MANSEHRA: Police have restricted entry of tourists and passenger vehicles to Gilgit-Baltistan via Mansehra-Naran-Jalkhad road following the upper parts of Kaghan valley received heavy snowfall.

The snowfall, which started last night, continued intermittently for the entire day on Sunday blocking MNJ road to traffic near Babusar Top.

The continuous snowfall also turned the weather cold in the upper parts of Hazara division. “We have packed up our two police posts in Ghatidas and Basal areas in Kaghan valley with the start of snowfall and restricted the entry of tourists and passengers beyond Naran to ensure their safety,” DPO Sajjad Khan told journalists.

He said that sudden landslide could trigger blockade of MNJ road. In order to ensure the safety of passengers en route to Gilgit-Baltistan, police restricted the entry of vehicles beyond Naran, he added.

Rain, snowfall turn weather cold in Mansehra, Shangla and Battagram

The DPO said that two police posts established for the security of tourists and passengers en route to Gilgit-Baltistan in Battakundi and Barawai were working as usual.

“With the migration of locals from Battakundi, Barawai and adjoining localities to the summer destinations in lower parts of the country, these two posts would also be wrapped up,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mansehra, Torghar and Kohistan districts also received heavy snowfall on Sunday. The rain which started in the early morning continued for the entire day intermittently.

In Shangla, snowfall turned the weather cold. The snowfall in upper parts of Shangla started on Saturday night and continued on Sunday.

The heavy downpour also lashed Bisham city, Puran, Shahpur, Alpuri, Chakesar. The mountains in Ajmeer, Kapar Banda, Gamtal, Speen Ghar and other areas were blanketed with snow. Due to snowfall and rain, the mercury plunged down across the district.

In Battagram, several areas received first winter spell of rain and snowfall which dropped down temperature in the district.

Rain with cold winds lashed Battagram, Ajmera, Chappargram, Peshora, Shamlai, Batamori, Kuzabanda while Allai, Khapero Soka and Chail Sar received snowfall.

No official record was available about rain and snowfall which started on Saturday and continued till night. The snowfall was also reported from the remote Galey Maidan, Srei Oba.

No loss of human life or damage to property was reported till filing of this report.

The residents welcome the snowfall on the hilltops and rain in the plain area. Due to dry weather, most people were complaining about seasonal fever, flu, cough and chest pain. They hope that rain and snowfall will minimise seasonal diseases.

Published in Dawn, October 25th, 2021



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