themselves loudly, but they’re absolutely fantastic at what they do. Their classes are like a peaceful reserve where you can focus and learn without distractions.

You’ll notice that they’re excellent listeners. If you have questions or need help, they’re there with patient and thoughtful answers. They don’t rush; they take their time to make sure you understand.

With this, we’ve only scratched the surface of the incredible and diverse world of teachers. These remarkable individuals, with their unique personalities and unwavering dedication, continue to inspire us and shape our journey through education.

Teachers have given us lessons that extend far beyond the confines of textbooks, instilling in us not just knowledge but values, wisdom and a lifelong love for learning.

So, let’s give them the recognition they deserve, a heartfelt shout out, and a resounding “Thanks a million!”

Published in Dawn, Young World, September 29th, 2023



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